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Fri Mar 21 17:12:26 2014 UTClccn-n500434100.37Maxims0.670.92The memoirs of the Duke de La Rochefoucault containing the private intrigues for obtaining the regency after the death of Louis the Thirteenth, King of France, the wars of Paris and Guienne, the imprisonment of the princes, Cardinal Mazarin's letter to Monsieur de Brienne, articles agreed upon by His Royal-Highness and Monsieur le Prince for the expulsion of Cardinal Mazarin, an apologie for the Duke de Beaufort, memoirs of Monsieur de la Chastre46763296François_de_La_Rochefoucauld_(writer)n 5004341078577D. L. R. 1613-1680De la Rochefoucauld, François.De La Rochefoucauld, François, 1558-1645De la Rochefoucauld, François duc.De la Rochefoucauld, François, duc 1613-1680De Larošfuko, Fransua.De Laroshfuko, Fransua.De Laroshfuko, Fransua, 1613-1680De Marcillac książę.*** étoiles 03 M. le duc 1613-1680Foucaut, M. de L. R., 1613-1680Franchise, 1613-1680Franchise La 1613-1680Franchise La 1613-1680 PseudonymFranciszek VI (książę de La Rochefoucauld ; 1613-1680).L. R. Foucaut M. de 1613-1680La FranchiseLa Franchise, 1613-1680La Roche, abbé de, 1613-1680La Rochefaucauld, François duc de.La Rochefoucauld.La Rochefoucauld, 1612-1680La Rochefoucauld, 1613-1680La Rochefoucauld, ... de 1613-1680La Rochefoucauld de Marcillac, François de 1613-1680La Rochefoucauld Duc de 1613-1680La Rochefoucauld, F., 1613-1680La Rochefoucauld, Francois deLa Rochefoucauld, François de, 1613-1680La Rochefoucauld, François de, Cardenal 1613-1680La Rochefoucauld, François de, Duque de, 1613-1680La Rochefoucauld, François de laLa Rochefoucauld, François de Marsillac duc de, 1613-1680La Rochefoucauld, François, duc deLa Rochefoucauld, François, duc de, 1613-1680La Rochefoucauld, François VI, duc de, prince de Marcillac, 1613-1680La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, François 1613-1680La Rochefoucault, FrançoisLa Rochefoucault, François de, 1613-1680La Rochefoucault, François, duc deLarochefoucauld, 1613-1680LaRochefoucauld, ... de 1613-1680LaRochefoucauld, François de 1613-1680Laroŝfuko'Larošfuko, FransoaLarošfuko, Fransoa d'o 1613-1680Larošfuko, Fransua de.Larošfuko, Fransuā, IV de, 1612-1680Laroshfuko, Fransua de.Laroshfuko, Fransua de, 1613-1680Laroshfuko, Fransua VI, gert︠s︡og de, 1613-1680M.D.L.R., 1613-1680M de L. R. Foucaut 1613-1680Marcillac de książę.Marcillac, François de la Rochefoucauld de 1613-1680Marsillac, François de 1613-1680Marsillac, Francois de, IV ; duc de la Rochefoucauld, 1613-1680Roche-Foucault, François de la 1613-1680Rochefocault, Duke of.Rochefoucauld, duc de La.Rochefoucauld, François de la.Rochefoucauld, François de La, 1558-1645Rochefoucauld, François de la, 1613-1680Rochefoucauld, François duc de La.Rochefoucauld, François, duc de la 1613-1680Rochefoucauld, François, duc de La, 1616-1680Rochefoucauld, François la, 1612-1680Rochefoucauld, François la 1613-1680Rochefoucault, Duke of, 1613-1680Rochefoucault, François de la, 1613-1680Rochfoucauld, François de la 1613-1680Verteuil, François de 1613-1680Де Ларошфуко, Франсуа, 1613-1680Ларошфуко, Франсуа, 1612-1680לרושפוקוラ・ロシュフコーラ・ロシュフコオlccn-n50043397La Bruyère, Jean de1645-1696othlccn-n50080905Vauvenargues1715-1747othlccn-n81103469La FayetteMadame de(Marie-Madeleine Pioche de La Vergne)1634-1693lccn-n81076501Segrais, Jean Regnauld de1624-1701lccn-no97039087Martin-Chauffier, Louis1894-othedtlccn-n00146092Giguère, Francinelccn-n00037273Blackmore, A. M.lccn-n00037272Blackmore, E. H.lccn-n82104170Lafond, Jeanprofesseuredtnp-marchand, jeanMarchand, JeanedtcreLa Rochefoucauld, Françoisduc de1613-1680HistoryFictionCriticism, interpretation, etcPsychological fictionConference proceedingsPictorial worksBibliographySourcesBiographyQuotationsMaximsLa Rochefoucauld, François,--duc de,Maxims, FrenchFranceLa Bruyère, Jean de,Married womenNobilityVauvenargues,World War (1914-1918)Didactic literature, FrenchCharacters and characteristics in literatureEthics in literatureEthicsFrench literatureWomen--PsychologyPrincesse de Clèves (La Fayette, Madame de)Man-woman relationshipsHuman beingsFrench fictionPhilosophy, ModernFrench literature--Psychological aspectsSelf in literaturePrincessesPrincesses in literatureAuthors, FrenchVicePhilosophy, FrenchVirtueFrondeLa Boétie, Estienne de,Pascal, Blaise,Montaigne, Michel de,ProverbsSocial reformersEducatorsCivilization, ModernWomenLa Fayette,--Madame de--(Marie-Madeleine Pioche de La Vergne),Imprints (Publishers' and printers' statements)Cazes, Albert,Maximes (La Rochefoucauld, François, duc de)Duplessis, Georges,Authors, French--BiographySocial reformers--BiographyEducators--BiographyAphorisms and apothegmsFrench prose literatureLove storiesHenry--II,--King of France,Pictures161316801619162016281644164516461650165116521661166216631664166516661667166916701671167216731675167616771678167916801683168416851686168816891690169216931694169516961698169917001702170417051706171017121714171617171718171917201722172317241725172617291736173717411742174317451746174717481749175017511752175417601762176317651766176817691772177517761777177817791780178117821783178417851786178817891790179117921793179417951796179717981799180018011802180418071809181018111812181318141815181718181819182018221823182418251826182718281829183018341835183618381839184018411842184318441845184618471848184918501851185218531854185518571858185918611862186318641865186618671868186918701871187218731874187518771878188018811882188318841885188718881889189018911892189418951896189818991900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132759812013780843.4PQ1815ocn469695680ocn720969422ocn466029793ocn470404538ocn469695661ocn469695702ocn466020075ocn470404548ocn460597669ocn460486927ocn466594809ocn466594804ocn466594792ocn466594832ocn466594795ocn466594821ocn765535183ocn661602589ocn703405525ocn457413074ocn800734507ocn551993856Social reformersAuthors, FrenchEducators1834167ocn083309291file17750.79La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisMaxims and moral reflections, by the Duke de La Rochefoucault142886ocn001446363book16780.59La FayetteThe Princess of ClevesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyFictionPsychological fictionHistorical fictionA romance novel1290294ocn000311521book16650.66La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisRéflexions; ou, Sentences et maximes moralesPortraitsVan Vauvenargues (1715-1747) zijn opgenomen: Introduction à la connaissance de l'esprit humain; Conseils à un jeune homme (opgedragen aan zijn overleden vriend Hippolyte Emmanuel de Seytres); Réflections critiques sur quelques poètes; Réflexions et maximes. - De duidelijkste uitspraken vindt men echter in de Maximes posthumes94136ocn003395386book19000.37La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisMaximsThe philosophy of La Rochefoucauld, which influenced French intellectuals as diverse as Voltaire and the Jansenists, is captured here in more than 600 penetrating and pithy aphorisms+-+40459959653248915ocn137334852file20070.50La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisCollected maxims and other reflectionsCriticism, interpretation, etcThis is the fullest collection of La Rochefoucauld's writings ever published in English, and includes the first complete translation of the Miscellaneous Reflections. A table of alternative maxim numbers and an index of topics help the reader to locate any maxim quickly. - ;'Our virtues are, most often, only vices in disguise.'. Deceptively brief and insidiously easy to read, La Rochefoucauld's shrewd, unflattering analyses of human behaviour have influenced writers, thinkers, and public figures as various as Voltaire, Proust, de Gaulle, Nietzsche, and Conan Doyle. The author gave himself the+-+649153746575893ocn001100293book18810.70La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisMaximes, suivies des Réflexions diverses62946ocn002517124book18250.59La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisOeuvres complètesHistorySources46722ocn186539019file17490.73La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisMoral maxims: by the Duke de la Roche Foucault. Translated from the French. With notesQuotations388153ocn085878359book17760.73La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisMaximes et réflexions morales du duc de la RochefoucauldCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+480719496632438830ocn509127806file17060.73La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisMoral reflections and maxims written by the Late Duke De la Rochefoucauld. A new edition, translated from the French; recommended by the Late Earl of Chesterfield35289ocn001087279book16780.63La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisMaximes28219ocn000594614book19670.79La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisRéflexions ou Sentences et maximes morales. Réflexions diverses24029ocn005221623book19290.50La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisMaximes et réflexions diverses21919ocn642713568file16940.73La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisMoral maxims and reflections. In IV parts. Written in French, by the Duke of Rochefoucault. Now made English20728ocn000177266book19340.56La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisMaximes, suivies d'extraits des moralistes du XVIIe siècle2033ocn045804744book20010.66La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisMaxims+-+17936854361997ocn012154878book16830.92La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisThe memoirs of the Duke de La Rochefoucault containing the private intrigues for obtaining the regency after the death of Louis the Thirteenth, King of France, the wars of Paris and Guienne, the imprisonment of the princes, Cardinal Mazarin's letter to Monsieur de Brienne, articles agreed upon by His Royal-Highness and Monsieur le Prince for the expulsion of Cardinal Mazarin, an apologie for the Duke de Beaufort, memoirs of Monsieur de la ChastreHistory1702ocn050064734book20030.92La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisMoral maxims"Every major author in the eighteenth century knew La Rochefoucauld's Maximes; Voltaire reported that the French knew these maxims by heart. Now, for the first time, scholars of Anglo-French literary relations can read each maxim in this period translation together with its French original. For added convenience, the editor has also supplied an appendix containing the authentic Rochefoucauld maxims that did not appear in the 1749 translation. That translation, which was preceded by at least five previous translations of this immensely popular work, became the dominant translation for the next hundred years. When it was superseded by more reliable and authoritative translations, it fell into disuse and neglect. Yet for us today, it has strong historical and literary significance because it was the first annotated translation of this work, and also because it was the first and perhaps only English translation in which the scattered maxims found in the duke's early editions were now rearranged alphabetically by topic. Dr. Primer's new annotations, together with his historical and biographical introduction and bibliography, contribute significantly to our understanding of the reception and translation history of the duke's single masterpiece." "In preparing his translation for an English audience, the anonymous translator made many references to English authors in his notes, among them More, Hobbes, Swift, and Milton. While he could also have used a variety of French comments on the duke's maximes as well, he deliberately chose to cater to his English readers by emphasizing English parallels and classical sources. In his introduction, Dr. Primer reviews the translation history of the duke's maxims and finds that some of the main characteristics of this translation were borrowed from the posthumously published French edition prepared by the Sieur Abraham-Nicholas Amelot de la Houssaye, whose presence in this edition is visible from time to time. The anonymous translator of selections from Amelot's edition adopted a more colloquial style than is generally associated with La Rochefoucauld's maxims; he also turns out to be significant not only as a translator but also as a reinterpreter of the central moral issue in the entire book. Most readers, including Jonathan Swift, had taken the duke's position on human nature to be the same as Hobbes's (stressing the human being's selfishness or natural egoism), but the translator/annotator finds that the duke's message is not inconsistent with the more positive view of human nature found in Lord Shaftesbury and in the poetry of Pope."--Jacket+-+05738692351654ocn001106883book19650.70Mora, EdithLa Rochefoucauld1626ocn012341014book16940.92La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisMoral maxims and reflections in four parts6879ocn000634036book19180.59Gosse, EdmundThree French moralists and the gallantry of France6582ocn000401385book19510.56Bishop, MorrisThe life and adventures of La Rochefoucauld6444ocn003272827book19780.63Mourgues, Odette deTwo French moralists : La Rochefoucauld & La BruyèreCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+K9979667055616ocn000033864book19690.63Moore, Will GrayburnLa Rochefoucauld: his mind and artCriticism, interpretation, etc5032ocn002960272book19770.66Lewis, Philip ELa Rochefoucauld : the art of abstractionCriticism, interpretation, etc4322ocn000399222book19640.59La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisOeuvres complètesHistorySources3383ocn000980301book19740.70Fine, Peter MartinVauvenargues and La Rochefoucauld3116ocn000293391book19670.76Hippeau, LouisEssai sur la morale de La Rochefoucauld28610ocn003761639book18950.76Bourdeau, JLa Rochefoucauld2798ocn003440214book19770.81Lafond, JeanLa Rochefoucauld : augustinisme et littératureCriticism, interpretation, etc2373ocn011273928book19840.86Images de La Rochefoucauld : actes du tricentenaire, 1680-1980Criticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings23214ocn003358679book18680.79La Rochefoucauld, FrançoisŒuvres de La RochefoucauldPictorial works2254ocn007282943book19800.86Thweatt, VivienLa Rochefoucauld and the seventeenth-century concept of the selfCriticism, interpretation, etc1955ocn701811409book20110.88Moriarty, MichaelDisguised vices : theories of virtue in early modern French thoughtIn this volume Elia Shabani Mligo draws on his fieldwork among people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in Tanzania, selects stigmatization as his perspective, and chooses participant-centered contextual Bible study as his method to argue that the reading of texts from the Gospel of John by PLWHA (given their lived experiences of stigmatization) empowers them to reject stigmatization as unjust. Mligo's study shows that Christian PLWHA reject stigmatization because it does not comply with the attitude of Jesus toward stigmatized groups in his own time. The theology emerging from the readings by stigmatized PLWHA, through their evaluation of Jesus' attitudes and acts toward stigmatized people in the texts, challenges churches in their obligatory mission as disciples of Jesus. Churches are challenged to reconsider healing, hospitality and caring, prophetic voices against stigmatization, and the way they teach about HIV and AIDS in relation to sexuality. Churches must revisit their practices toward stigmatized groups and listen to their voices. Mligo argues that participant-centered Bible-study methods similar to the one used in this book (whereby stigmatized people are the primary interlocutors in the process) can be useful tools in listening to the voices of stigmatized groups+-+72843044651844ocn000337989book19140.84Grandsaignes d'Hauterive, RobertLe pessimisme de La Rochefoucauld1683ocn042722050book19980.90Lafond, JeanLa Rochefoucauld : l'homme et son imageCriticism, interpretation, etc1553ocn032778768book19940.88Clark, Henry CLa Rochefoucauld and the language of unmasking in seventeenth-century FranceCriticism, interpretation, etc1494ocn000987426book19230.86Magne, ÉmileLe vrai visage de La Rochefoucauld1372ocn003850484book19480.90Marchand, JeanBibliographie générale raisonnée de La RochefoucauldBibliography11710ocn006159127book18650.81Prévost-Paradol, Lucien AnatoleÉtudes sur les moralistes franca̧is, suivies de quelques réflexions sur divers sujetsHistory+-+4045995965324+-+4045995965324Fri Mar 21 15:59:44 EDT 2014batch86993