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Fri Mar 21 17:12:36 2014 UTClccn-n500435530.17Greatest classic films collection0.380.97Lubitsch : Ernst Lubitsch /56627503Ernst_Lubitschn 5004355378719Lubitsch, Ernstlccn-n79034504Raphaelson, Samson1896-1983sceauswamlccn-no98092622Criterion Collection (Firm)lccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)lccn-n80015727Metro-Goldwyn-Mayerprolccn-n79145593Wilder, Billy1906-2002sceauswamlccn-n84218011Lengyel, Menyhért1880-1974antsceprfccplccn-no93022572Heymann, Werner Richard1896-1961arrmuscmplccn-n82225118Douglas, Melvyncstprfactlccn-n85296587Sullavan, Margaret1909-1960cstprfactlccn-n84018652Stewart, James1908-1997cstprfactLubitsch, Ernst1892-1947DramaFilm adaptationsCriticism, interpretation, etcHistoryBibliographyTelevision adaptationsSilent filmsBiographical filmsBiographyFilm and video adaptationsLubitsch, Ernst,Man-woman relationshipsUnited StatesMotion picture producers and directorsGermanyPolandWorld War (1939-1945)France--ParisMotion picturesFranceActorsLove in motion picturesSturges, PrestonBús-Fekete, László,Hungary--BudapestSoviet UnionEmployeesThievesFaust,SoulDemonologyMephistopheles (Legendary character)LoveWilder, Billy,OperasNational socialism and theaterAdulteryHellHeavenDevilOccupation of Poland (1939-1945)Married peopleGoethe, Johann Wolfgang von,Triangles (Interpersonal relations)Motion pictures, GermanSoldiersMotion picture industryCalifornia--Los AngelesMotion pictures--Political aspectsSex role in motion picturesExpatriate motion picture producers and directorsGermansPolitical scienceImmigrantsLang, Fritz,Motion picture producers and directors--CreditsPoland--WarsawTheatrical companiesManners and customsWidows189219471916191819191920192119231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319451946194719481949195019611964196719681969197119721973197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013205626421603791.4372PN1997ocn058391988ocn059824461ocn755112671ocn019753431ocn212023799ocn212023654ocn212023737ocn212023541ocn461326933ocn021171482ocn058391988ocn059824461ocn755112671ocn212023799ocn212023654ocn212023737ocn212023541ocn461326933ocn021171482ocn045616316ocn077561557ocn076823698ocn076823691ocn184845107ocn042506992ocn827295181ocn085273063ocn489782565ocn085275782ocn191912520ocn076823698ocn694029467ocn767073662ocn753682599ocn299982160ocn753126110ocn837191155ocn753715252ocn753715258ocn552048423ocn753856805ocn753135068ocn780556390ocn827295265ocn827295457ocn743109251ocn742842606ocn406701613ocn743091366ocn742984687ocn417088334ocn742965065ocn742932981ocn742875703ocn742847359ocn443215797ocn456129641ocn456033505ocn443438287ocn449995297ocn442718148ocn839917679ocn451396239ocn821136164ocn767073633ocn694029473ocn742917596ocn767073643ocn694029461ocn742932981ocn694029464ocn767073685ocn743027255ocn742817542ocn123530401ocn676593261ocn676362559ocn676585872ocn754765229ocn754765218ocn723682140ocn676530956ocn470439711ocn743091560ocn469322184ocn7995564441921140ocn058391988visu19420.24Lubitsch, ErnstTo be or not to beHistoryCaricatures and cartoonsFictionDramaFilm adaptations"The world is on the brink of war-- but the show must go on. So Joseph Tura, the Polish actor who put the ham in Hamlet, stare beyond the footlights and says, "To be or not to be ..."--Container141675ocn061243586visu19390.24Lubitsch, ErnstNinotchkaDramaFilm adaptationsGarbo plays a dour, severe Soviet official who comes to Paris on business involving the sale of some czarist jewels. But soon business turns to pleasure as she discovers the special magic of Paris and finds herself succumbing to the charms of a suave Frenchman named Leon D'Algout (Melvyn Douglas). The plot develops as Ninotchka chooses between romance and duty--and must even confront a rival for Leon's affection in the exiled Grand Duchess Swana (Ina Claire)+-+4922534696140643ocn050777039visu19390.20Lubitsch, ErnstThe shop around the cornerDramaFilm and video adaptationsComedy filmsFilm adaptationsLove storiesThe setting is pre-World War II Budapest. Bickering co-workers in a gift shop don't realize they're lonelyhearts penpals+-+864423469632491533ocn059824461visu19430.21Lubitsch, ErnstHeaven can waitDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsNewly deceased playboy Henry Van Cleve arrives at the outer offices of Hades where he asks a bemused Satan for permission to enter the gates of Hell. Though the Devil doubts he will qualify, Henry proceeds to recount a lifetime wooing and pursuing women+-+961459400684025ocn051283471visu19320.25Lubitsch, ErnstTrouble in paradiseFictionDramaFilm adaptations"When thief Gaston Monescu meets his true love in pickpocket Lily, they embark on a scam to rob lovely perfume company executive Mariette Colet. But when Gaston becomes romantically entangled with Mme. Colet, their larcenous ruse is jeopardized and Gaston is forced to choose between two beautiful women"--Container+-+547459400640411ocn001504683book19750.47Anobile, Richard JErnst Lubitsch's Ninotchka, starring Greta Garbo, Melvyn DouglasMeer dan 1500 frames uit de film Ninotchka met alle dialogen35620ocn755112671visu19330.24Lubitsch, ErnstDesign for livingFictionDramaFilm adaptationsA trio of Americans in Paris who enter into a very adult 'gentleman's' agreement, in this continental pre-Code comedy freely adapted by Ben Hecht (Notorious) from a play. A risque relationship comedy and a witty take on creative pursuits, it concerns a commercial artist unable, or unwilling, to choose between the equally dashing painter and playwright she meets on a train en route to the City of Light3112ocn059717282visu20050.23The Gary Cooper collectionDramaFilm adaptationsThe lives of a Bengal lancer: A man joins two other Bengal lancers in the quest to protect British India's Northwest Frontier from Islamic invaders+-+491465269632429012ocn019753431visu19340.28Lehár, FranzThe merry widowFictionDramaTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsThe merry widow of the title is Sonia, the wealthy and beautiful young woman from the tiny European country, Marshovia. When she moves to Paris, she is courted by the suave Prince Danilo who needs her money to save his country from financial ruin2531ocn312507275visu20090.28Faust eine deutsche VolkssageBiographyLegendsDramaSilent filmsFilm adaptationsDr. Faust sells his soul to Mephistopheles in exchange for scientific knowledge & perfect happiness23422ocn212023737visu19320.31Lubitsch, ErnstOne hour with youDramaA seemingly blissful couple's marriage hits the skids when the wife's flirtatious school chum comes on to her husband a bit too strong2313ocn461326933visu20090.17Greatest classic films collectionDramaThe shop around the corner: Two bickering employees at a gift shop don't realize that they're falling in love through the post as each other's anonymous pen pal+-+864423469632422314ocn212023654visu19300.29Monte CarloDramaAn independent-minded countess leaves her foppish prince fiancé at the altar and whisks away to the Riviera2168ocn212023799visu19310.28The smiling lieutenantDramaA Viennese lieutenant is enamored of a freethinking all-girl-orchestra-leading cutie. But complications ensue when the sexually repressed princess of Flausenthurm sets her sights on him21311ocn212023541visu19290.29Lubitsch, ErnstThe love paradeDramaThe queen of mythical Sylvania marries a courtier, who finds his new life unsatisfying20528ocn045097079visu19240.37The Marriage circleDramaFilm adaptationsStory of marital infidelity and mix-ups1641ocn077561557visu20070.47The wildcat a grotesque in four actsDramaThe commander of a remote fort eagerly awaits a new lieutenant. En route the lieutenant is captured by outlaws who roam the snow-covered mountains and the daughter of their leader quickly falls for the young officer, setting in motion an outrageous farce1583ocn076823691visu20070.56The oyster princess a grotesque comedy in 4 actsDramaThe Oyster Princess: A comedy in which a pampered American oyster tycoon plans to find a prince to marry his much-indulged daughter, but things don't go his way1572ocn076823698visu19200.50Sumurun an oriental play in six actsDramaFilm adaptationsIn this blending of melodrama and comedy, the story of a rebellious harem member who rejects the sheikh and falls in love with a merchant is interwoven with several other related stories1551ocn076823647visu20070.50Anna Boleyn a historical drama in six actsDramaBiographical filmsSilent filmsTragic drama of the second wife of England's Henry VIII12535ocn058540188file20050.47Thompson, KristinHerr Lubitsch goes to Hollywood German and American film after World War ICriticism, interpretation, etcThe first study by an acclaimed American scholar of the artistic interdependencies between the German and the Hollywood cinema in the 1920s+-+43521080549343ocn015485680book19870.29Harvey, JamesRomantic comedy in Hollywood from Lubitsch to SturgesCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+87835315856518ocn000219240book19680.66Weinberg, Herman GThe Lubitsch touch; a critical study6274ocn028376039book19930.33Eyman, ScottErnst Lubitsch : laughter in paradiseBiographythis first ever full-length biography of Lubitsch, undeniably one of the most important and influential film directors and artists of all time, critic and biographer Scott Eyman examines not just the films Lubitsch created, but explores as well the life of the man, a life full of both great successes and overwhelming insecurities. The result is a fascinating look at a man and an era - Hollywood's Golden Age. Born in Berlin and trained first in the German theater+-+63001365356242ocn009413548book19830.50Paul, WilliamErnst Lubitsch's American comedy4374ocn670324814book20110.66Smedley, NicholasA divided world : Hollywood cinema and emigré directors in the era of Roosevelt and Hitler, 1933-1948HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcRoosevelt's New Deal introduced sweeping social, political and cultural change across the United States, which the Hollywood film community embraced enthusiastically. This book examines some of the important programs of the New Deal and the subsequent response of the Hollywood film community+-+07595069364264ocn003669900book19780.66Carringer, Robert LErnst Lubitsch : a guide to references and resourcesCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliography3916ocn003240860book19770.56Poague, Leland AThe cinema of Ernst Lubitsch3601ocn025281885book19920.76Hake, SabinePassions and deceptions : the early films of Ernst LubitschCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+23235564153252ocn024667851book19920.73Bowman, BarbaraMaster space : film images of Capra, Lubitsch, Sternberg, and WylerCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+11753786852884ocn044075903book19970.79Henry, NoraEthics and social criticism in the Hollywood films of Erich von Stroheim, Ernst Lubitsch, and Billy WilderCriticism, interpretation, etcDetailed analyses of their individual styles of filmmaking and readings of selected films reveal how they put their philosophies into practice and to what extent they influenced one another. Films analyzed include The Merry Widow, The Wedding March, Heaven can Wait, To Be or Not To Be, Sunset Boulevard, and The Fortune Cookie among others. By delineating their contributions to the development of modern film, this research explores the filmmakers impact on film and cultural history."+-+25091402752492ocn048883031book20020.81Barnes, PeterTo be or not to beDrama+-+7464526035822ocn027470745book19920.63Renk, Herta-ElisabethErnst Lubitsch : mit Selbstzeugnissen und BilddokumentenBiography671ocn028765439book19920.86Spaich, HerbertErnst Lubitsch und seine FilmeCriticism, interpretation, etc531ocn011970400book19840.73Prinzler, Hans HelmutLubitsch513ocn014069880book19850.88Eisenschitz, BernardErnst LubitschCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography503ocn017557788book19870.92Bourget, EithneLubitsch, ou, La satire romanesqueCriticism, interpretation, etc442ocn043356758visu19990.59Ernst Lubitsch Lady Windermere's fanWidely imitated but never surpassed, Ernst Lubitsch created sophisticated romantic comedies of enduring merit. This program focuses on the early works of the director whose finesse behind the camera became known as "the Lubitsch touch."343ocn003847125book19770.97Fink, GuidoLubitsch : Ernst LubitschCriticism, interpretation, etc321ocn017239109book19870.90Nacache, JacquelineLubitschBiography+-+4922534696+-+4922534696Fri Mar 21 16:04:39 EDT 2014batch48838