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Fri Mar 21 17:03:08 2014 UTClccn-n500519620.47An interview with I. M. D. Little0.700.93Nuclear power and Italy's energy position,109000406n 5005196286894Little, I. M.Little, I. M. D.Little, I.M.D., 1918-Little, I. M. D. (Ian Malcolm David)Little, I. M. D. (Ian Malcolm David), 1918-Little, Ian.Little, Ian 1918-Little, Ian M.Little, Ian M. D.Little, Ian M. D. 1918-Little, Ian M. D., 1918-2012Little, Ian M. D. (Ian Malcolm David)Little, Ian M. D. (Ian Malcolm David), 1918-Little, Ian Malcolm DavidLittle, Ian Malcolm David, 1918-2012Little, J. M. D. 1918-Little, Jan Malcolm David 1918-リトル, I. M. Dlccn-n50005952Scott, Maurice FitzGeraldedtlccn-no97009628Clifford, J. M.(Juliet Mary)lccn-n82090263Joshi, Vijaylccn-n85378710Mirrlees, James A.clblccn-n79063039Scitovsky, Tiboredtlccn-n79043403World Banklccn-no97020231Rayner, A. C.(Anthony Clement)lccn-n80121449Mazumdar, Dipak1932-lccn-n82078620Page, John M.1949-edtlccn-n50039668Lal, DeepakedtLittle, I. M. D.1918-2012Case studiesHistoryDeveloping countriesEconomic policyEconomic historyEconomicsIndiaEconomic assistance, BritishEconomic developmentInternational economic relationsCost effectivenessEconomic assistanceGreat BritainIndustriesEconomics--PhilosophyEconomics--Moral and ethical aspectsPolitical science--PhilosophyCommerceCapital investmentsCapital--AccountingEconomic stabilizationStructural adjustment (Economic policy)InvestmentsCorporations--FinanceExternalities (Economics)Shadow pricesSmall businessAfrica, Sub-SaharanManufacturing industriesBig businessMalaysiaOil industries--Cost effectivenessFuel--PricesPower resourcesNuclear industryItalyPolitical ethicsImport quotasCommercial policyWelfare economicsLittle, I. M. D.,ManufacturesCapital investments--EvaluationEconomic development--Sociological aspectsMacroeconomicsPalm oilPricesNational incomeOld age pensions--ValuationPolitical scienceInternational trade19182012194919501953195719581959196019631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019821983198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920022003200420052006201210495118584330.1HC59.7ocn490625763ocn802959339ocn797387935ocn440964697ocn048339039ocn806378463ocn468472783ocn800003791ocn459690039ocn463044582151783ocn005269954book19500.66Little, I. M. DA critique of welfare economicsFirst published in 1950, A Critique of Welfare Economics was enormously influential. It was concerned with the exposition, criticism, and appreciation of the theory of economic welfare as it had been developed to that date. Now reissued to coincide with the publication of Professor Little's new volume, Ethics, Economics, and Politics. The Critique benefits from a new preface in which the author assesses the contribution that it made in the light ofsubsequent literature in the area. - ;A Critique of Welfare Economics was first published in 1950. It was concerned with the exposition, criticism+-+146637346593125ocn000915574book19650.70Little, I. M. DInternational aid; a discussion of the flow of public resources from rich to poor countriesHistory+-+394258757589023ocn049959322book20020.63Little, I. M. DEthics, economics, and politics : principles of public policyPublisher description: Little offers a new defence of a rule-based utilitarianism as a basis for assessing the role of the State and explains how the three disiplines of philosophy, economics and politics can be integrated to provide guidance on issues of public policy+-+895207446582414ocn008669635book19820.59Little, I. M. DEconomic development : theory, policy, and international relationsAfter four decades of theorizing, planning, and experiment, what lessons have been learned about the possibilities and limits of development economics? And what lessons remain to be learned - by the governments of developing countries and by the economists who advise them?68136ocn000958244book19740.63Little, I. M. DProject appraisal and planning for developing countries66324ocn000105648book19700.63Little, I. M. DIndustry and trade in some developing countries: a comparative studyIn this country, and especially since the second world war, industraialization in developing countries has typically ment import substitution. Industries have been set up to produce goods that were previously imported, and these goods have mainly been sold in the home market. Governments have ensured the profitability of these industries by protecting them against competing imports through tariffs and controls50414ocn028674833book19930.70World BankBoom, crisis, and adjustment : the macroeconomic experience of developing countriesCase studiesThis book reviews the macroeconomic experiences of eithteen developing countries and looks at the interplay between potitics and economics and the motivations for economic policies. The review primarily covers the turbulent years from 1974 to 1989 but sometimes looks back to 1965 and forward to 1992. The different policy reactions to external shocks are described. The four authors ask why experiences and policy reactions have differed among the countries and how growth rates were affected; they draw important lessons for the future and provide detailed analyses of inflation and stabilization episodes in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Mexico, and Turkey. Other large countries included in the study are India, Korea, Morroco, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Thailand. The authors examine why some countries have managed to maintain low inflation, and they compare exchange rate regimes. An entire chapter looks at the interplay between politics and economics, and the final chapter makes specific policy recommendations46526ocn028854356book19940.76Joshi, VijayIndia : macroeconomics and political economy, 1964-1991Case studies39416ocn003070632book19760.70Little, I. M. DUsing shadow pricesCase studies39015ocn000702714book19660.76Rayner, A. CHiggledy piggledy growth again: an investigation of the predictability of company earnings and dividends in the U. K., 1951-196136520ocn036557069book19960.79Joshi, VijayIndia's economic reforms, 1991-2001Focusing on the economic reforms introduced after the financial crisis of 1991, this is a follow-up study to an earlier work tracing India's economy up to 1991. The authors examine the different areas of the economy and outline the successes and effects of reform measures+-+532547346532434623ocn000228871book19640.76Little, I. M. DAid to Africa; an appraisal of U. K. policy for aid to Africa south of the Sahara34618ocn015696716book10000.73Little, I. M. DSmall manufacturing enterprises : a comparative study of India and other economies2534ocn000232017book19590.86Evely, RichardConcentration in British industry23716ocn000515283book19690.84Little, I. M. DA social cost benefit analysis of the Kulai Oil Palm Estate: West Malaysia21310ocn039130093book19980.86Ahluwalia I. JIndia's economic reforms and development : essays for Manmohan SinghManmohan Singh, b. 1932, Indian economist and prime minister of India; contributed articles1959ocn003126415book19530.86Little, I. M. DThe price of fuel1435ocn039868142book19990.92Little, I. M. DCollection and recollections : economic papers and their provenanceIan Little has been an important contributor to economic theory and its applications in the postwar era. His contributions to welfare economics and development economics have been especially influential. This book provides a fascinating insight into the personal and intellectual development of Professor Little, containing both the most important articles of his working life and autobiographical chapters+-+7970473465324975ocn001682547book19570.93Little, I. M. DNuclear power and Italy's energy position796ocn007154684book19800.81Scott, Maurice FitzGeraldThe case against general import restrictions2983ocn020012439book19900.79Public policy and economic development : essays in honour of Ian LittleThis is a volume of essays in honour of Ian Little, who was Professor of Economics at Oxford until 1975, and whose seminal work in the discipline - notably in the areas of public policy and economic development - spans over 30 years and is still continuing. The authors, all well known economists, provide pointers to help and influence policymakers in areas crucial to the economies of developing countries. Each chapter provides a succinct summing up of the literature, conveying the main ideas in the chosen area in a way that is accessible to the layperson as well as to the professional economist, keeping technical matter to a minimum. The volume as a whole covers issues of concern in both microeconomic and macroeconomic policy. These include: exchange rate policy, trade policy, problems of industrialization, foreign investment, taxation strategies, capital flows, and aspects of the interface between politics and economic policy. The collection begins with a personal memoir by Francis Seton and concludes with a bibliography of Little's published work+-+073037346521ocn316809975book19890.81Scott, Maurice FitzGeraldPublic policy and economic development : essays in honor of Ian Little+-+073037346511ocn863578396book20050.47Pattanaik, Prasanta KAn interview with I. M. D. Little+-+8952074465+-+8952074465Fri Mar 21 15:50:10 EDT 2014batch24723