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Fri Mar 21 17:05:49 2014 UTClccn-n500005560.07Orthodox Christians in America /0.470.97L'Ottoeco nei mss. melurgici /149459646n 50000556210156784444188444419210156184444218444420210153736270210153110013122054345210155521015722101542Biserica OrtodoxăEastern Orthodox ChurchGreek ChurchHoly Orthodox Catholic Apostolic ChurchHoly Orthodox Eastern Catholic and Apostolic ChurchKanīsah al-SharqīyahKanīsat al-Masīḥ al-Sharqīyah al-UrthudhuksīyahOrthodoxos Katholikē EkklēsiaOrthodoxos Katholikē kai Anatolikē EkklēsiaPravoslavnai︠a︡ vostochnai︠a︡ t︠s︡erkovʹTung cheng chiao.كنيسة الشرقية الارثوذكسيةnc-russkaia pravoslavnaia tserkovRusskai︠a︡ pravoslavnai︠a︡ t︠s︡erkovʹlccn-n79041716Catholic Churchlccn-n50036613Meyendorff, John1926-1992edtlccn-n50058097KallistosBishop of Diokleia1934-trlnc-orthodoxos ekklesia tes helladosOrthodoxos Ekklēsia tēs Helladoslccn-n80126315World Council of Churcheslccn-n81082943Constantelos, Demetrios J.hnrlccn-n50028781Dvornik, Francis1893-1975lccn-n50074808Shmeman, Aleksandr1921-1983lccn-n50021007Benz, Ernst1907-1978edtOrthodox Eastern ChurchSourcesHistoryPrayersOrthodox Eastern ChurchTheology, DoctrinalUnited StatesBishopsByzantine EmpireOrthodox Eastern Church membersChristian union--Orthodox Eastern ChurchAleuts--MissionsTravelRusskai︠a︡ pravoslavnai︠a︡ t︠s︡erkovʹAlaskaInnokentiĭ,--Saint, Metropolitan of Moscow and Kolomna,Women in the ecumenical movementFeminism--Religious aspects--Orthodox Eastern ChurchWomen in the Orthodox Eastern ChurchGreeceChristian saintsSerbiaSrpska pravoslavna crkvaVelimirović, Nikolaj,Schism--Eastern and Western ChurchDe opinationibus (Allacci, Leone)FolkloreGreece--KykladesGreece--ChiosBuddhism--Customs and practicesOrthodoxos Ekklēsia tēs HelladosChurch history--Study and teachingUkraineReligionRussiaReligion and cultureCatholic Church-Orthodox Eastern Church relationsPopes--PrimacyEastern churchesWorld Council of ChurchesLiturgicsRussia (Federation)God (Christianity)Church historyEastern churches--DoctrinesEcumenical movementLent--LiturgyFasts and feasts--Orthodox Eastern ChurchAleuts--ReligionNorth AmericaHymns, GreekChoruses, Sacred (Men's voices), UnaccompaniedVespers (Music)Byzantine chants1522152315381545156015621597159816001602161816201621162316261627163416351643164416481650165516661670167616781679168016861692169817001709172217511759176217721805181318221824182618271828183118341835183718381839184118421843184418461847184818491850185118521853185418551856185818591860186118621863186418651866186718681869187018711872187318751876187718781879188018811883188418861888188918901891189218931894189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141916191719181919192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193919401941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201410606820164124264.019BX350.A52331ocn005800813book19780.59The Orthodox Church in the ecumenical movement : documents and statements 1902-1975HistorySources1692ocn004464405book19770.59Orthodox Eastern ChurchThe festal Menaion1622ocn031139215book19940.56Orthodox visions of ecumenism : statements, messages and reports of the ecumenical movement, 1902-1992HistorySources+-+75356907371497ocn001251799book19390.70Orthodox Eastern ChurchThe Orthodox liturgy, being the divine Liturgy of S. John Chrysostom and S. Basil the Great according to the use of the Church of Russia1153ocn008389474book19770.56Orthodox Eastern ChurchThe Lenten Triodion+-+6807666205324853ocn811642696file19640.84Orthodox Eastern ChurchVêspres monastiques russes671ocn000016160book19690.81Orthodox Eastern ChurchThe offices of the Oriental Church, with an historical introd602ocn004100548book19340.63Orthodox Eastern ChurchOde in honour of the Holy Immaculate Most Blessed Glorious Lady Mother of God and ever Virgin Mary491ocn010255159rcrd19790.88The Night before Easter411ocn005162021book19680.96Orthodox Eastern ChurchBolonski psaltir : bŭlgarski knizhoven pametnik ot XIII vek353ocn008652555book19340.81Orthodox Eastern ChurchOde in honour of the Holy Immaculate Most Blessed Glorious Lady Mother of God and ever Virgin Mary, written on the occasion of the deliverance of Constantinople from the barbarians. A.D. 626351ocn004690187book19600.63Orthodox Eastern ChurchHymnen der Ostkirche : Dreifaltigkeits-, Marien- und Totenhymnen333ocn001434934book19570.88Orthodox Eastern ChurchUn office byzantin d'exorcisme : (ms. de la Lavra du Mont Athos, [theta] 20)312ocn004104035book0.70Orthodox Eastern ChurchDie Ostkirche betet, Hymnen aus den Tagzeiten der byzantinischen Kirche292ocn002431740book19070.95Orthodox Eastern ChurchIl menologio di Basilio II (cod. vaticano greco 1613)251ocn006294597book0.79Orthodox Eastern ChurchDer orthodoxe Gottesdienst234ocn003214099book16430.92Orthodox Eastern Church[Archieratikon (romanized form)] : Liber pontificalis Ecclesiae graecae. Nunc primum ex regiis ms. euchologijs, aliisque probatissimis monumentis collectus, latina interpretatione, notis ac observationibus antiquitatis ecclesiasticae plenissimis illustratus.222ocn003143740score19550.97Orthodox Eastern ChurchL'Ottoeco nei mss. melurgici201ocn003605259book19700.86Orthodox Eastern ChurchMenologii anonymi Byzantini saeculi X quae supersunt : fasciculos duos sumptibus Caesareae Academiae Scientiarum e Codice Mosquensi 376 Vlad.157ocn608815796book19060.63Orthodox Eastern ChurchService book of the Holy Orthodox-Catholic Apostolic ChurchPrayers236149ocn028615194book19630.32KallistosThe Orthodox ChurchHistoryOrthodoxy continues to be a subject of enormous interest among western Christians, and the author believes that an understanding of its standpoint is necessary before the Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches can be reunited+-+8101965965164016ocn012262972book19850.56Hussey, J. MThe Orthodox Church in the Byzantine EmpireHistoryChurch historyThis title describes the role of the medieval Orthodox Church in the Byzantine Empire (c.600-c.1453), discussing landmark events in ecclesiastical affairs, the influence of the Church on the West, its officials and organization, and the spirituality of laity, monks and clergy+-+410917346532414395ocn624303097file19950.37FitzGerald, Thomas EThe Orthodox ChurchBiography DictionariesThe first comprehensive introduction to the Orthodox Church in the United States from 1794 to the present, this text offers a succinct overview of the Church's distinctive history and its particular perspectives on the Christian faith. FitzGerald examines the relationship between the Orthodox Church and other Christian churches in the U.S., as well as the contributions the Orthodox Church has made to the ecumenical movement. This student edition, ideal for classes in American Religion, Denominational History, and American social and cultural history, includes a bibliographic essay intended as+-+9637178685324121414ocn001135795book19740.56Meyendorff, JohnByzantine theology : historical trends and doctrinal themesHistory+-+421457873512036ocn040830271book19990.07Erickson, John HOrthodox Christians in AmericaHistoryChurch historyJuvenile worksTraces the evolution of the Orthodox Christian faith in America from its origins in the late 1700s through the 1990s, highlighting notable events and significant individuals in the history of the religion+-+8703560465114214ocn001315586book19600.50Meyendorff, JohnThe Orthodox Church : its past and its role in the world todayHistory+-+363183864511312ocn044955249file19930.32InnokentiĭJournals of the priest Ioann Veniaminov in Alaska, 1823 to 1836Church historyDiariesThe 12 journals of the remarkable Russian priest comprise formal reports to his diocesan office at Irkutsk, but more important they comprise an account of Aleut history in the making, particularly the seminal creation of an Aleut literature. Translated by Jerome Kisslinger, with introduction and commentary by S.A. Mousalimas112918ocn000327501book19540.47Shmeman, AleksandrThe historical road of Eastern OrthodoxyHistory+-+3291838645108982ocn000385173book18610.66Stanley, Arthur PenrhynLectures on the history of the Eastern churchHistoryChurch history+-+670588840632410179ocn000965143book19630.50Benz, ErnstThe Eastern Orthodox Church : its thought and life+-+63471875759673ocn427507147file20050.50Liveris, Leonie BAncient taboos and gender prejudice challenges for Orthodox women and the churchDebates over the ethics of war, economic redistribution, resource consumption and the rights and responsibilities associated with membership of a political community are just some of the major conflicts of principle identified and analyzed by Thomas Kane which characterize world politics today+-+29980190259543ocn008034552book19820.33Constantelos, Demetrios JUnderstanding the Greek Orthodox Church : its faith, history, and practice9486ocn647902034file20090.47Roudometof, VictorOrthodox Christianity in 21st century Greece the role of religion in culture, ethnicity, and politicsHistoryForeword / by Grace Davie -- Preface -- Introduction -- Tradition, transition and change in Greek orthodoxy at the dawn of the twenty-first century : introductory considerations / Vasilios N. Makrides and Victor Roudometof -- Orthodox Christianity, Greek ethnicity & politics -- The evolution of Greek orthodoxy in the context of world historical globalisation / Victor Roudometof -- An intriguing true-false paradox : the entanglement of modernization and intolerance in the Orthodox Church of Greece / Anastassios Anastassiadis -- Scandals, secret agents, and corruption : the Orthodox Church of Greece during the 2005 crisis : its relations to the state and modernization / Vasilios N. Makrides -- Domesticating Islam and Muslim immigrants : political and church responses to constructing a central mosque in Athens / Dia Anagnostou and Ruby Gropas -- Non-Orthodox minorities in contemporary Greece : legal status and concomitant debates between church, state, and the international community / Prodromos Yannas -- Orthodox Christianity and Greek culture -- The traditional modern : rethinking the position of contemporary Greek women to orthodoxy / Eleni Sotiriu -- The mosque that was not there : ethnographic elaborations on Orthodox conceptions of sacrifice / Dimitris Antoniou -- Religion and welfare in Greece : a new or renewed role for the church? / Effie Fokas -- Faith and trust : tracking patterns of religious and civic commitment in Greece and Europe : an empirical approach / Theoni Stathopoulou -- Sacred words in a secular beat : the free monks phenomenon at the intersection of religion, youth, and popular culture / Lina Molokotos-Liederman+-+91411190259276ocn503447074file20080.47Byford, JovanDenial and repression of antisemitism post-communist remembrance of the Serbian Bishop Nikolaj VelimirovićBiographyIntroduction -- Materials used in this study -- The life of Nikolaj Velimirović and his changing public image, 1945-2003 -- Denigration and marginalization : Velimirović's status in post-war Yugoslavia -- Apotheosis and widespread admiration : Velimirović's status today -- Collective remembering and collective forgetting : memory of Nikolaj Velimirović and the repression of controversy -- The discursive dynamic of social forgetting : repression as replacement -- Velimirović in Dachau : "martyrdom" as a replacement myth -- The martyrdom myth in context : the narrative of Velimirović's suffering and the rise Serbian nationalism -- Remembering in order to forget : the martyrdom myth and repression -- The dynamic of everyday forgetting : continuity and the "routinization" of repression -- From repression to denial : responses of the Serbian Orthodox Church to accusations of antisemitism -- Discourse, moral accountability, and the denial of prejudice -- "Serbs have never hated the Jews" : literal denial of antisemitism -- "Parrots," "idiots," and "the mummies of reason" : denial and offensive rhetoric -- Comparing Serbs and Croats and the rhetoric of "competitive martyrdom" : comparative denial of antisemitism -- National self-glorification in a historical context -- Denial of antisemitism and the distancing from "extremism" -- "We are not antisemites, but-- " : denial and the rhetoric of disclaimers -- "He was merely quoting the Bible!" : denial of Velimirović's antisemitism -- Rising above the criticisms : refusal to engage in controversy as a form of denial -- "Tiny mosquitoes" and the mighty "eagle" : who has the right to remember Nikolaj Velimirović? -- The letter from "a Jewish woman" : Bishop Nikolaj as the savior of Jews -- The two kinds of antisemitism : the rhetoric of interpretative denial -- Repeating the word of God : authority of the Gospels and the reification of antisemitic discourse -- "Then we are all antisemites!" : "anti-Judaism" and Orthodox Christian identity -- Questionable boundaries between anti-Judaism and antisemitism -- Deicidal justification of Jewish suffering : the Holocaust as divine retribution -- Antisemitism as prophecy : social construction of Velimirović's sanctity -- The first stage of the campaign for canonization : the making of a religious "cult" -- Canonization in the Orthodox Church and the need for divine confirmation of sanctity -- Finding the "right" miracle : incorruptibility of remains and miraculous icons -- The bishop who came "face to face with the living God" : Velimirović and the miracle of epiphany -- Velimirović as a "prophet" : the construction of the "Serbian Jeremiah"+-+20612248148776ocn191952898com20040.50Hartnup, Karen'On the beliefs of the Greeks' Leo Allatios and popular Orthodoxy+-+453686955487611ocn000386292book19470.63Every, GeorgeThe Byzantine patriarchate, 451-1204HistoryChurch history8638ocn000848556book19610.50Zernov, NicolasEastern Christendom : a study of the origin and development of the Eastern Orthodox ChurchHistoryHistory of the Eastern Orthodox churches covering a period of two thousand years, a volume in "Putnam history of religion" series8545ocn637134931file20060.53Letters from heaven popular religion in Russia and UkraineHistoryLetters from Heaven features an international group of scholars investigating the place and function of 'popular' religion in Eastern Slavic cultures. The contributors examine popular religious practices in Russia and Ukraine from the middle ages to the present, considering the cultural contexts of death rituals, miracles, sin and virtue, cults of the saints, and icons. The collection not only fills a void in religious scholarship, but also responds to current theoretical challenges. Reflecting critically on the heuristic value of popular religion and on the concept of popular culture in general, Letters from Heaven is characterized by a shift of focus from churches, institutions, and theological discourse to the religious practices themselves and their interconnections with the culture, mentality, and social structures of the societies in question. An important contribution to the fields of religion and Eastern Slavic studies, this volume challenges readers to rethink old pieties and to reconsider the function of religion+-+73964575358534ocn000386269book19610.59Dvornik, FrancisByzantium and the Roman primacyHistoryChurch history84523ocn031375961book19790.29KallistosThe Orthodox wayThis book is a general account of the doctrine, worship and life of Orthodox Christians. It raises the basic issues of theology: God as hidden yet revealed; the problem of evil; the nature of salvation; the meaning of faith; prayer; death and what lies beyond. Throughout the book, Bishop Kallistos Ware shows the meaning of Orthodox doctrine for the life of the individual Christian. Doctrinal issues are seen not as abstract propositions for theological debate but as affecting the whole of life. --From publisher's description+-+8301838645+-+7535690737+-+7535690737Fri Mar 21 15:15:17 EDT 2014batch86872