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Fri Mar 21 17:11:36 2014 UTClccn-n500431240.00Fine Asian art and textiles0.571.00Quatro cartas inéditas do Padre António Vieira41857036C._R._Boxern 5004312478294Bokeshe, C. R. 1904-2000Boxer, C. R.Boxer, C. R. 1904-2000Boxer, Charles 1904-2000Boxer, Charles R.Boxer, Charles RalphBoxer, Charles Ralph, 1904-Boxer, Charles Ralph, 1904-2000Būksir, K.D., 1904-2000Po-ko-she, C. R., 1904-Po-kʻo-she, C. R., 1904-2000lccn-n79041716Catholic Churchlccn-n84200844Brito, Bernardo Gomes de1688-1760?lccn-n80107497Nederlandsche Oost-Indische Compagnieviaf-10943220Correia de Sá e Benavides, Salvador1594-1688lccn-n90606214Titsingh, Isaac1744-1812lccn-no98125011Pereira, Galeotelccn-n82033160Rada, Martín de1533-1578lccn-nr97030862Cruz, Gaspar da-1570lccn-n85307362Azevedo, Carlos de1918-np-siqueira de sousa, goncalo de$d 1648Siqueira de Sousa, Gonçalo ded. 1648?Boxer, C. R.(Charles Ralph)1904-2000HistoryBiographyChurch historyBibliography‡vCatalogsCatalogsBibliographyPortugalBrazilColoniesJapanSpainNetherlandsColonies--Social conditionsCatholic ChurchChina--Macau (Special Administrative Region)TravelShipwrecksWomen--ColoniesCommerceAfrica, EastPortugueseColonies--Race relationsBrazil--Bahia (State)Municipal governmentIndia--Velha GoaChinaAngola--Luanda (City)Dutch Conquest of Brazil (1624-1654)AngolaMerchant marineGovernorsDutchBoxer, C. R.--(Charles Ralph),Kenya--MombasaShippingInternational relationsSouth AsiaColonies--CommerceIndia--Goa, Daman and DiuTravelersAsiaRelationsNederlandsche Oost-Indische CompagnieHistoriansGreat BritainEuropeBritish--Foreign countriesColonies--HistoriographyHistory teachersRace relationsEast AsiaLibrariesAfrica, SouthernEngland--LondonMaggs BrosAntiquarian booksellers190420001905190619071910191119141915191619171919192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012228199251924981.03JV2511ocn001634347ocn000207130ocn006952519ocn000963419ocn006119930ocn001013821ocn006343516ocn003660248ocn058863626ocn315060418ocn827243073ocn460529153ocn459602780ocn463553544ocn310859771ocn464907860ocn464918518ocn464917137ocn225779392ocn186530982ocn185741003ocn463874142ocn462036956ocn865599222ocn866461608ocn865999975ocn798545856ocn831324497175855ocn000504179book19590.37Boxer, C. RThe Dutch seaborne empire, 1600-1800HistorySociologische en economische aspecten van ontstaan, ontwikkeling en verval van de Republiek der verenigde Nederlanden, de beide Indische compagnieën en de overzeese vestigingen en kolonien̈+-+5361865965324148646ocn000485676book19620.50Boxer, C. RThe golden age of Brazil, 1695-1750; growing pains of a colonial societyHistoryWhen Brazil's 'golden age' began, the Portuguese were securely established on the coast and immediate hinterland. European rivals - Spanish, French, Dutch - had been repelled, and expansion into the vast interior had begun. By the end of the 'golden age', bandleirantes, missionaries, miners, planters and ranchers had penetrated deep into the continent. In 1750, by the Treaty of Madrid, Spain recognized Brazil's new frontiers. The colony had come to occupy an area slightly greater than that of the ten Spanish colonies in South America put together. Despite conflicts, the fusion of Portuguese, Amerindian and African into a Brazilian entity had begun; and the explosive expansion of Brazil had laid the foundation for the independence that followed in 1822. Professor Boxer deals not only with the turbulent events of the 'golden age' but analyses the economic and administrative changes of the period. He examines the relationships of officials with colonists, of settlers with Indians, of colony with mother country. Professor Boxer's classic study of a critical period in the growth of Brazil (the world's fifth largest country) has long been out of print. It is here reissued with numerous illustrations+-+6481767685324141642ocn000056691book19690.39Boxer, C. RThe Portuguese seaborne empire, 1415-1825HistoryA study of Europe's first great maritime empire, which embraced three continents and lasted through four centuries+-+4714081035133040ocn000318190book19510.59Boxer, C. RThe Christian century in Japan, 1549-1650HistoryChurch history+-+708590203610029ocn252539288file19750.56Boxer, C. RWomen in Iberian expansion overseas, 1415-1815 some facts, fancies and personalitiesHistoryBiographyWomen in Iberian Expansion Overseas, 1415-1815+-+926346046591530ocn000029494book19610.59Boxer, C. RFour centuries of Portuguese expansion, 1415-1825; a succinct surveyHistory74512ocn003710776book19780.59Boxer, C. RThe church militant and Iberian expansion, 1440-1770HistoryThe role of the Portuguese and Spanish missionaries in the overseas expansion of the Iberian powers74316ocn000328419book19630.59Boxer, C. RRace relations in the Portuguese colonial empire, 1415-182569538ocn001634347book19530.66Boxer, C. RSouth China in the sixteenth century, being the narratives of Galeote Pereira, Fr. Gaspar da Cruz, O.P. [and] Fr. Martín de Rada, O.E.S.A. (1550-1575)History+-+366269459632468712ocn000518169book19650.63Boxer, C. RPortuguese society in the tropics : the municipal councils of Goa, Macao, Bahia, and Luanda, 1510-1800History61725ocn001579557book19570.63Boxer, C. RThe Dutch in Brazil, 1624-1654HistoryBibliography, glossary61024ocn000487467book19520.66Boxer, C. RSalvador de Sá and the struggle for Brazil and Angola, 1602-1686HistoryBiography54312ocn019459679book19590.66Brito, Bernardo Gomes deThe tragic history of the sea, 1589-1622; narratives of the shipwrecks of the Portuguese East Indiamen São Thomé (1589), Santo Alberto (1593), São João Baptista (1622), and the journeys of the survivors in South East AfricaHistory+-+526269459632451818ocn000032843book19480.70Boxer, C. RFidalgos in the Far East 1550-1770HistoryHistory of the Portuguese in Macao. Also includes some information on the Portuguese in Japan49711ocn000307818book19670.66Brito, Bernardo Gomes deFurther selections from The tragic history of the sea, 1559-1565 : narratives of the shipwrecks of the Portuguese East Indiamen Aguia and Garça (1559) São Paulo (1561) and the misadventures of the Brazil-ship Santo António (1565)History43423ocn000028746book19360.66Boxer, C. RJan Compagnie in Japan, 1600-1817; an essay on the cultural, artistic and scientific influence exercised by the Hollanders in Japan from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries2717ocn000939150book19600.70Boxer, C. RFort Jesus and the Portuguese in Mombasa, 1593-1729History2647ocn002068914book19590.81Boxer, C. RThe great ship from Amacon; annals of Macao and the old Japan trade26120ocn019516898book19860.76Boxer, C. RPortuguese merchants and missionaries in feudal Japan, 1543-1640HistoryChurch history25418ocn014272515book19850.79Boxer, C. RPortuguese conquest and commerce in southern Asia, 1500-1750History1501ocn011668700book19840.92West, S. GeorgeA list of the writings of Charles Ralph Boxer, published between 1926 and 1984HistoryBibliography902ocn047039519book20010.92Alden, DaurilCharles R. Boxer : an uncommon life : soldier, historian, teacher, collector, travellerHistoryBiography111ocn012135136book19370.86Boxer, C. RBibliotheca boxeriana, being, A short title catalogue of the books & manuscripts in the library of Captain C.R. Boxer (March 1937)HistoryBibliography CatalogsCatalogsBibliography61ocn048880457book20010.97Maggs BrosThe Far EastBibliography CatalogsCatalogsBibliography51ocn024646849book19380.96Braga, José MariaA biblioteca do capitão C.R. BoxerBibliography21ocn171367951book2001Phillips Son & Neale (London, England)Fine Asian art and textiles21ocn054969623book20000.92King's College (London, England)Charles Ralph Boxer, 1904-2000Bibliography21ocn222894806book20000.92Revista portuguesa de história do livro = Revue portugaise d'histoire du livre = Portuguese review of the history of the book11ocn225752673bookBoxer, C. RPapersArchivesPublished and unpublished transcripts, typescripts of Boxer's work11ocn830653655book1.00Hahn, EmilyPapersRecords and correspondenceCollection consists of the correspondence and writings of author Emily Hahn11ocn021624495book19471.00Vieira, AntónioQuatro cartas inéditas do Padre António Vieira11ocn250733487mix1.00Boxer, C. RPapersArchivesRecords and correspondenceConsists of the correspondence, papers and memorabilia of historian Charles R. Boxer11ocn052590866mix1.00Boxer, C. RPapersArchivesRecords and correspondenceConsists of the papers of Charles Ralph Boxer, 1904-2000, including correspondence, drafts of many of his books, articles and reviews which concern the topics of the Catholic Church in Asia, the Dutch and Portuguese in Asia and Brazil, and the history and condition of women. Lecture notes, reviews of Boxer's works, writings by other scholars, student papers, miscellaneous teaching materials, academic awards, conference materials, and research notes and transcriptions are also present11ocn643517939book19520.47Sotheby & Co. (London, England)Catalogue of valuable printed books, autograph letters, historical documents, etc. ... : which will be sold by auction by Messrs. Sotheby & Co. ... on Monday, the 14th of July, 1952, and following day11ocn643517574book19520.47Sotheby & Co. (London, England)Catalogue of valuable printed books, Western & Oriental manuscripts, autograph letters & historical documents, etc. : comprising a small library of books relatig to travel, navigation and cartography, the property of Professor C.R. Boxer, Conyate, Broadmayne, Dorchester; an interesting collection of natural history, chemistry, metallurgy and early science generally; travel, topography, classical texts, etc., the property of J. Arnold Foster, Esq., Salthrop House, Wilts.; a good binding by Roger Payne, and an inlaid Parisian binding with grotesque masks; a Robert Dudley binding, etc.; Gould's Trogons, Birds of paradise, Humming birds and Asia; important musical collections including first editions of Handel and a valuable series of manuscripts of J.C. Bach, the property of Gerald E. Coke, Esq.; and association and other interesting copies of the works of Richard Wagner, the property of Mrs. P.M. Beardmore; a collection of English 18th to 20th century literature (including many books with coloured plates), the property of J.N. Slade, Esq.; a well-illuminated manuscript of Laila and Majnun, the property of G.C.C. Atkinson, esq.; valuable decorative and text-manuscripts, religious and secular; a fine series of letters of 'George Eliot' and the ms. of Byron's Girl of Cadiz, the property of a lady of title, and other properties : which will be sold by auction by Messrs. Sotheby & Co. ... on Monday, the 31st of March, 1952, and following day11ocn223151572book20020.47Newitt, M. D. DBiographical memoirs of FellowsBiography11ocn058960389book20010.92Phillips Son & Neale (London, England)Fine Asian art and textilesCatalogs+-+9263460465+-+9263460465Fri Mar 21 15:14:02 EDT 2014batch49217