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Fri Mar 21 17:11:34 2014 UTClccn-n500439280.33The cloister and the hearth0.560.96Fowl play, or, A story of Chikkin Hazard an entirely new & original burlesque /44314913Charles_Readen 5004392879092Reade, CarlosReade, CharlesReade, Charles, 1870-Rīds, Čarlzs, 1814-1884Rihds, Tscharls, 1814-1884Рид, Чарлз, 1814-1884Рид, Чарльз, 1814-1884リード, チャールスlccn-n79055814Erasmus, Desiderius-1536lccn-nr99038556Woffington, Margaret-1760lccn-n79061084Collins, Wilkie1824-1889lccn-n78087607Dickens, Charles1812-1870viaf-246509501Phillips, Walter Clarke1881-lccn-n85273359Keene, Charles1823-1891illlccn-n82144254Burns, Wayne1918-lccn-n50013397Smith, Elton Edward1915-2008lccn-n82208076Taylor, Tom1817-1880lccn-n50042113Boucicault, Dion1820-1890clbReade, Charles1814-1884FictionHistoryBiographyDramaJuvenile worksDime novelsRecords and correspondenceComic books, strips, etcLove storiesReade, Charles,Middle AgesNetherlandsEnglish dramaGreat BritainFamiliesErasmus, Desiderius,Collins, Wilkie,English fictionLove storiesSensationalism in literatureAuthors, EnglishDickens, Charles,Woffington, Margaret,Historical fictionEnglandLiterature and societyActressesFirst editionsArtSocial historyLabor unionsReformationEuropeMan-woman relationshipsMonksEuropean fiction--RenaissanceInheritance and successionUpper classMental illnessJealousyTravelWomen heroesBanks and bankingFathers and daughtersWidowersWomen's rightsAristocracy (Social class)Women physiciansMusicals--LibrettosSpencer, Anne,LibrariesParrish, Morris Longstreth,Adventure storiesGold mines and miningNew South WalesPopular literatureInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Literature publishingEnglish literature181418841834184018501851185218531854185518561857185818591860186118621863186418651866186718681869187018711872187318741875187618771878187918801881188218831884188518861887188818891890189118921893189418951896189718981899190019011902190319041905190619071908190919101911191219131914191519161917191819191920192119221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319651966196719681969197019711972197319751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871989199019911993199419951996199719992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112013275518154279822.8PR5214ocn014350168ocn767853014ocn066895613ocn568903825ocn051434306ocn018601889ocn002488162ocn037011951ocn703491858ocn7629221346476641ocn044960613book18000.33Reade, CharlesThe cloister and the hearthHistoryJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcFictionThis tragic medieval romance is based on the life of Erasmus' father+-+K8749774061252228ocn001234371book18000.70Reade, CharlesIt is never too late to mend; a matter-of-fact romanceFictionDeplores culture of vice by English prison system, and greed exemplified by two Australian miners. Documented. For other editions, see Author Catalog+-+K741764696933142ocn828932793book18700.70Reade, CharlesPut yourself in his placeHistoryFictionDime novelsOriginally published in 1870, this novel focused on trade-union terrorism while following the star-crossed romance of Henry Little and Grace Carden. It is impossible to deny to Mr. Reade the possession of rare and admirable powers, wrote the New York Times in its review832154ocn828932977book18000.63Reade, CharlesHard cashFictionOriginally published in 1863, Hard Cash was Reade's polemical expos of the horrors routinely perpetrated against the inmates of England's insane asylums. Alfred Hardie, victim of an embezzlement perpetrated by his father, is tricked into entering an asylum; once there, he finds it almost impossible to prove himself sane+-+2151404535755142ocn828934468book18520.70Reade, CharlesPeg WoffingtonHistoryFictionPublished in 1853, this was Reade's second novel. Based on the life of the Irish actress Margaret Woffington (1720-1760), it was adapted from his successful 1852 stage comedy, Masks and Faces728112ocn828933446book18660.70Reade, CharlesGriffith Gaunt, or JealousyFictionGriffith Gaunt , first published in 1866, was termed Reade's masterpiece by the Forthnightly Review an opinion which Reade himself shared. His descriptions of the psychology and sexuality of unconventional women are powerful in this novel about love and jealousy+-+2250880546324710127ocn828932915book18680.73Reade, CharlesFoul playFictionThis 1869 novel was an expos of ship-knackers merchants who made their money from the foundering of ships, with no regard for their crews. Robert Penfold, a young clergyman convicted of forgery, is shipwrecked while on his way to Australia and cast up, with the heroine, upon a desert island633107ocn828933619book18000.66Reade, CharlesLove me little, love me longFictionThis 1859 novel is a kind of prequel to the later Hard Cash (1863) focusing on the banking industry instead of mental institutions. It features a romance between David Dodd, a sailor, and Lucy Fountain. Though Lucy is an independent woman who would rather be alone, David's sincerity eventually wins her heart50085ocn828930719book18000.59Reade, CharlesA woman haterFictionThis 1876-7 novel continued the author's focus on trade unionism from his 1870 Put Yourself in His Place , while adding the element of a female physician named Rhoda Gould to the mix in order to express support for women's rights. Rhoda must overcome the prejudices of the misogynistic Vizard before she can pursue her dream+-+275488959645175ocn002356500book18000.63Reade, CharlesChristie Johnstone. A novelFictionDime novelsTwo parallel romances feature in this 1853 novel. The first is between a bored aristocrat, Lord Ipsden, who, disappointed in love, retreats to bucolic Scotland, and Lady Barbara, who harbors certain romantic illusions. The second concerns a beautiful Scottish fishwife, the eponymous heroine, and Charles Gatty, a talented but unsuccessful painter40779ocn000644060book18600.76Reade, CharlesA simpleton; a story of the dayFiction+-+365309522635466ocn797939527book18340.50Reade, CharlesA terrible temptationFictionDime novelsLove storiesRichard Basset believes his cousin, Sir Charles, has stolen his inheritance. Reade describes insane asylums, the heartless upper class, and scandalously details a sexual relationship between Charles and Rhoda. A review in the London Times suggested to mothers that they should hide such a book from their daughters. Reade riposted with a long and impassioned letter defending his work3276ocn012945371book19860.63Gilbert, W. SPlays by W.S. Gilbert : The palace of truth, Sweethearts, Princess Toto, Engaged, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern+-+627137670530155ocn002884756book18570.73Reade, CharlesThe course of true love never did run smooth29758ocn828931566book18840.50Reade, CharlesA perilous secretFictionThe story begins with a young father, William Hope, who travels with his daughter, his one remaining joy," since his wife's recent death by consumption. He hopes his love for his little girl and his many talents will be enough to keep them safe through their travels, but Hope has had trouble keeping his money in the past. .+-+056230806632428733ocn001516685book18520.63Reade, CharlesPeg Woffington ; & Christie JohnstoneHistoryFiction27237ocn000099631book18630.70Reade, CharlesThe works of Charles ReadeFictionDrama24826ocn009048865book18540.90Taylor, TomMasks and faces ; or, Before and behind the curtain a comedy in two actsDrama22641ocn000176240book18820.76Reade, CharlesReadiana : comments on current eventsRecords and correspondence21529ocn003763973book18570.84Reade, CharlesWhite lies : a story82414ocn000350356book19190.59Phillips, Walter ClarkeDickens, Reade, and Collins: sensation novelists; a study in the conditions and theories of novel writing in Victorian EnglandHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+23961839057722ocn000360964book19610.56Burns, WayneCharles Reade; a study in Victorian authorshipHistoryBiography7713ocn002020716book19760.50Smith, Elton EdwardCharles ReadeCriticism, interpretation, etc3668ocn000001669book19310.70Elwin, MalcolmCharles ReadeBiography25710ocn316829513book20090.81Fantina, RichardVictorian sensational fiction : the daring work of Charles ReadeHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcThis book recovers the fiction of Charles Reade, who was among the best-known authors of the sensation fiction of the 1860s, as a body of work that anticipates recent trends in literary and cultural theory+-+K28571587524312ocn004738391book19030.70Coleman, JohnCharles Reade as I knew himBiography1653ocn000432491book19400.84Parrish, Morris LongstrethWilkie Collins and Charles ReadeBibliography1493ocn001610693book18870.66Reade, Charles LCharles Reade, D.C.L., dramatist, novelist, journalist. A memoir compiled chiefly from his literary remainsBiography1214ocn000938133book19490.93Cordasco, FrancescoWilkie Collins and Charles Reade: a bibliography of critical notices and studiesBibliography938ocn011339786book18870.79Reade, Charles LCharles Reade, dramatist, novelist, journalist : a memoirBiography522ocn002884440book18660.93Webb, Charles HenryLiffith Lank, or, Lunacy503ocn008523207book18680.96Burnand, F. CFowl play, or, A story of Chikkin Hazard an entirely new & original burlesqueParodies, imitations, etc411ocn002457760book19400.94Parrish, Morris LongstrethWilkie Collins and Charles Reade : first editions, with a few exceptions, in the library of Dormy House, Pine Valley, New JerseyBibliography362ocn006509740book19400.86Rives, LéoneCharles Reade, sa vie, ses romans291ocn002602679book18750.92Reade, CharlesTrade malice : a personal narrative : and the wandering heir : a matter of fact romance251ocn192079893book20080.73Lai, Shu-FangCharles Reade, George Meredith and Harriet Martineau as serial writers of Once a week (1859-1865)HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+0057106818222ocn008072023book19140.84Ahlers, EdmundCharles Reades Romane und ihr Verhältnis zu ihren literarischen VorbildernCriticism, interpretation, etc192ocn023246675book19280.73Hruby, ArthurZur darstellungstechnik des englischen romans. Die personen in Charles Reades matter of fact-romanen172ocn023419520book19810.53Toulet, BernardLe passé et le présent dans l'oeuvre romanesque de Charles Reade, 1814-1884Criticism, interpretation, etc101ocn030222189book19600.93Baker, J. HThe Ipsden country, the home of Charles Reade+-+6271376705+-+6271376705Fri Mar 21 15:20:34 EDT 2014batch82019