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Fri Mar 21 17:16:17 2014 UTClccn-n500683060.00C. Marius als Reformator des römischen Heerwesens. Von Dr. W. Votsch0.301.00Effets de la sécheresse sur l'évolution des sols de mangroves : Casamance, Gambie /82988171Gaius_Mariusn 50068306102405Caio Marius, 157-86 v. Chr.Cajus Marius, 157-86 v. Chr.Mario, Caio, approximately 157 B.C.-86 B.C.Mario, Cajo, approximately 157 B.C.-86 B.C.Mario, Cajo, c. 157-86 a.C.Mario, Cajo, ca. 157-86 B.C.Marius, 157-86 f.Kr.Marius, C.Marius, C. (Caius), approximately 157 B.C.-86 B.C.Marius, Caio, 157-86 v. Chr.Marius, Caius, 157-86 f.Kr.Marius, Caius, approximately 157 B.C.-86 B.C.Marius, Caius, ca. 157-86 B.C.Marius, Cajus, 157-86 f.Kr.Marius, Cajus, 157-86 v. Chr.Marius, Gaius, 0157-0086 av. J.-C.Marius, Gaius, ca. 157-86 B.C.Marius, Gaius Römisches Reich, Konsul, 156 v. Chr.-86 v. Chr. v156-v86Marius, Gajus, 157-86 f.Kr.lccn-n50007725McCullough, Colleen1937-np-sulla, lucius corneliusSulla, Lucius Corneliuslccn-n79021400Caesar, Juliuslccn-n2002034355Iggulden, Connlccn-n50049931Otway, Thomas1652-1685np-kildahl, phillip andrewKildahl, Phillip Andrewlccn-n82102587Smith, Richard Penn1799-1854lccn-n50032476Carney, Thomas F.lccn-n80013395Pompeythe Great106 B.C.-48 B.C.viaf-52021474Glenister, RobertnrtMarius, Gaiusapproximately 157 B.C.-86 B.C.DramaHistoryMapsDesigns and plansMarius, Gaius,Rome (Empire)StatesmenSulla, Lucius CorneliusCaesar, JuliusGeneralsHeads of stateSocial War (Rome : 90-88 B.C.)Pompey,--the Great,Male friendshipTriangles (Interpersonal relations)Women slavesSpartacus,Political scienceGracchus, Tiberius SemproniusGracchus, Gaius Sempronius,Historical fictionBiographical fictionFranceLiteratureConsuls, RomanSoilsDroughtsArchitectureGambiaFictionMangrove soilsItaly--RomeItalyAntiquitiesWar storiesHistory, AncientRomansDefinition (Philosophy)English dramaEnglish fictionGreat Britain1556158415941623168016921696170317241725173317351755177617891794179518061814181518211836183818421845185618621864186718691870187318771878188018811884188618881891189218941895189919061910191219151916193419351936193919411942194919511952195419551956195819601961196219641965196719681969197019711976197719781979198019841989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201415434185435937.050924DG256.5Statesmen101ocn835148531book15560.35Haereseologia, Hoc Est, Opvs Vetervm tam Graecorum quam Latinorum Theologorum, per quos omnes, quae per Catholicam Christi Ecclesiam grassatae sunt, haereses confutantur, & summa omnia Theologiae capita quaestionesq[ue] de Trinitate, Prouidentia Dei, Creatione mundi, Angelis, Peccato, Daemonibus, Generatione uerbi, Christi duabus naturis, humana & diuina, Liberó arbitrio, Sacramentis ... explicantur102ocn834955894book15840.35Marius Victorinus, GaiusMari[i] Victorini, Grammatici Et Rhetoris, De Orthographia, Et Ratione Carminvm Libri IIII51ocn251705489book19690.76Otway, ThomasThe history and fall of Caius Marius A tragedyDrama32ocn562300027book18670.47Marius, GaiusThe Indian Civil Service, as a career. Being a practical view of the question ... by Caius Marius21ocn560879361book18700.90GILLES, ICampagne de Marius dans la Gaule. Suivie de Marius, Marthe, Julie devant la légende des Sainted Maries21ocn560879378book1895GILLES, ILe deuxième Trophée de Marius à pourrières. (Supplément.)21ocn004214054book19670.92Marius, GaiusCarte pédologique de reconnaissance au 1/200.000 : Fort ArchambaultMaps21ocn558869149book1838HAZENBERG, Henricus JanusDissertatio ... inauguralis de Cajo Mario, Caji Marii filio, etc21ocn012545236book19761.00Marius, GaiusEffets de la sécheresse sur l'évolution des sols de mangroves : Casamance, Gambie21ocn562300020book1886Marius, GaiusC. Marius als Reformator des römischen Heerwesens. Von Dr. W. Votsch22ocn562300013book1776Marius, GaiusCaius Marius. A serious opera, as performed at the King's Theatre in the Haymarket ... The translation by F. Bottarelli. Ital. & Eng21ocn560879395book18730.47Gilles, Jean-ClaudeEncore les fosses Mariennes. Réponse aux Nouvelles Recherches sur le tracé des fosses Mariennes, et sur l'emplacement du camp de Marius de M.A. Aurès11ocn752667366book19640.81Ooteghem, Jules vanCaius Marius11ocn865058786book19970.47Marius, GaiusC. Marius Victorinus: Liber de definitionibus : eine spätanike Theorie der Definition und des Definierens : mit Einleitung, Übersetzung und Kommentar11ocn800792312book19150.92Lanzani, CarolinaMario e Silla; storia della democrazia romana negli anni 87-82 a. ChrHistory11ocn084445503visu1.00Lafréry, AntoineTrophea Marii de bello Cymbr. putat ad Aed. D. Euseb. RomaeDesigns and plans11ocn252033322book19680.53Kildahl, Phillip ACaius Marius11ocn004183643book1978Marius, GaiusCarte pédologique Roura (Cayenne Sud-Ouest) à 1/50.00011ocn252631076book19120.47Robinson, Frederick WalterMarius, Saturninus und Glaucia11ocn081327271visu1.00Lafréry, AntoineTrophea Marii de bello Cymbr. putat ad Aed. D. Euseb. RomaeDesigns and plans330114ocn021524219book19900.18McCullough, ColleenThe first man in RomeHistoryFictionHistorical fictionMcCullough's epic tale of ancient Rome explores the power struggle between an ambitious military man and a man who lost his fortune to pleasure+-+269730615528458ocn023732333book19910.17McCullough, ColleenThe grass crownHistoryFictionHistorical fictionThe lives of ancient Rome's men--general Gaius Marius and his rival Lucius Cornelius Sulla--unfold amid Republican Rome's struggle in a world of treachery and barbarism+-+K735625385251114ocn028115425book19930.17McCullough, ColleenFortune's favoritesHistoryFictionHistorical fictionThe third volume of a saga set in ancient Rome focuses on the political fortunes of Julius Caesar, a soldier destined for greatness, Sulla the dictator; and the ambitious Pompey, as well as Spartacus's slave revolt+-+383562538512056ocn049824758book20030.13Iggulden, ConnEmperor : the gates of RomeHistoryFictionHistorical fictionRarely, if ever, does a new writer dazzle us with such a vivid imagination and storytelling, flawlessly capturing the essence of a land, a people, a legend. Conn Iggulden is just such a writer, bringing to vivid life one of the most fascinating eras in human history. In a true masterpiece of historical fiction, Iggulden takes us on a breathtaking journey through ancient Rome, sweeping us into a realm of tyrants and slaves, of dark intrigues and seething passions. What emerges is both a grand romantic tale of coming-of-age in the Roman Empire and a vibrant portrait of the early years of a man who would become the most powerful ruler on earth: Julius Caesar. On the lush Italian peninsula, a new empire is taking shape. At its heart is the city of Rome, a place of glory and decadence, beauty and bloodshed. Against this vivid backdrop, two boys are growing to manhood, dreaming of battles, fame, and glory in service of the mightiest empire the world has ever known. One is the son of a senator, a boy of privilege and ambition to whom much has been given and from whom much is expected. The other is a bastard child, a boy of strength and cunning, whose love for his adoptive family'and his adoptive brother'will be the most powerful force in his life. As young Gaius and Marcus are trained in the art of combat'under the tutelage of one of Rome's most fearsome gladiators'Rome itself is being rocked by the art of treachery and ambition, caught in a tug-of-war as two rival generals, Marius and Sulla, push the empire toward civil war. For Marcus, a bloody campaign in Greece will become a young soldier's proving ground. For Gaius, the equally deadly infighting of the Roman Senate will be the battlefield where he hones his courage and skill. And for both, the love of an extraordinary slave girl will be an honor each will covet but only one will win. The two friends are forced to walk different paths, and by the time they meet again everything will have changed. Both will have known love, loss, and violence. And the land where they were once innocent will be thrust into the grip of bitter conflict'a conflict that will set Roman against Roman...and put their friendship to the ultimate test. Brilliantly interweaving history and adventure, Conn Iggulden conjures a stunning array of contrasts'from the bloody stench of a battlefield to the opulence of the greatest city in history, from the tenderness of a lover to the treachery of an assassin. Superbly rendered, grippingly told, Emperor, The Gates of Rome is a work of vaulting imagination from a powerful new voice in historical fiction. From the Hardcover edition+-+351188038556420ocn083474572com16800.76Otway, ThomasThe history and fall of Caius Marius A tragedyDrama5241ocn000160342book19680.53Kildahl, Phillip ACaius Marius4395ocn000001174book19680.73Smith, Richard PennCaius Marius; a tragedyDrama37617ocn012328011book16920.90Otway, ThomasThe history and fall of Caius Marius a tragedy, as it is acted at the Theatre RoyalDrama33019ocn000643298book19600.81Carney, Thomas FA biography of C. Marius23713ocn012330478book16800.88Otway, ThomasThe history and fall of Caius Marius a tragedy, as it is acted at the Duke's TheatreDrama1992ocn000032998book19690.81Otway, ThomasThe history and fall of Caius Marius, 1680Drama1993ocn024769817rcrd19910.13McCullough, ColleenThe grass crownHistoryFictionThe magnificent glory of Republican Rome is threatened when a struggle for power erupts among the men who shaped its hard-won peace+-+86068262151682ocn029202545rcrd19930.13McCullough, ColleenFortune's favoritesHistoryFictionPolitics, ambition, and greed collide in the fortunes of two of Ancient Rome's most powerful men1477ocn259266047book20030.15Iggulden, ConnThe gates of RomeHistoryFictionBiographical fictionHistorical fictionTwo boyhood friends, Gaius Marius and Marcus, now grown to manhood, are thrust into the grip of bitter conflict as every Roman prepares to take sides in the coming civil war between Sulla and Marius. Their friendship is further tested as they vie for the the love of an extraordinary slave girl+-+46589803851475ocn663088043rcrd20060.12Iggulden, ConnThe gates of RomeHistoryFictionFrom the spectacle of gladiatorial combat to the intrigue of the Senate, from the foreign wars that created an empire to the betrayals that almost tore it apart, the Emperor novels tell the remarkable story of the man who would become the greatest Roman of them all: Julius Caesar. The Gates of Rome introduces an ambitious young man facing his first great test. In the city of Rome, a titanic power struggle is about to shake the Republic to its core+-+53453445161377ocn014191053book19420.84Schur, WernerDas Zeitalter des Marius und SullaHistory1379ocn008714306book18770.70Beesly, A. HThe Gracchi, Marius, and SullaHistory+-+49991646961204ocn032852161book19940.73Evans, Richard JGaius Marius : a political biographyHistoryBiography1193ocn001057832book19640.81Ooteghem, Jules vanCaius Marius1033ocn556152481com20100.10Iggulden, ConnEmperorHistoryFictionHistorical fictionOn a small estate just outside Rome in the first century BC, two boys become blood brothers, little imagining the extraordinary future that lies before them. As friends and rivals, Gaius and Marcus are destined to find lasting fame+-+5345344516+-+3511880385Fri Mar 21 16:07:19 EDT 2014batch29261