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Fri Mar 21 17:12:18 2014 UTClccn-n500531010.28Edith Stein, a biography /0.540.81Contemplating Edith Stein /44294144Edith_Steinn 5005310187974Benedicta a Cruce, s., 1891-1942Benedicta, germana, santa, 1891-1942Benedicta of the Cross, germana, santa, 1891-1942Benedicta of the Cross, Sister, Saint, 1891-1942Benedicta, Sister, Saint, 1891-1942Benedicta, svatá, 1891-1942Benedicta vom Kreuz, germana, santa, 1891-1942Benedicta vom Kreuz, sestra, svatá, 1891-1942Benedicta vom Kreuz, Sister, Saint, 1891-1942Benedikta od Križa, sanctaCruce, Teresia Benedicta a 1891-1942Cruz, Beata Teresa Benedicta de la 1891-1942Cruz, Beata Teresa Benedicta de la Stein, 1891-1942Edith, Stein, saintePosselt, RenataPosselt, Teresia Renata de Spiritu Sancto, SisterShutain, Ēdito 1891-1942Stein, Ed.Stein, EdithStein, Edith, 1891-1942Stein, Edith, Saint, 1891-1942Stein, Edith, santaStein, Edith, suora, 1891-1942Stein, Edith Theresa HedwingŠtein, Editos, 1891-1942Stein, Edyta.Stein, Edyta, 1891-1942Stein, Edyta, Saint, 1891-1942Stein, Edyta, santa, 1891-1942Steinová, Edita 1891-1942Štejn, Ėdit 1891-1942T. Benedicta a Cruce, 1891-1942T. Benedicta vom Kreuz 1891-1942Teresa Benedetta della Croce.Teresa Benedetta della Croce, s., 1891-1942Teresa Benedetta della Croce, sanctaTeresa Benedetta Della Croce, Sister, 1891-1942Teresa Benedetta della Croce, suor, 1891-1942Teresa Benedicta a Cruce OCD 1891-1942Teresa Benedicta av Korset, helgon, 1891-1942Teresa Benedicta de la Cruz, 1891-1942Teresa Benedicta de la Cruz, SantaTeresa Benedicta of the Cross, 1891-1942Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, germana, santa, 1891-1942Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, helgon, 1891-1942Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, Sister, 1891-1942Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, Sister, Saint, 1891-1942Teresa Benedykta od Krzyża 1891-1942Teresa Benedykta od Krzyża, Sister, Saint, 1891-1942Teresia Benedicta a CruceTeresia Benedicta a Cruce, 1891-1942Teresia Benedicta a Cruce, carmélite d'EchtTeresia Benedicta a Cruce, germana, santa, 1891-1942Teresia Benedicta a Cruce, s., 1891-1942Teresia Benedicta a Cruce (s. ; 1891-1942). [m]Teresia Benedicta, a Cruce, sainteTeresia Benedicta a Cruce sainte 1891-1942Teresia Benedicta a Cruce, sanctaTeresia Benedicta a Cruce, SantaTeresia Benedicta, a Cruce, Schwester, 1891-1942Teresia Benedicta a Cruce, Sister, 1891-1942Teresia Benedicta a Cruce, Sister, Saint, 1891-1942Teresia Benedicta vom Kreuz, 1891-1942Teresia Benedicta vom Kreuz, carmélite d'EchtTeresia Benedicta vom Kreuz, germana, santa, 1891-1942Teresia Benedicta vom Kreuz sainte 1891-1942Teresia Benedicta vom Kreuz, SantaTeresia Benedicta vom Kreuz, Sister, Saint, 1891-1942Teresia de Spiritu Sancto, Sister, O.D.C., b. 1891Teresia Renata de Spiritu Sancto, SisterTerezija Benedikta od Križa, svetaThérèse Bénédicte de la Croix, carmélite d'EchtThérèse-Bénedicte, de la Croix, sainteThérèse Bénédicte de la Croix sainte 1891-1942Thérèse Bénédicte de la Croix, SantaThérèse-Bénédicte de la Croix, Sister, 1891-1942Theresia Benedicta a Cruce 1891-1942シュタイン, エディットlccn-n80020563Carmelite Nunslccn-n84187955Herbstrith, Waltraudauicomedtcrelccn-n78080924Weil, Simone1909-1943lccn-no2004024839Borden, Sarah R.lccn-n83303944Gelber, Lucyauiedtlccn-n79041716Catholic Churchlccn-n85170762Leuven, Romaeusauiedtcrelccn-nr97006873Gerl-Falkovitz, Hannaauiothadpedtcrelccn-n98061046Neyer, Maria Amata1922-auiothadpedtcrelccn-n50023617Arendt, Hannah1906-1975Stein, EdithSaint1891-1942BiographyMeditationsIntroductionsHistoryStein, Edith,--Saint,Carmelite NunsGermanyPhilosophersWeil, Simone,Catholic convertsPhilosophyIndividualityEmpathyAutobiography--Women authorsHolocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)Frank, Anne,World War (1939-1945)Hillesum, Etty,EthicsWomenWomen and literatureJewish philosophersWomen philosophersEuropeJewish women in the Holocaust--BiographyArendt, Hannah,Philosophy, ModernPhenomenological psychologyTheology, DoctrinalSpiritual life--Catholic ChurchCatholic ChurchChristian converts from JudaismJewsFeminismWomen--EducationChristian women--Religious lifeOntologyJohn of the Cross,--Saint,TheologyMysticism--Catholic ChurchMysticismState, TheCatholicism-Judaism relationsJudaism--Relations--Catholic ChurchSocial psychologyPsychology and philosophyChristian philosophersChristian martyrsJudaism--Relations--ChristianityHeschel, Abraham Joshua,Theological anthropology--ChristianityChristianity and other religions--JudaismEmpathy--Religious aspects--ChristianityChristian hagiography18911942190019161917192219241925192819311932193419381942194619481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320142750713432839BB3332.S672ocn023346485ocn314838302ocn470519075ocn470519129ocn613761976ocn839954932ocn440279404ocn023197454ocn470430054ocn859369638ocn449932206ocn438786244ocn449916915ocn449931274ocn445098086ocn440228097ocn449884637ocn449906979ocn440282847ocn440953597ocn073743081ocn076558356ocn720403887ocn073743804ocn779159989ocn073716187ocn073341139ocn722446355ocn073743086ocn720406587ocn185681766ocn724776737ocn725031843ocn724015988ocn724875307ocn725031828ocn724850661ocn725261631ocn724016307ocn633218204ocn838023819ocn254165139ocn419959383ocn052078131ocn65882151278926ocn001284994book19640.66Stein, EdithOn the problem of empathy44114ocn014133970book19570.56Stein, EdithEssays on woman2957ocn001608498book19600.56Stein, EdithThe science of the Cross, a study of St. John of the Cross2092ocn024430853book19920.56Stein, EdithThe hidden life : hagiographic essays, meditations, spiritual textsMeditations+-+52616708451863ocn001109946book19560.53Stein, EdithWritingsHistory18023ocn003438687book19220.63Stein, EdithBeiträge zur philosophischen Begründung der Psychologie und der Geisteswissenschaften ; Eine Untersuchung über den Staat17531ocn073158386book19500.53Stein, EdithEndliches und ewiges Sein : Versuch eines Aufstiegs zum Sinn des Seins : Anhang, Martin Heideggers Existenzphilosophie, Die Seelenburg15235ocn058640899book19500.31Stein, EdithEdith Steins WerkeHistoryStudie van de in 1987 zaligverklaarde joodse carmelites over de mystiek van de 16e eeuwse kerkleraar en carmeliet1521ocn042397673book20000.59Stein, EdithKnowledge and faithAn anthology of work from the last twelve years of Stein's life as she tried to integrate phenomenology and Christianity+-+06216708451371ocn042923539book20000.59Stein, EdithPhilosophy of psychology and the humanities+-+682167084513512ocn011398111book19860.76Stein, EdithThe collected works of Edith Stein, Sister Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, Discalced Carmelite+-+68216708451342ocn049902888book20020.56Stein, EdithFinite and eternal being : an attempt at an ascent to the meaning of being+-+97816708451221ocn049894884book20020.53Stein, EdithThe science of the CrossOverview: To help celebrate the fourth centenary of the birth of St. John of the Cross in 1542, Edith Stein received the task of preparing a study of his writings. She uses her skill as a philosopher to enter into an illuminating reflection on the difference between the two symbols of cross and night. Pointing out how entering the night is synonymous with carrying the cross, she provides a condensed presentation of John's thought on the active and passive nights, as discussed in The Ascent of Mount Carmel and The Dark Night. All of this leads Edith to speak of the glory of resurrection that the soul shares, through a unitive contemplation described chiefly in The Living Flame of Love. In the summer of 1942, the Nazis without warrant took Edith away. The nuns found the manuscript of this profound study lying open in her room. Because of the Nazis' merciless persecution of Jews in Germany, Edith Stein traveled discreetly across the border into Holland to find safe harbor in the Carmel of Echt. But the Nazi invasion of Holland in 1940 again put Edith in danger. The cross weighed down heavily as those of Jewish birth were harassed. Sr. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross's superiors then assigned her a task they thought would take her mind off the threatening situation. The fourth centenary of the birth, of St. John of the Cross (1542) was approaching, and Edith could surely contribute a valuable study for the celebration. It is no surprise that in view of her circumstances she discovered in the subject of the cross a central viewpoint for her study. A subject like this enabled her to grasp John's unity of being as expressed in his life and works. Using her training in phenomenology, she helps the reader apprehend the difference in the symbolic character of cross and night and why the night-symbol prevails in John. She clarifies that detachment is designated by him as a night through which the soul must pass to reach union with God and points out how entering the night is equivalent to carrying the cross. Finally, in a fascinating way Edith speaks of how the heart or fountainhead of personal life, an inmost region, is present in both God and the soul and that in the spiritual marriage this inmost region is surrendered by each to the other. She observes that in the soul seized by God in contemplation all that is mortal is consumed in the fire of eternal love. The spirit as spirit is destined for immortal being, to move through fire along a path from the cross of Christ to the glory of his resurrection+-+168167084511514ocn061431998book19980.63Stein, EdithPotenz und Akt : Studien zu einer Philosophie des Seins11218ocn025124284book19910.63Stein, EdithEinführung in die PhilosophieIntroductions10413ocn255680893book19240.56Stein, EdithEine Untersuchung über den Staat10122ocn011858059book19500.59Stein, EdithKreuzeswissenschaft; Studie über Joannes a Cruce9415ocn061410080book19940.73Stein, EdithWas ist der Mensch? : theologische Anthropologie8010ocn048244679book20010.59Stein, EdithBildung und Entfaltung der Individualität : Beiträge zum christlichen Erziehungsauftrag7923ocn248856927book19640.56Stein, EdithAus dem Leben einer jüdischen Familie : und weitere autobiographische BeiträgeBiography10104ocn275587930file20030.50Borden, Sarah REdith SteinBiography+-+57170917359173ocn012237885book19850.28Herbstrith, WaltraudEdith Stein, a biographyBiographyA biography of Edith Stein, a Jewish woman who converted to Catholicism, became a nun, and went on to achieve success in the world of German philosophy, only to lose her life at Auschwitz after she was arrested by the Nazis for refusing to deny her Jewish heritage+-+85695234357503ocn820732417file20100.56Borden, Sarah RThine own self individuality in Edith Stein's later writings+-+17316786357183ocn034767437book19970.59Brenner, Rachel FeldhayWriting as resistance : four women confronting the Holocaust : Edith Stein, Simone Weil, Anne Frank, Etty HillesumHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographySourcesIn this account of the life, work, and ethics of four Jewish women intellectuals in the world of the Holocaust, Rachel Feldhay Brenner explores the ways in which these women sought to maintain their faith in humanity while aware of intensifying destruction. She argues that through their written responses of autobiographical self-assertion Edith Stein, Simone Weil, Anne Frank, and Etty Hillesum resisted the Nazi terror in ways that defy its horrifying dehumanization. Personal identity crises engendered the intellectual-spiritual acts of autobiographical self-searching for each of these women. About to become a nun in 1933, Edith Stein embarked on her autobiography as a daughter of a Jewish family. Fleeing France and deportation in 1942, Simone Weil examined her inner struggle with faith and the Church in her "Spiritual Autobiography." Hiding for more than two years in the attic, Anne Frank confided in her diary about her efforts to become a better person. Having volunteered as a social worker in Westerbork, Etty Hillesum searched her soul for love in the reality of terror. In each case, autobiographical writing becomes an act of defiance that asserts humanity in a dehumanized/dehumanizing world. --From publisher's description+-+38716562753247024ocn044632897book20000.47Courtine-Denamy, SylvieThree women in dark times : Edith Stein, Hannah Arendt, Simone Weil, or Amor fati, amor mundiBiography"Three women, all philosophers, all of Jewish descent, provide a human face for a decade of crisis in this powerful and moving book. The dark years when the Nazis rose to power are here seen through the lives of Edith Stein, a disciple of Husserl and author of La science et la croix, who died in Auschwitz in 1942; Hannah Arendt, pupil of Heidegger and Jaspers and author of Eichmann in Jerusalem, who unhesitatingly responded to Hitler by making a personal commitment to Zionism; and Simone Weil, a student of Alain and author of La pesanteur et la grace." "Following her subjects from 1933 to 1943, Sylvie Courtine-Denamy recounts how these three great philosophers of the twentieth century endeavored with profound moral commitment to address the issues confronting them."--BOOK JACKET+-+23023965356846ocn746790934com20060.35MacIntyre, Alasdair CEdith Stein a philosophical prologue+-+77564917353833ocn085690960book20070.73Calcagno, AntonioThe philosophy of Edith Stein+-+73485257353362ocn011371882book19860.53Stein, EdithLife in a Jewish family : her unfinished autobiographical accountBiography3093ocn059882004book20060.66MacIntyre, Alasdair CEdith Stein : a philosophical prologue, 1913-1922+-+K0449079252993ocn002996585book19550.47Graef, Hilda CThe scholar and the cross; the life and work of Edith SteinBiography2584ocn022115968book19900.59Koeppel, JosephineEdith Stein : philosopher and mysticHistoryBiography+-+19861143062552ocn048517006book20020.50Stein, EdithEdith Stein : essential writings+-+93790252062524ocn000781424book19520.50Teresia de Spiritu SanctoEdith Stein2441ocn030811974book19940.66The unnecessary problem of Edith Stein+-+K6323646352334ocn062509085book20060.81Contemplating Edith SteinBiography"Controversy surrounding the beatification and canonization of Edith Stein, a Catholic convert of Jewish heritage who was murdered at Auschwitz, has eclipsed scholarly and public attention to Stein's extraordinary development as a philosopher. Divided into three sections--biographical explorations, Stein's feminist theory and pedagogy, and her creative philosophical contributions--the sixteen essays in this volume represent the first comprehensive interdisciplinary analysis in English of Stein's life and philosophical writings."--Publisher's website+-+53367531752257ocn778314584book20120.76Palmisano, JosephBeyond the walls : Abraham Joshua Heschel and Edith Stein on the significance of empathy for Jewish-Christian dialogueJoseph Palmisano explores the interreligious significance of empathy for Jewish-Christian understanding. Drawing on the writings of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-1972) and Edith Stein (1891-1942), he develops a phenomenological category of empathy defined as a way of 're-membering' oneself with the religious other2071ocn016685264book19880.53Oben, Freda MaryEdith Stein : scholar, feminist, saintBiography+-+48705436352043ocn027725770book19930.53Stein, EdithSelf-portrait in letters, 1916-1942Records and correspondence+-+75716708453242023ocn002979180book19590.37Bordeaux, HenryEdith Stein: thoughts on her life and times1983ocn785780128file20070.63Maskulak, MarianEdith Stein and the body-soul-spirit at the center of holistic formation+-+0480495735+-+5261670845+-+5261670845Fri Mar 21 15:43:14 EDT 2014batch66941