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Fri Mar 21 17:11:44 2014 UTClccn-n500365070.00The gay science : London 1866 : 2 vol0.811.00Poetics: an essay on poetry. London, Smith, Elder, 185242012696Eneas_Sweetland_Dallasn 5003650771758Dallas, E.S.Dallas, E. S. 1828-1879Dallas, Eneas Sweetland, 1828-1879Kettner, A. 1828-1879 PseudonymKettner, A. (Auguste), 1828-1879Kettner, AugusteKettner, Auguste, 1828-1879Kettner, Auguste 1828-1879 PseudonymSweetland Dallas, Eneas 1828-1879lccn-n79093331Stowe, Harriet Beecher1811-1896lccn-n81026857Byron, George Gordon ByronBaron1788-1824lccn-n50032956Byron, Anne Isabella Milbanke ByronBaroness1792-1860lccn-n80037044Richardson, Samuel1689-1761lccn-n93037735Elizabeth Robins Pennell Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n91119082Katherine Golden Bitting Collection on Gastronomy (Library of Congress)lccn-n91010814Price, John Valdimirauiedtlccn-n78087607Dickens, Charles1812-1870lccn-n79006950Ruskin, John1819-1900lccn-n82225911Bennett, W. C.(William Cox)1820-1895Dallas, E. S.(Eneas Sweetland)1828-1879PeriodicalsDictionariesPoetryBiographyAestheticsCriticismPleasurePoeticsCookingPoetryByron, Anne Isabella Milbanke Byron,--Baroness,Stowe, Harriet Beecher,Byron, George Gordon Byron,--Baron,English languageEnglandDickens, Charles,English literatureScienceArtTableCooking, EnglishOldham, John,Dallas, E. S.--(Eneas Sweetland),Hinton, James,Smiles, Samuel,Illustrated periodicalsDobell, Sydney,Hall, S. C.--(Samuel Carter),Howitt, Mary Botham,MarriageSibson, Thomas,Miller, Thomas,Saunders, John,Power, Marguerite A.,Skelton, John,--Sir,Paget, James,--Sir,Lance, George,Kidd, Joseph BartholomewFechter, Charles,Cunningham, Peter,Morley, Samuel,Haydon, Benjamin Robert,Marshall, William Calder,Bennett, W. C.--(William Cox),Dilke, Charles Wentworth,Jerrold, Blanchard,Du Cane, Edmund F.--(Edmund Frederick),Aumale, Henri d'Orléans,--duc d',Taylor, Tom,Binney, Thomas,Howitt, William,Latham, R. G.--(Robert Gordon),Martin, Theodore,--Sir,Mackay, Charles,18281879185018521859186118621864186518661868186918771912191319681969197219761977198619951999200320082011111333130808.1PN1042ocn000639376ocn009652438ocn586756932ocn793551556ocn040249450ocn31288987634327ocn007768549book18660.79Dallas, E. SThe gay scienceThis title is a reprint of the 1866 edition of Dallas' text28321ocn012752323book18520.86Dallas, E. SPoetics : an essay on poetry16810ocn001696839serial0.73Once a weekPeriodicals14016ocn000038965book18770.86Dallas, E. SKettner's book of the tableDictionaries5111ocn033389967book18500.81Dallas, E. SThe English language ; Poetics : an essay on poetry516ocn000639376book18690.90Dallas, E. SThe Stowe-Byron controversy: a complete résumé of all that has been written and said upon the subject, re-printed from "The Times," "Saturday review" [etc.] ... Together with an impartial review of the merits of the caseBiography284ocn009652438book18620.94Richardson, SamuelClarissa, a novel73ocn249579439book19990.47Dallas, E. SThe gay science ; 273ocn772630211book19990.47Dallas, E. SThe gay science43ocn640030332book19690.92Dallas, E. SThe gay science, by E.S. Dallas32ocn223642634book19691.00Dallas, E. SPoetics: an essay on poetry. London, Smith, Elder, 185232ocn181843085book18520.47Dallas, E. SPoetics22ocn663458853serial0.47Once a weekFilm lacks 5th ser., v. 1, no. 18-1921ocn233814935book20081.00Dallas, E. SThe poems of John OldhamPoetry21ocn504873681book1869Stowe, Harriet BeecherThe Stowe-Byron Controversy. A complete résumé of all that has been written and said upon the subject ... together with an impartial review of the merits of the case. By the editor of "Once a Week" [E.S. Dallas]21ocn503957467book1868Richardson, SamuelClarissa ... Edited by E. S. Dallas21ocn488503598book1969The gay science : London 1866 : 2 vol11ocn492151652bookDallas, E. SThe Gay Science11ocn492151678bookDallas, E. SThe Gay Science11ocn270615432book18650.10Dickens, CharlesOur mutual friend :The manuscript as sent to the printer with innumerable cancellations and corrections. Manuscript is dated September 2nd, 1865 on final page. Text of the novel is preceded by: a list (10 p.) of chapter headings with parallel columns of Dickens' notes for the same, and by a blank page with Dickens' signature, dated Thursday Fourth January, 1866. The upper part of this blank leaf, evidently containing the name of a friend to whom the manuscript was given, has been cut away11ocn028409538mix1.00Bennoch, FrancisRecords and correspondenceChiefly letters to Bennoch and his wife, Margaret, from such literary and artistic friends as William Cox Bennett, Thomas Binney, Sir Henry Rowley Bishop, Marguerite, Countess of Blessington, Angela Georgina Burdett-Coutts, Peter Cunningham, Eneas Sweetland Dallas, Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke (1810-1869), Charles Wentworth Dilke (1789-1864), Joseph Durham, Thomas Faed, Samuel Carter Hall, Benjamin Robert Haydon, William Howitt, William Jerdan, William Blanchard Jerrold, Joseph Bartholomew Kidd, George Lance, Robert Lemon, Samuel Lover, James Russell Lowell, Charles Mackay, William Calder Marshall, Sir Theodore Martin, Thomas Miller, Samuel Morely, George Ferris Whidborne Mortimer, Francis Wilson Oliphant, Margaret Oliphant Oliphant, James Paget, Julia Pardoe, Marguerite A. Power, John Saunders, Franics Sibson, Thomas Sibson, Samuel Smiles, Albert Richard Smith, Charles Swain, Tom Taylor, and Robert Thorburn11ocn794459452book18610.10Thackeray, William Makepeaceplace not specified, to George SmithSaying that Loch has been offered £500 for a book; asking about certain manuscripts that he cannot find; saying that he saw "Wynter & Dallas yesterday."Fri Mar 21 15:33:32 EDT 2014batch13388