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Fri Mar 21 17:12:49 2014 UTClccn-n500521770.10Paris, 24 March 1919, to [Otto M. Kling at J. & . W. Chester?],0.600.97Fugue pour piano (ca 1898) ; Rustiques : pour piano, op. 5 (1904-1906) ; Light : pour chant et piano, op. 19, no 1 (1918) ; Fanfare pour un sacre païen : 1921 /5740818Georges_Jean-Aubryn 5005217787101Aubrey, Georges Jean-, 1882-1950Aubry, G. J.Aubry, G. J. 1882-1950Aubry, G. Jean-.Aubry, G. Jean-, 1882-1950Aubry, G. Jean- (Georges Jean-), 1882-1950Aubry, Georges Jean-.Aubry, Georges Jean, 1882-1949Aubry, Georges Jean-, 1882-1950Aubry, Gérard JeanAubry, Gérard Jean-, 1882-1950Aubry, Jean,Aubry, Jean Fréderic EmileG. J.-A.G. J.-A. 1882-1950Jean-Aubrey, G. 1882-1950Jean-Aubrey, G. (Georges), 1882-1950Jean-Aubrey, Georges, 1882-1950Jean-Aubry, G.Jean-Aubry, G. 1882-1950Jean-Aubry, Gabriel.Jean-Aubry, Gabriel, 1882-1950Jean-Aubry, Georges.Jean-Aubry, Georges, 1882-1950Jean-Aubry, Gérard.Jean-Aubry, Gérard, 1882-1950Jean, Georges Aubry-lccn-n79054067Conrad, Joseph1857-1924hnrlccn-n79079443Falla, Manuel de1876-1946dnrlbtcmplccn-n81139753Boudin, Eugène1824-1898lccn-n50039264Larbaud, Valéry1881-1957lccn-n79045066Mallarmé, Stéphane1842-1898lccn-n86800028Schmit, Robertclblccn-n83197459Mondor, Henri1885-1962auiedtlccn-n79099210Laforgue, Jules1860-1887lccn-no93008301Trend, J. 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Jean-AubryRecords and correspondence9013ocn002863634book19370.76VoltaireLettres d'Alsace à sa nièce Madame DenisRecords and correspondence1192ocn033476039rcrd19950.63Falla, Manuel deMaster Peter's puppet show Psyché ; Concerto for harpsichordMusical settingsMusic1042ocn028383640rcrd19930.47Falla, Manuel deSiete canciones populares españolas Concerto ; El gran teatro del mundo ; PsychéMusical settings421ocn017790726score19870.97Roussel, AlbertFugue pour piano (ca 1898) ; Rustiques : pour piano, op. 5 (1904-1906) ; Light : pour chant et piano, op. 19, no 1 (1918) ; Fanfare pour un sacre païen : 1921Musical settingsManuscripts302ocn054268738book19710.86Larbaud, ValéryCorrespondance, 1920-1935 [de] Valéry Larbaud [et] G. Jean-AubryRecords and correspondence41ocn034668302score19080.92Caplet, AndréAngoisseMusical settings11ocn814299818rcrd20110.47Song repertory, spring 2011 symbolists poets of French mélodieMusical settings11ocn270582973book0.10Nin, JoaquínParis, 1921, 1927, and 1930, to Louise AlvarConcerning concert and travel plans, recalling at length his visit with her in London, mentioning Alicita Felici, [Georges] Jean-Aubry, Ernesto Halffter, Falla, the Anglo Spanish Music Society, Mrs. Sieff ("une riche juive" who has organized an "at home" with Spanish music sung by "notre 'diva' nationale Conchita Supervia" and accompanied by Nin), Sigrid and Charlie [Harding], and other persons, etc.; with a telegram from Alvar to Nin11ocn270582898book19170.10Newman, ErnestBrimingham, 17 and 24 March 1917, to C. Copeley HardingSaying that Bantock's Symphony makes a mixed impression on people--"For my part I like it very much"--, that he looks forward to meeting [Georges] Jean-Aubry with Harding next time Newman comes to London, and reporting that "Things really seem to be moving here at last, thanks largely to Beecham. If only the war would end."11ocn270566061book19200.10Durey, LouisSt. Tropez, Paris, Toulon, [and other places], 1920-1927, to Louise Alvar (one is to her husband, Charles Copeley Harding)Mostly of a social nature, accepting invitations, arranging travel and visiting plans, giving news of friends, family, and weather, saying he has finished his most important work--finally, he will no longer be called " 'l'auteur des Epigrammes de Théocrite'!"--, saying he has finished two Valéry songs, a sonatine for flute and piano, and begun a one-act drame lyrique on L'occasion (Mérimée), mentioning Bartók, Jean-Aubry, Ravel ("qui est si gentil et si simple"), Poulenc, Honegger, Roland-Manuel, Prunières [whose invitations Durey does not accept], [Stravinsky's] Sacre du printemps ("ce chef-d'oeuvre magnifique"), Berners, Evans, Kling, and others, etc11ocn221517750score19190.47Malipiero, Gian FrancescoKeepsake : Light ; Song ; StreamMusical settings11ocn270576690book19190.10Falla, Manuel deMadrid, Granada, Paris, and Rome, 1919-1927, to Mme Louise Alvar [Harding], (and to Mr. and Mrs. C[harles] Harding)Many of a social nature, discussing concert arrangements, his health, announcing the death of his mother, sending sympathy on the death of her father, thanking her for singing his "Séguidille" in Santa Barbara, mentioning his articles on Debussy and Grieg, El retablo [de maese Pedro], Chansons espagnoles, Vie brève [i.e. La vida breve], Alvar's proposed performance of Psyché (which Falla dedicated to Louise Alvar), [Georges] Jean-Aubry, Durey, Sigrid and Charley [Harding], Salazar, Zuloaga, Halffter, and other persons, etc11ocn270676532book0.10Tailleferre, GermaineParis and St. Jean de Luz, 1920-1921 [and n.d.], to Mme [Louise] AlvarSaying she is orchestrating her Fantaisie--"cela me donne beaucoup de mal ... c'est très désagréable quand on est si peu experimentée que moi de n'être guidée par personne pour un tel travail"--, saying she will show it to Stravinsky, that she is writing 5 Chants for violin and orchestra and has begun a quadrille for the Swedish ballet, that Durand is publishing her Quartet and paying her well, mentioning Cortot, Durey, Poulenc, Jean-Aubry, [Stravinsky's] Sacre du printemps--"Quelle oeuvre admirable!"--, Sigrid and Charley [Harding], etc11ocn270675849book19220.10Ravel, MauriceParis, Montfort l'Amaury, Madrid, London, and between Chicago and San Francisco, 1922-1931, to Louise AlvarMainly of a social nature, discussing his concert and travel plans, thanking her for hospitality and kindnesses, mentioning a rehearsal of his Tzigane with Pierné and Jelly d'Arányi, conducting his Valse in Cologne, accompanying his Chansons madécasses at Mrs. Coolidge's reception-concert, noting the differences in the productions of L'enfant [et les sortilèges] at the Monnaie in Brussels and the Opéra-Comique in Paris, mentioning [Georges] Jean-Aubry, Durey, Salazar, de Falla, Prunières, sending greetings to Sigrid and Charlie, etc11ocn270581663book19190.10Malipiero, Gian FrancescoParis, 24 March 1919, to [Otto M. Kling at J. & . W. Chester?]Saying he leaves for London on 30 March, asking him to inform M. [Jean-]Aubry and to let Malipiero know if he is in London, and asking that the reply be sent to Ricardo Viñes in Paris11ocn270576758book19150.10Fauré, Gabriel[n.p., Paris?, 1915]Of his article "Appel aux musiciens françaises" (Paris, 1916)11ocn270680527book19220.10Alvar, LouiseVentnor (Isle of Wight), London, Stockholm, Paris, Santa Barbara, [and other places], 1919-1930, to Manuel de FallaMany of a social nature, discussing travel and concert plans, saying she sang his "Séguidille" at a concert in Santa Barbara, that she has begun to study his Sept Chansons Espagnoles, mentioning his article on "Debussy et L'Espagne" in the Chesterian, the success of La vie brève [i.e. La vida breve], L'amor brujo in Nantes, and the dances from Tricorne in New York with Monteux, El retablo de maese Pedro, Psyché, Canciones populares, Louis Durey, [Georges] Jean[-Aubry], Ravel, Edward Clark, Goossens, Arbós, Salazar, Louis Fleury, Halffter, and others, etc11ocn612862731score19270.81Falla, Manuel dePsyché : poème [pour chant, flûte, harpe, violon, alto et violoncelle] de Monsieur Jean AubryMusical settings11ocn270581657book0.10Malipiero, Gian FrancescoVenice, Asolo, Rome, Milan, Paris, Naples, [and other places], 1919-1926, to Louise AlvarOf a social nature, discussing travel and concert plans, introducing the cellist Edoardo Guarnieri, the pianist Renata Borgatti (with an autograph note signed by her on her visiting card), the pianist Livio Boni, mentioning a performance his Pause del silenzio in Cincinnati, asking if she can find in London some subscribers to "une edition de luxe et hors commerce" of his San Francesco d'Assisi, asking permission to dedicate his "Keepsake" to her, mentioning his Sette canzoni, Le baruffe chiozzotte, Orfeo, his edition of Monteverdi's Orfeo, [Georges] Jean-Aubry, Durey, Kling at J. & W. Chester, and other persons, etc.; with typed and manuscript copies of three of Alvar's letters to Malipiero11ocn270675866book19280.10Ravel, MauriceNew Orleans, 5 April 1928, to Charlie Coppeley-Harding [i.e. Charles Alvar Harding] in LondonSaying that he has heard from Jean[-Aubry] that Charlie has been ill, expressing the hope that he is now better, discussing his American itinerary, etc11ocn012263327score19210.47Roussel, AlbertFlammes = FlamesMusical settingsFri Mar 21 15:18:26 EDT 2014batch44867