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Fri Mar 21 17:11:51 2014 UTClccn-n500073200.00The London poor di Henry Mayhew /0.601.00Henry Mayhew Letter42716540Henry_Mayhewn 5000732042860Brothers MayhewBrothers Mayhew, 1812-1887Mayhew, BrothersMayhew, Brothers, 1812-1887Mayhew, Henry YeoOne who has been "almost worried to death," 1812-1887メイヒウメイヒュー, ヘンリーlccn-n79060115Quennell, Peter1905-1993edtlccn-n79006976Smith, JosephJr1805-1844lccn-n83161679Humpherys, Anneedtlccn-n80067117Cruikshank, George1792-1878egrilllccn-n79064772Thomas, Donald1926-lccn-n80139859Brooks, Shirley1816-1874edtlccn-n50047487Lemon, Mark1809-1870edtlccn-nr93015737Seaman, Owen1861-1936edtlccn-n82032477Burnand, F. C.(Francis Cowley)1836-1917edtlccn-n82208076Taylor, Tom1817-1880edtMayhew, Henry1812-1887HistoryCase studiesPeriodicalsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyChurch historyControversial literatureEngland--LondonPoorSocial historyWorking classCrimeProstitutionMayhew, Henry,CharitiesGreat BritainSmith, Joseph,--Jr.,PrisonsCriminals--Social conditionsCrime--Sociological aspectsEnglish wit and humorCriminalsEnglandMormon ChurchMormonsAuthors, EnglishSociologistsTravelChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsEconomic historyWorking class in literatureLiteraturePoor in literatureAlmanacs, EnglishUnemployedUnited StatesLaborPunishment in crime deterrenceWorking poorProphetsUtahProphets (Mormon theology)SweatshopsPeddlersFamiliesFathers and sonsGrandparent and childPrisonersLondon labour and the London poor (Mayhew, Henry)PeriodicalsEconomicsManners and customsCriminologyMormons--PersecutionsCorrectional institutionsPovertySmith, Joseph F.--(Joseph Fielding),18121887183418351836183818391842184418461847184818491850185118521853185418551856185718581859186018611862186318641865186618671868186918701871187218731874187518761878187918801881188218831885188618921896189719001912191419201944194719491950195119521954195519561958196019621965196619671968196919701971197219731974197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988199019911992199519961997199819992000200520062007200820092010201120122013157923861394301.452309421HV4088.L8ocn004353329ocn317927116ocn320726063ocn080255716ocn503472061ocn760339680165273ocn000441030book18510.56Mayhew, HenryLondon labour and the London poorHistory+-+91846713959373ocn038732162book19980.27Thomas, DonaldThe Victorian underworldHistoryCase studiesThe author exposes "the teeming underbelly of a world more often associated with gentility and high culture. ... In its gin shops and taverns, hard by the fashionable West End, thrived thieves and beggars, cheats, forgers, and pickpockets, preying on rich and poor alike."--Jacket+-+338732963592412ocn001714437serial0.47PunchPeriodicals77543ocn000238402book18510.79Mayhew, HenryThe Mormons; or Latter-day Saints: a contemporary historyHistoryChurch historyBiography74037ocn000265289book18620.76Mayhew, HenryThe criminal prisons of London, and scenes of prison life62125ocn002041778book19500.53Mayhew, HenryLondon's underworld; being selections from "Those that will not work," the fourth volume of "London labour and the London poor."The fourth volume of London labour and the london poor was first published in 186252621ocn001014728book16510.59Mayhew, HenryMayhew's London; being selections from 'London labour and the London poor' (which was first published in 1851)42211ocn000494454book19650.59Mayhew, HenrySelections from London labour and the London poor38313ocn000241915book19510.56Mayhew, HenryMayhew's charactersHistory3518ocn000148834book19710.63Mayhew, HenryThe unknown Mayhew34812ocn013149153book19850.37Mayhew, HenryLondon labour and the London poorOffers a detailed description of everyday life among Victorian London's poor and shares interviews with workers in various occupations+-+369789596528921ocn000362985book18700.73Thackeray, William MakepeaceThe comic almanack : an ephemeris in jest and earnest, containing merry tales, humorous poetry, quips, and oddities28716ocn000197550book19710.50Mayhew, HenryThe unknown Mayhew : selections from the Morning Chronicle, 1849-1850History+-+834118503532427411ocn060729408file18560.84Mayhew, HenryThe great world of London24814ocn795891224com18520.88Mayhew, HenryHistory of the Mormons or Latter-Day Saints with memoirs of the life and death of Joseph Smith, the "American Mahomet"HistoryBiography22057ocn001140264book18510.84Mayhew, HenryLondon labour and the London poor: the condition and earnings of those that will work, cannot work, and will not workHistory+-+918467139520610ocn000270837book19710.70Mayhew, HenryVoices of the poor: selections from the Morning Chronicle 'Labour and the poor' (1849-1850)History19817ocn610867303book19650.39Mayhew, HenryLondon labour and the London poorHistoryAn extraordinary work of investigative journalism, literature, and sociology, London Labour and the London Poor originated in a series of articles for a local newspaper and grew into a massive record of the daily life of Victorian London's underclass. By turns alarming, touching, and funny, the pages of London Labour and the London Poor exposed a previously hidden world. Henry Mayhew conducted hundreds of interviews that provided a first-hand account of costermongers and street-sellers, of sewer-scavengers and chimney-sweeps, creating an intimate and detailed portrait that offered unprecedented insight into their day-to-day struggle for survival. Combined with Mayhew's comprehensive data gathering, these stories have an immediacy that owes much to his sympathetic understanding and effective literary style. This new selection offers a cross-section of the original volumes and their evocative illustrations, including among other features an introduction by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst that illuminates Mayhew's life and career, the genesis and development of the book, and its influence on contemporaries such as Dickens and Kingsley. - Publisher+-+735110446532419215ocn000965697book18510.88Mayhew, HenryThe religious, social, and political history of the Mormons, or Latter-day saints, from their origin to the present time; containing full statements of their doctrines, government and condition, and memoirs of their founder, Joseph SmithHistoryControversial literature18314ocn006595522book19800.81Mayhew, HenryThe Morning Chronicle survey of labour and the poor : the metropolitan districtsHistory5463ocn010147081book19840.59Humpherys, AnneHenry MayhewHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography4527ocn003575005book19770.66Humpherys, AnneTravels into the poor man's country : the work of Henry MayhewBiography4343ocn000071942book18970.66Meredith, GeorgeThe adventures of Harry RichmondFictionDomestic fictionRichmond Roy, or Roy Richmond, is the ne'er-do-well son of an actress and an unnamed member of the royal family. He has taken up the trade of singing teacher, and in this capacity is employed by Squire Beltham, one of whose two daughters he seduces and elopes with. Having given birth to Harry Richmond the daughter dies. Squire Beltham and his other daughter, Dorothy, obtain custody of Harry after a prolonged struggle with Roy. Harry runs away from school and ends up in Germany, where he happens upon his father, now living at the courts of various German princes, with intervals in debtors' prisons. Harry falls in love with Princess Ottilia, but he is once more returned to the care of his grandfather, who promises to make Harry heir to his fortune of £20,000 a year if he will marry local girl Janet Ilchester. Harry will have none of this, and goes back to the Continent to pursue his princess, only to find that she has married a German prince. Since Janet is now engaged to an English marquess, and Squire Beltham has left his grandson a measly £3000, Harry seems to have got the worst of both worlds. Happily, Janet has second thoughts about the marquess and marries Harry instead. The story ends with a disastrous fire, in which Roy dies while trying to save Dorothy Beltham's life1165ocn065312127com18500.90Labour and the poor important explanation of the Morning chronicle "commissioner."1091ocn002281893book19720.63Mayhew, HenryThe unknown Mayhew992ocn035718250book19960.88Mayhew, HenryThe essential Mayhew : representing and communicating the poorRecords and correspondence+-+3195439036131ocn059811293book20050.84Seed, JohnPictures from Mayhew : London 1850Poetry+-+5717102545112ocn137238233book20050.56Die Zivilisierung der urbanen Nomaden : Henry Mayhew, die Armen von London und die Modernisierung der Lebensformen62ocn232575371book19910.10Nineteenth-Century Literature CriticismCriticism, interpretation, etc61ocn166389364book20070.81Seed, JohnThat Barrikins : pictures from Mayhew II--London 1850Poetry+-+570552054631ocn223314809book19700.92Thomas, Alan CedricHenry Mayhew's rhetoric; a study of his presentation of social "facts"22ocn830906943book1995Spina, GiorgioThe London poor di Henry MayhewHistory11ocn272493830book19840.47Cochrane, Sarah GasbéThe writings of Henry Mayhew, 1849-1851 : some aspects of dress and the clothing industry in mid-nineteenth-century London11ocn023673661book19670.47Vitale, Helen MHenry Mayhew : London literary philanthropistCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn019240943book1944Soderberg, OlgaThe Mayhews, one of the Cook County Pioneer families11ocn046824883book20000.47Carwile, Lona CatherineRepresenting culture and class : an exploration of narrative containment strategies in Henry Mayhew and George Gissing11ocn313647342book1.00Mayhew, HenryWiltshire, EngRecords and correspondenceRequesting Coyne to write a review of a book he has just written11ocn122571339mix0.47British authors collectionLiterary manuscripts and letters of writers of the British Commonwealth. Correspondence, literary manuscripts, commonplace books, autographs, and photographs11ocn849670338mix18531.00Mayhew, HenryHenry Mayhew LetterOne letter from the English author and reformer, seeking information regarding "the amount of the London traffic," presumably as research for one of his books11ocn024620073book19900.47Galbreath, Rebekah NealThe unexplored MayhewCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+3387329635+-+3387329635Fri Mar 21 15:12:29 EDT 2014batch40972