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Fri Mar 21 17:12:14 2014 UTClccn-n500059600.00Peter Scott painter and naturalist /0.341.00Papers,54223646Peter_Scottn 50005960415121522639Peter Markham ScottScott, PeterScott, Peter, 1909-Scott, Peter 1909-1989Scott, Peter Markham.Scott, Peter Markham, 1909-1989Scott, Peter Markham, SirScott, Peter Markham, Sir, 1909-Scott, Peter Markham, Sir, 1909-1989Scott, Peter, SirScott, Peter, Sir, 1909-1989スコット, ピーターlccn-n50069642Wildfowl Trustlccn-n50030357Huxley, Elspeth1907-1997lccn-n77010265Weston-Smith, Mirandaedtlccn-n88141732Courtney, Julia1942-lccn-n79114016Gallico, Paul1897-1976np-scott, philippaScott, Philippailllccn-nr98007666Great BritainRoyal NavyCoastal Forceslccn-n50005253Fisher, James1912-1970lccn-n79027095Chaplin, Charles C. G.1906-1991viaf-39453737Scott, PhilippaScott, Peter1909-1989FictionPictorial worksJuvenile worksBiographyGuidebooksPersonal narratives‡vEnglishDiariesHistoryPersonal narratives‡vBritishPoetryFrance--DunkerqueDunkirk, Battle of (Dunkerque, France : 1940)BirdsScott, Peter,NaturalistsWildlife conservationGreat BritainSwansConservationistsEnglandWaterfowlGeeseWorld War (1939-1945)OrnithologistsArtistsWater birdsGame and game-birdsZoologyNatural historyEskimosCanada--Canadian NorthwestTravelGreat Britain.--Royal Navy.--Coastal ForcesAtlantic OceanFishesCoral reef fishesIcelandAfrica, EastNational parks and reservesSea controlMammalsNunavut--Kitikmeot RegionSevern Wildfowl TrustNature conservationDucksToy and movable booksMilitary campaignsAtlantic Ocean--North SeaAnatidaeAtlantic Ocean--English ChannelAnimals in artZoological illustrationWildlife conservationistsRomaniaPaintersSnow gooseUgandaKenyaGreek philologyFriendship1909198919331935193619371938193919411942194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319951996199719981999200120042005200620082009201020116699160479598.29QL676ocn001912483ocn000488246ocn002107090ocn054984207ocn070408226ocn288490909ocn001536246ocn468014482ocn755253683ocn682021400ocn000057795ocn610110893ocn806422437ocn836922141ocn442739260ocn411352355ocn8326023108018ocn000559419book19720.29Scott, PeterThe swans61346ocn000534783book19570.37Scott, PeterA coloured key to the wildfowl of the worldGuidebooksClassification+-+556657755532437616ocn006278338book19740.24Fisher, JamesThe World atlas of birdsMapsPictorial worksExamines in depth the habits and behaviors of over 500 species of birds, from polar regions to equatorial rain forests. Includes a section of classification of birds+-+578277260527718ocn003477773book19450.53Scott, PeterThe battle of the narrow seas; a history of the light Coastal forces in the channel and North sea, 1939-1945HistoryPersonal narratives BritishPersonal narratives English+-+708578393632422415ocn001912483book19460.16Gallico, PaulThe snow gooseJuvenile worksFictionPoetryWhen a young girl brings a wounded snow goose to the strange man in the lighthouse to nurse, both their lives as changed forever2117ocn001467760book19510.56Scott, PeterWild geese and Eskimos; a journal of the Perry River Expedition of 1949Account of an expedition to study geese of Canadian arctic, especially Ross's goose (Anser albifrons gambelli)2054ocn002703839book19750.23The Amazing world of animals17110ocn001433399book19530.66Scott, PeterA thousand geeseA report on the search for the breeding ground of the pink-footed goose on an expedition to Central Iceland in 19511536ocn002885467book19620.32Scott, PeterAnimals in AfricaPictorial works1477ocn004638591book19720.47Chaplin, Charles C. GFishwatchers guide to west Atlantic coral reefs : with coral identification plate by Charles C. G. Chaplin ; illustrated by Peter ScottGuidebooks12119ocn000941605book19350.63Scott, PeterMorning flight; a book of wildfowlPictorial works11515ocn005769023book19380.63Scott, PeterWild chorusPictorial works1143ocn056416200book20040.06Scott, PeterBirdsJuvenile worksPictorial works+-+K962509425964ocn002133365book19560.90Hanson, Harold CThe geography, birds, and mammals of the Perry River regionReport based on data and collections made in 1949965ocn019263805book19830.27Scott, PeterTravel diaries of a naturalistBiographyDiaries821ocn015372717book19860.27King, PeterProtect our planet : an anniversary view from the World Wildlife Fund805ocn005430613book19570.63Scott, PeterWildfowl of the British Isles7716ocn059142931book19610.29Scott, PeterThe eye of the windBiographyAutobiography733ocn059135583book19920.23Scott, PeterThe art of Peter Scott+-+2281535545324691ocn005312144book19780.70Fitter, Richard Sidney RichmondThe penitent butchers : the Fauna Preservation Society, 1903-1978History4417ocn006857801book19800.32Scott, PeterObservations of wildlifeBiography3333ocn017385461book19890.08Courtney, JuliaSir Peter Scott : champion for the environment and founder of the World Wildlife FundBiographyDescribes the life of the artist, sportsman, and champion for wildlife who became the founder of the World Wide Fund for Nature and made many people aware of the need for conservation33211ocn001420347book19610.29Scott, PeterThe eye of the windBiographyAutobiography2287ocn011158639book19830.27Scott, PeterTravel diaries of a naturalistBiographyDiaries2142ocn035448795book19950.23Huxley, ElspethPeter Scott, painter and naturalistHistoryBiography+-+99576400061712ocn029218995book19930.27Huxley, ElspethPeter Scott : painter and naturalistHistoryBiography+-+4416266205324681ocn027961550book19830.12Scott, PeterTravel diaries of a naturalist :Biography585ocn002498140book19450.53Scott, PeterThe battle of the narrow seas; a history of the light Coastal forces in the channel and North sea, 1939-1945HistoryPersonal narratives BritishPersonal narratives English+-+7695966406484ocn024794774book19910.23Scott, PeterThe art of Peter Scott261ocn007881103book19490.90Scott, PeterPortrait drawings231ocn000463000book19670.84Scott, PeterHappy the man101ocn030232879book19640.06Baker, GeorgePeter Scott101ocn220184320book19830.16Scott, PeterAustralia, New Zealand, New Guinea, Africa, the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica and the Falkland Islands31ocn028093874book19530.47Scott, PeterSix paintings of waterfowl21ocn044602439book19990.92Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Sir Peter Markham Scott FRS (1909-1989)HistoryCatalogs21ocn221584472rcrd1995Huxley, ElspethPeter Scott painter and naturalistBiographyAn accomplished painter, Peter Scott's abiding passion was for wildlife. He travelled the world hunting and painting birds, then gave up shooting to found the Wildfowl Trust and later co-found the World Wildlife Fund. His campaigns and televison programmes succeeded in awakening the world to the damage being inflicted on the natural environment11ocn031875379file1.00Harrisson, TomPapersDivided into two series, the Harrisson papers document his career as a turtle researcher and as conservationist. The papers contain many of Harrisson's complete manuscripts, including the book length, unpublished Turtle island, his turtle notes and observation records beginning in 1947, correspondence, some published writings, manuscripts and secondary materials of other writers, and his IUCN files. A small portion of the papers are personal, or relate to subjects other than turtles. The papers are particularly strong in documentation of sea turtles in Malaysia and Indonesia as well as other islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The question of turtle farming was a major problem for turtle conservationists and the IUCN. A large portion of the documents deal with the efforts of Mariculture, ltd., a Grand Cayman based venture. Principal correspondents include H. Robert Bustard, David K. Caldwell, Archie F. Carr, Richard S. Fitter, J.R. Hendrickson, George R. Hughes, Nicholas Mrosovsky, Peter Pritchard, and Sir Peter Scott11ocn775601924book19910.06Courtney, JuliaP'it'ŏ Sŭk'ot = Sir Peter Scott : yasaeng saengmul poho e chasin ŭi chŏnbu rŭl pach'in Yŏngguk ŭi chayŏn poho chuŭijaJuvenile worksBiography11ocn081086472book19730.47Scott, PeterWild fowl paintings by Sir Peter ScottExhibition catalogs11ocn079377978book19330.47Catalogue of oil paintings of wild fowl by Peter ScottExhibition catalogs+-+5782772605+-+5782772605Fri Mar 21 15:48:32 EDT 2014batch26859