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Fri Mar 21 17:15:02 2014 UTClccn-n500701190.17The fables of Aesop,0.820.93Towzer discover'd, or, A new ballade on an old dog that writes strange-lee to the tune of Oh how unhappy a lover am I79065152Roger_L'Estrangen 50070119104157Author of the ObservatorsEstrange, Roger l', 1616-1704Estrange, Roger L’, Sir, 1616-1704L., R., esq. (Roger L'Estrange), 1616-1704L'Estrange, R. (Roger), Sir, 1616-1704Lestrange, Roger.Lestrange, Roger, 1616-1704Letranž, Rožer.Letranž, Rožer 1616-1704Letranzh, Rozher, 1616-1704Observator, 1616-1704Observators, Author of theR. L., esq. (Roger L'Estrange), 1616-1704R. L. (Roger L’Estrange), esq., 1616-1704R. L. S. 1616-1704R. L. S. (Roger L’Estrange, Sir), 1616-1704R. L. S. (Roger L'Estrange, Sir), 1616-1704Roger, the Fidler, 1616-1704lccn-n79004229Seneca, Lucius Annaeusapproximately 4 B.C.-65 A.D.lccn-n81066350Aesoplccn-n82111819Oates, Titus1649-1705lccn-n79029741Quevedo, Francisco de1580-1645lccn-n79041716Catholic Churchlccn-n79055814Erasmus, Desiderius-1536lccn-n84134225England and WalesParliamentlccn-n84141051Godfrey, Edmund BerrySir1621-1678lccn-n79074258CharlesIIKing of England1630-1685lccn-n79032166Cicero, Marcus TulliusL'Estrange, RogerSir1616-1704Controversial literatureHistoryIllustrationsChartersAnecdotesChurch historyHumorSourcesPrivileges and immunitiesFictionGreat BritainPolitical scienceL'Estrange, Roger,--Sir,Conduct of lifeEnglandPopish Plot (1678)StoicsFables, GreekSeneca, Lucius Annaeus,FablesChurch and stateChristian lifePresbyterianismEthicsAesop's fablesDissenters, ReligiousFreedom of the pressOates, Titus,Russell, William,--Lord,FisheriesFreedom of speechJudgment DayCitizenshipEngland--LondonGodfrey, Edmund Berry,--Sir,Church of ScotlandRye House Plot (1683)Care, Henry,Devotional literatureDissentersPressAesopFreemenCatholic ChurchPrerogative, RoyalCivil War (Great Britain : 1642-1649)ReligionReligion and politicsLegislative powerEngland and Wales.--ParliamentThompson, Nathaniel,Latin literatureSalvationAtlantic herring fisheriesChristian life--Catholic authorsPrance, Miles,Political ballads and songsPolitics and literaturePublic opinionBible.--Exodus161617041630164116421643164416461647164916501651165916601661166216631664166516661667166816691670167116721673167416751676167716781679168016811682168316841685168616871688168916901691169216931694169516961697169816991700170117021703170417051706170717081709171017111712171317141715171617171718171917201721172217241725172617271728172917301732173317341735173617381739174017411746175017511752175417551756175917601762176417661767176817731774177517761791179217931794179717981800180318051806180718081810181118121813181518171818183018311833183418431844184518471848185018541855185618571869187018711878187918801881188218831884188518861887188818891892189618981899190019021903190419091910191319171920192219231924192519261928192919301931193219361939194019431944194619481949195419631965196619671969197019711972197319741975197619771979198019811982198319841989199119921993199619972005200820092010201120135104011324176398.24PR1121ocn000347379ocn001433918ocn002916112ocn511042068ocn005913897ocn002069633ocn001512202ocn005697872ocn003911377ocn006083698ocn002352256ocn643154186ocn643152877ocn000906284ocn025017229ocn006960729ocn680461191ocn681040910ocn719404366ocn038192807ocn009529563ocn258412421ocn553635986ocn255620681ocn833229779ocn457667646ocn460685471ocn461130639ocn080480973ocn658894406ocn422186608ocn8012198292153182ocn012361674book16780.81Seneca, Lucius AnnaeusSeneca's morals by way of abstract To which is added, a discourse, under the title of An after-thought. By Sir Roger L'Estrange, Knt89062ocn007944624book16670.88Quevedo, Francisco deThe visions of dom Francisco de Quevedo Villegas, knight of the Order of St. JamesHumorAnecdotes80279ocn012706417book16690.17Jacobs, JosephThe fables of AesopJuvenile worksBiographyBibliographyCommentariesFictionFablesAdaptations of eighty-two of Aesop's best known fables. Includes a brief history of the fables68543ocn012939681book16800.84L'Estrange, RogerA seasonable memorial in some historical notes upon the liberties of the presse and pulpit with the effects of popular petitions, tumults, associations, impostures, and disaffected common councils : to all good subjects and true ProtestantsHistoryPamphlets67257ocn012738655book16800.86L'Estrange, RogerA further discovery of the Plot drawn from the narrative and depositions of Dr. Titus Oates, and fairly submitted to the consideration of all indifferent readersHistory66342ocn011849799book16790.90L'Estrange, RogerThe free-born subject, or, The Englishmans birthright asserted against all tyrannical vsurpations either in church or stateHistoryPamphlets6526ocn000712333book19310.35AesopFables of Æsop, according to Sir Roger L'EstrangeIllustrations+-+453267139563938ocn012387073book16800.86Cicero, Marcus TulliusTully's offices in three books62433ocn012330450book16830.92L'Estrange, RogerConsiderations upon a printed sheet, entituled the speech of the late Lord Russel to the sheriffs together, with the paper delivered by him to them, at the place of execution, on July 21, 1683HistoryBiography61338ocn012740354file16740.90L'Estrange, RogerA discourse of the fishery briefly laying open, not only the advantages, and facility of the undertaking, but likewise the absolute necessity of it, in order to the well-being, both of king, and people : asserted, and vindicated from all materiall objections60445ocn011964245book16800.86L'Estrange, RogerCrack upon crack, or, Crack-fart whipt with his own rodHistoryHumorAnecdotes60443ocn013354850book16780.88L'Estrange, RogerTyranny and popery lording it over the consciences, lives, liberties, and estates both of King and peopleHistoryChurch historyPamphletsSourcesControversial literature56931ocn012940453book16800.86L'Estrange, RogerLestrange's narrative of the plot set forth for the edification of His Majesties liege-peopleHistory56641ocn012740346book16810.92L'Estrange, RogerThe dissenters sayings, in requital for L'Estrange's sayings published in their own words, for the information of the peoplePamphlets55838ocn012494579book16720.76Bona, GiovanniA guide to eternity: extracted out of the writings of the holy fathers and ancient philosophers. Written originally in Latin, by John Bona. Translated into English by Sir Roger L'Estrange55534ocn012920239book16610.88L'Estrange, RogerInterest mistaken, or, The holy cheat proving from the undeniable practises & positions of the Presbyterians, that the design of that party is to enslave both King and people under the masque of religion : by way of observation upon a treatise, intituled, the interest of England in the matter of religion, &c.HistoryControversial literature53534ocn012254519book16610.88L'Estrange, RogerA caveat to the cavaliers, or, An antidote against mistaken cordials dedicated to the author of A cordial for the cavaliersHistoryControversial literature50026ocn016978538book16610.88L'Estrange, RogerA modest plea both for the caveat, and the author of it with some notes upon Mr. James Howell, and his sober inspectionsHistoryPamphlets49231ocn012185368book16410.90L'Estrange, RogerThe relaps'd apostate, or, Notes upon a Presbyterian pamphlet, entituled, A petition for peace, &cControversial literature47228ocn065330527book16830.88L'Estrange, RogerThe lawyer outlaw'd, or, A brief answer to Mr. Hunts Defence of the charter with some useful remarks on the Commons proceedings in the last Parliament at Westminster : in a letter to a friendHistoryChartersControversial literaturePrivileges and immunities41710ocn065324279book16880.92Brown, ThomasHeraclitus ridens redivivus, or, A dialogue between Harry and Roger, concerning the timesHistory3197ocn000884480book19130.76Kitchin, GeorgeSir Roger L'Estrange; a contribution to the history of the press in the seventeenth centuryHistory30110ocn012740328book16810.88L'Estrange, RogerL'Estrange no papist nor Jesuite discussed in a short discourse between Philo-L'Estrange and PragmaticusHistory1877ocn012399588book16880.86Behn, AphraA poem to Sir Roger L'Estrange on his third part of the history of the times relating to the death of Sir Edmund Bury-GodfreyPoetry1768ocn012725654book16810.88Amy, SA præfatory discourse to a late pamphlet entituled, A memento for English Protestants, &c. being an answer to that part of the Compendium which reflects upon the Bishop of Lincoln's book : together with some occasional reflections on Mr. L'Estrange's writings1728ocn012999330book16810.92Prance, MilesL'Estrange a papist proved by the depositions upon oath of Miles Prance, Mr. Lawr. Mowbray, Mrs. Jane Curtis, Mr. Richard Fletcher, Mr. Joseph Bennet : taken by the Right Honourable the Earl of Essex, Earl of Clarendon, and Earl of Craven : with several animadversions upon the said depositions, in answer to Mr. L'Estrange's late pamphlets ...History1706ocn011849790book16800.90L'Estrange, RogerL'Estrange's case in a civil dialogue betwixt 'Zekiel and EphraimHistory1694ocn012657780book16900.90Harrington, JamesRoger L'Estrange's queries considered and some queries put, for the consideration of those persons whose judgments are in danger of being again poysoned by the snare of smooth words, calculated to the humour of a biggot for helping the indigent case of King James, and vindicating the non-abdicatorsHistory1688ocn013170090book16800.90H. BA true copy of a letter, intercepted, going for Holland directed thus for his, and his wives, never failing friend Roger Le Strange at the Oranges Court with care and speed, hast, hast, post hastControversial literature1674ocn012535649book16820.86More work for the popish implements, Nat. Thompson and the Observator shewing how contradictory they are to themselves from what they were when the one published, and the other allowed this following narrative of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey's murder, which for the satisfaction of all people, we have here verbatim reprinted1645ocn013089535book16600.88L'Estrange, RogerL'Estrange his apology with a short view of some late and remarkable transactions leading to the happy settlement of these nations under the government of our lawfull and gracious soveraign Charles the II whom God preserveHistorySources1534ocn012740309book16820.90L'Estrange, RogerA sermon prepared to be preach'd at the internment of the renowned Observator with some remarques on his life, by the Reverend Toryrorydammeeplotshammee Younkercrape : to which is annexed an elegy and epitaph, by the Rose-Ally-Poet, and other prime wits of the ageHistory1517ocn013065053book16800.86An hue and cry after R. LsHistory1482ocn009431774score16830.93Towzer discover'd, or, A new ballade on an old dog that writes strange-lee to the tune of Oh how unhappy a lover am IMusic1473ocn267169999book20090.90Hinds, PeterThe horrid Popish plot : Roger L'Estrange and the circulation of political discourse in late seventeenth-century LondonHistory"The Popish Plot was an alleged Catholic conspiracy to assassinate Charles II and reintroduce the Catholic faith to England. Despite it being a fiction, belief in the plot became widespread and many innocent Catholics were sent to their deaths." "Moving away from the focus of previous histories of the plot, which remain predominately in the realms of parliamentary discussion, courts of law and the councils of the King, this volume considers how details of the plot circulated more broadly. It investigates the many media used - primarily print, but also manuscript and word of mouth, in, for instance, books, pamphlets, newspapers, and ballads." "The most prolific commentator on the Popish Plot was Roger L'Estrange, the press censor during the reigns of Charles II and James II. L'Estrange was interested in the working of the London book trade at this time and, as one who did not believe there was a Popish Plot, wrote prolifically in order publicly to cast doubt upon it. L'Estrange's writings provide us with valuable insights into the production, dissemination and reception of political opinion in this period." "Drawing on the latest insights of literary studies, political history and the history of the book and reading, this volume furthers our understanding of how belief in such an extraordinary plot took hold amongst so many." --Book Jacket+-+88991724651417ocn013739421book16820.86Prance, MilesThe solemn protestation of Miles Prance in reference to the murder of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey, and as concerning Mr. Roger L'Estrange1405ocn009053863book16810.90Towzers advice to the scriblers forbibing [sic] them to come near his kennel upon pain of being torn in pieces1397ocn012280003book16810.88Mowbray, LawrenceThe portraicture of Roger L'Estrange drawn to the life as it was taken in the Queens ChappelHumor1387ocn012986382book16830.88OBSERVATORThe loyal Observator, or, Historical memoirs of the life and actions of Roger the Fidler, alias, the Observator1376ocn012388565book16850.90Cleeve, CharlesThe songs of Moses and Deborah paraphras'd with poems on several occasions : never before publish'd : to which is added, a Pindarick on Mr. L'EstrangePoetryParaphrases+-+4532671395+-+4532671395Fri Mar 21 15:16:25 EDT 2014batch84622