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Thu Oct 16 17:51:04 2014 UTClccn-n500076560.10Matisse : Matisse Museum presents Matisse in his native village, Tériade and the masters' books, Herbin and the northern region0.691.00E. Tériade-Stratēs Eleutheriadēs : psychographia tēs prosōpikotētas tou /115413319n 5000765643195Eleftheriades, Efstrathios 1897-1983Eleftheriades, Efstratios.Eleftheriades Efstratios 1897-1983Eleftheriádis, EfstrátiosEleftheriádis, Efstrátios 1897-1983Eleutheriadēs, StratēsEleutheriádīs, Eustrátios’Eleutheriádīs, ’Eustrátios 1897-1983Eleutheriádīs, Stratī́s Th’Eleutheriádīs, Stratī̂s Th 1897-1983TériadeTériade 1897-1983Tériade 1897-1983 KunstsammlerTériade, E.Tériade E. 1897-1983Tériade Kunstsammler 1897-1983Tériade, M., 1897-1983Tériade, MichelTériade, Michel 1897-1983TeriádīsTeriádīs 1897-1983TeriántTeriánt 1897-1983lccn-n88601369Anthonioz, Michel1947-lccn-n79054729Matisse, Henri1869-1954illlccn-n83022646Draeger frèresprtlccn-n50080992Cartier-Bresson, Henri1908-2004lccn-n81095878Skira, Albertauipbdedtlccn-n50034048Hayter, Stanley William1901-1988trllccn-n91125941Musée Matisse (Le Cateau, France)lccn-n83071365Galeries nationales du Grand Palais (France)lccn-n83150622Blanche, Jacques-Émile1861-1942lccn-n79043105Chagall, Marc1887-1985Tériade, E.Exhibition catalogsPeriodicalsIllustrationsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcTériade, EFranceArtVerve (Paris, France)Books of hoursArtsPhotography, ArtisticCartier-Bresson, Henri,Illumination of books and manuscripts, FrenchArts, ModernPainting, FrenchTrès riches heures du duc de BerryIllumination of books and manuscripts, GothicPaintingIllumination of books and manuscriptsMatisse, Henri,Berry, Jean de France,--duc de,Léger, Fernand,Illumination of books and manuscripts, MedievalArtists' booksTériade éditeurArtists' illustrated booksFrance--BurgundyBoccaccio, Giovanni,Art publishingFrance--ParisFrance--ChantillyManuscripts, Latin (Medieval and modern)Chagall, Marc,Illustration of booksArt, EuropeanHerzog August BibliothekGermany--WolfenbüttelMusée Matisse (Le Cateau, France)Ubu roi (Jarry, Alfred)Miró, Joan,Ubu (Fictitious character) in artTériade, AliceFrance--Le CateauCivilizationArt, FrenchArt, ModernLimbourg, Pol de,Sculpture, FrenchPascin, Jules,Book of hours (Ms. Très riches heures du duc de Berry : Catholic Church)Authors, Greek (Modern)Artists' books--PublishingMagazine coversElytēs, Odysseas,18971983190019261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019431944194519471949195019521953195419561957196019731975197619771978198019811986198719881989199119931995199619972001200220052006200820092627208294705N1ocn084966535ocn006719863ocn009174279ocn742875750ocn742875909ocn365382851ocn742874385ocn742874499ocn742875612ocn742875446ocn474180954ocn472823531ocn472823497ocn472084464ocn460995271ocn460317391ocn459060698ocn874447263ocn258418673ocn313533072ocn470202517ocn312562484ocn460530932ocn0727831023741ocn006557867book19520.50Cartier-Bresson, HenriThe decisive moment"Strictly speaking, The Decisive Moment is a monograph of Cartier-Bresson's best work, but it has overriding unifying factors that elevate it into a great photobook. The first is the concept of the 'decisive moment' itself, which defines the elegance of Cartier-Bresson's imagery: the instant when all the elements in the picture-frame come together to make the perfect image--not the peak of action necessarily, but the formal peak ... No one achieved it more often or better, but allied with it was Cartier-Bresson's thoroughly clear-eyed view of the world--astute, non-sentimental, beautiful, profound. Crucially, for all their formal grace, his pictures are distinguished by his humanist view of life."--The Photobook : A History Volume I / Martin Parr and Gerry Badger. London : Phaidon, 20042834ocn001516493serial0.66Verve : an artistic and literary quarterlyPeriodicals1564ocn009143478serial0.77VervePeriodicals975ocn003291236book19340.84Masterpieces of French painting932ocn001089473book19340.70Blanche, Jacques-ÉmileMasterpieces of French painting; from the primitives to the sixteenth century846ocn003735675book19280.84Tériade, EFernand Leger585ocn036504421book19960.92Matisse et TériadeExhibition catalogs541ocn084966535book19500.84Chagall, MarcContes de Boccace : peintures du manuscrit des ducs de Bourgogne, Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal (Manuscrit no 5193)Illustrations413ocn037882509book19970.82Di Crescenzo, CasimiroMatisse and Teriade : collaborative works by the artist and art publisher from Verve (1937-1960) ; Lettres portugaises, 1946Exhibition catalogs403ocn036663169book19960.82Tériade, EEcrits sur l'artExhibition catalogs393ocn003007720book19350.79Tériade, ELes trésors de la peinture franc̜aise : XVIIe siècleHistory362ocn004033753book19780.84Anthonioz, MichelHommage à Tériade : André Beaudin ... : [Ausstellung, Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn 19.1.-26.2.1978, Moderne Galerie Bottrop 12.3.-15.4.1978, Rathaus Schöneberg, Berlin 2.5.-5.6.1978Exhibition catalogs235ocn008512211book19530.79Matisse, HenriHenri Matisse : papiers découpés231ocn017540719book19450.50Cazelles, RaymondLes Très riches heures du Duc de Berry, Musée Condé, ChantillyIllustrations"In 1411 Jean de Berry asked the three Limbourg brothers to create this book of hours (a prayer book for the laity), which contains more than 130 miniatures. Offering a full facsimile of the manuscript, this cd-rom allows you to turn the pages, enlarge and explore the images, conduct searches using the indexes and consult a commentary for each miniature in French, English, or German"--Container212ocn013080813book19370.59Verve : an artistic and literary quarterlyIssue includes large section on Indian art, including texts and plates215ocn063693142book20050.84Pascin, JulesIl y a cent ans- Pascin arrivait à ParisExhibition catalogsOuvrage qui rend hommage au peintre d'origine bulgare J. Pascin (1885-1930). A l'image de sa vie tapageuse, ses oeuvres osées donnent à voir la vie des cabarets, des cafés et des maisons closes de l'époque. Publié à l'occasion de l'exposition rétrospective qui lui est consacrée à Paris (novembre-décembre 2005)157ocn006986148book19280.74Tériade, EMenkesCriticism, interpretation, etc121ocn009174279book19350.47Masterpieces of French painting, seventeenth century: Nicholas Poussin, Claude Lorrain, Eustache Lesuer, Philippe de Champaigne, Richard Tassel, Sebastien Bourdon, Pierre Mignard, the Le Nains, A. Baugin, Georges de La Tour111ocn050002952book19970.92Tériade éditeur : centenaire, 1897-1997 : Bouquinerie de l'InstitutHistoryExhibition catalogs102ocn039760505book19390.56Verve : the French review of art4093ocn017733208book19870.53Anthonioz, MichelVerve : the ultimate review of art and literature (1937-1960)HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+78926456351461ocn000724738book19730.88Anthonioz, MichelHommage à TériadeExhibition catalogs553ocn002647560book19750.82Anthonioz, MichelHommage à Tériade : [catalogue of an exhibition held at the] Diploma Galleries, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 9 August-12 October 1975HistoryExhibition catalogs392ocn085595028book20060.93Chagall et Tériade : l'empreinte d'un peintreExhibition catalogs+-+9765598087372ocn048496710book20010.66Watts, HarriettDer Künstler als offenes Buch = The artist as an open book : Tériade : livres d'artiste aus dem Malerbuchkabinett der Herzog August Bibliothek WolfenbüttelHistoryExhibition catalogs322ocn468417821book20090.90Miró, JoanMiró & Tériade : l'aventure d'UbuExhibition catalogs302ocn036589893book19960.92Matisse et TériadeExhibition catalogs291ocn008300078book19600.93Tériade editeur - revue Verve : exposition du 6 février au 12 mars 1960241ocn057243633book20020.84Tériade, ETériade & les livres de peintres : 8 novembre 2002-23 mars 2003, Musée Matisse, Le Cateau-CambrésisHistoryExhibition catalogs112ocn079582124book20060.96Nikoretzos, DēmētrēsAgapēte mou Tériade : Anekdota grammata tou Odyssea Elytē ston E. TériadeRecords and correspondence81ocn007745382book19780.97Kornfeld und KlipsteinTériade éditeur, revue Verve, livres illustrés du 20ème [sic] siècle : vente aux enchères à Berne, le jeudi, 8 juin, à 17.30 environ71ocn050998013book19950.96Hommage à TʹeriadeCatalogs61ocn223106513book19730.47Anthonioz, MichelHommage à Tériade : Grand Palais, du 16 mai au 3 septembre 1973Exhibition catalogs62ocn317777634book20080.94Coron, AnneLa donation Alice Tériade : la collection d'un éditeur d'art : [catalogue de l'exposition présentée au Musée départemental MatisseExhibition catalogs+-+338559808741ocn079467938book20020.10Matisse : Matisse Museum presents Matisse in his native village, Tériade and the masters' books, Herbin and the northern regionCriticism, interpretation, etc21ocn219962014book19860.47Giannoulellēs, Giōrgos NHo zōgraphos Theophilos Ch" Michaēl : hē prosōpikotēta kai to ergo tou ; To Mouseio Theophilou ; Poios hētam ho Teriant21ocn224828127book19750.47Anthonioz, MichelHommage à TériadeHistoryExhibition catalogs21ocn197748232book19950.95Rabinow, Rebecca AThe legacy of la Rue Férou : livres d'artiste created for Tériade by Rouault, Bonnard, Matisse, Léger, Le Corbusier, Chagall, Giacometti, and MiróTeriade (Efstratios Eleftheriades) was one of the most important fine arts publishers active in post-World War II France. Between 1943 and 1975 he published twenty-seven livres d'artiste (artists' books) by some of the greatest artists of the century; nine of these contain texts authored by the artist who created the "illustrations." Rouault's Divertissement (1943), Bonnard's Correspondances (1944), Matisse's Jazz (1947), Leger's Cirque (1950), Le Corbusier's Poeme de l'angle droit (1955), Chagall's Cirque (1967), Giacometti's Paris sans fin (1969), and Miro's Ubu aux Baleares (1971) and L'Enfance d'Ubu (1975)--all published by Teriade under the imprint Editions Verve--rank among the most innovative livres d'artiste of our time. Teriade referred to these books as "artistic microcosms," "extraordinary self-contained worlds."21ocn220312017book19730.47Hommageà Tériade : [exposition] Grand Palais du 16 mai au 3 septembre 1973Exhibition catalogs11ocn781689913book19731.00Katakouzēnos, AngelosE. Tériade-Stratēs Eleutheriadēs : psychographia tēs prosōpikotētas touInterviews+-+9765598087+-+9765598087Thu Oct 16 16:05:39 EDT 2014batch25317