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Thu Oct 16 17:50:31 2014 UTClccn-n500354780.08Dan Davin0.541.00Walter Wilson Greg papers,112225639Dan_Davinn 5003547870754Daiṿin, D. M. 1913-1990Davin, D. M.Davin, D. M. 1913-1990Davin, D. M. 1913-2004Davin, D. M. (Daniel Marcus), 1913-2004.Davin Dan 1913-1990Davin, Dan M. 1913-1990Davin, Daniel M. 1913-1990Davin, Daniel Marcus.Davin, Daniel Marcus 1913-1990Davin, Daniel Marcus 1913-2004Dayṿin, Daniyel Marḳus 1913-1990Deyṿin, Daniyel Marḳus 1913-1990Deyvin, Donyel Markus 1913-1990Deywin, D.M. 1913-1990דייווין, דניאל מארקוס 1913-1990ディヴィン, D. Mlccn-n79043273Mansfield, Katherine1888-1923lccn-n90656218Mulgan, John1911-1945lccn-n50047819Rodgers, W. R.(William Robert)1909-1969lccn-n50009088Bertram, James university pressOxford University Presspbllccn-n79012818Ovenden, Keithlccn-n92014084Wilson, Janetedtlccn-n79096859English Associationlccn-n50033267Milner, Ianlccn-n83211351Cox, Geoffrey1910-2008Davin, Dan1913-1990FictionBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcShort stories, New ZealandPoetryNew ZealandManners and customsWorld War (1939-1945)Short stories, New ZealandDavin, Dan,Short stories, EnglishAuthors, EnglishGreat BritainEnglish poetryEuropeEmployeesSoldiersOxford University PressPublishers and publishingNovelists, New ZealandEnglish literatureLiteratureWar stories, EnglishEnglish fictionEnglandWar stories, New ZealandMiddle EastGreece--CreteMilitary campaignsNew Zealand--SouthlandFarm lifeMulgan, John,Cox, Geoffrey,Bertram, James MMilner, IanNew Zealand fictionAuthorsPoetsShort storiesEngland--LondonFranceIntellectual lifeSargeson, FrankChinaNew ZealandersNational characteristics, New ZealandAuthors, New ZealandBibliographical Society (Great Britain)ScholarsChambers, E. K.--(Edmund Kerchever),New Zealand.--Army.--Expeditionary Force, 2ndGreg, W. W.--(Walter Wilson),English drama--Early modern and ElizabethanEnglish dramaWilson, F. P.--(Frank Percy),191319901945194719491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861988198919901991199219951996199719982000200320042007200920102013494898338823.914PR9639.3.D35ocn017424177ocn063573701ocn456648131ocn222588204ocn213827263ocn613794632ocn225286228ocn444448522ocn441218888ocn441699331ocn439894170ocn470368099ocn444448522ocn44169933147713ocn001531192book19720.56Davin, DanClosing timesBiographyIncludes chapters on Enid Starkie and Itzik Manger+-+134317620532447737ocn002043209book19530.35Mansfield, KatherineSelected storiesFictionShort stories, New ZealandThis selection covers the full range of Mansfield's fiction, from her early satirical stories to the subtly nuanced comedy of The Daughters of the Late Colonel and the macabre and ominous A Married Man's Story+-+01608374653422ocn000257408book19710.66Rodgers, W. RCollected poems28016ocn005305833book19530.56Davin, DanNew Zealand short storiesFiction+-+739681359627810ocn013332271book19820.66Davin, DanShort stories from the Second World WarFiction25520ocn003453484book19470.63Mulgan, JohnAn introduction to English literatureCriticism, interpretation, etc2487ocn000578194book19720.27Davin, DanBrides of price24613ocn002992301book19490.74Davin, DanRoads from homeFiction17928ocn003501674book19580.59Davin, DanEnglish short stories of today, second series1637ocn015303585book19860.66Davin, DanThe salamander and the fire : collected war storiesFiction14510ocn001252361book19530.35Davin, DanCreteNew Zealandske troppers deltagelse på forskellige fronter under Den 2. Verdenskrig, skrevet og udgivet af War History Group under New Zealands indenrigsministerium i perioden 1952-1961 og udsendt fra forlagene Oxford University Press i London og Whitcombe & Tombs i Christchurch, New Zealand. De fleste af seriens separate bind handler om forskellige bataljoners samt om ingeniørroppers indsats. Bindene har udover teksten såvel illustrationer, noter, litteraturhenvisninger samt kortskitser, og serien har et samlet omfang på over 4000 sider1418ocn039727886book19970.53Davin, DanClassic New Zealand short storiesFiction1347ocn017200209book19580.47Davin, DanThe killing bottle : classic English short storiesFiction12911ocn002736407book19450.66Davin, DanFor the rest of our livesFiction1287ocn008168258book19810.50Davin, DanSelected storiesFiction1066ocn002189537book19750.35Davin, DanBreathing spaces682ocn000603158book19700.50Davin, DanNot here, not now673ocn006013180book19730.66New Zealand short storiesFiction595ocn003583552book19590.37Davin, DanNo remittance424ocn010665207book19560.33Davin, DanThe Sullen bell2273ocn032969024book19960.70Ovenden, KeithA fighting withdrawal : the life of Dan Davin, writer, soldier, publisherBiographyThe future official historian of the Crete campaign, he served in army intelligence before settling in London and then Oxford, where he began publishing his novels and made the friendship of fellow writers including Dylan Thomas and Julian Maclaren-Ross. He rose to become Academic Publisher at Oxford University Press, instrumental in the publication of major scholarly works and the friend and confidant of Louis MacNeice, Joyce Cary, A. J. P. Taylor and many others+-+50887674653242213ocn009846576book19830.70Bertram, James MDan DavinCriticism, interpretation, etc1013ocn144225003book20070.50Davin, DanThe gorse blooms pale : Dan Davin's Southland storiesFictionPoetryShort stories, New Zealand+-+5797282236955ocn053472753book20030.21McNeish, JamesDance of the peacocks : New Zealanders in exile in the time of Hitler and Mao Tse-tungBiography+-+3910694136324593ocn046879739book20000.26Intimate stranger : reminiscences of Dan DavinBiography+-+297377223632431ocn154247658book19520.26Sturm, J. CNew Zealand national character as exemplified by three New Zealand novelists : thesis presented in partial requirement for the degree of M.A., University of New ZealandCriticism, interpretation, etc22ocn154101163book19950.47Lawrence, Judith AnneDan Davin a bibliographic study : presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of M.A. in English at Massey UniversityBibliography11ocn773087857serial0.10Dan Davin Literary Award11ocn702134094mix1.00Wilson, F. PFrank Percy Wilson papersBibliographyThe Frank Percy Wilson papers document part of Wilson's scholarly career and include research correspondence and subject files, particularly for articles and papers on Shakespearean topics and on the book Tabacco. Also included are a large alphabetical file of notes for various publication projects; research material for the Facsimile of the Shakespeare First Folio and the British Academy biography of Sir E. K. Chambers; papers relating to the estate of fellow Shakespearean Walter Wilson Greg; and seventeen boxes of note cards and note slips on Elizabethan words and word usage11ocn166386357art19910.08Dan Davin11ocn494362392book20070.50Davin, DanThe gorse blooms paleFictionPoetry+-+579728223611ocn773055920book19950.10Book launch of the Dan Davin biography, A fighting withdrawal by Keith Ovenden, August 1995Biography11ocn702144755mix1.00Greg, W. WWalter Wilson Greg papersCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliographyThe papers contain correspondence, printed material, writings and other papers documenting the scholarly career of Walter Wilson Greg, particularly his work on the Bibilography of the English Printed Drama, his book reviews and his periodical articles concerning the editing of Shakespeare. Major correspondents include E. K. Chambers, D. M. Davin, A.W. Pollard, Evelyn Simpson, and Kenneth Sisam11ocn155507213book19650.47Whelan, D. BAlienation in the novels of Sargeson and Davin : a thesis presented for the degree of M.A. (and Honours) in English in the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New ZealandCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn233636315book19520.47Baxter, Jacqueline CeciliaNew Zealand national character as exemplified by three New Zealand novelists11ocn276730399serial0.10Dan Davin : clippings fileCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn843110887book20090.47New Zealand Literary Heritage Trail : journey through New Zealand's proud literary historyBiography11ocn044831859mix19510.47Davin, Dan[Letters] 1951 June 11 - November 7, Oxford [to] R.M. DawkinsRecords and correspondence+-+0160837465+-+0160837465Thu Oct 16 16:07:13 EDT 2014batch23608