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Thu Oct 16 18:00:22 2014 UTClccn-n500040130.00Scoresby /0.811.00Letter, [Grosmont?] Rectory near Exeter, Eng. to Mr. and Mrs. Steward52472663William_Scoresbyn 5000401339605Routledge, William ScoresbyScoresby.Scoresby Routledge, WilliamScoresby, W. 1789-1857 JrScoresby, W., Jr., 1789-1857Scoresby, William 1789-1857 der JüngereScoresby, William 1789-1857 junScoresby, William 1789-1857 JuniorScoresby, William der Jüngere 1789-1857Scoresby, William jun. 1789-1857Scoresby, William Junior 1789-1857lccn-n50027779Jackson, C. Ianedtlccn-n80051844Hakluyt Societypbledtlccn-n50025740Franklin, John1786-1847lccn-n84168493Hurst, Robinson, and Colccn-n87864025Archibald Constable & Colccn-n86844851Playfair, Lyon PlayfairBaron1818-1898lccn-n79139223Kelvin, William ThomsonBaron1824-1907lccn-n79007744Joule, James Prescott1818-1889lccn-n80085296Physical Society (Great Britain)viaf-141229322Baffin (Ship)Scoresby, William1789-1857DiariesBiographyMapsHistoryChronologyJuvenile worksArctic RegionsWhalingTravelFactory systemWomen--EmploymentMassachusetts--LowellScoresby, William,ManufacturesUnited StatesExplorersGreenlandPhysicsChemistryZoologyDiscoveries in geographyScotland--ShetlandWorking classScoresby, William,Great BritainSvalbard--Spitsbergen IslandFranklin, John,MammalsArctic Ocean--Northwest PassageNatural historyManufacturing industriesWorking class womenNorth AmericaWhalesGeophysicsMagnetismCommodore Preble (Whaling ship)LaborWhalers (Persons)MagnetsPhysical Society (Great Britain)SabbathResolution (Schooner)Dundee (Ship)Discovery and exploration, BritishVoyages and travelsVoyages around the worldCompassMagnetism of shipsAnimal behaviorArctic Ocean--North PoleLogbooksManuscripts, EnglishIceEngland--WhitbyFathers and sons1789185718101812181418151816181818191820182118221823182418251826182718281829183018311832183318341835183618371839184018431844184518461848184918501851185318541855185618591861186218631867186818741876187718781879188318841886189018971916191719391947194919561964196819691974197519761977197819801981198219831984198519882003200720082009201020112012201320145273247625330G742ocn556706484ocn040388554ocn024888075ocn177664439ocn012593846ocn191226651ocn191242390ocn191253177ocn75396683283829ocn000031206book18450.84Scoresby, WilliamAmerican factories and their female operatives : with an appeal on behalf of the British factory population, and suggestions for the improvement of their conditionHistory61239ocn065248584book18200.77Scoresby, WilliamAn account of the Arctic regions with a history and description of the northern whale-fisheryHistoryChronology31535ocn004915038book18230.79Scoresby, WilliamJournal of a voyage to the northern whale-fishery : including researches and discoveries on the eastern coast of West Greenland, made in the summer of 1822, in the ship Baffin of LiverpoolMapsOriginally published in 1823 by Archibald Constable and Company, Edinburgh. Account of cruise in Greenland Sea and exploration of Scoresbysund and of east Greenland coast between about 69 and 75 degrees N23821ocn317691681book18500.82Scoresby, WilliamThe Franklin expedition, or, Considerations on measures for the discovery and relief of our absent adventurers in the Arctic regions2118ocn019939268book18840.84Joule, James PrescottThe scientific papers of James Prescott Joule19816ocn065313624file18350.84Scoresby, WilliamThe northern whale-fishery18714ocn317696783file18480.84Scoresby, WilliamThe Arctic regions their situation, appearances, climate and zoology17020ocn642659582file18500.88Cheever, Henry TThe whaleman's adventures in the southern ocean1518ocn065246196file18180.86Laing, JohnA voyage to Spitzbergen containing an account of that country, of the zoölogy of the north, of the Shetland Isles, and of the whale fishery : with an appendix, containing an historical account of the Dutch, English, and American whale fisheries ... and some extracts from Mr. Scoresby's paper on 'Polar Ice'13715ocn008535416book18390.93Scoresby, WilliamMagnetical investigations13013ocn085794949book18510.84Scoresby, WilliamMemorials of the sea my father : being records of the adventurous life of the late William Scoresby, Esq. of WhitbyBiographyReprint of 1851 edition published by Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, London857ocn002236184book18590.79Scoresby, WilliamJournal of a voyage to Australia and round the world for magnetical research+-+33972535666912ocn011478867book18350.74Scoresby, WilliamMemorials of the sea6214ocn015039029book18490.92Scoresby, WilliamThe Arctic regions and the northern whale-fishery416ocn008698433book19800.92Scoresby, WilliamThe polar ice (1815) ; The North Pole (1828)Reprint of two articles: "On the Greenland or polar ice" published in Memoirs of the Wernerian Society, vol. 2, 1815, pp.268-338 and "Remarks on the probability of reaching the North Pole ..." first published in the Edinburgh Philosophical Journal, July 1928419ocn014216965book18500.77Scoresby, WilliamSabbaths in the Arctic regions405ocn008595878book18250.77Scoresby, WilliamWilliam Scoresby's des Jüngern Tagebuch einer Reise auf den Wallfischfang : verbunden mit Untersuchungen und Entdeckungen an der Ostküste von Grönland im Sommer 1822402ocn016544579book19810.92Scoresby, WilliamThe 1806 log book : concerning the Arctic voyage of Captain William ScoresbyReproduction of original log book of the Scoresbys' (father and son) farthest north sailing record which stood for many years. Records the day-to-day incidents of a typical wooden sailing ship engaged in the commercial enterprise of the Greenland whale fishery338ocn059316912book20030.28Scoresby, WilliamThe Arctic whaling journals of William Scoresby the youngerDiaries+-+9735369545272ocn191226651book18460.88Godman, John DAmerican natural history2424ocn146784287book20030.86Scoresby, WilliamThe Arctic whaling journals of William Scoresby the youngerDiaries+-+97353695451833ocn002474893book19750.63Stamp, TomWilliam Scoresby, Arctic scientistBiographyDetailed biography of William Scoresby Junior (1789-1857), Arctic whaling master, explorer and scientist, based largely on documents in the Scoresby Archives of the Whitby Literary and Philosophical Society1538ocn004861976book18610.84Jackson, R. E. ScoresbyThe life of William Scoresby ...Biography5413ocn011806884book18760.70Scoresby, WilliamThe Story of Dr. Scoresby, the Arctic navigatorJuvenile worksBiographyThis biography of William Scoresby (1789-1857) includes a description of the 'Arctic Regions', details of Scoresby's early years in England, education in Edinburgh, whaling expeditions to Greenland, explorations in the Arctic Ocean and later life in England as a clergyman382ocn436264890book20090.74Scoresby, WilliamThe Arctic whaling journals of William Scoresby the youngerDiaries+-+1045369545332ocn269434816book20080.77Scoresby, WilliamThe Arctic whaling journals of William Scoresby the youngerDiaries+-+6745369545242ocn012457844book19820.74Montgomery, Hugh LWilliam Scoresby : Arctic explorer (1789-1857)Biography111ocn317925652book18900.79The Story of Dr. Scoresby, the Arctic navigatorBiography111ocn030289086book19640.47Preston, CCaptain William Scoresby, 1760-1829 : Whitby's most successful whaler61ocn078018114book0.86Scoresby, WilliamSeven log-books concerning the Arctic voyages of Captain William Scoresby, senior, of Whitby, England : issued in facsimile by the Explorers Club of New York, with reproductions in color of portraits in oils of Captain William Scoresby, senior, and of Captain William Scoresby, junior, D.D31ocn013625268book18300.92Clavering, Douglas CharlesJournal of a voyage to Spitzbergen and the east coast of Greenland, in His Majesty's ship Griper22ocn023127745book18561.00Scoresby, WilliamLetter, [Grosmont?] Rectory near Exeter, Eng. to Mr. and Mrs. StewardAdvises "My Dear Friends" of his safe return from his trip to Australia, discusses the trip and tentative plans for a visit21ocn427201621book19780.84Scoresby, WilliamMemorials of the sea my father : being records of the adventurous life of the late William Scoresby, Esq. of WhitbyBiographyReprint of 1851 edition published by Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, London21ocn314933555book1974Sweet, Jessie MRobert Jameson and the explorers : the search for the North-West Passage21ocn403350219book2007Stamp, CordeliaScoresbyBiography21ocn769659514score20090.10Scoresby, WilliamThe Arctic whaling journals of William Scoresby the youngerDiaries+-+104536954522ocn186087980book20030.28Scoresby, WilliamThe Arctic whaling journals of William Scoresby the youngerDiaries+-+973536954511ocn221690422visu1821Smith, EdwardWilliam Scoresby Junr. Esqr., F.R.S.E. &cPortraits11ocn031845234book1814Scoresby, WilliamMeteorological observations on a Greenland voyage in the ship Resolution, of Whitby, in 1811. A meteorological journal kept during a Greenland voyage, 1812Observations11ocn070953351book1.00Williams, Thomas WData book compiled by Williams from the books in the Commercial Reading Room [of Nantucket] and reports in the Nantucket Inquirer, 1828-1829, including information relating to ships and cargoes involved in the whale fishery, primarily out of Nantucket and New Bedford, Mass., New London, Conn., and Sag Harbor, N.Y., including names of ships, tonnage, masters, cargoes of whale oil, sperm and bone, sales, prices received, and numbers and destinations of ships that sailed from New Bedford and New London+-+9735369545+-+9735369545Thu Oct 16 15:01:01 EDT 2014batch29254