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Fri Mar 21 17:14:49 2014 UTClccn-n500539050.00Draper manuscripts: Mecklenburg declaration papers,0.751.00Cortland advocate79393382Henry_S._Randalln 5005390588691Randall, Henry Stephens, 1811-1876lccn-n79089957Jefferson, Thomas1743-1826lccn-nr92036386Kendall, Geo. Wilkins(George Wilkins)1809-1867lccn-no96042415Brown, Harry Jamesedtlccn-n85221153Grigsby, Hugh Blair1806-1881lccn-n85097864Randall, S. S.(Samuel Sidwell)1809-1881lccn-n79117317Youatt, William1776-1847lccn-no89017154Spooner, W. C.(William Charles)1809?-1885edtlccn-n83045992New York State Agricultural Societylccn-n79084304Macaulay, Thomas Babington MacaulayBaron1800-1859lccn-nr2004016503Hatheway, S. G.(Samuel Gilbert)1780-1867Randall, Henry S.(Henry Stephens)1811-1876HistorySourcesRecords and correspondenceBiographyMiscellaneaConference proceedingsNewspapersUnited StatesJefferson, Thomas,SheepPolitical scienceSheep--BreedingTexasRanch lifeEducationSheep--DiseasesWool industryHorses--DiseasesRandall, Henry S.--(Henry Stephens),HorsesSchool librariesGrigsby, Hugh Blair,Tariff on woolBiographersSheep industryHatheway, S. G.--(Samuel Gilbert),Wool--PricesWool--GrowthWoolExport duties on woolUnited States.--ArmySouthern StatesNew York (State)Forms (Law)Horses--BreedingHorses--TrainingPoor lawsOhioNew York (State)--CortlandIndustrialistsIndustriesNew York (State)--Cortland CountyElementary school librariesMoral educationEducation--PhilosophyDemocracyPublic schoolsHoose, James H.--(James Harmon),Sheep breedsRandolph, Thomas Jefferson,Jefferson, Peter,Autographs--Collectors and collectingAutographsFederal governmentTilden, Samuel J.--(Samuel Jones),Democratic Party (U.S.)Thoreau, Henry David,18111876184318441848184918501851185218531854185518561857185818591860186218631864186518661867186818711874187518771879188018821883188418851886188819031911191419251935194119441952195519561959196519701972197819801986198819931999200820103544106302923.1E332ocn026643992110632ocn000933758book18570.66Randall, Henry SThe life of Thomas Jefferson+-+600855806632442441ocn017795750book18630.81Randall, Henry SThe practical shepherd a complete treatise on the breeding, management and diseases of sheep, with illustrations26315ocn866854016book18620.90Randall, Henry SFine wool, sheep husbandry+-+66136245962592ocn001382615book19590.70Kendall, Geo. WilkinsLetters from a Texas sheep ranch, written in the years 1860 and 1867HistorySources2287ocn011849716book18440.70Randall, S. SMental and moral culture, and popular education2256ocn011844701book18480.73Randall, Henry SSheep husbandry in the South comprising a treatise on the acclimation of sheep in the southern states and an account of the different breeds22030ocn002569945book18520.94Randall, Henry SSheep husbandry : with an account of different breeds18110ocn005121327book19520.81Randall, Henry SThe correspondence between Henry Stephens Randall and Hugh Blair Grigsby, 1856-1861HistoryRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence between Henry Stephens Randall and Hugh Blair Grigsby on the subject of Jefferson, Virginia history, progress of Randall's work, and early critical reaction to the Life of Thomas Jefferson1421ocn011844536book19700.53Randall, Henry SFine wool, sheep husbandry read before the New York State Agricultural Society, February 12th, 186210725ocn000479397book18500.96Youatt, WilliamYouatt on the structure and the diseases of the horse, with their remedies. Also, practical rules to buyers, breeders, breakers, smiths, etc., being the most important parts of the English ed. of "Youatt on the horse", somewhat simplified626ocn085794475book18670.94Randall, Henry SObituary of the late Maj. Gen. S.G. HathewayBiography454ocn005281345book19250.95Macaulay, Thomas Babington MacaulayWhat did Macaulay say about America? Text of four letters to Henry S. RandallMiscellanea142ocn669383619book18530.94New York (State)Poor laws of the State of New-York, containing the first six titles of chapter XX of the first part of the revised statutes, and such subsequent acts as relate to the support and management of the poor to which are added suitable forms with notes and explanations144ocn002592361book18540.95Youatt, WilliamYouatt on the structure and the diseases of the horse with their remedies112ocn794655179com18640.93Randall, Henry SAddress delivered before the Ohio Wool Growers' Association102ocn794820248com18640.88Randall, Henry SAddress delivered before the Ohio Wool Growers' Association, Columbus, January 6, 1864Conference proceedings92ocn749121186com18630.92Randall, Henry SFine wool sheep industry ... read before the New York State Agricultural Society, February 12th, 1862; with an appendix containing valuable statistics in reference to wool culture, imports, prices of fine wool from 1840 to August 1st, 1863, etc81ocn009840647serial1.00Cortland advocateNewspapers67ocn310637978book18580.24Randall, Henry SThe life of Thomas Jefferson51ocn038282297book18541.00Youatt, WilliamYouatt on the structure and the diseases of the horse with their remedies : also, practical rules to buyers, breeders, breakers, smiths, & c, being the most important parts of the English edition of "Youatt on the Horse" somewhat simplified704ocn000197439book19720.81Randall, Henry SThe correspondence between Henry Stephens Randall and Hugh Blair Grigsby, 1856-1861HistoryRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence between Henry Stephens Randall and Hugh Blair Grigsby on the subject of Jefferson, Virginia history, progress of Randall's work, and early critical reaction to the Life of Thomas Jefferson61ocn019373180book19880.23Industry and leaders in 19th century CortlandHistoryEight articles dealing with some of Cortland's more important nineteenth century industries and prominent citizens51ocn014005142book19440.97Macaulay, Thomas Babington MacaulayMacaulay on America : from a letter to Henry S. Randall, May 23, 185731ocn084566058book19411.00Macaulay, Thomas Babington Macaulay"On the durability of American institutions" : a letter written in 185732ocn021983541book19651.00Rhinesmith, William DonaldHenry Stephens Randall: nineteenth century democrat and biographer of Jefferson31ocn039358663book18831.00Catalogue of autograph letters, documents, manuscripts and papers : belonging to the estate of the late Hon. Henry S. Randall of Cortland, N.YCatalogs21ocn647975187mix18851.00Burns, Charles DeFLetter to Charles F. GuntherHe briefly discusses Colonel Thomas Jefferson Randolph, William Randolph, the Jefferson diary which his recipient has already purchased, Samuel Jones Tilden's collection of Jefferson manuscripts and Henry Stephens Randall's Jefferson collection which he purchased22ocn052249251book18581.00Emerson, Ralph WaldoLetter : Concord, Mass., to Henry S. RandallAutograph letter signed. Emerson inquires whether Randall still has a copy of "Documentary History of New York" to give away. Emerson would like to obtain a copy for his friend, Henry David Thoreau, who has expressed a strong interest in the work11ocn170883785art19140.10Herringshaw, Thomas WilliamRandall, Henry Stephens11ocn070982493mix1.00Trist, Nicholas PhilipNicholas Philip Trist papersHistoryNewspapersRecords and correspondenceFamily correspondents include Joseph Coolidge, David Meikleham, Thomas Jefferson Randolph, Thomas M. Randolph, Elizabeth House Trist, Hore Browse Trist, Virginia Jefferson Randolph Trist, and other members of the Trist and Randolph families. Other correspondents include Pedro M. Anaya, Charles Bankhead, Thomas Hart Benton, Arthur Brisbane, James Buchanan, Henry Clay, John A.G. Davis, F.M. Dimond, Andrew Jackson Donelson, Percy Doyle, Robley Dunglison, John P. Emmet, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Reverdy Johnson, Robert E. Lee, Edward Livingston, Louis McLane, Alexander Slidell Mackenzie, Dolley Madison, James Madison, James Monroe, Robert Dale Owen, José Ramón Pacheco, James Parton, Manuel de la Peña y Peña, Matthew Calbraith Perry, Gideon Johnson Pillow, James K. Polk, Henry Stephens Randall, Thomas Ritchie, William C. Rives, Antonio López de Santa Anna, Winfield Scott, Thomas Shankland, Persifor Frazer Smith, Edward Spalding, Edward Thornton, George Tucker, and Martin Van Buren11ocn063938755mix1.00Dexter, S. NewtonSimon Newton Dexter papersCorrespondents also include, T. W. Lockwood, E. T. Throop Martin, Simon Matteson, Charles Moseley, Isaac Northrup, George W. Patterson, John B. Pease, George T. Perry, Jonas Pratt, Thadeus Pomeroy, Benjamin Poor, Josiah Porter, Henry S. Randall, B. W. Raymond, R. J. Renwick, P. V. Rogers, James Satterlee, Peter B. Schenck, Alexander Seward, Charles and Henry Seymour, C. S. Shurman, Derick Sibley, Theodore Sill, John Slade, Ambrose Spencer, J. A. Spencer, Theodore Spencer, J. D. Steele, B. F. Stillman, William M. Tallman, Comfort Tyler, Stephen Van Rensselaer, Abraham Varick, Charles D. and William Walcott, A. J. Waldron, Ezra Weeks, John A. and W. B. Welles, Edward A. Wetmore, Andrew White, John Williams, Samuel Woodsworth, and R. L. Yarwood11ocn808026832art1956New Letters Between Hugh Blair Grigsby and Henry Stephens Randall, 1858-186111ocn808061469art1993Corporation for Jefferson's Poplar ForestJefferson decided to build a retreat at Poplar Forest and solved the National debt during the same visitHistory11ocn053284409mix18851.00Burns, Charles DeF.?Letter to unidentified recipientBurns is sending for inspection the last items from his catalogue and in addition all his remaining Jefferson items including memos and accounts of Thomas Jefferson, account books of Peter Jefferson, records of temperatures in Philadelphia, July 1776, and a manuscript of "Rules and proceedings of the U.S. Senate," all of which he is offering for sale privately to avoid the annoyance of multiple disappointed buyers11ocn808026663art1965Rhinesmith, William DonaldHenry Stephens Randall and his Life of Thomas Jefferson12ocn155421063mix1.00Geddes, GeorgeGeorge Geddes papersCorrespondence, land records, and other papers of Geddes, who lived in Onondaga County, New York. Chief correspondents include Gerrit Smith, John Wilkinson, Henry S. Randall, Frederick Law Olmsted, Harvey Baldwin, John Pringle Jones, James Porter, and William Jerome11ocn060932295art1999Randall, Henry Stephens11ocn318327792mixHistoryCorrespondence before, during, and after the Civil War from: John H. Hobart Ward to James M. Cook and Jesse K. Furlong; George D. Wells to George E. Warren; Henry W. Wessells to Horatio C. King and Henry Storm; Prosper M. Wetmore to Henry S. Randall; William D. Whipple to Horatio C. King; Joseph N.G. Whistler to John T. Sprague; Harry White to Henry Storm; and Robert H.K. Whiteley to John Watts De Peyster11ocn710983351mix1.00Macaulay, Thomas Babington MacaulayThomas Babington Macaulay lettersHistoryThomas Babington Macaulay (1st Baron Macaulay) was a British poet, historian, and Whig politician. He held political office in Britian as Secretary at War between 1839 and 1841 and Paymaster-General between 1846 and 1848. This collection consists of four letters written from Macaulay to Henry S. Randall11ocn145788284mixDraper, Lyman CopelandDraper manuscripts: Mecklenburg declaration papersHistoryPapers, mainly Draper's notes and correspondence, collected during his research and writing on the Mecklenburg Declaration controversy including the sources used in his proposed book (Draper Mss FF), and biographical and genealogical research correspondence+-+6613624596+-+6613624596Fri Mar 21 15:49:37 EDT 2014batch25313