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Fri Mar 21 17:12:36 2014 UTClccn-n500390850.00The Alan Clark diaries0.300.73Bargains at special prices /4969456Alan_Clarkn 5003908574306Clark, Alan Kenneth McKenzie, 1928-lccn-nb91077691Trewin, Ionedtlccn-n50000017Thatcher, Margaretlccn-n79063282Great BritainArmylccn-n2005026390Lee of FarehamViscount(Arthur Hamilton Lee)1868-1947lccn-n82011080Conservative Party (Great Britain)lccn-nb2001037624Coucher, Robertnc-conservative partyConservative Partyviaf-56613133Lourdet, Françoistrlviaf-290865021Menaker, Robertlccn-no2010100232Clark, ChampClark, Alan1928-1999DiariesHistoryFictionBiographyMilitary campaignsWorld War (1939-1945)World War (1914-1918)Eastern Front (World War (1939-1945))Great BritainPolitical scienceClark, Alan,PoliticiansAir warfareWestern Front (World War (1914-1918))Eastern Front (World War (1914-1918))Greece--CreteThatcher, MargaretCabinet officersManners and customsRelations with cabinet officersRussia (Federation)DiaristsRelations with womenGreat Britain.--ArmyArmed Forces--OfficersCommand of troopsLeadershipConservative Party (Great Britain)ConservatismVietnam War (1961-1975)Motor vehicle drivingAntique and classic carsSoviet UnionGerman Occupation of Soviet Union (1941-1944)New CaledoniaElectionsFranceColonies--AdministrationClark, AlanMurderMissing personsRussia (Federation)--MoscowMoscow, Battle of (Russia : 1941-1942)StatesmenSwinburne, Algernon Charles,Neuve-Chapelle, Battle of (France : 1915)Belgium--IeperFrance--Neuve-ChapelleColeridge, Samuel Taylor,Loos, Battle of (Loos-en-Gohelle, France : 1915)France--Loos-en-GohelleYpres, 2nd Battle of (Ieper, Belgium : 1915)Lee of Fareham,--Viscount--(Arthur Hamilton Lee),Wordsworth, Dorothy,192819991958196019611962196319641965196619671969197019711973197419771981198219851986198719911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520092010201120122014728864297940.5421D764ocn001090793ocn835589167ocn560827867196760ocn000364670book19650.29Clark, AlanBarbarossa; the Russian-German conflict, 1941-45History"On June 22, 1941, before dawn, German tanks and guns began firing across the Russian border. It was the beginning of Hitler's Operation Barbarossa, one of the most brutal campaigns in the history of warfare. Four years later, the victorious Red Army had suffered a loss of seven million lives. Alan Clark's incisive analysis succeeds in explaining how a fighting force that in one two-month period lost two million men was nevertheless able to rally to defeat the Wehrmacht." -- Page 4 of cover+-+131795331572512ocn000766181book19730.21Clark, AlanAces high; the war in the air over the Western Front 1914-18The planes and men who forged the development of aerial combat in World War I are captured in photographs and text72425ocn000394627book19610.32Clark, AlanThe Donkeys1. Verdenskrig. Bogen er en revisionistisk beretning om The British Expeditionary Force (BEF) operationer på Vestfronten i 1915. I bogen beskrives de britiske operationer ved Neuve Chapelle, Aubers Ridge og Loos. Bogen slutter med afskedigelsen af BEF's chef feltmarskal Sir John French, som blev erstattet af general Douglas Haig. Bogens titel "the Donkeys" stammer fra udtrykket "lions led by donkeys" (løver ført af æsler), som har været anvendt til at sammenligne britiske soldater (løver) med de højere britiske officerer (æsler). Udtrykket tilskrives et citat fra en samtale mellem de to tyske generaler Ludendorff og Hoffman. Bogen indledes med dette citat+-+508501762553233ocn000397118book19620.29Clark, AlanThe fall of CreteHistoryOm krigen på Middelhavsøen Kreta i 1941, som tyske hær erobrede med stort tab fra britiske hær, efter indledende angreb med faldskærmstropper og med en stor indsats fra deres luftvåben Luftwaffe+-+03980895854509ocn000155725book19710.35Clark, AlanSuicide of the empires : the battles on the Eastern Front, 1914-182455ocn059463990book20020.28Clark, AlanThe last diaries : in and out of the wildernessDiaries+-+99625124753242176ocn001090793book19740.66Lee of FarehamA good innings : the private papers of Viscount Lee of Fareham2007ocn041420598book19730.19Clark, AlanAces high : the war in the air over the Western Front 1914-1918+-+30770895853241847ocn040292977book19970.53Clark, AlanThe Tories : Conservatives and the Nation State, 1922-1997HistoryAlan Clark combines his personal experience of Government with his recognised skills as a historian in this enthralling account of the history of the Conservative party from 1922 to 1997+-+149363247532411513ocn042659923book19650.22Clark, AlanBarbarossa : the Russian-German conflict, 1941-45Chronicle and analysis of Hitler's Eastern Front campaign+-+21280895853241073ocn042828133book19710.28Clark, AlanThe Eastern Front, 1914-18 : suicide of the empiresBogen beskriver de store slag på Østfronten under 1. Verdenskrig 1914-18. Herunder skildres slaget ved Tannenberg, Grev Conrads (Østrigs) nederlag, de tyske sejre i Polen, Brusilovs offensiv og endelig Ruslands revolution og overgivelse. Ludendorff; Hindenburg; Hotzendorf; Kerensky+-+28797155463241032ocn000218488book19690.28Clark, AlanThe lion heart; a tale of the war in VietnamFiction"The time is late 1966 and early 1967, and the central character is Jack Lane. An American of 35, Lane volunteers out of warm, if vaguely defined, patriotism to serve as a Special Forces Officer, leaving behind him in Connecticut a thriving real-estate business, a wife and two young sons. ... Though in no sense a comment upon United States policy, The Lion Heart nonetheless exposes in strong narrative the corruption - in some instances, the beastialities - of the Vietnamese war and, by extension, of all wars in our time." From the bookjacket276ocn301392808book19650.33Clark, AlanLa guerre à l'Est : (1941-1945)257ocn031326131book19650.47Clark, AlanLa Chute de la Crète. The Fall of Crete2213ocn489718281book19930.27Clark, AlanDiariesHistoryDiariesAlan Clark, historian and politician, has recorded his life socially and politically for many years. This volume covers the period from the death of his father Lord (Kenneth) Clark to when he became subject to the Privy Council oath in February 1991. It covers Parliament under Thatcher and Major+-+5796442036324201ocn063927679book19870.70Clark, AlanThe politics of electoral duality : experience and elections in New CaledoniaHistory202ocn009263150book19630.59Clark, AlanSummer season, an entertainmentFictionSummer Season records several anxious days in the life of Kenneth Crane, unemployed graduate. Crane has taken a temporary post as tutor to the young son of a luminary in a small seaside town. Crane finds life difficult enough, but almost intolerably so when he finds himself number-one suspect on a possible murder charge. For the delectable Kitty du Chair, by even contemporary standards a remarkably advanced teen-ager, disappears. She has been seen consorting with Crane. The police close in and Crane's behaviour becomes more erratic (and hilarious)194ocn010295357book19600.73Clark, AlanBargains at special prices172ocn156768783book20040.27Clark, AlanDiaries : in power, 1983-1992BiographyDiaries142ocn038461402book19710.47Clark, AlanLe Suicide des empires : de Tannenberg à la révolution d'octobre 19174176ocn030915125book19930.27Clark, AlanDiariesHistoryDiariesAlan Clark, historian and politician, has recorded his life socially and politically for many years. This volume covers the period from the death of his father Lord (Kenneth) Clark to when he became subject to the Privy Council oath in February 1991. It covers Parliament under Thatcher and Major+-+67086324753243551ocn029909157book19940.29Clark, AlanMrs. Thatcher's minister : the private diaries of Alan ClarkDiaries+-+42648692853242393ocn390613005book20090.21Trewin, IonAlan Clark : the biographyBiographyAlan Clark was a celebrated diarist, womaniser, Tory MP and controversial minister in Margaret Thatcher's government. In this book Ion Trewin reveals the man behind the myth, describing the true extent of his extra-marital escapades and his role in Thatcher's downfall+-+88250324752374ocn043820581book20000.27Clark, AlanDiaries into politicsDiaries+-+1759912475324922ocn047035638book20010.19Clark, AlanBack fire : a passion for cars and motoringAnecdotes+-+4082512475324451ocn050468249book20010.20Clark, AlanDiaries into politics 1972-1982Diaries+-+2969638025324102ocn763541608rcrd19990.17Clark, AlanDiariesBiographyDiaries92ocn681307437book20090.19Clark, AlanAlan Clark : a life in his own words : the edited diaries 1972-1999DiariesOne of the most talked about books of recent years, Alan Clark's Diaries provide a witty and irreverent insider's account of political life in Britain+-+282173802532481ocn035135016book19960.47Clark, AlanThe Alan Clark diaries: Thatcher's fall+-+447044203632461ocn156784845rcrd20000.17Clark, AlanDiaries into politicsBiographyDiaries+-+239783702532441ocn044058953book20000.10Clark, AlanAlan Clark diariesDiaries+-+991576793632432ocn316501419book20010.27Clark, AlanDiaries : in power, 1983-1992BiographyDiaries+-+579644203632432ocn075272609rcrd20020.10Clark, AlanThe last diaries [in and out of the wilderness]BiographyDiaries+-+430203702532421ocn043820576book20000.10Clark, AlanDiariesDiaries21ocn051368570rcrd19930.23Clark, AlanDiariesDiariesEton educated Alan Clark recounts his enthralling journal entries from 1983, the year his father, Lord (Kenneth) Clark died, to the moment when he became subject to the Privy Council oath in February 1991. The Diaries probably reveals a greater insight into the people in Government during the eighties11ocn774035024book0.10Sitwell, EdithLondon, to Jane ClarkThanking her for the flowers and for copies of Colette's and Alan's books; remarking that she loves poor Dorothy so much and saying it is a shame that she did not run away with Coleridge, noting that she should have and that this would have "saved both of them from a great deal;"looking forward to Wednesday; complaining that she "can still hardly hobble" and hates being so lame11ocn773748306book19600.10Sitwell, EdithLondon, to Jane ClarkSaying how much she enjoyed the party the previous day, especially as she has been "incarcerated" by illness or injury for three months; mentioning her work on the preface for her Swinburne anthology; mentioning mutual acquaintances and noting that she is enjoying Alan's book11ocn298370210visu2004The Alan Clark diariesDramaAcclaimed adaptation of the hilarious and insightful diaries of MP Alan Clark, currently showing on the BBC11ocn773610319book19580.10Sitwell, EdithRenishaw Hall [near Sheffield], to Jane ClarkRegretting that she and Osbert cannot attend Alan's wedding; noting that the girl is lucky to have Jane and Kenneth as parents-in-law; hoping that she and Kenneth will be able to visit Renishaw Hall soon+-+1317953315+-+1317953315Fri Mar 21 15:19:58 EDT 2014batch25722