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Fri Mar 21 17:05:32 2014 UTClccn-n500757620.01The Perils of Priscilla0.230.47Interview: ready or not?157079263n 50075762109503lccn-no2004008483United Artists Television (Firm)viaf-69135156Reynolds, Tommyprflccn-no2009022871Oscilloscope Pictureslccn-no2011033825Sam, Clifford Rayprfnp-donahue, maryDonahue, Maryprflccn-no2002047188National Film Preservation Foundation (U.S.)viaf-278382928Kimble, Gregdrtviaf-66670806Mackenzie, Kentausflmdrtnp-willis, johnWillis, Johnnrtnp-kaufman, robertKaufman, RobertcngDimension Films (1962-1985)DramaHistoryDocumentary filmsNonfiction filmsJuvenile worksCase studiesBiographyFictionIndians of North America--Urban residenceIndians of North AmericaCalifornia--Los AngelesUnited StatesCaliforniaRodeo performersIndians of North America--Social conditionsGentrificationUrban renewalHispanic Americans--EmploymentIndians of North America--MigrationsEconomic historyCity planningSocial historyDrug trafficChina--Hong KongPoliceChinaOrganized crimeUndercover operationsCriminal behaviorWomen prisonersGangstersSwine--BehaviorDomestic animalsChickensEmployment interviewingGrier, RoseyMurderOffice politicsSuccessCowsDrug dealersUnited States.--Congress.--HouseWomen serial murderersElectionsWomen clerksPolitics, PracticalApplications for positionsFiction filmsCrystal growthAnimal communicationDogs--BehaviorComputersCreative abilityComputer programsPersistenceFootball playersResponsibilitySelf-perception19621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801982198319851986199219982002200990464101791.4372PN19973842ocn467916954visu20090.28Mackenzie, KentThe exilesHistoryDramaNonfiction filmsDocumentary films"The Exiles" of the title are displaced Native Americans, living in late 1950s Los Angeles on Bunker Hill, a depressed area connected to the rest of the city by the Angels Flight trolley. The Indians were already exiles, from the moment they lost their ancestral lands and were confined to reservations. Starting on Friday afternoon and closing Saturday morning, the film follows pregnant Yvonne, her husband Homer, and their Mexican acquaintance Tommy Reynolds. Yvonne cooks dinner, Homer and Tommy drop her off at an "all-nite" movie and go to a bar, where they join a group on a joyride out to a hill--Hill X--and drunkenly greet the morning with tribal songs and dancing, while Yvonne sleeps in her neighbor's bed. A beautifully photographed slice of down-and-almost-out life, this is a portrait of women and men who are depressed over their diaspora, poverty, loneliness, alienation, lack of education and opportunity, and trying to escape the grip of a durable Los Angeles nightmare981ocn040833235visu19920.17SupercopDramaAn undercover cop is on a high-stakes mission to take down a powerful drug lord in the crime capital of the world! Whether it's leaping from a ten-story building onto an airborne helicopter or landing on top of a speeding train, there's no job too tough for this hero ... who'll do whatever it takes to uphold justice!+-+5173543006324802ocn040854433visu19980.28Office killerDramaDorine is a quiet and hardworking social outcast who's endured years of abuse as the office doormat. Then one day, this mild-mannered paper pusher accidently electrocutes one particularly obnoxious coworker and in the process completely short-circuits her already unstable sanity. From that moment on, Dorine comes to believe that any office mate can be her best friend once they're dead334ocn004097930visu19640.06RainshowerPresents to primary and elementary school children the sights, sounds, beauty, and rhythm of rain as it comes to living things on a farm and to people in the city. Explains that rain is a source of the water which we use, and that it affects plants and other living things as well as people working in the community322ocn003031390visu19670.23Pigs!Juvenile worksFictionPortrays the images and sensations evoked by a group of piglets sleeping, eating, and exploring a barnyard253ocn005612916visu19750.07Chick chick chickJuvenile worksShows the life of a young chick and its mother hen in a barnyard. Follows the chick as it explores its world of the barnyard, including the world of cows, pigs, and horses194ocn005642192visu19740.21Rosey Grier, the courage to be meShows how Rosey Grier's positive attitude helped him achieve success in sports, politics, entertainment, and in serving young people134ocn003985951visu19690.01The Perils of PriscillaAn open-end film which points out the needs of a pet cat from the cat's point of view124ocn005598756visu19740.18DogsObserves a group of dogs in the countryside and at home, revealing the ways of relating and communicating that are special to dogs. Designed to assist in the development of language skills, sensory awareness, careful observation, land creative expression121ocn005929059visu19630.25The True story of an electionCase studiesShows how an American election actually works. Explains the role of the non-professional citizen politicians. Follows the 1962 California 34th Congressional District campaign from primary to final decision, describing the problems of finding volunteer workers and financial support, the battles of the candidates, registration of voters, publicity, and get-out-the-vote projects125ocn006533680visu19670.08Job interview, whom would you hire?Pictures job interviews photographed with a hidden camera and asks the viewers to decide which of the real applicants they would hire, and why111ocn049505492visu20020.16In too deepDrama"A gritty crime drama about a dedicated young cop who goes deep undercover to take down a ruthless gangster! Offices Jeff Cole is given a dangerous mission: infiltrate the syndicate of "God" the charismatic and deadly crime lord who rules the city's streets."--Container112ocn004522479visu19750.27CrystallizationUses photomicroscopy and polarized light in order to reveal the growth of crystals and their disintegration into common liquids. Without narration103ocn005604025visu19750.47Interview: ready or not?Presents a spontaneous discussion among a group of young people which emphasizes the practical ways to prepare for and participate in a job interview102ocn022648199visu19780.08The Courage to be meBiographyTells how Rosey Grier overcame painful shyness, rejection and failure to achieve success in sports, politics, entertainment and in serving youg people. Intended for use to provide a positive model which can inspire young adults toward effort, responsibility, and persistence101ocn004261819visu19680.07The CowA picture study of cows on a peaceful day in the pasture. Illustrates how they sound and presents close views of textures, colors, and shapes of cows and the activities of a new-born calf93ocn010299605visu19830.28Computers, tools for peopleEmphasizes the links between the power of computers and the creativity of humans. Briefly examines four types of applications programs: file searching, machine control, models, and creative tools from an identifiable, humanistic perspective82ocn018891065visu19650.06Time, lines and eventsJuvenile worksUses animation in presenting visualization of time as a system for measuring events. Introduces concepts of sequence and duration and discusses the importance of time relationships in history72ocn009069068visu19800.47Job interview, whom would you hire?Shows three job interviews filmed with a hidden camera and asks the viewer to decide which of the applicants they would hire, and why. There is a break between interviews to allow viewers to stop the projector for discussion if desired. Designed to help young people see themselves through the eyes of employers71ocn005991419visu19780.01Courage to be me : people who overcome barriersCase studiesPresents intimate portraits of four individuals who have created successful, rewarding lives despite severe physical hardship or childhood deprivation. Uses first person narratives complimented by current photographs and re-creations of past events+-+5173543006324+-+5173543006324Fri Mar 21 15:52:17 EDT 2014batch15365