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Fri Mar 21 17:04:54 2014 UTClccn-n500726920.00Rotuli Curiæ Regis. Rolls and Records of the court held before the King's Justiciars or Justices. From the sixth year of King Richard II. to the first year of King John. Edited by Sir F. Palgrave0.841.00Dower pleas brought before King John's Curia133214581n 500726921066271721657Aula Regis (England)Curia RegisCuria Regis EnglandEngland. Aula RegisEngland. Justices in EyreEngland King's CouncilEngland. King's CourtJustices in Eyre (England)King's CouncilKing's Council EnglandcontainsVIAFID/124425119England. King's CouncilcontainsVIAFID/138849270England. Witenagemotlccn-n50068712Selden Societyedtlccn-n50022425Stenton, Doris Mary ParsonsLadyedtlccn-n85162368Bolland, William Craddock1855-lccn-n50041903Maitland, Frederic William1850-1906edtlccn-n89650843Turner, G. J.(George James)lccn-nr93012838Flower, C. T.(Cyril Thomas)1879-lccn-no2002086733Vernon Harcourt, Leveson William1871-1909lccn-n80125659Downer, L. J.lccn-n79081609Cam, Helen M.(Helen Maud)1885-1968lccn-n83171556Richardson, H. G.(Henry Gerald)1884-1974edtEnglandCuria RegisSourcesHistoryPeriodicalsGenealogyYearbooksTrials, litigation, etcGreat BritainPleas of the crownLaw reports, digests, etcEnglandLawCourt recordsEngland.--Curia RegisEngland--NorthamptonshireForestry law and legislationConstitutional historyEngland--WorcestershireEngland--GloucestershireEngland--StaffordshireEngland--WarwickshireEngland--LincolnshireEngland--YorkshireCourtsBishops--Temporal powerFeudal lawMagna CartaCommon lawEngland--SuffolkCivil lawLaw, MedievalEngland--OxfordshireEngland--SomersetCriminal lawFines and recoveriesLand tenureMass--CelebrationLegislationCatholic ChurchEngland--LondonWestminster AbbeyPlantagenet, House ofEngland and Wales.--ParliamentEngland--BristolEngland--Swineshead (Gloucestershire)England.--King's CouncilFeudalismGreat Britain.--ParliamentPractice of lawPolitical scienceEngland--NorthamptonEquityForests and forestryEngland--SurreyJohn Rylands LibraryGreat Britain.--Privy CouncilDower15001502150315101514151615171518151915211524152515261527152815291530153215331544154515471555155615571558155915611562156315651566156715701571157215731574157515761578158115821584158515871596159916001601160516061608160916191638164016721676167916801811181818351884188718881890189118971900190119021903190419051909191019111912191319141915191619171918192019211922192319241925192619281929193019311932193319341935193619371938194019411944194519461949195019511952195319551957195819591961196419651966196719681969197119721973197419761977197819791983198419861987198819891991199519961999200120022004200520062009201020126739357611347.094K152411ocn022127732book19140.81EnglandSelect bills in eyre, A.D. 1292-1333HistorySources3788ocn060735840file19010.84EnglandSelect pleas of the forestHistoryTrials, litigation, etc2906ocn003394218book19520.86EnglandPleas before the King or his justices, 1198-12022753ocn001922765book19410.86EnglandSelect cases of procedure without writ under Henry III2693ocn022127865book19340.84EnglandRolls of the justices in eyre : being the rolls of pleas and assizes for Lincolnshire 1218-9 and Worcestershire 12212683ocn051203168book20020.84Year books of Henry VIII : 12-14 Henry VIII, 1520-1523HistorySources2604ocn022127934book19400.84EnglandRolls of the justices in eyre : being the rolls of pleas and assizes for Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Staffordshire, 1221, 12222523ocn022127911book19370.84EnglandRolls of the justices in eyre : being the rolls of pleas and assizes for Yorkshire in 3 Henry III 1218-192465ocn015053038book19830.84EnglandThe eyre of Northamptonshire, 3-4 Edward III, A.D. 1329-1330HistorySources1976ocn029286391book19030.84Maitland, Frederic WilliamYear books of Edward IIHistorySources1924ocn060737490file19180.81Great BritainSelect cases before the King's Council, 1243-148215411ocn020503167book18880.86EnglandSelect pleas of the crown. Vol. 1 A.D. 1200-1225HistorySources1236ocn003381969book18350.88EnglandRotuli Curiae Regis : rolls and records of the court held before the King's justiciars or justicesHistorySources1001ocn233937669book20090.93The civil pleas of the Suffolk eyre of 1240HistorySources+-+7889838936962ocn021159874book19880.76Year books of Edward II : 14 Edward II, Michaelmas 1320HistorySources803ocn031131207book19890.93The Oxfordshire eyre, 1241HistorySources793ocn001187651book19300.95EnglandThe earliest Northamptonshire assize rolls, A.D. 1202 and 1203HistoryGenealogySourcesTranscripts of Assize rolls 559, 613 and 817, and also all cases on Assize roll 1786ocn004109763book0.95EnglandSomersetshire pleas (civil and criminal), from the rolls of the itinerant justicesHistorySources765ocn034832795book18110.94Great BritainPlacitorum in domo capitulari Westmonasteriensi asservatorum abbreviatio. Temporibus regum [sic] Ric. I. Johann. Henr. III. Edw. I. Edw. IIHistorySources643ocn767515569file16790.73EnglandAt the Court at Whitehall the third of October, 1676. Whereas His Majesty and this board are informed of the bold and open repair made to several places ... for the hearing of mass, and other worship and services of the Romish Church2626ocn029532321book19440.84Flower, C. TIntroduction to the Curia Regis rolls, 1199-1230 A.D.HistoryTrials, litigation, etcSources2334ocn001909773book18900.84EnglandSelect civil pleas : volume I A.D. 1200-1203Trials, litigation, etcSources2257ocn060732522file19130.81Adams, George BurtonProcedure in the feudal Curia Regis531ocn008425792book19020.95EnglandPleas of the crown for the hundred of Swineshead and the township of Bristol : taken at Bristol, before Simon Abbott of Reading, Randolf Abbott of Evesham, Martin, Pateshull, John of Monmouth, Ralph Hareng and Robert Lexington, justices itinerant : in the fifth year of the reign of King Henry the Third, A.D. 1221HistorySources294ocn036677896book19180.81Great BritainSelect cases before the King's Council, 1243-1482211ocn015231155book16800.93Atwood, WilliamJani Anglorum facies nova, or, Several monuments of antiquity touching the great councils of the kingdom and the court of the kings immediate tenants and officers from the first of William the First, to the forty ninth of Henry the third, reviv'd and clear'd : wherein the sense of the common-council of the kingdom mentioned in King John's charter, and of the laws ecclesiastical, or civil, concerning clergy-men's voting in capital cases is submitted to the judgement of the learnedHistory42ocn018628782book15250.73De termino Michaelis. Anno. x. Henrici sextiHistoryPeriodicalsYearbooks42ocn018628773book15280.70De termino Michaelis, anno regni regis Henrici sexti. septimoPeriodicalsYearbooks33ocn855387414book19260.76Adams, George BurtonCouncil and courts in Anglo-Norman EnglandHistory21ocn606172204book19520.97Rogers, Ralph VThe John Rylands Library manuscript of the Eyre of Northampton, 3 Edward III (1329) (Latin ms. 180)History22ocn855422636book18880.86EnglandSelect pleas of the crown. Vol. 1 A.D. 1200-1225HistorySources21ocn059337951book20010.47Stewart, Susan MaryAn edition of the Surrey Eyre Roll of 1262-3HistorySources21ocn154213815book19000.93Great BritainFeet of fines of the tenth year of the reign of King Richard I, A.D. 1198 to A.D. 1199. Excepting those for the counties of Bedford, Berkshire, Buckingham, Cambridge, Devon, and Dorset. Also a roll of the King's court in the reign of King Richard I. Printed from the originals in the custody of the Right Hon. the master of the rolls, under the direction of the council of the Pipe roll societyHistorySources21ocn224189771book19520.47Rogers, Ralph VThe John Rylands Library manuscript of the eyre of Northampton, 3 Edward III (1329)History11ocn504894275book19380.47Curia Regis rolls of the reign of Henry III, preserved in the Public Record Office11ocn741735538book20050.47Gallagher, Eric JamesAn introduction to and edition of the Suffolk eyre roll 1240 - civil pleasHistorySources11ocn018446931book19741.00Ady, Sharon TeagueDower pleas brought before King John's Curia11ocn504894279book19550.47Curia Regis rolls of the reign of Henry III, preserved in the Public Record Office11ocn751610377book1835Great BritainRotuli Curiæ Regis. Rolls and Records of the court held before the King's Justiciars or Justices. From the sixth year of King Richard II. to the first year of King John. Edited by Sir F. Palgrave11ocn019605279book19581.00Buzicky, Charles WilliamThe Curia regis in England under the Anglo-Norman kings, 1066-1135+-+7889838936+-+7889838936Fri Mar 21 15:51:46 EDT 2014batch30562