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Thu Oct 16 17:55:47 2014 UTClccn-n500467980.00John B. Oakes papers,0.311.00The Udall brothers go to Washington : the formative years of Arizona's sibling politicians /262597869Stewart_Udalln 5004679881931Udall, Stewart 1920-2010Udall, Stewart Lee 1920-2010Udall, Stuartユードル, スチュワート・Llccn-n50023098Coronado, Francisco Vásquez de1510-1554lccn-n80032205Jacka, Jerry, davidOsterhout, Davidlccn-n78051813Conconi, Charleslccn-n50025138Hayes, Denis1944-ivelccn-n80066741Brand, Stewartivelccn-n80062200Schweickart, Rustyivelccn-no2005030177Giacchino, Michaelcmplccn-n81099564Lovins, L. Hunter1950-ivelccn-no2008043820Robert Stone ProductionsUdall, Stewart L.HistoryPictorial worksJuvenile worksGuidebooksDramaFilm adaptationsBiographyDocumentary television programsNonfiction television programsHistorical television programsUnited StatesConservation of natural resourcesNational parks and reservesUnited States, WestHistoriographyTravelUdall, Stewart LMilitary policyCold War (1945-1989)Nuclear weaponsDiplomatic relationsCivilizationSouthwest, NewCoronado, Francisco Vásquez de,Human ecologySocial policyEnvironmentalistsDiscovery and exploration, SpanishSpaniardsAmericaTechnology and civilizationEnergy policyEnvironmentalism--Political aspectsNatural monumentsEnvironmentalismEarth DayEcology--Government policyEnvironmental policyCaliforniaForests and forestryRedwoodsForest conservationEcologyUnited States--Potomac RiverUnited States--Potomac River ValleyRegional planningEnvironmental protectionWildlife refugesWildlife conservationNature conservationNatural historyNatural resourcesLegislatorsCabinet officersArts and societyArt and stateCultural policyArt patronageUdall, LeeIntellectual life192020101956196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201213690270405333.720973E160ocn502024348ocn770114081ocn067538549ocn299573211ocn070103861ocn781146081ocn745948708ocn064030235ocn076230459216729ocn000342679book19630.28Udall, Stewart LThe quiet crisisHistoryReviews the men who explored our continent, and the greatnames of conservation history from George Perkins Marsh to Gifford Pinchot, as well reviewing the raiders and despoilers, the problems of preserving green spaces in cities as well as countrysides, and problems of water andair pollution178110ocn070746630file20000.29Udall, Stewart LThe forgotten founders rethinking the history of the Old WestHistoryA critical examination of traditional American West history asserting that families rather than gunslingers were the key players; discusses explorers, fur trappers, clergy, the Gold Rush, and the building of communities+-+6843814006135410ocn000338757book19660.24Udall, Stewart LThe national parks of America8547ocn000232380book19680.47Udall, Stewart L1976: agenda for tomorrow8088ocn000995211book19740.33Udall, Stewart LThe energy balloon7102ocn000215491book19710.21Udall, Stewart LAmerica's natural treasures; national nature monuments and seashoresVivid photographs and descriptive text capture the beauty of America's scenic wonders and wildlife6972ocn014133047book19870.22Udall, Stewart LTo the inland empire : Coronado and our Spanish legacyHistoryPictorial worksTraces the explorations of the conquistador Coronado throughout the American Southwest and illustrates the land and its Spanish legacy in numerous photographs6904ocn502024348visu20100.21Earth daysHistoryNonfiction television programsDocumentary television programsHistorical television programs"[This program] looks back to the dawn and development of the modern environmental movement -- from its post-war rustlings in the 1950s and the 1962 publication of Rachel Carson's incendiary bestseller 'Silent Spring' to the first wildly successful 1970 Earth Day celebration and the subsequent firestorm of political action."--Container5442ocn000280448book19630.33Hyde, PhilipThe last redwoods : photographs and story of a vanishing scenic resourcePictorial works3722ocn000512866book19670.66Potomac Planning Task ForceThe Potomac : a report on its imperiled future and a guide for its orderly development3566ocn017954401book19630.47Udall, Stewart LThe quiet crisis and the next generationHistory2954ocn028474574book19930.18Muench, DavidNational parks of AmericaSoftwareInteractive multimediaPictorial worksOutstanding photographs accompany the insightful text of two of the nation's most avid environmentalists in this celebration of America's boundless beauty and grandeur+-+39763130062681ocn000031425book19690.06Murphy, RobertA heritage restored : America's wildlife refugesJuvenile works2639ocn071819581rcrd19880.16Leopold, AldoA Sand County almanacGuidebooksIn 1935 Aldo Leopold bought 80 acres of badly eroded farmland along a bend of the Wisconsin River. Leopold and his family began to manage and restore the land. Written with the knowledge of a scientist and the eye of a poet+-+78252334063241821ocn021410713book19900.37Beyond the mythic West1242ocn032547751book19950.28Udall, Stewart LMajestic journey : Coronado's inland empireHistoryPictorial worksTraces the explorations of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado who, in 1540, began his journey in what is now the American Southwest+-+70378654351093ocn428819577visu20090.47A sense of wonder two interviews with Rachel CarsonBiographyDramaFilm adaptationsA documentary style film, which depicts Rachel Carson in the final year of her life. Struggling with cancer and in the wake of the uproar after the publication of her book Silent spring, she recounts with both humor and anger the attacks by the chemical industry, the government, and the press as she focuses her limited energy to get her message to Congress and the American people1041ocn029246949book19930.23Arizona, wild & freePictorial works734ocn024394292book19840.31Udall, Stewart LIn Coronado's footsteps631ocn032032929book19940.23Houk, RoseThe Four corners Anasazi : a guide to archeological sites+-+35446791453249602ocn029258582book19940.29Udall, Stewart LThe myths of August : a personal exploration of our tragic Cold War affair with the atomHistoryThis is a devastating - but in the end hopeful - expose of America's atomic adventures from Hiroshima to the present, written by a former congressman, Secretary of the Interior, and longtime lawyer for victims of radiation exposure. With Hiroshima, the atomic age was born. But for an untold number of Americans, the brave new world that it was supposed to usher in became instead a world in which war, disease, and unnecessary death were common. In the name of "safeguarding" the nation from the Soviets, the United States knowingly exposed millions of its citizens to toxic radiation. Stewart Udall was one of the first lawyers to champion the cause of these Americans, and this extraordinary book is a result of that work. He takes us into the deserts where the tests were conducted, and to the ranches and towns where fallout killed thousands of animals and triggered epidemics of childhood leukemia. He introduces us to the widows of the Navajo men who developed cancer while mining uranium. He illuminates the ways in which "the cold warriors' contempt for restraint" poisoned our nation's politics as it poisoned its people. He reveals the human face associated with the arms race, and suggests how, with candor and just compensation, we can hasten the country's return to the principles that have always been its definition2295ocn122337885book20070.82Finch, L. BoydLegacies of Camelot : Stewart and Lee Udall, American culture, and the artsHistoryBiography"Selected as Secretary of the Interior by President John F. Kennedy, Stewart Udall had the idea to invite Robert Frost to take part in Kennedy's inauguration. Frost's unforgettable performance at that event set in motion cultural initiatives that led to the Kennedy Center, Wolf Trap Farm Park, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Humanities, and the revived Ford Theatre. In Legacies of Camelot, L. Boyd Finch describes the growing partnership between government and the arts during the Kennedy-Johnson years, a remarkable story that until now has received only cursory attention." "A friend and associate of the Udalls, Finch offers an insider's view of their roles in American cultural life, telling how the Arizonans brought their western heritage to Washington and, through their tireless efforts on behalf of artists both famous and unknown, helped spark a cultural renaissance in America."--BOOK JACKET+-+8423861535812ocn054805981book20040.82Sirgo, HenryEstablishment of environmentalism on the U.S. political agenda in the second half of the twentieth century : the brothers Udall+-+0308198225313ocn011904133book19610.94United StatesInterior nomination. Hearing before the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, Eighty-seventh Congress, first session, on the nomination of Stewart L. Udall to be Secretary of the Interior. Janury 13, 1961105ocn005953364mix19770.94LeUnes, Barbara Laverne BlytheThe conservation philosophy of Stewart L. Udall, 1961-1968103ocn045148068mix19990.95Bailey, James MichaelThe politics of dunes, redwoods, and dams : Arizona's "Brothers Udall" and America's national parklands, 1961-1969HistoryIncludes discussion of the controversial proposed Bridge Canyon Dam and Marble Canyon Dam on the Colorado River42ocn028733909mix19910.92Singer, RitaOral history interview with Rita SingerSinger discusses her law school experience in the 1930s as one of very few women; people in the Bureau of Indian Affairs including John Collier, William Brophy, Phileo Nash and handling Indian claims litigation in Alaska; World War II and Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman; Department of Interior issues and people including Harold Ickes, Stewart Udall, Cecil Andrus; the Bureau of Reclamation and the 160-acre limit, power and electrical utility law, water issues, the Westlands contract; the state of California Department of Water Resources and Ronald Robie21ocn140112667book20021.00Lee Udall : a remembranceBiography21ocn145771263fileOakes, John BJohn B. Oakes papersThe processed portion is summarized above and is described in the register. Additional accessions are described below21ocn028499618mix1.00Central Arizona Project AssociationCorrespondence, speeches, articles, reports, subject files, scrapbooks, and other records, relating to the association's promotional efforts toward establishing the Central Arizona Project. Includes material relating to Colorado River Storage Project, National Reclamation Association, Boulder Canyon Project, Arizona Water Resources Committee, Arizona State Reclamation Association, proposed Marble Canyon Dam, Colorado River Indian Reservation, Glen Canyon Dam, Yuma County, and Orme Dam. Persons represented include Paul J. Fannin, Morley Fox, Carl Trumbull Hayden, Rich Johnson, Ernest William McFarland, Lawrence Mehren, John Robert Murdock, John J. Rhodes, Morris K. Udall, Stewart L. Udall, and Jack Williams21ocn003083074visu19670.47Portrait of a cabinet member Stewart L. Udall, Secretary of the InteriorReviews the history of conservation in the United States and discusses the career, background, and typical work week of Secretary of the Interior Stewart L. Udall. Compares serving in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations; outlines the history, structure, and functions of the Department of Interior21ocn061104850book20001.00Bailey, James MichaelThe Udall brothers go to Washington : the formative years of Arizona's sibling politicians11ocn076835697com19610.47[Representative Peter H. Dominick and Secretary of the Interior Stewart L. Udall discuss the Colorado White Water Association]PhotographsCongressman Dominick (R-Colo.) and Interior Secretary Stewart Udall (right) stand together, discussing the Colorado White Water Association while holding papers. One item in the Congressman's left hand bears the name and logo of the Association. Colorado Whitewater (CWWA) was established in 1954 to promote the sport of whitewater paddling in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region11ocn881502833mix1.00Maroon, Fred JMaroon, Fred J. Photographic ArchivePhotographsThe archive is comprised of Maroon's over 50 years as a working photojournalist11ocn700283782rcrd20051.00Scurlock, DanDan Scurlock oral history interviewInterviewsOral history interview with Dan Scurlock conducted by David Marshall on Sept. 28, 2005. Dan Scurlock talks about growing up in Texarkana, Tex., and his work with the National Park Service. He sheds light on politics in the 1960s. Accompanied by 1 abstract11ocn144561009book2005Bailey, James MArizona's "Brothers Udall" and the Grand Canyon Dams controversy, 1961-1968History11ocn122561981mix1.00Shouse, Catherine FileneCollection documents Shouse's personal life as well as her volunteer and professional work and her support of the performing arts. Papers include correspondence, photographs, diaries, certificates, scrapbooks, financial records, travel diaries, obituaries, press releases, programs, maps, etc11ocn031769581mix1.00Tucson Council for Civic UnityRecordsArchivesRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, financial records, membership information, officers' files, meeting minutes, news clippings, publications, programs, legislative information and subject files relating to the civil rights mission of the agency. Includes materials pertaining to the Arizona Council for Civic Unity and Greater Phoenix Council for Civic Unity. Correspondence of the founder, Fred G. Holmes, with Louis Wirth of the American Council on Race Relations, Chicago. Publications of TCCU and ACCU. State legislative and local information on civil rights issues during the years of 1948-1966, including school desegregation, equal employment opportunities, and public accommodations12ocn038069673book1975Udall, Stewart LOral history interview : Stewart L. UdallHistoryInterviews11ocn051332239visuGiss, Harold CGiss political event photographsPhotographsSummary: Photographs taken at official political events mostly showing politicians at podiums or signing legislation. Politicians present include Wesley Bolin, Harry Truman, Burton S. Barr, Sam Goddard, Stewart Udall, Jack Williams, Paul Fannin, Carl Hayden, and various Yuma civic leaders and businessmen, taken from 1949 to 1972. There are images from the Morales Dam ceremony, Carl Hayden visiting the Yuma Proving Grounds, Yuma Silver Spur Rodeo attendants, and the 185th birthday of the U.S. Marine Corp in Yuma. Also present are photographs of the Arizona Senate from 1968 to 1972+-+6843814006+-+6843814006Thu Oct 16 15:53:40 EDT 2014batch31078