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Fri Mar 21 17:14:27 2014 UTClccn-n500444090.28William Pitt the Younger /0.640.93The late measures of the ship-owners in the coal-trade fully examined, in a letter to the Right Honourable William Pitt72190413William_Pitt_the_Youngern 5004440979570Chatham, Earl of, 1759-1806Chatham, .... of 1759-1806Pitt le Jeune, WilliamPitt le Second, WilliamPitt the Younger, WilliamPitt, W.Pitt, W. 1759-1806Pitt, Wilhelm 1759-1806Pitt, WilliamPitt, William, the YoungerPitt, William, the Younger, 1759-1806lccn-n50032759Fox, Charles James1749-1806lccn-n79113783Great BritainParliamentHouse of Commonslccn-n50075857Rose, J. Holland(John Holland)1855-1942lccn-n97024648Mori, Jenniferlccn-n50064284Pindar, Peter1738-1819lccn-n83152613Ehrman, Johnlccn-no90008516IrelandParliamentHouse of Commonslccn-n79017964Great BritainParliamentlccn-n50074528Rosebery, Archibald Philip PrimroseEarl of1847-1929edtlccn-n79089813Sheridan, Richard Brinsley1751-1816Pitt, William1759-1806HistoryResolutionsBiographyCommercial treatiesBibliographyPoetrySourcesGreat BritainPolitical sciencePitt, William,Prime ministersInternational relationsFranceIrelandRevolution (France : 1789-1799)Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Irish Union (1801)CommerceEuropeFox, Charles James,East India CompanyGeorge--III,--King of Great Britain,Economic historyFinance, PublicGreat Britain.--Parliament.--House of CommonsIreland.--Parliament.--House of CommonsStatesmenPym, John,Cromwell, Oliver,Sheridan, Richard Brinsley,OratorsBurke, Edmund,Paper moneyCurrency questionOratoryIndiaSecond Coalition, War of the (1798-1801)Dundas, Henry,Bank of EnglandPitt, William,--Earl of Chatham,Holland, Henry Fox,--Baron,Slave tradePoor lawsSlaveryAnglo-French War (1793-1802)Satire, EnglishRelations with prime ministersRelations with kings and rulersDebts, PublicFinanceOrde, Thomas,--Baron Bolton,Rolle of Stevenstone, John Rolle,--Baron,TaxationCoal tradeShippingCoal--TaxationCoal--Transportation--Costs175918061759176217631768177417781779178017811782178317841785178617871788178917901791179217931794179517961797179817991800180118021803180418051806180718081809181018111812181318141815181618171818181918201821182218241825182718291830183218331837183918421846184718491852185418551859186018611862186318651866186718681870187218731875187718781879188018811882188418851886188718881889189018911892189318941895189618971898189919001901190219031904190519061907190819101911191219131914191519161917191819191920192119221923192419251927192819291930193219331934193519371938193919401941194219441945194619471948195019511956195819601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751978197919811982198319841985198619871989199019921993199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200820092010201120126173517183756330HB151ocn013220292ocn682277747ocn832670748ocn549548365ocn137295953ocn801182719ocn753964692ocn801385233ocn86678914883947ocn060725068book18060.84Pitt, WilliamThe speeches of the Right Honourable William Pitt, in the House of Commons80826ocn065345690file17990.88Pitt, WilliamSpeech of the Right Honourable William Pitt, in the House of Commons ... January 31, 1799, on offering to the House the resolutions which he proposed as the basis of an union between Great Britain and IrelandHistory75754ocn187301573file17990.76Pitt, WilliamSpeech of the Right Honourable William Pitt, in the House of Commons, Thursday, January 31, 1799 on offering to the House the resolutions which he proposed as the basis of an union between Great Britain and IrelandHistory67337ocn065333278file17850.81Pitt, WilliamMr. Pitt's reply to Mr. Orde being a correct abstract of the speeches of those two right honourable gentlemen, as delivered in the different senates of Great Britain and Ireland, on the subject of the new commercial regulations between the two countries; with a defence of bothResolutions46020ocn065331906file17930.84Currie, JamesA letter, commercial and political, addressed to the Rt. Honble. William Pitt, in which the real interests of Britain, in the present crisis, are considered, and some observations are offered on the general state of EuropeHistorySources41923ocn065318193file17990.81Pitt, WilliamSubstance of the speeches of the Right Honourable William Pitt, on the 23rd and 31st of January, 1799 including a correct copy of the plan, with the debate which took place in the House of Commons on the proposal for an union between Great Britain and Ireland : to which are annexed, the celebrated speeches of the Right Honourable John Foster, late chancellor of the Exchequer, now Speaker of the House of Commons of Ireland, on the 12th and 15th days of August 1785, upon the commercial propositionsHistory39615ocn065241777file18010.92Boyd, WalterA letter to the Right Honourable William Pitt on the influence of the stoppage of issues in specie at the Bank of England, on the prices of provisions, and other commodities39321ocn508407457file17920.81Pitt, WilliamThe speech of the Right Honourable William Pitt, on a motion for the abolition of the slave trade, in the House of Commons, on Monday the second of April, 179238431ocn642697558file18000.81Pitt, WilliamSpeech of the Right Honourable William Pitt, delivered in the House of Commons, Monday, February 3, 1800 on a motion for an address to the throne, approving of the answers returned to the communications from France relative to a negociation for peaceHistory35825ocn065351375file17830.86Pitt, WilliamThe speech of the Right Honourable William Pitt in the House of Commons on Friday, February 21, 1783History35524ocn004309814book19150.70Pitt, WilliamThe war speeches of William Pitt, the youngerHistory33025ocn009391511book19050.66Pitt, WilliamOrations on the French war, to the peace of AmiensHistory30117ocn065331477file17920.86Pitt, WilliamThe speech of the Right Hon. William Pitt, chancellor of the exchequer, on ... the 17th day of February, 1792, on proposing the application of an additional sum for the reduction of the public debt and the repeal of certain duties on malt, on female servants, on carts and waggons, on houses and on candles29615ocn065333979com17870.79Pitt, WilliamThe speech of the Right Honourable William Pitt, in the House of Commons, February 12, 1787 in a committee of the whole house, to consider of so much of His Majesty's most gracious speech to both houses of Parliament as relates to the Treaty of navigation and commerce between His Majesty and the Most Christian KingCommercial treaties29416ocn065318190file17990.84Pitt, WilliamThe speech of the Right Hon. William Pitt in the British House of Commons on ... January 31, 1799History28311ocn065337215file17880.79Sheridan, Richard BrinsleyA comparative statement of the two bills for the better government of the British possessions in India brought into Parliament by Mr. Fox and Mr. Pitt, with explanatory observations2698ocn065317446file18000.88Pitt, WilliamSpeech of the Right Honourable William Pitt, delivered in the House of Commons ... February 3, 1800, on a motion for an address to the throne, approving of the answers returned to the communications from France relative to a negociation for peace2513ocn060724537file18370.86Bentham, JeremyObservations on the poor bill, introduced by the Right Honourable William Pitt25126ocn745151993com17880.79Fox, Charles JamesFox against Fox!!! or political blossoms of the Right Hon. Charles James Fox selected from his speeches in the House of Commons, on the omnipotence of Parliament, in the appointment of the ministers of the Crown. Contrasted with his present arguments in favour of prerogative. Shewing how Easily a Staunch, Whig may become a Professed Tory. To which are added, the speeches of Mr. Pitt and Mr Fox, On Wednesday December 10th, 1788, on the subject of a Regency. Embellished with a curious Fronticepiece adapted to the occasion; and a Design for the Revolution Pillar at Runemede2305ocn065333099file17860.93The late measures of the ship-owners in the coal-trade fully examined, in a letter to the Right Honourable William PittHistory15333ocn043476390file19970.37Mori, JenniferWilliam Pitt and the French Revolution, 1785-1795HistoryJennifer Mori provides an in-depth analysis of Pitt's actions as Prime Minister and examines the political theory, policy formation, and political dealings through a study of government documents, personal papers and the records of Parliament. Particular consideration is given to the foreign and domestic policies of the 1780s and 1790s that relate specifically to the issues raised by the French Revolution - reform, international diplomacy, radicalism, warfare, party politics, and loyalism - and her conclusion provides an invaluable assessment of the impact of Britain's youngest Prime Minister on English politics generally+-+1286688036324127917ocn000054936book19690.50Ehrman, JohnThe younger PittHistoryBiography+-+2544019455124861ocn011913748book18910.56Rosebery, Archibald Philip PrimrosePittBiographyOne of the youngest prime ministers in Britain's history, William Pitt The Younger captured the fascination of historians for decades after the end of his term. In this 1891 biography, Lord Rosebery himself a former prime minster offers intriguing details of Pitt's life, career, and apathetic nature; as well as keen insight into the British political system near the end of the eighteenth century11589ocn001028307book19280.47Wilson, Philip WhitwellWilliam Pitt, the youngerBiography8946ocn055286486book20040.28Hague, WilliamWilliam Pitt the YoungerBiography"With its rich cast of characters, including Charles James Fox, Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Edmund Burke, and George III himself, and set against a backdrop of industrial revolution and global conflict, this is a detailed and rounded portrait of an extraordinary political life."--BOOK JACKET+-+87059555968887ocn001049177book19740.35Jarrett, DerekPitt the youngerBiography8773ocn050698409file19990.50Evans, Eric JWilliam Pitt the YoungerBiographyProviding a complete historical background to Pitt's career, Eric Evans re-examines his policies and achievements in the light of recent research, and offers fresh insight on established stereotypes+-+603786069587328ocn001342491book19110.63Rose, J. HollandWilliam Pitt and the great warHistoryMilitary historyIn this 1911 publication, Rose provides a detailed history of the Anglo-French wars that started in 1791. The text remained the standard work on the subject for close to sixty years. In the book, Rose carefully sets forth the disputes with France, the main episodes of the War, and the resulting political consequences. Still an authoritative resource, William Pitt and the Great War is a balanced treatment of this dramatic period in European history+-+988096283532481711ocn000399984book19390.59Barnes, Donald GroveGeorge III and William Pitt, 1783-1806. A new interpretation based upon a study of their unpublished correspondenceHistory64333ocn186509678com17850.73Criticisms on the Rolliad. Part the firstCriticism, interpretation, etc59910ocn000476648book19500.66Eyck, ErichPitt versus Fox: father & son, 1735-180655414ocn065330785file17920.84Rose, GeorgeA brief examination into the increase of the revenue, commerce, and navigation, of Great Britain, since the conclusion of the peace in 178353529ocn000220790book18670.59Smith, GoldwinThree English statesmen : a course of lectures on the political history of EnglandBiographyThrough this elegant, acerbic trio of essays on seventeenth-century parliamentarian John Pym, Oliver Cromwell, and William Pitt the Elder the influential historian Goldwin Smith takes digs at the politicians and parties of the 1860s. Issues include Ireland, martial law, imperialism, Anglo-American relations, suffrage, the Anglican Church, aristocracy, revolution, and reaction5145ocn004194362book19780.29Reilly, RobinWilliam Pitt the YoungerBiography5006ocn001342465book19460.59Oliver, Robert TarbellFour who spoke out: Burke, Fox, Sheridan, PittBiography4442ocn013186146book19840.70Mackesy, PiersWar without victory : the downfall of Pitt, 1799-18024445ocn001118055book19620.35Derry, John WWilliam Pitt43017ocn000875677book18610.76Stanhope, Philip Henry StanhopeLife of the Right Honourable William PittBiography3949ocn065333267com17850.84Pitt, WilliamA candid review of Mr. Pitt's twenty resolutions addressed to the people of IrelandResolutions37011ocn083293162com17890.81Pindar, PeterA poetical epistle to a falling minister also an Imitation of the twelfth ode of Horace. By Peter Pindar, EsquireBibliographyPoetry+-+6037860695Fri Mar 21 16:05:58 EDT 2014batch77829