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Fri Mar 21 17:11:31 2014 UTClccn-n500361210.10Chafee, Prof. Zechariah, Jr. : Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass0.711.00A list of books prepared by a committee of the faculty for prospective law students now in service34824463Zechariah_Chafeen 5003612171386Chafee, Zechariah JrZechariah Chafee, Jr.lccn-n50055300Commission on Freedom of the Presslccn-n79017964Great BritainParliamentlccn-n79006865United StatesCongresslccn-nr2001005179Pollak, Walter H.(Walter Heilprin)1887-1940lccn-nr2001005181Stern, Carl S.(Carl Samuel)lccn-n85183638Smith, Donald L.1928-lccn-n79038419United StatesDepartment of Justicelccn-nr99027954National Popular Government Leaguelccn-n88071982Brown, Rome G.(Rome Green)1862-1926lccn-n79103836Re, Edward D.(Edward Domenic)1920-2006Chafee, Zechariah1885-1957Trials, litigation, etcSourcesArchivesUnited StatesFreedom of speechCivil rightsGreat BritainSeditionNegotiable instrumentsBills of exchangeLibertyWorld War (1914-1918)EquityFreedom of the pressPress lawCommunication and trafficFreedom of movementUnited States.--CongressGreat Britain.--ParliamentChafee, Zechariah,Bill of attainderLaw teachersEvidence, CriminalEquitable remediesTortsLabor laws and legislationCriminal investigationPoliceWarContractsAttainderPersonal injuriesStatute of fraudsConstitutional lawNew York (State)Harvard Law SchoolUniversities and colleges--FacultyDeportationEspionageTrials (Sedition)Political scienceHuman rightsConstitution (United States)Telecommunication--Law and legislationFrankfurter, Felix,Criminal justice, Administration ofPolice questioningBills of Exchange Act 1882 (Great Britain)Hand, Learned,ElectionsDouglas, William O.--(William Orville),Pound, Roscoe,Law1885195719041913191419161917191819191920192119221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196319641965196719681969197019711973197419751976197819791980198119821985198619871989199019911994199619992001200720082009201012221387765323.4KF4772ocn000507599ocn226065006ocn068188696ocn435953777ocn587426163ocn769494779ocn644980350ocn654810806ocn744493734ocn857987596ocn080392766ocn078021353ocn777408332ocn503563265ocn503563245ocn852942160173742ocn001197919book19210.56Chafee, ZechariahFree speech in the United States+-+1035229306118242ocn000720765file19180.79Chafee, ZechariahFreedom of speech+-+K0253302069296ocn000497452book19560.56Chafee, ZechariahThe blessings of liberty84926ocn003085206book19470.70Commission on Freedom of the PressGovernment and mass communications : a report from the Commission on Freedom of the Press83532ocn000506677book19510.63Chafee, ZechariahDocuments on fundamental human rights : the Anglo-American traditionSources75214ocn000974576book19560.66Chafee, ZechariahThree human rights in the Constitution of 17874407ocn000545688book19280.76Chafee, ZechariahThe inquiring mind43322ocn001546253book19330.88Chafee, ZechariahCases on equity, jurisdiction and specific performanceTrials, litigation, etc4091ocn000067968book19690.70National Popular Government LeagueIllegal practices of the Department of Justice36310ocn001015242book19520.73Chafee, ZechariahHow human rights got into the Constitution3255ocn000066046book19690.70Chafee, ZechariahThe third degree31717ocn000507599book19260.88Brannan, Joseph DoddridgeThe Negotiable Instruments Law with comments and criticisms (reprinted from the Harvard Law Review, the Yale Law Journal, and the American Law Register)Trials, litigation, etc31010ocn060738282file19240.86Chafee, ZechariahCases on equitable relief against tortsTrials, litigation, etc3058ocn001546919book19500.81Chafee, ZechariahSome problems of equity : five lectures delivered at the University of Michigan April 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22, 19492229ocn001209502book19580.88Chafee, ZechariahCases and materials on equityTrials, litigation, etc2167ocn060733095file19190.86Chafee, ZechariahCases on negotiable instruments supplementary to Ames's Cases on bills and notesTrials, litigation, etc1655ocn000926175book19310.81United StatesReport on lawlessness in law enforcement1593ocn001546992book19250.84Hall, Norris FThe Next war, three addresses delivered at a symposium at Harvard University, November 18, 19241335ocn007589069book19330.86Chafee, ZechariahCases on equitable relief against torts including defamation and injuries to personalityTrials, litigation, etc1303ocn003267289book19550.79Chafee, ZechariahFreedom of speech and press4982ocn012946109book19860.76Smith, Donald LZechariah Chafee, Jr., defender of liberty and lawBiography1783ocn009643517book19810.81Chafee, ZechariahFreedom's prophet : selected writings of Zechariah Chafee, Jr., university professor, Harvard Law SchoolBibliography151ocn020297250book19870.76Chafee, ZechariahThe Zechariah Chafee, Jr. papersArchives61ocn024538536book19451.00Harvard Law SchoolA list of books prepared by a committee of the faculty for prospective law students now in serviceBibliography21ocn028424642file0.92Amidon, Charles FremontRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, list of judicial opinions, clippings, articles by Amidon's daughter, Beulah Amidon Ratliff, and paper by Kenneth Smemo relating to Theodore Roosevelt's 1912 presidential campaign. Correspondents include Zechariah Chafee, Felix Frankfurter, Learned Hand, Edwin F. Ladd, Robert M. La Follette, Theodore Roosevelt, and Oswald Villard21ocn028499099mix1.00Diamond Machine CompanyBusiness correspondence. Persons represented include Zechariah Chafee, company president11ocn234356963book19571.00Zechariah Chafee, Jr11ocn023281955book19731.00Prude, JonathanPortrait of a civil libertarian : the faith and fear of Zechariah Chafee, Jr11ocn023004961book18771.00Peoples̕ Savings Bank, ProvidenceThe Peoples̕ Savings Bank, et als. vs. Zechariah Chafee, et als. in equity11ocn849527724mix1.00Laski, Harold JosephHarold J. Laski CollectionSpanning 1918-1946, the Harold J. Laski Collection contains incoming letters, a few miscellaneous items of memorabilia of the British political scientist and economist, and a copy of a book in which Laski is mentioned11ocn022863959book1.00Latham, Mary AnnaMary Anna Latham vs. Zechariah Chafee, in equity ... Affidavits in reply to certain affidavits filed by complainant11ocn022972588book18811.00Latham, Mary AnnaIn equity, Mary Anna Latham, complainant, vs. Zechariah Chafee, respondent. Affidavits of complainants11ocn023101920book1.00Quidnick CompanyZechariah Chafee, trustee and assignee, and others, against Quidnick Company and others. The demurrer of the Quidnick Company, defendant, to the Bill of complaint of Zechariah Chafee and others, complainants11ocn082615666book19441.00Greenberg, SeligProf. Chafee urges new world affairs tolerance. Harvard teacher counts on simple decencies of life12ocn475015568mix1.00Gerson, Simon WSimon W. Gerson papersThe papers contain clippings, correspondence with leading communists and political figures, published and unpublished writings including manuscripts, memorandums, newspaper columns, reviews and reports, a scrapbook and speeches, including materials relating to Cacchiones career and death, and to Gersons several campaigns for public office, research notes and typescript drafts for several chapters of a never-completed book, Do We Really Have Free Elections (ca. 1990), a related manuscript by Adam Lapin, Tweedledum and Tweedledee: The American Two Party System, Communist Party internal documents, including reports by leading figures, many relating to the communist political crises of 1956-58 and 1989-91, and minutes of and correspondence relating to COFOE and the publication Ballot Access News. Notable individuals represented include: Ann Rosenhaft and Richard Winger (COFOE), Irving Adler, Helen Alfred (Peace Publications), Zaccariah Chafee, Mike Davidow, William O. Douglas, Harry Eisman, Fred Fine, William Z. Foster, Gil Green, Dorothy Healey, Murray Kempton, James Jackson, Al Lannon, Robert Minor, George Morris, Otto Nathan, Joseph North, John Pittman, Al Richmond, Lester Rodney, Morton Sobell, Norman Thomas, Robert Thompson, Carl Winter, and Alden Whitman (New York Times)11ocn023101787book18821.00Mowry, William G. RWm. G.R. Mowry and others, creditors, vs. Zechariah Chafee, trustee and assignee, and others. Bill of complaint11ocn071063445mix1.00Landis, James McCauleyJames McCauley Landis papersTrials, litigation, etcRecords and correspondenceCorrespondents include Louis Dembitz Brandeis, Benjamin N. Cardozo, Zechariah Chafee, William O. Douglas, Felix Frankfurter, John F. Kennedy, Joseph P. Kennedy, David Eli Lilienthal, Langdon P. Marvin, Claude Pepper, Roscoe Pound, Richard Manning Russell, and Herbert Bayard Swope11ocn702153532mix1.00Notestein, WallaceWallace Notestein papersHistoryThe paper consist of correspondence, writings, printed material, notes, speeches, and other papers of Wallace Notestein, historian, teacher, author, and Sterling Professor of English History at Yale from 1928-1947. The bulk of the papers consist of letters received by Notestein from other historians, scholars, writers, students, and publishers and relate largely to academic and professional matters, to politics, and to his personal life11ocn122520856mix1.00Frankfurter, FelixPapers of Felix FrankfurterCorrespondence, opinions, memoranda, addresses, speeches, articles, dockets, research material, bibliographies, pamphlets, clippings, maps, photos, and other papers, relating to Frankfurter's work on the Supreme Court. Includes material pertaining to court committees of which Frankfurter was a member, California vs. Arizona, and the historic cases of Rosenberg, Sacco-Vanzetti, and Westinghouse, together with Alexander Bickel's research and Frankfurter's memorandum on the Legislative History of the Fourteenth Amendment11ocn145571448art19320.10Cattell, James McKeenChafee, Prof. Zechariah, Jr. : Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass+-+K025330206+-+K025330206Fri Mar 21 16:00:26 EDT 2014batch30855