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Drawing on three years of intensive fieldwork and his own psychoanalytic training and experience, Sudhir Kakar takes us into a world of Islamic mosques and Hindu temples, of assembled multitudes, and dingy, out-of-the-way consultation rooms a world where patients and healers blame evil spirits for emotional disturbances where dreams and symptoms that would be familiar to Freud are interpreted in terms of a myriad of deities and legends where trance-like "dissociation states" are induced to bring out and resolve the conflicts of repressed anger, lust and envy where proper grooming, diet, exercise and conduct are (and have been for centuries) seen as essential to the preservation of a healthy mind and body. As he witnesses the practitioners and their patients, as he elucidates the therapeutic systems on which their encounters are based, as he contrasts his own Western training and biases with evidence of his eyes (and the sympathies of his heart), Kakar reveals the universal concerns of these individuals and their admittedly foreign cultures'people we can recognize and feel for, people (like their Western counterparts) trying to find some balance between the pressures and rewards of the external world and the fantasies and desires of the internal. This is a major work of cultural interpretation, a book that challenges (and should enhance) our understanding of therapy, mental health and individual freedom+-+342779177577437ocn004085728book19780.73Kakar, SudhirThe inner world : a psycho-analytic study of childhood and society in IndiaFeelings, impulses, wishes, and fantasies - the dynamic content of the inner world - occupy the deepest recesses of the psyche. It is through introspection and empathy, essential to psychotherapy, that the outside observer can grasp the meaning of the inner world of an individual+-+63506104653247687ocn000100872book19700.56Kakar, SudhirFrederick Taylor: a study in personality and innovation53915ocn033043083book19950.73Kakar, SudhirThe colors of violence : cultural identities, religion, and conflictThrough riveting case studies, Kakar explores cultural stereotypes, religious antagonisms, ethnocentric histories, and episodic violence to trace the development of both Hindu and Muslim identities. He argues that in early childhood the social identity of every Indian is grounded in traditional religious identifications and communalism. Together these bring about deep-set psychological anxieties and animosities toward the other+-+003779177532452422ocn048533524book20020.29VātsyāyanaKamasutraAncient classical work on sex+-+952753746538917ocn020261335book19890.70Kakar, SudhirIntimate relations : exploring Indian sexuality+-+653779177534523ocn016900862book19860.70Kakar, SudhirTales of love, sex & dangerCriticism, interpretation, etcNature of erotic love in literature; a study of some famous love stories31610ocn023016272book19910.76Kakar, SudhirThe analyst and the mystic : psychoanalytic reflections on religion and mysticismCase studies+-+183779177529813ocn005877693book19790.84Kakar, SudhirIdentity and adulthoodConference proceedings+-+840681046532427316ocn042912600book19980.32Kakar, SudhirThe ascetic of desire : a novel of the KamasutraHistoryFiction"The Kamasutra is the most widely read treatise on sex ever written, although the man who chronicled all there was to experience between men and women remains a mystery. In The Ascetic of Desire, Sudhir Kakar tells the story of the Kamasutra's author, Vatsyayana, and his times - the fourth century A.D., considered the golden age of Indian history." "In The Ascetic of Desire, the elusive sage Vatsyayana recounts his youth to a pupil, the son of a Brahmin scholar, who is embarking on his first exploration of the sensual life. The young man, planning to write Vatsyayana's biography, listens dutifully as Vatsyayana shares stories of a childhood spent largely in the brothel where his favorite aunt worked. There Vatsyayana gained his first, indelible impressions of sexual artifice and the arousal of desire. Side by side with the unfolding of Vatsyayana's life is the story of a young man's coming of age, as the pupil finds, to his consternation, that his own life has begun to reflect and parallel the ascetic's narrative. At the point where their stories intersect, the unexpected happens."--Jacket+-+82552103062555ocn298776831book20080.73Kakar, SudhirMad and divine : spirit and psyche in the modern world+-+423779177522210ocn049249373book20010.32Kakar, SudhirEcstasyFictionPsychological fictionReligious fiction+-+15672103061534ocn154705183book20040.20Kakar, SudhirThe seeker : a novelHistoryFictionSet against the backdrop of Indias struggle for independence, this poignant historical novel re-creates the extraordinary true-life relationship between an upper-class British woman and Mahatma Gandhi+-+10705854061526ocn045735438book20010.90Kakar, SudhirThe essential writings of Sudhir KakarOn psycoanalysis and culture+-+74960104653241295ocn000126383book19700.88Kakar, SudhirConflict and choice; Indian youth in a changing society12919ocn229463767book19970.70Kakar, SudhirCulture and psyche : selected essaysIn Indian context+-+43114104651163ocn006985601book19790.90Kakar, SudhirIndian childhood : cultural ideals and social reality829ocn071255780book20060.35Kakar, SudhirDie Inder : Porträt einer GesellschaftDie Autoren stellen die Frage nach der indischen Identität und bieten ein Gesamtbild der modernen indischen Gesellschaft763ocn068600524book19970.37Kakar, SudhirDie Gewalt der Frommen : zur Psychologie religiöser und ethnischer Konflikte713ocn711052165book20110.94Kakar, SudhirThe essential Sudhir Kakar+-+20972534651563ocn053831123book20030.90Sharma, DineshChildhood, family, and sociocultural change in India : reinterpreting the inner worldContributed articles on child development, psychoanalysis, and culture in Indian society based on the works of Sudhir Kakar; also includes a short interview with the Indian psychoanalyst+-+95191104651032ocn299028535book20090.92Kakar, SudhirIndia analysedInterviewsMiscellanea"Prominent psychoanalyst and eminent author, Sudhir Kakar is considered one of India's leading intellectuals. A mechanical engineer, Kakar did his doctorate in economics before beginning his training in psychoanalysis at the Sigmund-Freud Institute in Frankfurt, Germany in 1971. For someone trained as an engineer and later as an economist, he continues to cross disciplinary boundaries and capture the imagination of readers and everyone interested in the world of ideas. Based on interviews of Sudhir Kakar by Iranian philosopher Ramin Jahanbegloo, India Analysed is a journey into Kakar's mind - his fertile and unpredictable ways of thinking, and the essential humanism which all his writings signify - recounting the life and ideas of Kakar in his own words. In the process, the book affords readers rare insights into the psychological make-up of the modern Indian. Flowing effortlessly from Kakar's descriptions of his early life in undivided India to discussions on the Indian psyche and sexuality, the book also dwells on his views on secularism and modern Indian leaders like Gandhi and Nehru. Kakar brings to bear his intellect on a wide range of issues like philosophy, democracy, Indian culture and tradition, and the Partition, and the conversational style of the interviews helps demystify many of his complex ideas. The third in the series of Ramin Jahanbegloo's interviews of prominent intellectuals who have influenced modern Indian thought, this challenging and engaging volume will interest both a scholarly and an informed lay audience who want to understand India as seen through the eyes of one of the country's leading contemporary thinkers." -- Book jacket+-+784341046551ocn707887118book20110.81Kakar, SudhirA book of memory : confessions and reflectionsBiography21ocn612638012book20020.90Kakar, SudhirThe essential writings of Sudhir KakarOn psycoanalysis and culture+-+7496010465324+-+0037791775324+-+0037791775324Fri Mar 21 15:36:12 EDT 2014batch24857