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Thu Oct 16 17:58:26 2014 UTClccn-n500583180.00Mostra della Rivoluzione Fascista : 1° decennale della marcia su Roma : guida storica /0.701.00Guida storica, a cura di Deno Alfieri e Luigi Freddi. 1D̊ecennale della marcia su Roma39368938Dino_Alfierin 5005831892899Alfieri, Dino 1886-Alfieri, Dino b. 1886Alfieri, Edoardo DinoAlfieri, Edoardo Dino 1886-1966Alfieri, Edoardo Dino b. 1886Alfieri, Odoardo DinoAlfieri, Odoardo Dino 1886-1966Alfieri, Odoardo Dino b. 1886Dino Alfierilccn-no95050451Freddi, Luigiedtlccn-n50081237Partito nazionale fascista (Italy)othlccn-n78095482Mussolini, Benito1883-1945lccn-n2013002668Moore, David(Translator)trlviaf-30335960D'Albisola, Tullio1889-lccn-n82244736Presotto, Danilonc-partito nazionale fascista 1romaPartito Nazionale Fascista/1Romaviaf-236330495Freddi, Luigilccn-no2010110115Biagi, Brunolccn-nb2013001843Moore, Davidfl. 1950Alfieri, Dino1886-1966Personal narratives‡vItalianHistoryExhibition catalogsBiographyRecords and correspondencePortraitsItalyGermanyWorld War (1939-1945)Diplomatic relationsInternational relationsFascismMarch on Rome (Italy : 1922)Alfieri, Dino,AmbassadorsMussolini, Benito,Partito nazionale fascista (Italy)CooperationD'Albisola, Tullio,D'Albisola, Tullio,ArtistsItaly--RomeFuturism (Art)Futurism (Literary movement)D'Annunzio, Gabriele,Music in the theaterTheaterActorsArt, ModernPropaganda, ItalianFascism and artEconomic policyHitler, Adolf,Mostra della rivoluzione fascistaArmed ForcesStatuesPearl Harbor, Attack on (Hawaii : 1941)ExhibitionsHolidaysRomaniaSwedenVerdi, Giuseppe,Government executivesSpainIndustrial artsPotash mines and miningFrance--ParisGreeceMilitary operations, Naval--SubmarineMilitary campaignsChristian--X,--King of Denmark,EntertainersParadesSpaniardsHawaiiWelles, Sumner,18861966192919311932193319341935193619371938193919481949195019541955196519671971197219781981198219831995200186047111940.548245D811.5ocn797524229ocn61430962343215ocn002612821book19540.63Alfieri, DinoDictators face to faceBiographyPersonal narratives Italian6611ocn023431013book19480.86Alfieri, DinoDeux dictateurs face à face, Rom-Berlin 1939-1943Personal narratives Italian553ocn003033167book19330.90Mostra della rivoluzione fascistaMostra della rivoluzione fascista : guida storica : 1. decennale della marcia su RomaHistoryExhibition catalogs476ocn009736099book19480.92Alfieri, DinoDue dittatori di frontePersonal narratives Italian261ocn030945581book19330.92Exhibition of the Fascist Revolution : 1st decennial of the March on RomeHistoryExhibition catalogs235ocn000476287book19330.47Alfieri, DinoMostra della rivoluzione fascista204ocn001987054book19320.84Freddi, LuigiGuida della Mostra della rivoluzione fascistaExhibition catalogs135ocn063506831book19330.47Alfieri, DinoMostra della rivoluzione fascista : 1° decennale della marcia su Roma107ocn015085650book19500.92Alfieri, DinoDos dictadores frente a frentePersonal narratives Italian92ocn011837633book19810.97Lettere di Edoardo Alfieri, Lino Berzoini, Nicolay Diulgheroff, Escodamè, Italo Lorio, Tina Mennyey, Bruno Munari, Pippo Oriani, Ugo Pozzo, Mino Rosso, Paolo Alcide Saladin, Nino Strada, Felice Vellan e G. 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Marsches auf Rom42ocn035226539book19490.92Alfieri, DinoHitler e Mussolini frente a frente42ocn026092734book19331.00Rome (Italy)Guida storica, a cura di Deno Alfieri e Luigi Freddi. 1D̊ecennale della marcia su Roma31ocn848475700book1982Mostra della Rivoluzione fascista, Roma, 1933Mostra della Rivoluzione fascista : 1. decennale della marcia su Roma33ocn883475399book1932Alfieri, DinoL'elaborazione dei principi corporativi nel sistema degli studi762ocn003627543book19780.63Alfieri, DinoDictators face to faceBiographyPersonal narratives Italian11ocn423393493visu1.00UfARumanians celebrate a national holiday with parades; German dignitaries look on. In Rome, officials celebrate the founding of the Empire (army day). Danes cheer King Christian in front of the royal palace. Scenes from Paris, including the opera, Arc de Triomphe, children selling flowers, couples kissing; models sport the latest fashions in the Bois de Bologne. An industrial fair in Sweden features German arts and crafts. The Italian ambassador presents a bust of Verdi to the German state in the foyer of the [Berlin] opera house. Spanish dancers and clowns entertain Spanish nationals living in Germany. Workers in a mine prepare potassium for agricultural use. Axis submarines move in on Peloponnesus straits; German and Rumanian troops fight from trenches in Crimea. Japanese forces attack Pearl Harbor11ocn056826088visu1.00Hermann Göring at public events and other activities, January-May 1940Photographs show meeting of Luftwaffe generals at Göring's home at Carinhall; views of Göring's birthday celebration; Adolf Hitler with the Görings; Emmy and Edda Göring at Carinhall; Göring on skis. Includes views of visits to German airfields in Jever, Oldenburg, Delmenhorst, Cologne, Bonn, Trier, Frankfurt and Langendiebach with views of fortifications along the Siegfied Line on the German Luxemburg border near Trier and view of a Zeppelin air ship in Frankfurt. Includes views of visits of American Under Secretary of State Sumner Welles and writer Colin Ross visiting at Carinhall. Includes views of meeting Hitler on his return from meeting with Mussolini; Göring giving radio address; attending the premiere of the film "Feuertaufe" in the Ufa-Filmpalast and attending the presentation of the Mussolini-Forzano play about Cavour in the State Theater in Berlin. Also includes views of scrap metal drive in honor of Hitler's birthday; Göring's visit with Adolf Hitler and visit of Italian Ambassador Dino Alfieri on the German western front; tour of Rotterdam inspecting damage after German air raids in May and visits to wounded German airmen at a hospital in Amsterdam. Also includes views of Göring at Knight's Cross presentation ceremony for Martin Möbus for the sinking of an English battleship and later group portraits of Göring with Knight's Cross recipients for military action in RotterdamThu Oct 16 15:12:22 EDT 2014batch15116