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Thu Oct 16 18:01:30 2014 UTClccn-n500587700.10Greaves, Bettina Bien: history of world war II0.550.82The works of Ludwig von Mises7466272n 5005877093337Bien, BettinaBien, Bettina 1917-Bien Greaves, Bettina.Greaves, Bettina B.lccn-n79097308Von Mises, Ludwig1881-1973lccn-n84028110Greaves, Percy L.Jr1906-1984lccn-n79059771Liberty Fundlccn-n50075650Foundation for Economic Education, inclccn-n78092872Spadaro, Louis M.lccn-n81117959Raico, Ralphlccn-n80022156McGee, Robert W.lccn-n80162433Reisman, Georgetrllccn-n90633030Ebeling, Richard M.lccn-n50025840Hazlitt, Henry1894-1993Greaves, Bettina BienBibliographyBiographyOutlines, syllabi, etcEconomicsEconomic policyCommerceSocialismIndustrial policyHistory--PhilosophyCapitalismUnited StatesLiberalismBureaucracyPublic administrationInternational relationsTotalitarianismNational socialismValueEconomic historyImperialismGermanyWorld War (1914-1918)State, TheComparative economicsCentral planningEconomics--MethodologyBusiness cyclesCreditMonetary policyVon Mises, Ludwig,Free enterpriseAustrian school of economicsEconomistsAustriaPolitical scienceEthicsDialectical materialismEconomics--PhilosophyCanadaOrganizationScientistsManagement191719521955195819621965196919721975197719781979198419851986198819891990199319951996199719981999200420052006200720082009201020112013428163199330HB175ocn466743896ocn493121442ocn856191995ocn438877095ocn468572559ocn813556681ocn813556051ocn813556120ocn813556714ocn813556690ocn813556681ocn813556120ocn813556714ocn813556704ocn813556675ocn81355669750715ocn058595316book19850.56Von Mises, LudwigLiberalism : the classical tradition"This book presents the theoretical and practical arguments for liberalism. Mises contrasts liberalism with other conceivable systems of social organization such as socialism, communism, and fascism. He is also more specific here than elsewhere in applying the liberal program to economic policy, domestic and foreign."--BOOK JACKET+-+313024013543214ocn820842957file20060.50Von Mises, LudwigHuman action : a treatise on economics+-+268124013538911ocn316803837file20060.53Von Mises, LudwigThe anti-capitalistic mentality+-+352124013535111ocn276305760file19580.53Von Mises, LudwigTheory and history; an interpretation of social and economic evolutionTheory and History is primarily a critique of Karl Marx, his materialism, and his prediction of the inevitability of socialism. Marx attributes the creation of tools and machines, as well as the economic structure of society, to undefined "material productive forces;" Mises rejects this materialistic view; he points out that tools and machines are actually created by individuals acting on the basis of non-materialistic ideas. This book discusses the theory of economics, i.e., the study of purposive human action, and with history, the record of the past actions of individuals. All actions are determined by ideas. Thoughts and ideas are "real things," Mises writes. "Although intangible and immaterial, they are factors in bringing about changes in the realm, of tangible and material things." Rather than rejecting the study of historical change as a "useless pastime," Mises considers it of the utmost practical importance. "History looks backward into the past, but the lesson it teaches concerns things to come." History opens the mind to an understanding of human nature, increases wisdom, and distinguishes civilized man from the barbarian. Moreover, historical knowledge is of the utmost importance in helping to anticipate and plan for the future. -- Publisher description+-+K3102401353447ocn816041359file20090.53Von Mises, LudwigEconomic policy thoughts for today and tomorrow+-+10822401353408ocn849936840file19980.56Von Mises, LudwigInterventionism an economic analysis+-+538224013533412ocn273018870file20050.63Von Mises, LudwigNation, state, and economy : contributions to the politics and history of our timeNation, State, and Economy, published less than a year after Austria's defeat in World War I, examines and compares prewar and postwar economic conditions and explicates Mises's theory that each country's prosperity supports rather than undercuts the prosperity of other countries. Mises's humanitarian recommendations in this book, born from a classical liberal perspective, provide a striking example of how supposedly "hardnosed" economic theory, based on the reality of experience, is in fact far more supportive of human flourishing than seemingly more "idealistic" but actually impractical social theories. Specifically, Mises warned of the consequences of the punitive terms of the Treaty of Versailles by victors more interested in punishing their defeated enemies than in building a Europe that would be able to meet the challenges of the future. With the benefit of hindsight we see how different European and world history might have been+-+15912401352885ocn844727843file20090.53Von Mises, LudwigOn the manipulation of money and credit three treatises on trade-cycle theory+-+871224013519011ocn070129115book19900.50Von Mises, LudwigEconomic freedom and interventionism : an anthology of articles and essaysServes as a primer of the fundamental thought of Ludwig von Mises and an anthology of the writings of the best-known exponent of the Austrian School of economics. This volume contains forty-seven articles, and includes Mises's expositions of the role of government, his discussion of inequality of wealth, inflation, socialism, welfare, and more. This work serves as both a primer of the fundamental thought of Ludwig von Mises and an anthology of the writings of perhaps the best-known exponent of what is now known as the Austrian School of economics. This volume contains forty-seven articles edited by Mises scholar Bettina Bien Greaves. Among them are Mises's expositions of the role of government, his discussion of inequality of wealth, inflation, socialism, welfare, and economic education, as well as his exploration of the 'deeper' significance of economics as it affects seemingly non-economic relations between human beings. These papers are essential reading for students of economic freedom and the science of human action+-+78212401351553ocn001622603book19750.39Greaves, Bettina BienFree market economics : a basic reader1237ocn190843450book20080.56Von Mises, LudwigPlanning for freedom : let the market system work : a collection of essays and addressesIn this anthology, Mises offers an articulate and accessible introduction to and critique of two topics he considers especially important: inflation and government interventionism. According to Mises, inflation, that is monetary expansion, is destructive; it destroys savings and investment, which are the basis for production and prosperity. Government controls and economic planning never accomplish what their proponents intend. Mises consistently argues that the solution to government intervention is free markets and free enterprise, which call for reforming government. For that, ideas must be changed to "let the market system work." There is no better "planning for freedom" than this. - Publisher+-+55112401351162ocn842323320file20130.56Von Mises, LudwigNotes and recollections : with, the historical setting of the Austrian school of economicsBiography1054ocn001622589book19750.56Greaves, Bettina BienFree market economics : a syllabusOutlines, syllabi, etc1007ocn071350552book20070.59Von Mises, LudwigBureaucracy+-+8911240135916ocn244476586book20090.53Von Mises, LudwigOmnipotent government, the rise of the total state and total warWritten in 1944, Omnipotent Government demonstrates that nationalism, or etatism, to use Mises's term, which he characterizes as "a blueprint for political and military action," results when governments interfere with the economy. And etatism thus determines the foreign policy of those nations. Trade walls, migration barriers, and foreign exchange control provide ample incentives for conflict and war. World War II was the inevitable result of Nazi Germany's interventionism, etatism, and antiûfree trade policies+-+7902240135797ocn029296860book19930.77Greaves, Bettina BienMises : an annotated bibliography : a comprehensive listing of books and articles by and about Ludwig von MisesBibliography746ocn000078002book19620.82Greaves, Bettina BienThe works of Ludwig von MisesBibliography381ocn036241068book19960.59Austrian economics : an anthology+-+5105197206324352ocn827852450book20130.63Von Mises, LudwigEpistemological problems of economicsCollection of essays on economic theory. Most of the essays originally appeared in the late 1920s in German journals devoted to the social sciences, with the original German language collection being issued in 1933161ocn041712194book19990.35Hazlitt, HenryRules for living : the ethics of social cooperation11ocn710954472art19980.10Greaves, Bettina Bien: history of world war IIBiographyDirectories+-+3130240135+-+3130240135Thu Oct 16 15:49:52 EDT 2014batch18309