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Fri Mar 21 17:04:07 2014 UTClccn-n500440950.00Foundation report /0.721.00Franklin Furnace Ephemera Collection, Compiled by Matthew Hogan131445018n 5004409579257LBMALong Beach (Calif.). Department of Recreation and Human Services. Long Beach Museum of ArtLong Beach (Calif.). Long Beach Museum of ArtLong Beach, Calif. Museum of ArtLong Beach Municipal Art CenterMuseum of ArtMuseum of Art Long Beach, CalifcontainsVIAFID/207736725Long Beach (Calif.). Department of Recreation and Human Serviceslccn-n79113825Delaware Art Museumlccn-n81035419Addison Gallery of American Artlccn-n2005056122Shubert, Emily K.lccn-n2004007524Shaw, Gwendolyn DuBois1968-lccn-n50009332Birks, Tonylccn-n79065551Renwick Galleryviaf-275683430Lauria, Jolccn-no2003089936Cranbrook Art Museumlccn-n80026705Duckworth, Ruth1919-2009lccn-no2003021038Museum of Arts and Design (New York, N.Y.)Long Beach Museum of ArtExhibition catalogsCriticism, interpretation, etcHistoryBiographyInterviewsArt, AmericanAfrican AmericansPortraits, AmericanVideo artCaliforniaUnited StatesDuckworth, Ruth,Long Beach Museum of ArtLundin, NormanArt, ModernWalkowitz, Abraham,Calder, Alexander,ArtistsEnamel and enamelingJawlensky, Alexej von,Furniture designDrawing, AmericanChairsFeminism and the artsWichner, MiltonGropper, William,Women artistsFrame, John,Folk artOregonWashington (State)Jewelry makingFalkenstein, Claire,JewelryDecorative artsFeininger, Lyonel,Klee, Paul,Kandinsky, Wassily,Oakland Art MuseumHouse furnishingsArtSculptorsCeramic sculpture, BritishCalifornia--Long BeachManagementDesignIndustrial designEstate Project for Artists with AIDSMatthew Marks GallerySculpture Center (New York, N.Y.)Andy Warhol MuseumPalladium (Nightclub)Collective for Living Cinema (New York, N.Y.)Museum directorsLytton Center of the Visual Arts195319551956195719581959196019611962196319651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200420052006200720082011201220135802592704704.94208996073N7593.26042ocn061204391book20060.50Shaw, Gwendolyn DuBoisPortraits of a people : picturing African Americans in the nineteenth centuryExhibition catalogs+-+76203404752681ocn057166706book20040.66Lauria, JoRuth Duckworth : Modernist sculptorCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs"In a career spanning more than six decades, Ruth Duckworth has created an immense and important body of work. Her ambition, intensity, and defiance of convention have governed her personal journey - fleeing from Nazi Germany to England at the outset of World War II, and settling in the United States in the mid-1960s - as well as her prodigious artistic output. Although Duckworth started out sculpting in stone, and has created both intimate and large-scale artworks in bronze and other materials, she has since the early 1960s predominantly worked in clay. It is for her work in this medium that she is recognized as one of the twentieth century's most innovative and significant sculptors. A true alchemist of abstraction, Duckworth has consistently produced barrier-bending art that is elegant yet at the same time buoyant, visionary works of seductive refinement, austere power, and radiant immediacy that masterfully continue the aesthetics of modernism into the twenty-first-century." "This volume, which accompanies a major touring exhibition provides a long-overdue assessment of Duckworth's significance. It reveals the conceptual and iconographic foundations that Duckworth's work shares with other important modernist sculptors."--BOOK JACKET+-+90646880352131ocn021521143book19900.56Lundin, NormanNorman Lundin : a decade of drawing and paintingExhibition catalogs1673ocn011371267book19840.88Huffman, Kathy RaeVideo : a retrospective : Long Beach Museum of Art, 1974-1984Exhibition catalogs1452ocn031441209book19770.81Southland video anthology, 1976-77Exhibition catalogs1222ocn008764561book19820.81Smith, KentAbraham Walkowitz, figuration 1895-1945Exhibition catalogs1133ocn000059459book19700.86Calder, AlexanderCalder gouaches; the art of Alexander Calder. [Exhibition]Exhibition catalogs1123ocn095333261book20060.86Jazzar, Bernard NPainting with fire : masters of enameling in America, 1930-1980HistoryBiographyExhibition catalogs+-+50722762453241072ocn024825799book19910.90Mochon, AnneAlexej Jawlensky : from appearance to essenceExhibition catalogs1062ocn009282859book19820.79Drawings by painters : [exhibition] Long Beach Museum of Art, January 17-March 7, 1982 : (in an abbreviated form) Mandeville Art Gallery, University of California, San Diego, September 25-October 31, 1982 : the Oakland Museum, January 11-March 6, 1983Exhibition catalogs1005ocn009918578book19830.73Raven, ArleneAt homeExhibition catalogs1002ocn003362862book0.86Long Beach Museum of ArtSeven decades of design; a traveling exhibitionExhibition catalogs952ocn007730783book19810.90The Milton Wichner Collection : Jawlensky, Kandinsky, Feininger, Moholy-Nagy, FischingerExhibition catalogs882ocn000532517book19720.81Gropper, WilliamWilliam GropperExhibition catalogs852ocn002794733book19720.86Frankel, DextraInvisibleExhibition catalogs832ocn058810953book20050.76Frame, JohnEnigmavariations : the sculpture of John Frame, 1980-2005InterviewsExhibition catalogs792ocn011343926book19840.59Larsen, Susan CPioneers in paradise--folk and outsider artists of the West CoastExhibition catalogs772ocn002345075book19750.86Long Beach Museum of ArtSouthland video anthology : [exhibition], June 8-September 7, 1975Exhibition catalogs734ocn002425626book19740.86Long Beach Museum of ArtAmericans in Florence, Europeans in Florence : videotapes produced by Art/Tapes/22 : exhibitionExhibition catalogs681ocn056125328book20040.86The Modernist jewelry of Claire FalkensteinHistoryExhibition catalogs121ocn014162760book19850.81Long Beach Museum of ArtThe blue four = Die blauen vier : Lyonel Feininger, 1871-1956 ; Alexej Jawlensky, 1864-1941 ; Vasily Kandinsky, 1866-1944 ; Paul Klee, 1879-1940Exhibition catalogs42ocn038682022book0.93Long Beach Museum of ArtCalifornia designedExhibition catalogs31ocn017504834book19850.81Long Beach Museum of ArtSculpture & drawing - drawing & sculpture [exhibition] : selected works by eight contemporary artists21ocn032027713serialLong Beach Museum of ArtFoundation reportPeriodicals11ocn417347792visu1983MuntadasBetween the framesProduced over a period of nine years (1983-1992), Between the frames analyzes how art is mediated through commerce and culture. Each of the eight chapters explores a different role performed by the people and institutions that shape what and how art reaches a public forum: 1) the dealers, 2) the collectors, 3) the gallery, 4) the museum, 5) the docents, 6) the critics, 7) the media, 8) epilogue. These visual essays feature interviews with prominent figures in the international art world, including Holly Solomon, Panza di Biumo, Ileanna Sonnabend, David Ross, Rene Berger, Robert Atkins and Joseph Beuys11ocn248615336com1.00Long Beach Museum of ArtLong Beach Museum of Art On-line Ceramics CollectionCatalogs11ocn433965851book19730.47Long Beach Museum of ArtNew acquisitions for the now and future museum : Long Beach Museum of Art, February 18-March 18, 1973Exhibition catalogs11ocn044854324book19800.47Catalog of the permanent collectionCatalogs11ocn647796565visu1982VideowestVideowest's billboard showcaseInterviewsVideowest's billboard showcase aired in June, 1982 and featured The Long Beach Museum of Art as a center for Los Angeles video artists. Kathy Rae Huffman, the museum's curator, and video artist Joe Leonardi, were interviewed for the broadcast11ocn758507084mixVideo organization file : Long Beach Museum of Art : miscellaneous uncataloged material11ocn650448589mix1.00Franklin Furnace Ephemera Collection, Compiled by Matthew HoganExhibition catalogsThe Franklin Furnace Ephemera Collection contains fliers, invitations, promotional objects and other printed ephemera related to events hosted at more than 9000 international venues. The contents of the collection are the result of a massive collection process undertaken by Matthew Hogan, a Franklin Furnace archivist. The venues documented in the collection span the globe, with particular strengths in New York and California. Materials are in several languages, including English, Spanish, Dutch,11ocn476253669mixLong Beach Museum of Art11ocn849918299rcrd19891.00Ianco-Starrels, JosineOral history interview with Josine Ianco-StarrelsInterviewsAn interview of Josine Ianco-Starrels conducted 1989 June 15, by Ruth Gurin Bowman for the Archives of American Art, Women in the Arts in Southern California Oral History Project. Ianco-Starrels recounts her youth in Bucharest, Romania; WWII and her family's fleeing to Palestine; her father Marcel Ianco's affiliation with the Dadaists in Zurich; her first marriage that brought her to New York in 1950; studying at the Art Students League; her second marriage to Herbert Kline, a documentary filmmaker; her involvement with the Lytton Center of the Visual Arts and the beginning of her curatorial career; working at California State University, Los Angeles as gallery director; her teaching career; her interest in Los Angeles artists including Jack Zajack, Lorser Feitelson, Helen Lundeberg, Felix Landau, Joyce Treiman, Betty Saar, Joan Brown, and others; curating and programs at the Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park and later at the Long Beach Museum; her views on community and access to local galleries; and her relationship with artists and the art community11ocn035056406book19950.47Chono-Helsley, MarthaMedia arts management strategies for a new technological age : a management assessment of the Long Beach Museum of Art, Video Annex+-+7620340475+-+7620340475Fri Mar 21 15:18:26 EDT 2014batch28665