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Fri Mar 21 17:03:58 2014 UTClccn-n500503440.00Parker, Thomas H0.510.79History of the 51st regiment of P.V. and V.V., from its organization, at Camp Curtin, Harrisburg, Pa., in 1861, to its being mustered out of the United States service at Alexandria, Va., July 27th, 1865108869779n 5005034485366Parker, T. H.Parker, T.H.L.Parker, T. H. L. 1916-Parker, T. H. L. (Thomas Henry Louis), 1916-Parker, Thomas H. 1916-Parker, Thomas H. L.Parker, Thomas Henry L.Parker, Thomas Henry LouisParker, Thomas Henry Louis, 1916-lccn-n79123944Calvin, Jean1509-1564lccn-n79069765Barth, Karl1886-1968lccn-no93024271McCord, James I.(James Iley)1919-1990edtlccn-n81126162Torrance, Thomas F.(Thomas Forsyth)1913-2007edtlccn-n83064536Torrance, David W.(David Wishart)edtlccn-n79084784Jesus Christlccn-n85049221BudeĢ, Jean1515-1587lccn-n85049222Joan, Charles deactive 16th centurylccn-n95101560United StatesArmyPennsylvania Infantry Regiment, 51st (1861-1865)edtlccn-n90650927Parker, D. C.(David C.)edtParker, T. H. L.(Thomas Henry Louis)HistoryCommentariesSourcesChurch historyCriticism, interpretation, etcSermonsBiographyPersonal narrativesCalvin, Jean,Theology, DoctrinalEnglandReformationBible.--New TestamentBible.--RomansBarth, Karl,PreachingService (Theology)Bible.--Old TestamentGod (Christianity)--Knowableness--History of doctrinesBible.--PhilippiansBible.--ColossiansBible.--GalatiansBible.--EphesiansTheologyGod--History of doctrinesGod--KnowablenessChristologyJesus ChristGod (Christianity)--KnowablenessBible.--JohnAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)United StatesBible.--DanielPropheciesTheologiansGod (Christianity)--History of doctrinesUnited States.--Army.--Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment, 51st (1861-1865)Regimental historiesSwitzerland--GenevaBible.--Epistles of PaulInstitutio Christianae religionis (Calvin, Jean)PennsylvaniaBible.--Epistle of John, 1stReformed ChurchPennsylvania--Camp CurtinBible.--Epistles of JohnCalvinismCalvin, JeanGod--Knowableness--History of doctrinesWatercolor paintingMothers--MortalityCourtshipMiniature painters19161947195019521954195519561957195919601961196219651966196719681969197019711972197419751977197819791980198119821983198619871988199019921993199419951996199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201220139859106372BBX9418ocn000382589ocn005149043ocn468568238ocn468568247ocn464199970ocn463770777ocn613952759ocn799764192ocn797798086ocn006780753ocn027356369ocn001293989ocn057707756ocn057707364ocn237151814ocn078779139ocn440167215ocn786162152ocn000301827ocn719084767ocn719084693ocn721230906ocn866686931ocn866073001ocn310542711171731ocn001735505book19650.33Parker, T. H. LJohn Calvin : a biographyHistoryBiography"John Calvin was one of the most important leaders of the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation. In this revision of his major biography, T.H.L. Parker explores Calvin's achievement against the backdrop of the turbulent times in which he lived. With clear and concise explanations of Calvin's theology, analyses of his major works, and insights into his preaching, this work brings this important reformer and his world to life for today's readers."--Jacket+-+5636879115115816ocn650375118file19950.47Parker, T. H. LCalvin an introduction to his thoughtHistoryJohn Calvin (1509-64) influence reaches from the Reformation to Karl Barth and beyond. Outstanding as biblical scholar, preacher and practical Church reformer, Calvin intended all his work to serve the Word of God. Although couched in 16th century terms, his theology drew on the wealth of previous Christian thought and continues to be relevant to the situation of the Church today. This book is a comprehensive introduction to the whole range of Calvin's theology. Concentrating on Calvin's major work The Institutes of the Christian Religion, Parker explains it's relevance to Christians of all tim+-+K41819173592910ocn000382589book19660.47Parker, T. H. LEnglish reformersChurch historySources6977ocn000080389book19700.47Parker, T. H. LKarl Barth60018ocn000161495book19710.63Parker, T. H. LCalvin's New Testament commentariesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+143907911554711ocn001595007book19540.53Parker, T. H. LPortrait of Calvin42911ocn013424704book19860.63Parker, T. H. LCalvin's Old Testament commentariesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+K5490791154127ocn002621857book19660.59McCord, James IService in Christ; essays presented to Karl Barth on his 80th birthday31910ocn000387449book19590.63Parker, T. H. LCalvin's doctrine of the knowledge of God2946ocn025009210book19920.59Parker, T. H. LCalvin's preachingHistorySermons+-+64580791152909ocn008936198book19650.47Calvin, JeanThe epistles of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians and ColossiansCommentaries+-+06635375352748ocn008011314book19810.76Calvin, JeanIohannis Calvini Commentarius in epistolam Pauli ad RomanosCommentaries+-+23591595542535ocn013426099book19860.63Parker, T. H. LCommentaries on the Epistle to the Romans 1532-1542CommentariesBetween the years 1532 to 1542 no fewer than 35 commentaries on the Epistle to the Romans were published. This book focuses on 11 commentators, six Catholics and five Evangelicals, introducing each author and describing the history and fortunes of each of their books, throwing considerable light on religious disagreements before the Council of Trent+-+51184521053242037ocn000341865book19560.59Parker, T. H. LEssays in Christology for Karl Barth1938ocn004023504book19520.66Parker, T. H. LThe doctrine of the knowledge of God : a study in the theology of John Calvin17617ocn001663003book18690.79Parker, T. H. LHistory of the 51st regiment of P.V. and V.V., from its organization, at Camp Curtin, Harrisburg, Pa., in 1861, to its being mustered out of the United States service at Alexandria, Va., July 27th, 1865HistoryPersonal narratives16410ocn004581502book19470.63Parker, T. H. LThe oracles of God : an introduction to the preaching of John CalvinHistorySermons+-+66452627751356ocn027678097book19930.59Calvin, JeanDanielCommentaries+-+K50253753513111ocn006780753book19610.50Calvin, JeanThe gospel according to St. JohnCommentaries+-+7953537535998ocn042628868book19810.66Calvin, JeanCommentarius in Epistolam Pauli ad RomanosCommentaries+-+235915955411ocn037515294bookEldridge FamilyPapersDescription of Parker & Eldridge's work as miniature painters along the Atlantic seaboard, correspondence of Charles Eldridge while courting Frances Parker, and letter from W.F. Turney, a physician in Fairfield, Illinois11ocn071046516art1983Fielding, MantleParker, Thomas H+-+K418191735+-+K418191735Fri Mar 21 16:02:05 EDT 2014batch20061