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Fri Mar 21 17:11:51 2014 UTClccn-n500383830.10Grant Allen : Victorian novelist and polymath /0.731.00Short stories. A charming collection of the best authors48393117Grant_Allenn 50038383281089773606Allen, Carolus GrantAllen Carolus Grant 1848-1899Allen, Charles G. 1848-1899Allen, Charles Grant, 1848-1899Allen, Charles Grant Blairfindie.Allen, Charles Grant Blairfindie, 1848-1899Allen, GrantAllen, Grant 1848-1899Allens, G. (Grants), 1848-1899Blairfindie, Charles Grant, 1848-1899Grant-Allen.Grant Allen, W. H.Power, Cecil.Power, Cecil, 1848-1899Rayner, Olive Pratt.Rayner, Olive Pratt, 1848-1899Warborough, Martin LeachWarborough, Martin Leach 1848-1899Wilson, J. Arbuthnot.Wilson, J. Arbuthnot, 1848-1899עלען, גרענט, 1848־1899アレン, Gアレン, グラントcontainsVIAFID/131400352Power, Cecil, 1848-1899containsVIAFID/4097737Rayner, Olive Pratt, 1848-1899containsVIAFID/41367381Warborough, Martin Leach, 1848-1899lccn-n81079203Russell, Alan K.lccn-n78095637Darwin, Charles1809-1882lccn-n84027719Morton, Peter1946 Apr. 10-lccn-n50020215White, Gilbert1720-1793lccn-n50044804Clodd, Edward1840-1930np-cruickshank, j wCruickshank, J. W.lccn-n85009447Buckle, Henry Thomas1821-1862lccn-n79006533Shaw, Bernard1856-1950lccn-n50032487Carpenter, Edward1844-1929edtnp-smart, h russellSmart, H. RussellAllen, Grant1848-1899GuidebooksFictionBiographyDomestic fictionHistoryPopular worksRecords and correspondenceLegendsJuvenile worksTerminologyEngland--SelborneNatural historyAntiquitiesEnglandTravelAllen, Grant,Art, ItalianItaly--FlorenceDetective and mystery stories, EnglishDetective and mystery stories, AmericanBotanyAuthors, EnglishDarwin, Charles,AuthorshipIntellectual lifeGreat BritainItaly--VeniceNaturalistsFrance--ParisGodReligionWomenFeministsScienceMothers and daughtersNature photographySenses and sensationAestheticsScience fiction, EnglishPolitical and social viewsPolitics and culturePolitics and literatureDomestic fictionShort stories, EnglishOrnithologyOrnithologistsPhenologyPlantsFlowersEngland--HampshireFlowers--AnatomyAesthetics--Physiological aspectsGodsEnglish literatureEvolution (Biology)Literature and scienceAfricaMenReligionsSwindlers and swindling184818991855186618681869187418761877187818791880188118821883188418851886188718881889189018911892189318941895189618971898189919001901190219031904190519061907190819091910191119121913191419151916191719181919192019231924192519261927192819291930193119341939194819491972197319751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919921995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013183453582975C813.4QH138.S4ocn001182304ocn009304476ocn680644168ocn680645821ocn019754649ocn049040482ocn494608096ocn458984466ocn844795191ocn844795193ocn024078024ocn45733788574298ocn033104510book18950.79Allen, GrantThe woman who didHistoryFictionTreatiesDomestic fiction+-+576873746532449551ocn001046817book18950.81Allen, GrantThe British barbarians; a hill-top novelFiction+-+789141806632449056ocn001141974book18970.76Allen, GrantFlorenceArtGuidebooks48671ocn001141791book18970.76Allen, Grant... The evolution of the idea of GodHistoryComparative studies+-+89254503064736ocn008389866book19780.20Russell, Alan KRivals of Sherlock Holmes : forty stories of crime and detection from original illustrated magazines45353ocn000648258book18850.66Allen, GrantCharles DarwinBiographyPublished in 1885, this biography of the founder of modern evolution was part of the English Worthies" series edited by Andrew Lang. Allen presents Darwin in context, showing the world to which he was born, his place as intellectual heir to Lamarck and Malthus, and an assessment of his place in history39947ocn001124659book18980.76Allen, GrantVeniceGuidebooks39055ocn000879086book18970.79Allen, GrantParisGuidebooks36339ocn006918210book18970.33Allen, GrantAn African millionaire : episodes in the life of the illustrious Colonel ClayFictionDetective and mystery stories"A genre classic, Grant Allen's AN AFRICAN MILLIONAIRE is the perfect addition to our mini library of classic crime fiction. Wealthy, confident, and handsome, Charles Van Drift is not accustomed to being swindled and his brush with Colonel Clay both rattles and infuriates him. As his South African diamond fortune takes hit after hit from the quick-witted master of disguise, Allen leaves even the reader guessing: whom can you trust? Van Drift grows more suspicious of those around him and a few too many misguided accusations shake the millionaire's confidence. Colonel Clay is in his head. Gary Hoppenstand contributes an introduction discussing the reception of the work when it was first serialized in THE STRAND and the significance of Colonel Clay as the first recurring gentleman rogue"--+-+174487139533834ocn004175259book18890.73Allen, GrantFalling in love, with other essays on more exact branches of scienceLegends+-+122491989633070ocn019639197book18900.79Allen, GrantThe scallywagHistoryCatalogs32959ocn003412588book18950.81Allen, GrantThe story of the plantsPopular worksTerminology31257ocn008926110book18940.81Allen, GrantUnder sealed order a novelLegends29426ocn002597767book18770.84Allen, GrantPhysiological aesthetics27964ocn010343407book18880.76Allen, GrantThis mortal coil a novelDime novels27570ocn009070433book18890.79Allen, GrantThe tents of Shem a novelFiction27060ocn063099161book18910.76Allen, GrantDumaresq's daughter a novelDime novels26630ocn000500834book18830.76Allen, GrantFlowers and their pedigreesTerminology25756ocn009418639book18860.81Allen, GrantIn all shades a novelFiction25228ocn002528233book19000.73White, GilbertThe Natural history of SelborneHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyBibliographyRecords and correspondenceThe great naturalist, first to describe many now familiar birds, writes of the wildlife of his 18th century Hampshire village+-+26361780363243875ocn055600665book20050.79Morton, PeterThe busiest man in England : Grant Allen and the writing trade, 1875-1900HistoryBiography"Despite his lifelong ill health and relatively short life, Grant Allen (1848-1899) was a writer of extraordinary productivity and range. His work reflects interests from Darwinian biology to cultural travel guides. His prosperity, however, was underpinned by fiction: he wrote more than thirty novels, including The Woman Who Did, which has attracted much recent attention from feminist critics and historians. This book is the first critical biography of Allen in a century, and it draws from all the surviving primary sources. "The Busiest Man in England" uses Allen's career to examine the role and status of the freelance author/journalist in the late Victorian period, and analyzes what it took to succeed in this notoriously tough profession."--BOOK JACKET+-+01711485961563ocn056014634book20050.92Grant Allen : literature and cultural politics at the Fin de SiècleHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc"Grant Allen was a prolific novelist, essayist, and man of letters, who is best remembered today for his The Woman Who Did (1895), which gained fame and notoriety almost overnight through its exploration of female independence and sexuality outside marriage, precipitating rabid denunciations of the 'new woman'."+-+90135190251075ocn000372893book19000.86Clodd, EdwardGrant Allen; a memoir586ocn070582633book19000.73Clodd, EdwardGrant Allen a memoir, with a bibliographyBibliography502ocn051051849book20020.90Morton, PeterGrant Allen, 1848-1899 : a bibliographyCriticism, interpretation, etcBio-bibliographyBibliography453ocn008096524book19300.93Hearn, LafcadioVictorian philosophyCriticism, interpretation, etc437ocn010268520book19000.88Le Gallienne, RichardGrant Allen201ocn051839706book20000.96Melchiori, Barbara ArnettGrant Allen : the downward path which leads to fictionCriticism, interpretation, etc41ocn039203296book19001.00Short stories. A charming collection of the best authors41ocn224439211book18990.81Harrison, FredericGrant Allen, 1848-1899; an address delivered at Woking on October 27, 189922ocn612813249book19970.66Jacobson, Karin KayUnsettling questions, hysterical answers : the woman detective in Victorian fictionCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn045400151com1.00Morton, PeterGrant Allen novelist and miscellaneous writerBiographyBibliographyContains a bibliography of the Victorian novelist and science writer Grant Allen and links to web resources about him11ocn063095526book20020.10Parrott, JeremyGrant Allen : Victorian novelist and polymathCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn004044783book19771.00Cominos, Theodore PeterGrant Allen : a late-Victorian rebel11ocn028410440mix1.00Miscellaneous correspondenceRecords and correspondenceLetters received by Donald Agger, Mrs. Charles Bohassech, Ben Greet, Irene Kay Lionikis, Robert Lutz, Benjamin Silliman, Jr. and Sr., Grover Smith, and Jonathan Williams. Writers of letters include Grant Allen, Lambert Cadwalader, Sgt. Michael Coffas (from Vietnam), Mahlon Dickerson, J. Garnett, James Hervey Gulick, C.J. Cutcliffe Hyne, Samuel North, and Gen. Benjamin Smith. Places represented include Chicago, Ill., Delaware, Durham, N.C., Germany, Gwalior, India, Middle Haddam and New Haven, Conn., New York, N.Y., and Washington, D.C11ocn320005412book20001.00Stuewe, Paul"Britishers at home and abroad" imperial and colonial identity in the work of Grant Allen, Robert Barr and Sir Gilbert Parker11ocn299029251mix1.00A.P. Watt (Firm)Mostly testimonial letters from satisfied clients of A.P. Watt, praising his services. Many of the letters were published in promotional brochures. Two of these books, COLLECTION OF LETTERS ADDRESSED TO A.P. WATT BY VARIOUS WRITERS (London, 1893) & LETTERS ADDRESSED TO A.P. WATT (London, 1894), are included in the collection. There were other editions published in 1889, 1898, 1899, 1924, 1929, etc11ocn078224304book18991.00Harrison, FredericGrant Allen 1848-1899; an address delivered at Woking, Oct. 27, 189911ocn810094354book20100.47Bogli, JessicaGrant Allen : science or sensation?Criticism, interpretation, etc11ocn053312732book20020.92Barsanti, Michael JamesLaw like love : marriage, law, and the modern novelCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+5768737465324+-+5768737465324Fri Mar 21 16:09:28 EDT 2014batch62378