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Fri Mar 21 17:09:19 2014 UTClccn-n500642840.07Famous composers for young people /0.760.93Leben und Werke Peter Pindars (Dr. John Wolcot)24590473John_Wolcotn 5006428498557John WolcotJohn WolcottPeter PindarPindar, P. (Peter), 1738-1819Pindar, PeterPindar, Peter, 1738-1819Pindar, Peter 1738-1819 PseudonymPindar, Peter, pseud.Ploughshare, Jan, 1738-1819Ploughshare, John, 1738-1819Walcot, John, 1738-1819Wolcot, John.Wolcot, John, 1738-1819Wolcott, John, 1738-1819Wolcott, Peter Pindarlccn-n79061402GeorgeIIIKing of Great Britain1738-1820lccn-n80032672Royal Academy of Arts (Great Britain)lccn-n78095825Johnson, Samuel1709-1784lccn-n50028333Warton, Thomas1728-1790lccn-n50044409Pitt, William1759-1806lccn-n50036748Banks, JosephSir1743-1820lccn-n50043379Bruce, James1730-1794lccn-n85145422Gifford, William1756-1826lccn-no2002080525Vales, Robert L.lccn-no93005795Burch, Gladys1899-Pindar, Peter1738-1819PoetryHumorPortraitsAnecdotesBibliographyHistoryTrials, litigation, etcJuvenile worksCriticism, interpretation, etcGeorge--III,--King of Great Britain,Pindar, Peter,Royal Academy of Arts (Great Britain)Johnson, Samuel,Warton, Thomas,Great BritainPaintersEnglish poetryBruce, James,Banks, Joseph,Boswell, James,ComposersSatire, EnglishBooks--Pirated editionsFaulder, Robert,Macartney, George Macartney,--Earl,EnglandPaintingQianlong,--Emperor of China,Book reviewingBoydell, John,WomenMacklin, ThomasLiteratureIllustrated books--Extra-illustratedBeerImaginary conversationsPasquin, Anthony,Piozzi, Hester Lynch,English wit and humorPensionsLiceScotland--HebridesTravelHeraldic bookplatesEnglish literatureJacobinsKings and rulers--SuccessionWhitbread, Samuel,Government, Resistance toVerse satire, EnglishGifford, William,Humorous poetry, EnglishEngland--LondonTrials (Libel)Political scienceInternational relationsChinaAuthors, EnglishMusic--Instruction and study17381819174117451765177017731776177717781779178217831784178517861787178817891790179117921793179417951796179717981799180018011802180318041805180618071808180918101811181218131814181518161817181818191820182118221823182418251826182718281829183018311832183318341835183618381840184218451850185518561865187418771885188818981899190019131926192919381939194519531958195919621963196419691972197319781981198219831984199119921993199419951998200220052009201020113435910703879827.65AC4ocn037734388ocn043175482ocn078822910ocn037734518ocn797510464ocn811534336ocn797527577ocn858061101ocn019477451ocn019477451ocn460680443ocn724811091ocn210309109ocn7248355001283111ocn062835159com17870.79Pindar, PeterInstructions to a celebrated laureate ; alias The progress of curiosity ; alias A birth-day ode ; alias Mr. Whitbread's brewhousePoetryAnecdotes119295ocn083494022com17860.76Pindar, PeterA poetical and congratulatory epistle to James Boswell Esq. on his Journal of a tour to the Hebrides, with the celebrated Dr. Johnson. By Peter Pindar, EsqHumorPoetry114489ocn083329020com17870.76Pindar, PeterThe Lousiad. An heroi-comic poem. Canto II. With an engraving by an eminent artist. By Peter Pindar, EsqHumorPoetry110790ocn083487616com17850.76Pindar, PeterThe Lousiad: an heroi-comic poem. Canto I. By Peter Pindar, EsqPoetry102478ocn083450624com17860.76Pindar, PeterBozzy and Piozzi or, the British biographers, a town eclogue. By Peter Pindar, EsqPoetryBoswell & Mrs. Piozzi, both contemplating writing a life of Johnson, appeal to Sir John Hawkins to judge their abilities by quoting from their printed anecdotes of Johnson102085ocn083509436com17870.76Pindar, PeterOde upon ode; or, a peep at St. James's or, New-Years's Day; or, what you will. By Peter Pindar, EsqPoetry82660ocn083451121com17880.76Pindar, PeterBrother Peter to Brother Tom An expostulatory epistle. With an engraving by an eminent artist. By Peter Pindar, Esq770118ocn001210450book17900.86Pindar, PeterThe works of Peter Pindar Esq.HistoryPoetry71158ocn277268548com17860.76Pindar, PeterFarewel odes. For the year 1786 By Peter Pindar, Esq. a distant relation of the poet of Thebes, and laureat to the Royal AcademyHumorPoetry60345ocn083264425file17880.76Pindar, PeterPeter's pension A solemn epistle to a sublime personage. With an engraving by an eminent artist. By Peter Pindar, EsqPoetry60137ocn083490444com17650.76Pindar, PeterA complimentary epistle to James Bruce, Esq. the Abyssinian traveller: by Peter Pindar EsqPoetry57836ocn083418090com17880.76Pindar, PeterSir Joseph Banks and the Emperor of Morocco. A tale. By Peter Pindar, EsquirePoetry54248ocn083509377file17890.79Pindar, PeterSubjects for painters By Peter Pindar, EsquireBibliographyPoetry53742ocn083490640file17830.79Pindar, PeterMore lyric odes, to the Royal Academicians by Peter Pindar, a distant relation to the poet of Thebes, and laureate to the AcademyPoetry4396ocn007451273book19390.07Burch, GladysFamous composers for young peopleCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksGrades 5-742935ocn642607649file17910.79Pindar, PeterThe rights of kings ; or, loyal odes to disloyal academicians by Peter Pindar, EsqHistoryPoetry42245ocn642350628com17920.79Pindar, PeterOdes to Kien Long the present emperor of China; with the Quakers, a tale; to a fly, drowned in a bowl of punch; ode to Macmanus, Townsend, and Jealous, the thief-takers; To Caelia. - To a Pretty Milliner. - To the Fleas of Teneriffe. - To Sir William Hamilton. - To my Candle, &c. &c. &c. By Peter Pindar, Esq+-+758850906632441937ocn642703698file17820.79Pindar, PeterLyric odes to the Royal Academicians for M, DCC, LXXXII. By Peter Pindar, a distant relation of the poet of Thebes41630ocn083510168com17920.79Pindar, PeterA pair of lyric epistles to Lord Macartney and his ship. By Peter Pindar, EsqPoetry40131ocn186509879file17850.81Pindar, PeterLyric odes, for the year 1785 By Peter Pindar Esq. a distant relation of the poet of Thebes, and laureat to the Royal AcademyPoetry69525ocn062835163com17880.79Pindar, PeterThe poetical works of Peter Pindar, Esq. a distant relation to the poet of Thebes. To which are prefixed, memoirs and anecdotes of the author5762ocn000855042book19730.56Vales, Robert LPeter Pindar (John Wolcot)Criticism, interpretation, etc3608ocn083509367com17780.81Pindar, PeterA poetical, supplicating, modest, and affecting epistle to those literary colossuses, the reviewers by Peter Pindar, EsqPoetryPortraits32514ocn642682619com17900.81Gifford, WilliamEpistle to Peter Pindar. By the author of The BaviadTrials, litigation, etcPoetry28812ocn642652571com17940.86Pindar, PeterThe works of Peter Pindar Esq.HistoryPoetry2548ocn001192912book18120.79Pindar, PeterThe works of Peter Pindar, esq. [pseud.] to which are prefixed memoirs of the author's life2255ocn083281300com17920.73Pindar, PeterThe works of Peter Pindar Esq. complete. A new edition. In two volumes1696ocn062835258com18000.84Polwhele, RichardThe unsex'd females a poem, addressed to the author of The pursuits of literature.Poetry15810ocn062835167book17920.92Pindar, PeterThe poetical works of Peter Pindar, Esq. a distant relation to the poet of Thebes. To which are prefixed, memoirs and anecdotes of the author. : Vol. I[-II]1383ocn000820570book19590.86Girtin, ThomasDoctor with two aunts; a biography of Peter Pindar1143ocn642617539com17900.73Tabby to Pindar1122ocn083321364com17900.70Pindar, PeterA Rowland for an Oliver; or a poetical answer to the Benevolent epistle of Mr. Peter Pindar Also the manuscript odes, songs, letters, &c. &c. of the above Mr. Peter Pindar, now first published by Sylvanus Urban1113ocn642387122com17960.73Pindar, PeterThe works of Peter Pindar Esqr. in four volumes. Volume IV.1082ocn642228394com17900.73Fact, TomThe history of Peter Pindar, from that memorable æra when he received a sound thrashing, down to the present time. And also an answer to his late publication, entituled, "An expostulatory epistle." The second edition. By Tom FactPoetry1072ocn642349621com17950.73Pindar, PeterThe works of Peter Pindar Esquire. In two volumes.1006ocn006569828book19000.93Reitterer, TheodorLeben und Werke Peter Pindars (Dr. John Wolcot)Criticism, interpretation, etc992ocn083271854com18000.79Geddes, AlexanderBardomachia: or, the battle of the bards Translated from the original Latin982ocn083345667com17880.76PindaromastixBirch for Peter Pindar, Esq A burlesque poem. By Pindaromastix943ocn642668548com17880.79Fact, TomThe history of Peter Pindar, from that memorable æra when he received a sound thrashing, down to the present time. And also An answer to his late publication, entituled, "An expostulatory epistle." By Tom FactPoetry833ocn745147258com17900.76Pindar, PeterA poetical epistle to John Wolcot, commonly known by the appellation of Peter PindarPoetry+-+7588509066324+-+7588509066324Fri Mar 21 16:08:03 EDT 2014batch72152