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Fri Mar 21 17:02:35 2014 UTClccn-n500429570.19A culinary voyage through Germany /0.660.95Berichte zur Lage 1989-1998 : der Kanzler und Parteivorsitzende im Bundesvorstand der CDU Deutschlands /100951272Helmut_Kohln 5004295778127Kol', Chel'mut 1930-Kol', Gel'mut 1930-コール, ヘルムートlccn-n81124680Sakakibara, Eisukelccn-n86011219Soros, Georgelccn-n79056024Greenspan, Alan1926-lccn-n85050740Gorbachev, Mikhail Sergeevich1931-ivespklccn-n88666635Lindsey, Lawrencenp-heneghan, tom$1951Heneghan, Tom1951-lccn-n78008113Hamalainen, Pekka Kalevilccn-n81148970Pruys, Karl Hugo1938-lccn-n79046200Hitler, Adolf1889-1945lccn-n50082858Heuss, Theodor1884-1963Kohl, Helmut1930-HistoryBiographyConference proceedingsDiariesPictorial worksPolitical scienceGermanyKohl, Helmut,Unification of Germany (1990)Germany (West)Heads of statePrime ministersEconomic historyEconomic policyGorbachev, Mikhail Sergeevich,Political partiesGerman reunification question (1949-1990)Germany (East)Assassination attemptHitler, Adolf,International relationsCooking, GermanWorld politicsSakakibara, EisukeSoros, GeorgeGreenspan, Alan,Berlin Wall (Germany : 1961-1989)Germany--BerlinBush, George,Brokaw, TomEuropePoliticiansBaker, JamesRelationsExpatriate artistsArt--CensorshipArt, GermanAdenauer, Konrad,StatesmenBaker, James Addison,European federationTrademarks--Law and legislationJewsEthnic relationsElectionsKohl, HelmutChristlich-Demokratische Union Deutschlands (Germany : West)Germany (East).--VolkskammerSchmidt, Helmut,Greenspan, AlanGermany (West).--Bundestag19301958197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220149059509786BDD262ocn075639112ocn722805758ocn075666936ocn076042323ocn075667192ocn075661288ocn075661264ocn075718773ocn075666920ocn075661296ocn468608237ocn464014729ocn845676670ocn838023970ocn855877030ocn079413089ocn691677215ocn156914775ocn767165577ocn693947902ocn721338899ocn462223761ocn720705366ocn074616198ocn798378973ocn156914775ocn0741541432169ocn036051234book19960.19Kohl, HanneloreA culinary voyage through Germany+-+46785743252074ocn011447366book19840.59Heuss, TheodorReflections on July 20th 1944History1186ocn002876484book19760.66Konrad Adenauer, 1876-1976Biography873ocn021313989book19900.86Parlaments-Szenen einer deutschen Revolution : Bundestag und Volkskammer im November 1989HistoryConference proceedings741ocn017867065book19860.79Haftmann, WernerBanned and persecuted : dictatorship of art under Hitler705ocn417554807book19890.66Kohl, HelmutL'Europe est notre destin : discours actuels669ocn039821378book19960.53Kohl, HelmutJe voulais l'Unité de l'AllemagneHistoryAvec nombre de détails politiques et personnels, le chancelier Kohl raconte les différentes étapes de la réunification de l'Allemagne entre l'été 1989 et l'automne 1990594ocn022703938book19900.88Kohl, HelmutDeutschlands Zukunft in Europa : Reden und Beiträge des Bundeskanzlers581ocn014252809book19840.66Gedanken zum 20. Juli 1944576ocn007206086book19800.84Kohl, HelmutDer Neue Realismus : Aussenpolitik nach Iran u. AfghanistanConference proceedings543ocn815379458book20120.95Kohl, HelmutBerichte zur Lage 1989-1998 : der Kanzler und Parteivorsitzende im Bundesvorstand der CDU Deutschlands491ocn002478461book19730.90Kohl, HelmutZwischen Ideologie und Pragmatismus : Aspekte u. Ansichten z. Grundfragen d. Politik474ocn012550701book19840.90Hofmann, KlausHelmut Kohl, Kanzler des Vertrauens : eine politische BiographieBiography452ocn007925384book19800.76Dem Staate verpflichtet : Festgabe für Gerhard Schröder421ocn001603281book19750.59Kohl, HelmutDie Verwässerung berühmter Kennzeichen393ocn028392880book19920.59Kohl, HelmutDie deutsche Einheit : Reden und GesprächeHistory384ocn009154253book19810.79Kohl, HelmutDie CDU : Porträt einer VolksparteiPictorial works371ocn022003316book19880.92Kohl, HelmutHistory's inescapable impact on the presentHistoryContains 8 speeches by Chancellor Helmut Kohl362ocn311498008book19920.47Kohl, HelmutBilanzen und Perspektiven332ocn311498024book19920.47Kohl, HelmutBilanzen und Perspektiven5482ocn040298443book19990.56Lindsey, LawrenceEconomic puppetmasters : lessons from the halls of power"This book provides an insider's perspective on the bureaucratic structure of governmental institutions that shape economic policy and on the incentives and limitations of the individuals who head those institutions. The book is a work of contemporary history, written as events unfold. We do not know how today's events will end, but without a doubt they pose the greatest challenge since the Second World War to those who are responsible for the world's economic health. This book is a guide to how the world's economic decisionmakers think, what drives them, and what limits their scope of action."--BOOK JACKET+-+56359299354442ocn047867797book20000.56Heneghan, TomUnchained eagle : Germany after the wallHistory+-+77650182753572ocn031207678book19940.66Hamalainen, Pekka KaleviUniting Germany : actions and reactionsHistory+-+61807886353242484ocn040723807book19990.56Bering, HenrikHelmut Kohl : the man who reunited Germany, rebuilt Europe, and thwarted the Soviet EmpireBiography"For sixteen years, Chancellor Helmut Kohl dominated German and European politics. He is Europe's most important political figure, the man who oversaw the historic reunification of Germany - and yet he remains unknown to most Americans." "Now, as Kohl exits the international stage, noted journalist Henrik Bering presents the capstone on this leader's remarkable career, revealing the real Helmut Kohl, the last of the great Cold War leaders. Helmut Kohl tells the whole story as it should be told - by those who were on the scene as history was being made. Bering has gained unprecedented access to the key players, including Kohl himself and a host of Khol aides, as well as the Americans he dealt with at the climax of the Cold War - President George Bush, Secretary of State James Baker, National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft, and Ronald Reagan's secretary of defense, Caspar Weinberger."--BOOK JACKET+-+90781704352202ocn038573949book19980.70Clemens, ClayThe Kohl chancellorshipHistoryBiographyIn this volume, Helmut Kohl's leadership and legacy are assessed, and contributors analyse the chancellor's goals and governing style, including his part in promoting European integration; and his domestic political role vis a vis his own party, its main opponents and the public+-+76999196251912ocn034851719book19960.66Pruys, Karl HugoKohl, genius of the present : a biography of Helmut KohlHistoryBiographyHelmut Kohl is the first chancellor of a united Germany. Many now favor him for president of a united Europe (in Spain, 85% of voters polled chose him). Having outlasted those with whom be oversaw the end of the Cold War - Reagan, Gorbachev, Bush, Thatcher, Mitterrand - he is arguably the world's most influential leader. Kohl: Genius of the Present is the first biography of Kohl available in English. Helmut Kohl has become Germany's "best advertisement." In Israel, universities have awarded him honorary doctorates; the French rate him (with Nelson Mandela) as the world's leading statesman; weeping Russian women called his name during a recent Moscow visit. Those with the bitterest memories of Germany see in Kohl something new. This is captured in author Karl Hugo Pruys's precise yet evocative language. With over 100 photographs, many surprisingly candid, this book gives the reader the whole man and the experiences that shaped him - from the boyhood trauma of a beloved brother's death during the war, to the long struggle through a decade of Social Democratic rule that prepared him to become one of the world's most durable leaders+-+95604183361652ocn021196674book19870.56Derbyshire, IanPolitics in West Germany : from Schmidt to Kohl1512ocn043245291visu19990.47When the wall came tumbling down 50 hours that changed the worldHistoryUsing never-before-seen footage, this compelling film shows what really happened November 9th-11th, 1989 during the fall of the Berlin Wall. General Secretary Gorbachev, President Bush, Chancellor Kohl, General Secretary Krenz, NBC news correspondent Tom Brokaw, and others describe first-hand what occurred behind the scenes1302ocn045639287book20000.86Leyendecker, HansHelmut Kohl, die Macht und das GeldHistoryBiography1143ocn048966383book20010.88Fröhlich, StefanAuf den Kanzler kommt es an--Helmut Kohl und die deutsche Aussenpolitik : persönliches Regiment und Regierungshandeln vom Amtsantritt bis zur WiedervereinigungHistory1093ocn023731632book19900.73Maser, WernerHelmut Kohl : der deutsche Kanzler : BiographieHistoryBiography1052ocn035836025book19960.66Kohl, HelmutIch wollte Deutschlands EinheitHistory1051ocn037109243book19970.79Wolfgramm, Doris GThe Kohl government and German reunification : crisis and foreign policyHistory983ocn045541723book20000.88Kohl, HelmutMein Tagebuch 1998-2000BiographyDiaries971ocn034051671book19950.94Pruys, Karl HugoHelmut Kohl : die BiographieHistoryBiography941ocn039339923book19980.81Busche, JürgenHelmut Kohl, Anatomie eines ErfolgsBiography903ocn054992697book0.88Kohl, HelmutErinnerungenBiography873ocn601861223book20100.73Noack, Hans-JoachimHelmut Kohl : die BiographieBiographyDie Biografie erscheint anlässlich des 80. Geburtstages des Exkanzlers und beschreibt Licht- und Schattenseiten des Politikers: seinen Aufstieg, seinen Machtinstinkt, die Regierungzeit und die problembeladenen Jahre danach862ocn039218969book19980.84Dreher, KlausHelmut Kohl : Leben mit MachtBiography802ocn643066786book20100.81Schwan, HeribertHelmut Kohl : Virtuose der MachtHistoryBiography+-+4678574325+-+4678574325Fri Mar 21 15:52:17 EDT 2014batch31170