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Fri Mar 21 17:12:55 2014 UTClccn-n500394890.00Kurtze ... Relation ... der wunderbarsten vier Schiffarten ... Als nemlich: F. Magellani, etc0.240.93The Columbus and Magellan concepts of South American geography,62790350Ferdinand_Magellann 5003948974705De Magalhaẽs, Fernão, -1521De Magalhaẽs, Fernão, d. 1521De Magalhães, Fernão, m. 1521Magalhaens, Ferdinandus de 1480-1521Magalhaens, Fernando de 1480-1521Magalhaens, Fernao De, d. 1521Magalhães, ..., ca. 1470-1521Magalhaes, Fernao, 1480?-1521Magalhães, Fernão deMagalhães, Fernão de, 1480-1521Magalhães, Fernão de, d. 1521Magalhães, Fernão, m. 1521Magallan, Fernando, ca. 1470-1521Magallan, Fernando, ca 1480-1521Magallanes, Fernando de, -1521Magallanes, Fernando de, d. 1521Magallanes, Fernando de, m. 1521Magallanes, Fernao de, d. 1521Magallanes, Hernando de, -1521Magallanes, Hernando de, ca. 1470-1521Magallanes, Hernando de, d. 1521Magallanes, Hernando de, m. 1521Magelhães, Fernão de 1480-1521Magelhaẽs, Fernão de, ca. 1470-1521Magellaan, Ferdinand, ca. 1470-1521Magellan, 1480-1521Magellan, FerdinandMagellan, Ferdinand 1480-1521Magellan, Ferdinand, -1521Magellan, Ferdinand, ca. 1470-1521Magellan, Ferdinand, ca 1480-1521Magellan, Ferdinand, d. 1521Magellan, Ferdinand, m. 1521Magellan, Fernand, 1480-1521Magellan, Fernand de, -1521Magellan, Fernando, ca. 1470-1521Magellan, Fernando de 1480-1521Magellan, Fernando de, m. 1521Magellan, Fernão de 1480-1521Magellanes, Ferdinand, ca. 1470-1521Magellanes, Ferdinandes 1480-1521Magellanes, Ferdinandes, ca. 1470-1521Magellanes, Fernando de 1480-1521Magellano, Ferdinando, ca. 1470-1521Magellano, Ferdinando, m. 1521Magellanus, Ferdinandus 1480-1521Maghalaes, Fernao de, d. 1521マゼランlccn-n50036742Pigafetta, Antonioapproximately 1480-approximately 1534lccn-n80008601Bergreen, Laurencelccn-n79138567Zweig, Stefan1881-1942lccn-no97054123Parr, Charles McKewlccn-n86011345Elcano, Juan Sebastián deapproximately 1476-1526lccn-n50057477Paul, Eden1865-1944trllccn-n50052100Paul, Cedartrllccn-n78050461Hook, Richardillnp-polo, marco$1254 1323Polo, Marco1254-1323?lccn-n80019653Gama, Vasco da1469-1524Magalhães, Fernão de-1521HistoryMapsBiographySourcesMagalhães, Fernão de,Voyages around the worldExplorersPortugalTravelNavigationAfrica, EastElcano, Juan Sebastián de,Discoveries in geography--PortugueseGama, Vasco da,IndiaPigafetta, Antonio,ChinaIranArabian PeninsulaAsia--Malay ArchipelagoIndia--Malabar CoastVoyages and travelsAsia--OrientIndia--MalabarManners and customsDiscoveries in geographySouth AmericaAmericaEarly mapsPacific OceanDiscovery and exploration, PortugueseOceaniaAtlantic Ocean--Strait of MagellanJapanMexicoCortés, Hernán,Group readingBook clubs (Discussion groups)Conquest of Mexico (1519-1540)BasquesNorth AmericaBalboa, Vasco Núñez de,Narváez, Pánfilo de,Columbus, ChristopherCubaVázquez de Ayllón, Lucas,Velázquez de Cuéllar, Diego,Venezuela--Cubagua IslandDiscovery and exploration, SpanishOjeda, Alonso de,HispaniolaVenezuelaDiscoveries in geography--Spanish14801521152215231524152515361542155515651577158615901603161216181623162416251626166916991703170517061707171017371744175317601769177517801788179318001801180618131820182518301836183718391843184418521855186018641866186818741877187818791880188118821885188618881889189018911892189418961897189818991901190219031905190619071908190919101911191319141915191719191920192119221923192419251926192719281929193019321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014456308591584910.924G286.M2ocn831444108ocn831444147ocn074619222Explorers36516ocn003640216book19610.73Barbosa, DuarteThe book of Duarte Barbosa : an account of the countries bordering on the Indian Ocean and their inhabitants5511ocn067614848book18660.70Barbosa, DuarteA description of the coasts of East Africa and Malabar in the beginning of the sixteenth century381ocn005394556book19320.93Nunn, George EThe Columbus and Magellan concepts of South American geographyMaps362ocn004485291book19460.93Barbosa, DuarteLivro em que dá relação de que viu e ouviu no Oriente Duarte Barbosa277ocn005508181book19200.92Barbosa, DuarteDescripción de los reinos, costas, puertos e islas que hay desde el cabo de Buena Esperanza hasta los Leyquios171ocn064379845book19860.20De eerste tocht rond de wereld : de ontdekkingsreis van Fernão de Magalhães 1519-1522154ocn031135077book19230.88Pigafetta, AntonioRelation du premier voyage autour du monde par Magellan (1519-1522)A. Pigafetta fut chargé de rédiger le journal de bord de l'expédition dirigée par Magellan pour ouvrir une nouvelle route maritime. Cette édition du manuscrit conservé à la BNF est enrichie de notes et d'une introduction qui situe le texte dans son contexte immédiat (l'expédition de Magellan et la course aux épices) et plus large (les grandes découvertes et la navigation au XVIe siècle)102ocn314208226book19220.35Magalhães, Fernão deDie erste Weltumseglung91ocn697737864com19200.90Medina, José ToribioEl descubrimiento del Océano Pacífico : Hernando de Magallanes y sus compañeros : documentosSources81ocn069042242book17060.47Herrera y Tordesillas, Antonio deVier verscheyde reys-togten te water ende te land gedaan na de vaste kust van Chiribichi, Cubagua, Chicora en Nieuw-Spaanje. in 't jaar 1520 : d'eerste door Alonso d'Ojeda van Cubagua ; II. door Gonzale d'Ocampo, gedaan van Hispaniola ; III. door Panfilio de Narvaez, vertrekkende van Cuba ; IV. door Lucas Vasquez d'Ayllon en andere, afgevaren van Hispaniola74ocn753169067book19530.37Parr, Charles McKewSo noble a captain : the life and times of Ferdinand Magellan;61ocn069194665book19370.47Magalhães, Fernão deUm roteiro inédito de circunnavegação de Fernão de Magalhães61ocn046806114book17060.70Herrera y Tordesillas, Antonio deVervolg der Roemwaardige zee- en land-reysen des dapperen Ferdinand Cortes, aan de vaste kust van Mexico en Nieuw-Spanje, gedaan in 't jaar 1521, en vervolgens ...HistoryMaps51ocn631941469book19640.21Fernão de Magalhães : d. 1. Weltumsegelung ; illustr. v. Helmut Ackermann ; nach zeitgenöss. Quellen54ocn504506768book19380.59Zweig, StefanMagellan : pioneer of the PacificBiography43ocn503982239book19220.66Plischke, HansFernão de Magalhães : die erste Weltumseglung42ocn562570532book1603Magalhães, Fernão deKurtze ... Relation ... der wunderbarsten vier Schiffarten ... Als nemlich: F. Magellani, etc41ocn751303403book19720.35Roditi, EdouardMagellan of the Pacific44ocn751294624book19370.92Lagoa, João António de Mascarenhas JudiceFernão de Magalhãis : a sua vida e a sua viagem43ocn250110353book19380.81Baumgardt, RudolfFernando Magallan220415ocn052047431book20030.21Bergreen, LaurenceOver the edge of the world : Magellan's terrifying circumnavigation of the globeHistoryBiographyPublisher's description: Ferdinand Magellan's daring circumnavigation of the globe in the sixteenth century was a three-year odyssey filled with sex, violence, and amazing adventure. Now in Over the Edge of the World, acclaimed author Laurence Bergreen, interweaving a variety of candid, first-person accounts, some previously unavailable in English, brings to life this groundbreaking and majestic tale of discovery that changed many long-held views about the world and the way explorers would henceforth navigate its oceans. In 1519 Magellan and his fleet set sail from Seville, Spain, to find a water route to the Spice Islands in Indonesia, where the most sought-after commodities -- cloves, pepper, and nutmeg -- flourished. Most important, they were looking for a passageway, a strait, through the great landmass of the Americas that would lead them to these fabled islands. Laurence Bergreen takes readers on board with Magellan and his crew as they explore, navigate, mutiny, suffer, and die across the seas. He also recounts the many unusual sexual practices the crew experienced, from orgies in Brazil to bizarre customs in the South Pacific. With a fleet of five ships and more than two hundred men, they had set out in search of the Spice Islands. Three years later they returned with an abundance of spices from their intended destination, but with just one ship carrying eighteen emaciated men. They suffered starvation, disease, and torture, and many died, including Magellan, who was violently killed in a fierce battle. A man of great tenacity, cunning, and courage, Magellan was full of contradictions. He was both heroic and foolish, insightful yet blind, a visionary whose instincts outran his ideals. Ambitious to a fault and not above using torture and murder to maintain control of his ships and sailors, he survived innumerable natural hazards in addition to several violent mutinies aboard his own fleet -- and it took no less than the massed forces of fifteen hundred men to kill him. This is the first time in nearly half a century that anyone has attempted to narrate the complete story of Magellan's unprecedented circumnavigation of the globe -- to tell this truly gripping and profoundly important story of heroism, discovery, and disaster. A voyage into history, a tour of the world emerging from the Middle Ages into the Renaissance, an anthropological account of tribes, languages, and customs unknown to Europeans, and a chronicle of a desperate grab for commercial and political power, Over the Edge of the World is a captivating tale that rivals the most exciting thriller fiction+-+0826671155125210ocn000698018book19380.29Zweig, StefanConqueror of the seas; the story of MagellanBiography10933ocn025008341book19920.24Joyner, TimMagellanHistoryBiographyAn account of the life and achievements of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan+-+137688525510541ocn020390920book19900.06Stefoff, RebeccaFerdinand Magellan and the discovery of the world oceanHistoryJuvenile worksA biography of the Portuguese sea captain who commanded the first expedition that sailed around the world, thus providing the first positive proof that the earth is round+-+86476564259585ocn000741132book19730.25Cameron, IanMagellan and the first circumnavigation of the worldHistory9094ocn049511468book20030.06Torrey, MicheleTo the edge of the worldJuvenile worksFictionYoung adult worksIn 1519, after the death of his parents, fourteen-year-old Mateo Macias becomes cabin boy to Ferdinand Magellan on a dangerous journey in search of a route to the fabled Spice Islands+-+23887302858841ocn005101603book19790.17Pennington, PiersThe great explorersHistoryBiographyEach chapter covers an era of exploration - from the ancient world and the Middle Ages to the quest for the poles, as told through the careers of over fifty explorers8763ocn000050409book19690.29Pigafetta, AntonioThe voyage of Magellan; the journal of Antonio Pigafetta7757ocn000871472book19530.37Parr, Charles McKewSo noble a captain : the life and times of Ferdinand Magellan;7533ocn021524805book19880.06Humble, RichardThe voyage of MagellanJuvenile worksTraces the voyage of Magellan, life aboard a ship, navigation, challenges, and the results7492ocn019922743book19890.06Hargrove, JimFerdinand MagellanJuvenile worksBiographyThe life of the Portuguese navigator and explorer who launched the first voyage around the world in the early 1500's but met his death before his men completed the expedition7214ocn000621943book19720.35Roditi, EdouardMagellan of the Pacific7142ocn045363879book20010.06Levinson, Nancy SmilerMagellan and the first voyage around the worldJuvenile worksBiographyRecounts Ferdinand Magellan's journey around the world, despite hardship's of hunger, violent weather, and attacks, this voyage changed history by proving the world is round. Determined to find a new and better route to Asia and the distant and profitable Spice Islands, Ferdinand Magellan set sail from Spain in 1519 on what would become the history-making first circumnavigation of the world. Magellan himself did not complete the journey, he was killed by a poison arrow while on the Pacific island of Mactan, but the expedition he mounted forever changed the course of human exploration. Details of the journey, including Magellan's tools of navigation, the political battles for control over the valuable islands of the Pacific, and Magellan's final moments in battle, are all vividly portrayed+-+88223404857091ocn041580545book20000.06Gallagher, JimFerdinand Magellan and the first voyage around the worldJuvenile worksBiographyPresents a biography of the daring Portuguese sea captain who commanded the first expedition that sailed around the world+-+13500564257082ocn000347382book19620.56Nowell, Charles EMagellan's voyage around the world; three contemporary accounts7042ocn053814494book20040.06Kramer, SydelleWho was Ferdinand Magellan?Juvenile worksBiographyAn introduction to the life of the famous Portugese explorer who set out to circumnavigate the Earth+-+30619410256559ocn000057024book19690.53Pigafetta, AntonioMagellan's voyage; a narrative account of the first circumnavigationØjenvidneberetning fra den første jordomsejling, skrevet af en af de 18 overlevende, Antonio Pigafetta (ca. 1480/91-ca. 1534)+-+84453713956423ocn797915709file20050.32Bender, Christine EcheverriaSails of FortuneHistoryFictionThis novel details the harrowing voyage of Ferdinand Magellan's fleet as he attempted to find the rumored water route through the New World to the west. What he and his crew of Basque, Portuguese and Spanish men found was death, hardship and glory+-+94999552356341ocn028549841book19940.06Twist, ClintMagellan and da Gama : to the Far East and beyondJuvenile worksDescribes the explorations of Ferdinand Magellan and Vasco da Gama in the sixteenth century which led to the establishment of Spanish and Portuguese empires around the world+-+K9072966356264ocn033500549book19950.32Pigafetta, AntonioThe first voyage around the world (1519-1522) : an account of Magellan's expeditionAn account of Magellan's expedition, the first to circumnavigate the world, by one of the few crew members to return to Spain+-+8055133106324+-+0826671155Fri Mar 21 15:23:56 EDT 2014batch51203