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Thu Oct 16 17:52:55 2014 UTClccn-n500390390.00Artist file0.441.00Irene y Jack Delano en Puerto Rico15606251Jack_Delanon 5003903974261Jack DelanoJoaquínJoaquı́n 1914-1997Ovcharov, Jacklccn-n87847540Delano, Irene1919-illlccn-n85373812Collier, John1913-1992phtlccn-n79006972Van Leeuwen, Jeanlccn-n82103170Blanco, Tomás1896-1975lccn-n50067296United StatesFarm Security Administrationlccn-n85306734Lee, Russell1903-1986phtlccn-n87105075Colson, James B.(James Burton)lccn-n91077571Walas, Jacklccn-n50026160Doty, C. Stewart(Charles Stewart)lccn-n90698941University of MaineMuseum of ArtDelano, JackFictionJuvenile worksBiographyPictorial worksHistoryMusical settingsExhibition, pictorial worksExhibition catalogsPuerto RicoDelano, JackPhotographersFairy talesPride and vanityManners and customsChildren's stories, DanishNew MexicoMagiUnited StatesAgriculture and stateNorth America--Saint John River ValleyMaineAgriculture--Economic aspectsUnited States.--Farm Security AdministrationWorld War (1939-1945)Documentary photographyRailroadsTransportationEpiphanyPhotographySongs with guitarSongs with pianoPhotograph collectionsWork of Charles and Ray Eames (Library of Congress)Work of Charles and Ray Eames (Library of Congress)Songs, SpanishNativity of Jesus ChristJesus ChristTeachersCordero, Rafael,EducationMilitary operations, Aerial--AmericanB-29 (Bomber)Military campaignsJapanCollier, John,Lee, Russell,Museum of Fine Arts (Museum of New Mexico)Sonatas (Flute and piano)--Scores and partsAmerican wit and humor, PictorialConcertos (Trumpet)--Solo with pianoMuñoz Marín, Luis,Songs (High voice) with pianoPhotography, ArtisticTreesSonatas (Flute and piano)Songs (Medium voice) with pianoChildren--Social conditionsSongs191419971930194119421943194619521954195819591960196219631965196819691970197119731974197619771978198019811983198419851986198719901991199219931994199619971999200020012002200420062008200920102012201320141996143191BTR140.D43ocn829704550ocn033866274ocn054988772ocn047099065ocn041116906ocn055077612ocn042954469ocn041115163ocn043167202ocn768295250ocn032301696ocn421528603ocn864724425ocn317359932ocn019709946ocn027886318ocn019709946ocn027886318ocn8430158882763ocn000217359book19710.06Van Leeuwen, JeanThe emperor's new clothesJuvenile worksFictionTwo rascally weavers convince the emperor they are making him beautiful new clothes, visible only to those fit for their posts, but during a royal procession in which he first wears them, a child whispers that the emperor has nothing on2134ocn001993247book19540.06Blanco, TomásLos aguinaldos del Infante : glosa de Epifanía = The Child's gifts : a twelfth night taleFictionDescribes the journey of the three wise men, the gifts they brought to the Christ Child, and the gifts they received in return1923ocn029597135book19940.37Lee, RussellFar from Main Street : three photographers in depression-era New MexicoPictorial works+-+84078654353241612ocn022734124book19910.70Doty, C. StewartAcadian hard times : the Farm Security Administration in Maine's St. John Valley, 1940-1943History1053ocn003638168book19770.53Valle, James EThe iron horse at war : the United States Government's photodocumentary project on American railroading during the Second World WarHistory631ocn000092874book19700.06Olson, Helen KronbergStupid Peter : and other talesSeven original fairy tales include "The Queen's Gift," "The Witch of the Forest," and "The Seven Lazy Sisters."594ocn029952918book19940.77Delano, JackEn busca del Maestro Rafael CorderoHistoryBiography532ocn033947317book19960.33Delano, JackSuperfortress over Japan : twenty-four hours with a B-29Pictorial works473ocn002033613book19540.21Blanco, TomásLos aguinaldos del Infante : glosa de EpifaníaJuvenile worksFiction324ocn002559330score19650.84Delano, JackSonatina for flute and piano296ocn007566134score19680.92Delano, JackConcertino classico, for C trumpet and small orchestra. Reduction for C trumpet and piano292ocn032922288book19960.70Delano, JackThat's life+-+7297522935253ocn002155389score19740.86Delano, JackCuatro sones de la tierra : soprano and pianoMusical settings242ocn025082740book19870.94Delano, JackEl día que el pueblo se despidio de MuñozPictorial works112ocn004340549score19580.95Delano, JackSonatina : para flauta y piano93ocn027043867book19740.06Delano, JackSabios árboles, mágicos árbolesJuvenile works71ocn051467837score19860.95La Canción de arte en Puerto Rico72ocn055625871visu0.96Los peloterosThe film presents a group of poor boys' experiences when they get involved in various activities with a sport leader to raise funds for theirs baseball uniforms. This story stresses the importance of honest leaders and a cooperative spirit to reach goals72ocn022168376score19630.82Delano, JackTres cancioncitas del marMusical settings51ocn876410250book20140.27Center for Railroad Photography and ArtRailroaders : Jack Delano's homefront photography : catalog for the exhibition by the Center for Railroad Photography & Art and the Chicago History Museum, April 5, 2014 to August 10, 2015HistoryExhibition catalogsExhibition, pictorial works3182ocn035593694book19970.56Delano, JackPhotographic memoriesBiographyIn 1940, as a young photographer working for Roy Stryker's Historical Section of the Farm Security Administration (FSA), Jack Delano traveled the length of the eastern seaboard recording the struggles of migrant workers still living in the shadow of the Depression. Late the following year, with the nation on the verge of war, Stryker sent him on a three-month assignment in Puerto Rico where the people he met radiated humor and generosity despite poverty worse than any he had seen in the continental United States. Back on the mainland, Delano traveled across the country photographing the homefront contributions of ethnic and minority groups and spent a month documenting the mobilized railroad system on freight trains between Chicago and California+-+8692345106845ocn444106760book20090.77Delano, JackThe photographs of Jack DelanoPictorial works+-+1197839546441ocn028700702book19930.74Threads of culture : photography in New Mexico 1939-1943, Russell Lee, John Collier, Jr., Jack Delano : the Pinewood Collection of FSA photographsExhibition catalogs191ocn029680665book19900.59Delano, JackContrasts : forty years of change and continuity in Puerto Rico = Contrastes : cuarenta años de cambio y continuidad en Puerto RicoPictorial worksExhibition catalogs141ocn033074213book19940.84Delano, JackEl goce de crearBiography71ocn011264167book19811.00Exposición Irene y Jack Delano en Puerto RicoIrene y Jack Delano en Puerto RicoExhibition catalogsCatalog of exhibition of works of Irene and Jack Delano, which was held in 1981 at the University of Puerto Rico41ocn026618614book19810.47Irene y Jack Delano en Puerto Rico31ocn649417423visu20090.47Jack DelanoBiographyHe was photographer, filmmaker and composer. His photographs about Puerto Rico and its people produced between 1941 and 1950 is part of the historical memory of Puerto Rico, because is showing a times of dismay, but also of transformation. He promoted the creation of the Division of Community Education, with the purpose of creating educational materials that would reach the most distant people in poor neighborhoods, towns and isolated communities. He was the general manager of the government's radio and television stations and the first director to transmit the Casals Festival on television31ocn082800795visu19971.00Retrato de una travesíaCriticism, interpretation, etcThe life and art of Ukrainian born Puertorrican photographer and artist Jack Delano33ocn191703095mixDelano, JackAssembled file includes clippings, photographs, reproductions from books and auction catalogs, postcards, press releases, slides, resumes, reviews, exhibition ephemera31ocn060641957mix20040.82Hart, T. RobertThe Santee-Cooper landscape : culture and environment in the South Carolina lowcountryIn 1934 a pork-barrel hydroelectric project completely reconstructed the South Carolina Lowcountry's landscape. Part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal, the Santee-Cooper project provided twelve thousand jobs and electricity for the surrounding area, but did so at an extraordinary price. The project destroyed nearly all traces of a plantation district founded in the seventeenth century by French Huguenots and African slaves, decimated one of the largest floodplain swamps on the East Coast, and permanently altered two rivers systems. Santee-Cooper supporters used political manipulation on the federal level and the rhetoric of progress on the local level to get the project approved. In word and deed they overpowered the voices of conservation and historic preservation, which resonated feebly in the Depression-era South. When the project started, sightseers flocked to the construction site to witness state-of-the-art machines clearing the land to make room for two large lakes, and Farm Security Administration photographer Jack Delano came to the area to capture on film the displacement of nearly one thousand black families. When the project was completed, the new lakes became a haven for sportsmen who came in search of the Santee-Cooper's famed striped-bass. The adaptation of this fish to the landlocked lake environment served as an important catalyst for the identification of the Santee-Cooper area as recreational space. The bass fishermen that used the lakes inscribed the space with social meaning and, in doing so they continued a timeless and dialectical relationship between culture and environment that had shaped the Santee-Cooper landscape21ocn037432556visu19930.47Jack Delano el goce de crearHistoryBiographyTraces the life of Jack Delano from his birth in 1914 to the present in Puerto Rico. Highlights his contribution in photography and film making. The second film presents the works of graphic artists Poli Marichal and Luis Munet22ocn760933443mix0.47Delano, JackJack Delano : Artist File21ocn029855986visu19910.47Jack Delano el goce de crearBiographyTraces the life of Jack Delano from his birth in 1914 to the present. Highlights his contribution in photography and film making21ocn042858870book19920.92Foto 92 : Sandra Rues, Nitza Luna, Victor Vazquez, Carlos Arnaldo Meyners, Jack Delano, Rafael Ramirez, Frank X. Mendez, Hector Mendez Caratini : Museo del Grabado Latinoamericano, Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, 21 de febrero al 22 de marzo de 1992, San Juan de Puerto RicoExhibition catalogs11ocn870258885book19971.00Lisker, RoyPuerto Rico : music, tourism and politics : the Casals Festival of the summer of 1982 : art in the service of foreign occupationCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn055074628book19901.00Delano, JackContrastes : 40 años de cambio y continuidad en Puerto Rico : una exposicion de fotografiasExhibition catalogsExhibition, pictorial works11ocn501173607mix1.00Cardona, Ana LuisaAna Luisa Cardona papersFiles relate to her association with Casa de Unidad particularly as art consultant on grants submitted by the organization; also materials relating to Jack Delano, who was a photographer with the Farm Security Administration, including interview with Delano about his career. The collection also includes files relating to the Alliance for Cultural Democracy11ocn081922603bookDelano, JackJack DelanoExhibition catalogs11ocn030946096score19831.00Delano, JackSinfonietta para cuerdasManuscripts+-+8407865435324+-+8407865435324Thu Oct 16 16:05:40 EDT 2014batch24738