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Thu Oct 16 17:58:59 2014 UTClccn-n500057820.66Only an ocean between0.770.92Over-population, theory and statistics,45248701Philip_Sargant_Florencen 5000578241339Florence, P. S.Florence, P. S. 1890-Florence, P. Sargant.Florence, P. Sargant 1890-Florence, Philip S.Florence, Philip S. 1890-Florence, Philip Sargant 1890-Florence, Philip Sargant 1890-1982Florens, P. S. 1890-Florens, P. S. 1890-1982Florens, Sardzhent 1890-Florens, Sardzhent 1890-1982Sargant Florence, P. 1890-Sargant-Florence, Philip.Sargant-Florence, Philip 1890-Sargant-Florence, Philip 1890-1982フロレンス, ピー エスlccn-n85060455Carr-Saunders, A. M.(Alexander Morris)Sir1886-1966lccn-n85061284Peers, Robert1888-1972lccn-n50017615Baldamus, W.lccn-n50028715Ogden, C. K.(Charles Kay)1889-1957hnrlccn-n79075199Anderson, J. R. L.(John Richard Lane)1911-ctbnc-birmingham england$kingstanding estateBirmingham (England)Kingstanding estatenp-wilkins, edgar henryWilkins, Edgar Henrynp-soutar, mary stewartSoutar, Mary Stewartlccn-n50033449Goldmark, Josephine1877-1950lccn-n84803110Lee, Frederic S.(Frederic Schiller)1859-1939Florence, P. Sargant(Philip Sargant)1890-1982BiographyGreat BritainIndustriesUnited StatesFatigueIndustries--Social aspectsIndustrial managementIndustrial sociologyWorking classIndustrial efficiencyCooperative societiesCooperationEconomicsIndustrial policyIndustrial locationFactories--LocationCorporationsPolitical scienceLabor movementSocial psychologyFactoriesStatisticsEconomic historyIndustrial organizationLaborBusinessEnglandOgden, C. K.--(Charles Kay),Labor productivityIndustrial accidentsHours of laborMetal-workers--Health and hygieneTravelManners and customsSocial sciencesSocial ethicsPopulationMalthusianismCost and standard of livingEngland--BirminghamIndustrial organization (Economic theory)Industrial productivityIndustries--SizePolitical statisticsEconometricsConsumer cooperativesPsychologyMetal-workers--Diseases189019821918192019231924192619271929193019321933193419371938194019411942194319441946194719481949195019531954195519571958196019611962196419651966196819691970197219731977198119842003200720102013579698420338.9HD2321ocn174864751ocn500220089ocn46295019889823ocn000023157book19640.70Florence, P. SargantEconomics and sociology of industry; a realistic analysis of development81065ocn000333920book19530.77Florence, P. SargantThe logic of British and American industry: a realistic analysis of economic structure and governmentSummarizing the facts about the prevailing sizes of industrial firms or plants and the patterns of industrial location in Britain and America, this book also interprets the facts in basic terms such as technical requirements and consumer habits. Examining investment and human resource management, the contrasts and (unexpected) similarities in the industrial structure and government of the two countries are analysed. The book includes new research into the real seat of power in the British joint stock company and compares the results with the realities of the American corporation+-+850868069550738ocn002167146book19230.74Florence, P. SargantEconomics of fatigue and unrest and the efficiency of labour in English and American industryStructured in three parts, Economics of Fatigue and Unrest is as relevant today for the study of industrial relations and human resource management as when it was first published. It contains chapters on the following:* The growth of technical efficiency* The theory of fatigue and unrest* The costs of industrial inefficiency* The loss by staff turnover* The loss by absence* The loss by industrial accidents and ill-health44717ocn060734145book19180.84Florence, P. SargantUse of factory statistics in the investigation of industrial fatigue a manual for field research32813ocn000303175book19570.77Florence, P. SargantIndustry and the stateThis book presents a chronology of state policy in industry since the 1500s to the mid twentieth century, and explains the ideas that have shaped it.Includes chapters on:The state and exploitation; state participation in industry; state information and services; state operation of industry and state control over industry32722ocn001521041book19380.77Carr-Saunders, A. MConsumers' co-operation in Great Britain; an examination of the British co-operative movement30211ocn000233561book19620.79Florence, P. SargantPost-war investment, location, and size of plant28523ocn003176978book19480.70Florence, P. SargantLabourLabour focuses on the issues and problems concerning the efficient full employment of labour in a free market economy. The discussion is largely about the conditions (including comparative wages) underlying industrial efficiency and maximum production from various labour resources at least cost. By estimating man-power, analysing the human factor and measuring labour efficiency, the book summarizes recent evidence on employment conditions for or against efficiency and the effect upon the incidence of unemployment+-+86386806952656ocn003132493book19610.77Florence, P. SargantOwnership, control and success of large companies; an analysis of English industrial structure and policy, 1936-195121317ocn002204545book19270.84Florence, P. SargantEconomics and human behaviour; a reply to social psychologists20716ocn004028476book19480.84Florence, P. SargantInvestment, location, and size of plant; a realistic inquiry into the structure of British and American industries20721ocn000166699book19290.84Florence, P. SargantThe statistical method in economics and political science; a treatise on the quantitative and institutional approach to social and industrial problems19016ocn000978229book19300.74Florence, P. SargantThe logic of industrial organizationCovering issues as pertinent today as when the book was first published, <EM>The Logic of Industrial Organization</EM> discusses key themes in industrial relations, manufacturing, employment and investment and education for business administration. The book contains chapters on the following: The Structure of Industry; The Efficiency of Large-Scale Operation; Planned and Free Consumption; Forecasting and Market Research; Competition; Rationalization and Nationalization; Investment and Employment; Incentives to Work and Mobility; Stimulus to Enterprise and Administration+-+66086806951594ocn000091320book19700.82Florence, P. SargantAtlas of economic structure and policies1506ocn004114599book19770.82Ogden, C. KC.K. Ogden : a collective memoirBiography8311ocn005502682book19260.92Florence, P. SargantOver-population, theory and statistics751ocn010847196book19460.66Only an ocean between753ocn003677721book19290.92Florence, P. SargantSociology and sin; a plea for the exclusion of uplift from economics and the political sciences352ocn013873697book19420.86Birmingham Social Survey CommitteeNutrition and size of family; report on a new housing estate, 1939333ocn005322443book19200.77Goldmark, JosephineComparison of an eight-hour plant and a ten-hour plant+-+8508680695+-+8508680695Thu Oct 16 15:10:17 EDT 2014batch19273