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Fri Mar 21 17:07:49 2014 UTClccn-n500397420.10Contemporary Authors New Revision Series A Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Current Writers in Fiction, General Nonfiction, Poetry, Journalism, Drama, Motion Pictures, Television, and Other Field0.220.96Écritures de l'exil : étude comparée des oeuvres d'Anita Brookner, Salman Rushdie et Kazuo Ishiguro de 1981 à 1992 /17238349Anita_Brooknern 5003974274955Bruknere, Anita, 1928-ブルックナー, アニータlccn-n79151500Wharton, Edith1862-1937lccn-n50035639David, Jacques Louis1748-1825lccn-n95057576Malcolm, Cheryl Alexanderlccn-n85252610Greuze, Jean-Baptiste1725-1805lccn-n79018694Baudelaire, Charles1821-1867lccn-n79065248Huysmans, J.-K(Joris-Karl)1848-1907lccn-n78095494Stendhal1783-1842lccn-n79026785Zola, Émile1840-1902lccn-n50034486Goncourt, Jules de1830-1870lccn-n80008550Goncourt, Edmond de1822-1896Brookner, AnitaFictionPsychological fictionDomestic fictionDomestic fiction, EnglishDetective and mystery storiesEnglandEngland--LondonWomenFemale friendshipMan-woman relationshipsBritishYoung womenWidowsMothers and daughtersFranceFamiliesMothers--DeathWomen authorsMiddle-aged menSwitzerlandPsychological fictionBrookner, AnitaWomen and literatureSistersFrance--NiceJewish familiesJewsWomen scholarsFriendshipMidlife crisisRefugeesChoice (Psychology)Manners and customsSelf-realizationBachelorsUpper classOlder womenMarried peopleDomestic fictionEnglish fictionBooksellers and booksellingMarried womenBritish--TravelGardensLonelinessRetireesLove storiesSingle peopleMiddle-aged men--PsychologyMarriageSingle womenAntiquarian booksellersScholarsFrance--ParisPym, Barbara1928195219561960196119621963196519661967196819691971197219741975197719801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014628813741917823.914PR6052.R5816ocn001941640ocn001816134ocn830765506ocn441836478ocn462297136ocn671876532ocn468558994ocn441836478ocn469089692ocn441825456ocn781361706ocn8393068563659159ocn011187344book19840.22Brookner, AnitaHotel du LacFictionEdith Hope, a successful mature novelist, has made a fool of herself over love and is sent by her friends to a Swiss hotel to come to her senses. Instead of writing a new romance novel, she finds herself preoccupied with her fellow guests+-+3784024215247336ocn060321761book20040.18Brookner, AnitaLeaving home : a novelFictionDetective and mystery storiesLeaving her family and London home to study in Paris, Emma Roberts soon discovers a diversion from her academics in the person of a new friend, Françoise Desnoyers, a free-spirited young woman who has a tense relationship with her mother+-+2969155596226340ocn041572728book19990.18Brookner, AnitaUndue influence : a novelFictionPsychological fictionA lonely woman whose love affairs have led nowhere resolves to find something permanent. So when a handsome and wealthy man walks into the London bookstore where she works, Claire Pitt, 29, decides to go after him. Unfortunately, he is a cad. By the author of Falling Slowly+-+K988500285225236ocn036640693book19970.19Brookner, AnitaVisitorsFictionDomestic fictionAn old woman's solitary existence is broken when she is asked by her family to lodge a young hippie in her London flat for a week. The way this very proper lady in her seventies interacts with her visitor, a homosexual, is the subject of the novel+-+7032094215218044ocn052766198book20030.18Brookner, AnitaThe rules of engagement : a novelFictionPsychological fictionEncountering each other later in life, Elizabeth and Betsy, two women who had known each other since childhood, reflect on the decisions and the men who have shaped their destinies+-+7016155596214644ocn045715068book20000.19Brookner, AnitaThe Bay of Angels : a novelFictionDomestic fictionZoe and her mother Anne have just settled into Zoe's new stepfather's French villa when tragedy strikes+-+7730500285212255ocn011916034book19850.21Brookner, AnitaFamily and friendsFictionDomestic fictionFollows the members of a rich European family--the widow Sofka and her four children, Frederick, Alfred, Mimi, and Betty, from prewar London to their various destinies in such places as Paris, Hollywood, and the Italian Riviera+-+0784151305324206034ocn034598095book19960.19Brookner, AnitaAltered statesFictionPsychological fictionDomestic fiction, EnglishAn English lawyer's obsession with Sarah, a beautiful cousin. Unable to have her, he marries another, then when Sarah gives him the signal rushes to her side, only to be disappointed. He returns to his wife, but once again the cousin beckons+-+1824994215197139ocn024065641book19910.20Brookner, AnitaA closed eyeFictionA woman comfortably settles into a marriage of convenience only to have her inner desires stirred by the dangerous husband of a close friend+-+0598924215195343ocn038485910book19980.19Brookner, AnitaFalling slowly : a novelFictionPsychological fictionThe Sharpe sisters' quiet lives are disrupted when they become involved with several complicated men+-+9436500285193836ocn030738791book19940.20Brookner, AnitaA private viewFictionPsychological fictionAn elderly man who has led a boring life meets a woman half his age and discovers real living. The novel chronicles the brief fling before his life returns to normal+-+0999894215193430ocn021759604book19900.20Brookner, AnitaBrief livesFictionPsychological fictionThrust together by their husbands' business partnership and by a guilty secret, two women form an intense and intimate bond that highlights their uneasy compromises with each other and with life itself+-+K365290306190349ocn014818626book19860.21Brookner, AnitaThe misallianceFictionRecently divorced Blanche Vernon is convinced the divorce is somehow her fault, even though her husband left her for another woman. But her wit enables her to step forward and grasp what has previously eluded her, even though she's puzzled at the prospect+-+9825251305324188535ocn259266230book20090.18Brookner, AnitaStrangers : a novelFictionPsychological fictionWishing to avoid the complications of turning down his cousin's widow's Christmas invitation, reclusive retiree Paul Sturgis sets off from the quietude of his London flat for a holiday in Venice. There he meets Mrs. Vicky Gardner, an intriguing and lovely woman in the midst of a divorce and at a crossroads in her life. Although he is avoiding new acquaintances, who might shake up his rather monotonous existence, Paul is surprised to find himself warming to the woman. Then, upon his return to England, his former girlfriend Sarah reintroduces herself into Paul's life. The two women spark a transformation within him. Paul's steady and preferred isolation now conflicts with the stark realization of his aloneness and his need for companionship+-+2983155596183038ocn018813811book19880.22Brookner, AnitaLatecomersFictionTwo middle aged men were brought as children out of Nazi Germany and parted from their parents forever. One forgets all memories while the other is a damaged person, a man of sorrows+-+8311724215175336ocn032591201book19950.20Brookner, AnitaIncidents in the Rue LaugierFictionPsychological fictionDomestic fictionA tale of youthful folly set in France. The heroine is Maud Gonthier, 18, sent for the summer to an aunt in the country. There she meets two Englishmen, David and his friend, Edward. She has an affair with David, which continues in a rented apartment in Paris, becomes pregnant and he deserts her. Whereupon Edward takes over, going as far as to marry her, but that won't bring Maud happiness either+-+8064894215174936ocn016950147book19870.21Brookner, AnitaA friend from EnglandFictionIn a tale of gradual self-revelation, Rachel, her friend Heather, and Heather's parents live desperately ordinary lives, unable to take the chances necessary to find self-fulfillment+-+7670455596165441ocn020593743book19890.21Brookner, AnitaLewis PercyFictionTells the story of a shy, bookish young man in Paris who clings to a refined existence as his cozy world crumbles around him+-+6067865965324162220ocn049844091book20020.18Brookner, AnitaMaking things better : a novelFictionPsychological fiction"Captures the quandaries of aging, the misunderstanding of an increasingly modern, alien world; awkward conversations with passersby; even more awkward conversations with passersby, even more awkward encounters with longtime friends and acquaintances; the anxieties posed by age and uncertainty and the bizarre, magnificent self-knowledge that perhaps only age, reflection, and experience can bring."--Jacket+-+5333500285152221ocn028257476book19930.20Brookner, AnitaDollyFictionDomestic fictionMild and self-effacing, Jane Manning is ill prepared for the eruption into her life of her glamorous aunt, Dolly. Married to Jane's uncle, Dolly swirls into the Manning home, and, with her perfumed mink and bored laugh, makes it clear that her ways are not their ways, are not in fact anybody else's ways+-+032092421512053ocn062767173com20020.47Malcolm, Cheryl AlexanderUnderstanding Anita BrooknerHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcShe illustrates Brookner's recurrent point of view, characterized by traditional British cultural values - understatement, deference to authority, and acceptance of a class system."--BOOK JACKET+-+90898552067235ocn020296575book19900.50Sadler, Lynn VeachAnita BrooknerHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcProvides in-depth analysis of the life, works, career, and critical importance of Anita Brookner3713ocn024065402book19920.63Skinner, JohnThe fictions of Anita Brookner : illusions of romanceHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcThe Fictions of Anita Brookner is the first full-length study of this controversial contemporary writer. After discussing critical assessments of Brookner, and attempts to relate her to various classics and contemporaries, Dr. Skinner skillfully combines insights from recent narrative theory with detailed analyses of nine novels. Moving from the first novels, and their close links with French literary models, he goes on to trace the increased sophistication of Hotel du Lac and the technical innovations of its successors. Drawing, finally, on the novelist's substantial interviews, Dr. Skinner confronts inevitable speculation on the autobiographical element in Brookner's fiction with the broader but equally pertinent issue of fiction in Brookner's (or indeed any writer's) autobiography+-+99391088853242752ocn038549771book19980.73Soule, GeorgeFour British women novelists : Anita Brookner, Margaret Drabble, Iris Murdoch, Barbara Pym : an annotated and critical secondary bibliographyHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliography+-+8050835635724ocn047086029book20000.93Björkblom, IngerThe plane of uncreatedness : a phenomenological study of Anita Brookner's late fictionHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc353ocn053880200book20040.86Williams-Wanquet, EileenArt and life in the novels of Anita Brookner : reading for life, subversive re-writing to liveHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+5384095735251ocn035664146book19960.76Pinger, PetraBeing in but not quite of a world : mentalstilistische Strukturen im Romanwerk Anita Brookners 1981-1991History231ocn038292055book19970.88Ramsey-Kurz, HelgaThe anatomy of friction : frag-würdige "Frauenfreundschaften" in den Romanen von Anita Brookner, Alice Thomas Ellis und Emma TennantCriticism, interpretation, etc171ocn644706676com20070.47Contemporary literary criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcStories, plots, etcCovers authors who are currently active or who died after December 31, 1959. Profiles novelists, poets, playwrights and other creative and nonfiction writers by providing criticism taken from books, magazines, literary reviews, newspapers and scholarly journals+-+5610412325171ocn644708088com20010.47Contemporary literary criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcStories, plots, etcCovers authors who are currently active or who died after December 31, 1959. Profiles novelists, poets, playwrights and other creative and nonfiction writers by providing criticism taken from books, magazines, literary reviews, newspapers and scholarly journals+-+8071912325111ocn058942468book20010.56Walia, RajniWomen and self : fictions of Jean Rhys, Barbara Pym, Anita BrooknerCriticism, interpretation, etcCritical study on the fictions of Jean Rhys, Barbara Pym, and Anita Brookner, English women novelists53ocn668176921book19870.47Van Aswegen, E. SExcellent women : the novels of Barbara Pym and Anita BrooknerCriticism, interpretation, etc41ocn149104861book20040.10Contemporary Authors New Revision Series A Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Current Writers in Fiction, General Nonfiction, Poetry, Journalism, Drama, Motion Pictures, Television, and Other FieldBio-bibliography+-+177211232542ocn611338159com0.18Anita Brookner : (1928-)Criticism, interpretation, etc31ocn056200101book20000.96Chamlou, LaurenceÉcritures de l'exil : étude comparée des oeuvres d'Anita Brookner, Salman Rushdie et Kazuo Ishiguro de 1981 à 1992Criticism, interpretation, etc22ocn041559270book19970.92Holberg, Jennifer LSearching for Mary Garth : the figure of the writing woman in Charlotte Brontë, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, E.M. Delafield, Barbara Pym, and Anita BrooknerCriticism, interpretation, etc22ocn225596184book19980.47Randall, Alison JaneThe ideal woman : the Victorian legacy of duty in Vita Sackville West's All passion spent, and Anita Brookner's The misallianceCriticism, interpretation, etc22ocn056278145book19950.73Symes, Michelle LouiseThe bildungsroman and the female hero in the novels of Anita BrooknerCriticism, interpretation, etc22ocn033492783book19910.47Anita burukkunā : kodoku no purizumu22ocn041933910book19980.47Eggert, Cynthia EI prefer the stately dance of reason : Anita Brookner's explorations of literature, art, and lifeCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+7032094215+-+7032094215Fri Mar 21 15:19:58 EDT 2014batch52840