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Fri Mar 21 17:05:26 2014 UTClccn-n500773260.06Jane Addams : Nobel Prize winner and founder of Hull House /0.351.00Nationalities map no. 1[-4], Polk St. to Twelfth ... Chicago154743713n 50077326111021Addams Hull-House MuseumAddams Hull-House Museum Chicago, IllHull-HouseHull House, ChicagoHull-House Chicago, IllHull-House MuseumHull-House Museum Chicago, IllJane Addams Hull-House MuseumJane Addams Hull-House Museum Chicago, Illlccn-n79104234Addams, Jane1860-1935lccn-n86807411Bryan, Mary Lynn McCreelccn-n97002549Stebner, Eleanor J.1960-nc-womens international league for peace and freedomWomen's International League for Peace and Freedomlccn-n87902726Bair, Barbara1955-lccn-n95078687De Angury, Mareelccn-no95049597Linn, James Weber1876-1939lccn-n79148870Davis, Allen Freeman1931-comlccn-n86117345Diliberto, Gioia1950-lccn-n50014423Wise, Winifred Esther1906-Hull-House (Chicago, Ill.)FictionSea storiesJuvenile worksHistoryHistorical fictionTextbooksMapsHandbooks, manuals, etcComic books, strips, etcSourcesHull-House (Chicago, Ill.)Addams, Jane,Illinois--ChicagoWomen social reformersUnited StatesSocial settlementsWomen social workersSocial historySocial serviceBurr Conspiracy (1805-1807)WomenSocial reformersExilesSoldiersStateless personsSocial problemsIllinoisWomen's International League for Peace and FreedomWomen--EducationPeace movementsAmerican literature--Women authorsPeacePolacheck, Hilda Satt,JewsSweatshopsPolitical and social viewsPatriotismEthnicityJews--Cultural assimilationSocial work with immigrantsAmericanizationCultural pluralismPhotograph collectionsImmigrantsPottery, AmericanMexican American potteryChicago school of sociologyRace relationsBurr, Aaron,PunishmentDeathHistorical fictionAdventure storiesArmed Forces--OfficersAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)DeportationEnglish languageSuccessChildren's literatureShort stories18901892189418951897189818991903190419051909191019111912191319151916191719231924192519261929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219441945194619471949195019511952195319581959196019611962196319651966196719681969197019711973197719791981198219831984198519881989199019911992199419951997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320873234429813.4PS1772103ocn561965710com0.92Hull-House bulletinPeriodicals91ocn244116966book18980.97Dietary studies in Chicago in 1895 and 1896, conducted with cooperation of Jane Addams and Caroline L. Hunt, of Hull House71ocn008699523book18950.47Hull-House (Chicago, Ill.)Maps and papers, a presentation of nationalities and wages in a congested district of Chicago, together with comments and essays on problems growing out of the social conditions61ocn011337397book19030.97An inquiry into the causes of the recent epidemic of typhoid fever in Chicago, made by residents of Hull House; house-to-house investigation by Maud Gernon and Gertrude Howe51ocn051166342book19040.23Hale, Edward EverettThe man without a countryHistoryNaval historyJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcFictionTextbooksHistorical fictionSea storiesA man is condemned to spend his life on shipboard without ever hearing the name of his country41ocn015299823book19680.73Hull-House (Chicago, Ill.)Final report: Work Kamp, Work opportunity readiness kamp to provide comprehensive aid for manpower potential, July 1, 1967 to June 30, 196843ocn024060855map18951.00Greeley, Samuel SewellNationalities map no. 1[-4], Polk St. to Twelfth ... ChicagoMaps32ocn024060910map18951.00Greeley, Samuel SewellWage map no. 1[-4], Polk St. to Twelfth ... ChicagoMaps21ocn053808195map19820.92Nationalities mapMaps21ocn835497192book20100.47Hull House maps and papers : a presentation of nationalities and wages in a congested district of Chicago21ocn039719261book19840.92Shawk, TomAll you wanted to know about insurance but were afraid to ask : property-insurance information for the small apartment ownerHandbooks, manuals, etc21ocn058897552book19031.00Hull-House (Chicago, Ill.)An inquiry into the causes of the recent epidemic of typhoid fever in Chicago, made by residents of Hull House22ocn815877408book18950.66Hull-House maps and papersHistory22ocn036676846com18921.00Hull-House (Chicago, Ill.)Hull-House : a social settlement at 335 South Halstead Street, Chicago ; weekly program of lectures, clubs, classes, etc., March 1st, 189221ocn005128975book19490.47Hull-House (Chicago, Ill.)Hull-House, Chicago's oldest social settlement, approaching its 60th year, 1889-194821ocn042341946serial0.10Hull-House (Chicago, Ill.)Year book11ocn081919273book18970.47The Chicago arts and crafts society : formed at Hull House, Oct. 22, 189711ocn059713975mix1.00Hull-House collectionSourcesThe Hull-House Collection was assembled by the Special Collections Department of the University of Illinois at Chicago beginning in 1966. It consists of material documenting the history of Hull-House from its founding in 1889 until the mid 1960s when the settlement moved from its original location on Halsted Street. The materials have been collected from a variety of sources including members of the Hull-House Board of Trustees. The majority of this collection was acquired between 1966 and 1972, however new material continues to be added. The collection was arranged for the first time in 1973. In 2004, new accessions were integrated and the collection was partially rearranged. The folder numbers assigned during the original arrangement of this collection have been maintained. As a result, the folder numbers are not in strict numerical order. Folders marked with an asterisk are oversized11ocn080465063book19490.47Ozark paintings and others by Robert L. SpeerExhibition catalogs11ocn316790836book19051.00Hamilton, AliceA study of tuberculosis in Chicago, with special reference to the statistics collected in the Jewish district by Dr. Theodore B. Sachs5152104ocn004224813book19100.27Addams, JaneTwenty years at Hull House, with autobiographical notesHistoryBiographyOriginally published in 1910, this was Jane Addams' most successful book. Now regarded as a classic of American social history, this first annotated edition is issued on the occasion of the Hull-House centennial. One of the most important books ever written in the United States, Twenty Years at Hull-House remains a classic because it addresses large questions of human destiny and social justice in terms that are as relevant today as they were one hundred years ago.'Kathryn Kish Sklar, author of Catherine Beecher: A Study in American Domesticity+-+625615707518363ocn042855535file19940.37Stebner, Eleanor JThe women of Hull House a study in spirituality, vocation, and friendshipHistoryBiography"This group biography explores the lives, work, and personal relations of nine white, middle and upper-middle-class women who were involved in the first decade of Chicago's premier social settlement. This "galaxy of stars" - as they were called in their own day - were active in innumerable political, social, and religious reform efforts." "The Women of Hull House refutes the humanistic interpretation of the social settlement movement. Its spiritual base is highlighted as the author describes it as the practical/ethical side of the social gospel movement and as an attempt to transform late nineteenth-century evangelical and doctrinal Christian religion. While the women of Hull House differed from one another in their theological beliefs and were often critical of orthodox Christianity, they were motivated by Christian ideals." "By showing the interconnections of spirituality, vocation, and friendship, the author argues that individual actions for social changes must take place within communities which provide a level of uniting vision yet allow for diverse actions and viewpoints."--BOOK JACKET+-+223989642512318ocn000499322book19350.35Linn, James WeberJane Addams; a biographyHistoryBiography"James Weber Linn's life of this forceful public figure offers a rare glimpse of the private Addams, from her childhood and schooling through her first efforts in public service and her rise to a position of national influence. Linn's biography is based on Addams's personal papers, which she turned over to him before she died: files of her manuscripts, published and unpublished, along with all of her letters and papers, from her first valentine to her last speech."--BOOK JACKET+-+395415707510932ocn000982354book19300.32Addams, JaneThe second twenty years at Hull-House, September 1909 to September 1929, with a record of a growing world consciousness10854ocn040150519book19990.25Diliberto, GioiaA useful woman : the early life of Jane AddamsHistoryBiographyThe first biography in twenty-six years of Jane Addams -- founder of the Hull-House settlement and winner of the 1931 Nobel Peace Prize -- written with access to hundreds of new family documents. "Today, Jane Addams is widely recognized as an extraordinary figure in our nation's history, one of a roster of great Americans -- Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. among them -- who made lasting contributions to social justice. But as with the lives of many iconographic figures, the legend often obscures the real story." Frequently recognized as one of the most influential women of the century -- and considered a heroine by nurses and social workers around the globe -- Jane Addams had to struggle long and hard to earn her place in history. Born in 1860 on the eve of the Civil War, she lived during pivotal times when women were only beginning to create new roles for themselves (ironically building on the Victorian ideal of women as ministering angels). Focusing on her metamorphosis from a frail, small-town girl into a woman who inspired hundreds of others to join her movement to serve the poor, A Useful Woman delves into the mysterious ailments and other troubles young Jane faced. Examining for the first time Jane's physical and mental health and the effect of her father's remarriage after her mother's death, biographer Gioia Diliberto directly links Addams's proneness to depression to her inability to conform to the mores of her time. Also, for the first time, she examines in detail Addams's two marriage-like relationships with women. With hundreds of previously unavailable documents at her disposal, Diliberto has written a fascinating study of one of the most intriguing and important women in history, concentrating on her difficult formative years with compelling -- and groundbreaking -- results+-+00180393157992ocn785781217com20090.37Addams, JaneThe selected papers of Jane AddamsHistoryBiographyRecords and correspondence7932ocn000047423book19690.32Davis, Allen FreemanEighty years at Hull-HouseHistory7264ocn001390212book19350.21Wise, Winifred EstherJane Addams of Hull-HouseBiography6783ocn018908653book19890.47Polacheck, Hilda SattI came a stranger : the story of a Hull-House girlHistoryBiography+-+83671570755554ocn048033001book20010.50Addams, JaneThe Jane Addams readerHistoryBiographyThis unique collection of writings by the great social reformer-edited by the author of Jane Addams and the Dream of American Democracy-reveals the essential Jane Addams+-+80646501955443ocn048013768book20030.63Addams, JaneThe selected papers of Jane AddamsHistoryBiographyRecords and correspondence+-+44727570755151ocn039478125book19990.06Harvey, Bonnie CJane Addams : Nobel Prize winner and founder of Hull HouseJuvenile worksBiographyDescribes the life of the woman whose devotion to social work led to her establishing Hull House in Chicago and who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931+-+09456511254855ocn000470345book19510.18Judson, Clara IngramCity neighbor: the story of Jane AddamsJuvenile worksA biography of the founder of Hull House, the Chicago social work and community center which helped late nineteenth-century America awaken to the needs of its immigrants, factory workers, and children4731ocn019722051book19890.70Shpaḳ-Lisaḳ, RivḳahPluralism & progressives : Hull House and the new immigrants, 1890-1919Case studies+-+27503917753243782ocn019776422book19890.47Kirkland, WallaceThe many faces of Hull-House : the photographs of Wallace KirklandPictorial works3701ocn024669763book19920.06Kent, DeborahJane Addams and Hull HouseHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyA biography of the social worker who defended the oppressed, promoted education for the poor, worked for world peace, and founded Hull House, a settlement house in the industrial slums of Chicago3572ocn020725147book19900.59100 years at Hull-HouseHistory3032ocn052208857book20040.63Ganz, Cheryl RPots of promise : Mexicans and pottery at Hull-House, 1920-40History+-+09437570753012ocn049611142book20020.79Deegan, Mary JoRace, Hull-House, and the University of Chicago : a new conscience against ancient evilsHistory2894ocn042771722book20000.79Jackson, ShannonLines of activity : performance, historiography, Hull-House domesticityHistory"Lines of Activity investigates the cultural life of the Hull-House Settlement of Chicago, one of the most significant reform institutions of the Progressive Era, from its founding in 1889 through its growth into a major social service institution. The book focuses specifically on the role of performance - not only theatrical representation, but also athletics, children's games, storytelling, festivals, living museums, and the practices of everyday life - to demonstrate how such cultural rituals could propel social activism at Hull-House and paradoxically serve as vehicles for both cultural expression and cultural assimilation."+-+9766667295+-+0018039315Fri Mar 21 15:19:58 EDT 2014batch31410