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(Henry Playford), b. 1657Playford, Henry, b. 1657lccn-n79095298Purcell, Henry1659-1695edtlccn-n82227325D'Urfey, Thomas1653-1723edtlccn-n50019902Playford, John1623-1686?pbllccn-n85116257Hove, Frederick Hendrick van1628?-1698lccn-n80166827Blow, John-1708lccn-n89625964Courteville, Raphaelfl. 1687-ca. 1735lccn-n82101123Dart, Thurston1921-1971edtlccn-n85311173Merchant Taylors' Company (London, England)lccn-n84133092Ward, PatienceSir1629-1696viaf-6317691Jordan, Thomas1612?-1685?Playford, Henry1657-PeriodicalsBibliography‡vCatalogsNewspapersHandbooks, manuals, etcControversial literatureEnglandEnglish wit and humorSongs, EnglishViolin musicDanceCountry-dances (Music)Ballads, EnglishSongs (High voice)Hymns, EnglishSongs with continuoAnthemsSacred vocal musicPart songs, SacredChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices) with continuoChoruses, Sacred, with organEngland--LondonChoruses, Sacred, with continuoDance musicMerchant Taylors' Company (London, England)Ward, Patience,--Sir,PageantsDryden, John,LiteratureMusic--Instruction and studyEnglish literatureBooksellers' catalogsFlute musicVocal duets with continuoPlayford, Henry,Playford, John,English poetryIncidental music--ExcerptsMusic publishingSacred songs with continuoMusic publishersMurrie, Eleanore BoswellHymnsChurch musicChoruses, SacredSongs with pianoPearson, William,Folk dancingVocal duets, UnaccompaniedViolin--Instruction and studySongs with luteGreat BritainKeats, John,Music printingCrashaw, Richard,English poetry--Early 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.73Playford, HenryWit and mirth ; or pills to purge melancholy being a collection of the best merry ballads and songs, old and new. ... having each their proper tune3443ocn001192676score19590.63D'Urfey, ThomasWit and mirth: or, Pills to purge melancholy32126ocn001651303score17030.76Playford, HenryHarmonia sacra23617ocn083518306file17030.73Harmonia sacra or, divine hymns and dialogues ; with a through-bass for the theorbo-lute, bass viol, harpsichord, or organ. Composed by the best masters of the last and present age. The words by several learned and pious persons. The first book2357ocn012258465score16890.93Playford, HenryThe Banquet of musick, or, A Collection of the newest and best songs sung at court and at publick theatres. with a thorow-bass for the theorbo-lute, bass-viol, harpsichord, or organ23316ocn536821409file17060.73Playford, HenryWit and mirth or pills to purge melancholy; being a choice collection of the best merry ballads ... Being carefully corrected by Mr. J. Lenton. Vol. IV2269ocn001635177serial0.92The Diverting postPeriodicalsNewspapers21612ocn008698484book17180.70Playford, HenrySongs compleat, pleasant and divertive set to musick by Dr. John Blow, Mr Henry Purcell, and other excellent masters of the town ; ending with some orations, made and spoken by me several times upon the publick stage in the theater ; together with some copies of verses, prologues, and epilogues, as well for my own plays as those of other poets, being all humerous and comical+-+751043596632419312ocn012359557book17000.88Roper, AbelLuctus britannici, or, The tears of the British muses for the death of John Dryden, Esq., late poet laureat to Their Majesties, K. Charles and K. James the Second18714ocn839000581file16880.63Playford, HenryThe Banquet of musick, or, A Collection of the newest and best songs sung at court and at publick theatres : being most of them within the compass of the flute, with a thorow-bass for the theorbo-lute, bass-viol, harpsichord, or organ1586ocn012936173score16880.88Playford, HenryThe banquet of musick, or, A collection of the newest and best songs sung at court, and at publick theatres with a thorow-bass for the theorbo-lute, bass-viol, harpsichord, or organ1575ocn012929689score16900.90Playford, JohnApollo's banquet containing instructions, and variety of new tunes, ayres, jiggs, and several new Scotch tunes for the treble-violin : to which is added, the tunes of the newest French dances, now used at court and in dancing schoolsContains works by S. Akeroyde, Banister, G.B. Draghi, Dyer, Farmer, Mountfort, Paisible, Purcell, anon15515ocn011880824score16880.92Playford, HenryHarmonia sacra, or, Divine hymns and dialogues with a thorow-bass for the theorbo-lute, bass-viol, harpsichord, or organ1555ocn013312240book16800.88Jordan, ThomasLondon's glory, or, The Lord mayor's show containing an illustrious description of the several triumphant pageants, on which are represented emblematical figures, artful pieces of architecture, and rural dancing, with the speeches spoken in each pageant : also, three new songs, the first in praise of the Merchant-Taylors, the second the Protestants exhortation, and the third the plotting papists litany, with their proper tunes either to be sung or play'd : performed on Friday, October XXIX. 1680 : for the entertainment of the Right Honourable Sir Patience Warde ... : at the proper cost and charges of the Right Worshipful Company of Merchant-TaylorsControversial literature15318ocn606865251file16900.84Playford, JohnThe dancing-master, or, Directions for dancing country dances with the figure and tunes to each danceHandbooks, manuals, etcOriginally published in 1650 under the title of The English dancing master, this work went through numerous editions from 1652 to 1728, first by John Playford (1623-1686?), then by Henry Playford, and, after 1706, by the publisher John Young. The treatise is considered an important work on English country dance, a form of dance where couples perform a series of set patterns. The work utilizes a rudimentary dance notation, and page one of the treatise is devoted to an explanation of the symbols. Each of the 360 dances contained in this last edition is given appropriate music, in the form of a treble line. Most of the dances are designated for longways sets of three couples, four couples, or "as many as will."1394ocn014520461score19830.90Playford, HenryThe Theater of music1279ocn013357317score16850.92Playford, HenryThe theater of music, or, A choice collection of the newest and best songs sung at the court and public theaters the words composed by the most ingenious wits of the age, and set to music by the greatest masters in that science : with a theorbo-bass to each song for the theorbo or bass-viol : also symphonies and retornels in 3 parts to several of them for the violins and flutes1212ocn012591823book16900.93A curious collection of musick-books, both vocal and instrumental, (and several rare copies in three and four parts, fairly prick'd) by the best masters formerly designed to have been sold by way of auction, but the reason of its being put off, was, that several gentlemen, lovers of musick, living remote from London, having a desire for some of this collection, and could not be there, they are here set down in order, with the rates, being lower than could be afforded otherwise : the collection is to be sold by Henry PlayfordBibliography Catalogs1205ocn012431439book16960.90Playford, HenryThe Second part of The dancing master, or, Directions for dancing country dances with the tunes to each dance for the violin or flute ... : all new dances never before printed1199ocn642499304file17090.73Playford, HenryWit and mirth or pills to purge. Melancholy ; being a choice collection of the best merry ballads, and above a hundred of the best songs, old and new. Fitted to all Humours having each their proper Tune for either Voice, or Instrument. The second edition with additions. Being carefully corrected by Mr. J. Lenton. Vol. IV685ocn001322783book19360.88Day, Cyrus LawrenceEnglish song-books, 1651-1702, and their publishersBibliography146ocn015376409book19850.79Harvey, D. RHenry Playford a bibliographical studyHistoryBibliography103ocn016441265art19371.00Day, Cyrus LawrencePlayford versus Pearson71ocn016345948art19361.00Day, Cyrus LawrenceEnglish song-books, 1651-1702, and their publishersBibliography11ocn021481380book19571.00Berger, Virginia BairdHenry Playford, London music publisher (1685-1707)11ocn858362396score19810.47Butt, JamesFor your delightMusical settings+-+7510435966324+-+7510435966324Fri Mar 21 15:59:22 EDT 2014batch28427