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Fri Mar 21 17:08:14 2014 UTClccn-n500628130.13Westbound, warbound /0.360.96Antecedentes relativos al hundimiento del acorazado "Admiral Graf Spee" y a la internación del barco mercante "Tacoma"262573120n 5006281397166Admirante Graf Spee (Battleship)Almirante Graf Spee (Battleship)Almirante Graf Spee (bitevní loď)Graf Spee (Battleship)Graf Spee (bitevní loď)Panzerschiff Admiral Graf Spee (Battleship)lccn-n50023182Pope, Dudleylccn-n50016673Fullerton, Alexander1924-lccn-n83010085Altmark (Ship)lccn-n50021816Powell, Michael1905-1990lccn-n50023430Frischauer, Willi1906-viaf-290960125Jackson, RobertEnglish journalistlccn-n84132039Grove, Ericlccn-n50007988Bennett, Geoffrey Martinlccn-n79109028Cronkite, Walterlccn-n82221065CBS NewsAdmiral Graf Spee (Battleship)FictionDramaSea storiesNaval historyHistoryAdmiral Graf Spee (Battleship)River Plate, Battle of the (1939)World War (1939-1945)Great BritainSouth Atlantic OceanMerchant marineAltmark (Ship)Sea controlFlightWright, Orville,Wright, Wilbur,History, ModernAdventure storiesWar storiesSea storiesGreat Britain.--Royal NavyAtlantic OceanBattlesMilitary campaignsShipsCargo shipsHistorical reenactmentsGermany.--KriegsmarineSubmarines (Ships)GermanyBattleshipsTirpitz (Battleship)1900193919401941194219431945194719481952195419551956195719581959196319651966196819701971197219731974197519761977197819831984198719881989199019921995199619981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201320143580114199940.545D772.G74203ocn000513030book19560.23Pope, DudleyGraf Spee; the life and death of a raider3815ocn052619838book20030.13Fullerton, AlexanderWestbound, warboundFiction+-+410072168532430212ocn018596722book19560.25Pope, DudleyThe Battle of the River Plate+-+51458654062373ocn000396300book19550.32Frischauer, WilliThe Altmark affairAccount of the German supply ship which was tender for the Admiral Graf Spee, and of its attempts to return to Germany with the prisoners from six captured British ships2134ocn046777156book20000.66Grove, EricThe price of disobedience : the battle of the River Plate reconsideredRenowned naval scholar Eric Grove reassesses the first British naval encounter of World War II--the Battle of the River Plate. In late 1939, a force from the Royal Navy engaged the German battleship Graf Spee, which had been raiding commercial shipping in the southwest Atlantic. Though the Graf Spee was outnumbered, it inflicted serious damage to the British ships before taking refuge in the harbor at Montivideo, Uruguay. Four days later her commander, assuming a much superior force waited for him, scuttled his ship and then committed suicide. This controversial story of risk and naval strategy has been told before, but Grove has unearthed previously unpublished sources to provide a definitive account of the battle and throw new light on the motivation of the Graf Spee's captain. A thought-provoking book, it will attract naval historians and others with an interest in World War II+-+14795020061995ocn000571035book19720.37Bennett, Geoffrey MartinBattle of the River Plate1912ocn001136540book19570.28Powell, MichaelDeath in the South Atlantic; the last voyage of the Graf Spee1083ocn191245700book20080.56Woodman, RichardThe battle of the River Plate : a grand delusionI en serie af udgivelser om den anden verdenskrig tages her atter engang, i et nyt studie, kampen mellem Admiral Graf Spee og de tre engelske krydsere: Exeter, Ajax og Archilles op til fornyet analyse. Der foretages både våbentekniske og holdningsmæssige sammenligninger og uanset at Kommandør Hans Langsdorrf blev snydt af falske efterretninger er vinderen efter forfatterens mening Royal Navys tradition for offensiv kamp, næsten uanset tabene+-+959596640610310ocn690030681visu20030.20Powell, MichaelThe battle of the River PlateHistoryDrama"Two weeks after the start of WWII, a powerful German pocket battleship, the Graf Spee, sails the South Atlantic, destroying Allied merchant ships at will. Captained by one of Germany's most brilliant naval officers, the Graf Spee, with her superior speed and artillery, appears and disappears, sinking ship after ship. When the Allies are finally able to pinpoint its location a trap is set, pitting British Intelligence against a wily and powerful military opponent"--Container1021ocn057365059visu20040.17You are thereDramaThe last hours of the Graf Spee: December 17th, 1939. The Graf Spee, a Nazi battleship, attempts to claim a 10th victim off the coast of South America when it is attacked by three British ships. The heavily damaged ship docks in the neutral port of Montevideo, Uruguay causing Uruguay to become the political focal point of the world. After burying 36 sailors, Germany must decide whether to allow their famous fighting ship to be interned by Uruguay, flee into the open sea and risk attack or scuttle her912ocn002804793book19650.59Millington-Drake, EugenThe drama of Graf Spee and the Battle of the Plate; a documentary anthology, 1914-1964721ocn040440740book19980.14Harding, DuncanSink the Graf SpeeFictionSea stories+-+1707032725324665ocn011161798book19400.86Strabolgi, Joseph Montague KenworthyThe battle of the river PlateHistoryPresents the full story of the Battle of the River Plate along with the complete story of the prison ship, Altmark, and the rescue by the H.M.S. Cossack632ocn002150193book19560.47Powell, MichaelGraf Spee603ocn020959438book19400.56Campbell, A. BThe battle of the Plate585ocn001343312book19400.86Great BritainThe battle of the river Plate. An account of events before, during and after the action up to the self-destruction of the Admiral Graf Spee532ocn001334688book19400.92UruguayUruguayan blue book; the documents relating to the sinking of the Admiral Graf Spee and the internment of the merchant vessel Tacoma461ocn010165213book19550.50Frischauer, Willi"The navy's here!" = The Altmark affair412ocn003555486book19400.96UruguayAntecedentes relativos al hundimiento del acorazado "Admiral Graf Spee" y a la internación del barco mercante "Tacoma"411ocn173195116rcrd19980.13Harding, DuncanSink the Graf SpeeNaval historyFictionSea storiesIf the Graf Spee's brave skipper dies a hero's death with his ship, it will result in a terrific propaganda victory for the enemy+-+4100721685324Fri Mar 21 15:48:32 EDT 2014batch15268