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Fri Mar 21 17:10:45 2014 UTClccn-n500091030.00Materials for documentary film: The world of Enrico Fermi,0.530.96Volnovai︠a︡ funkt︠s︡ii︠a︡ Bete /32057187Hans_Bethen 5000910344625Bete, G.Bete, G., 1906-2005Bethe, H.Bethe, H. A.Bethe, H. A. 1906-2005Bethe, H. A. (Hans Albrecht), 1906-2005Bethe, H. AlbrechtBethe, Hans 1906-2005Bethe, Hans A.Bethe, Hans A. 1906-2005Bethe, Hans Albrecht, 1906-Бете, Г., 1906-2005ベーテ, ハンスlccn-n80137817Schweber, S. S.(Silvan S.)lccn-n50051398Marshak, Robert E.(Robert Eugene)1916-1992edtlccn-n50039656Brown, G. E.(Gerald Edward)1926-edtlccn-no2002089334Lee, Chang-Hwanedtlccn-n50005793Oppenheimer, J. Robert1904-1967lccn-n79078585Bergman, Elihuedtlccn-n84041698Jackiw, Roman W.lccn-n83826714Salpeter, Edwin E.lccn-n82039612Morrison, Philiplccn-n88074979Manhattan Project (U.S.)Bethe, Hans A.(Hans Albrecht)1906-2005HistoryBiographyConference proceedingsRecords and correspondenceAnecdotesInterviewsUnited StatesBethe, Hans A.--(Hans Albrecht),Nuclear physicsNuclear physicistsQuantum theoryAtomic bomb--Moral and ethical aspectsPhysicistsAstrophysicsQuantum electrodynamicsOppenheimer, J. Robert,Power resourcesEnergy policyAtomsMany-body problemAntimissile missilesAir defensesUnderwater acousticsElastic analysis (Engineering)Nuclear weapons--Moral and ethical aspectsNuclear warfare--Moral and ethical aspectsManhattan Project (U.S.)Political and social viewsNuclear energyNuclear weaponsAtomic bombPhysicsBlack holes (Astronomy)Feynman, Richard P.--(Richard Phillips),Collisions (Nuclear physics)Wave equationRadiationAtomic structureMesonsPeierls, Rudolf E.--(Rudolf Ernst),Nuclear weapons--TestingNuclear structureNuclear astrophysicsScienceCrystals--Electric propertiesWave mechanicsElectronsMetalsParticles (Nuclear physics)Wave functionsMilitary policyTeller, Edward,Energy conservationCoalNuclear fuelsUranium1906200519121928192919301931193319341935193619371938193919401942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012003200420052006200720082012201315843439902539.1QC173ocn315375322ocn257806581ocn835985638ocn470280618ocn468310696ocn610201615ocn610203154ocn185297937ocn461478027ocn363704279ocn832688246ocn441053525ocn441821921ocn443344321ocn724041837159865ocn000537236book19640.70Bethe, Hans AIntermediate quantum mechanics+-+820258053532410839ocn004076746book19780.37Bergman, ElihuAmerican energy choices before the year 2000 : [proceedings]Conference proceedings103438ocn000531831book19570.59Bethe, Hans AQuantum mechanics of one- and two-electron atomsThis classic of modern physics includes a vast array of approximation methods, mathematical tricks, and physical pictures useful in applying quantum mechanics to other fields. Students and professionals will find it an essential reference for calculations pertaining to hydrogen- and helium-like atoms and their comparison with experimental results. 1977 edition+-+621119139582138ocn000962911book19470.56Bethe, Hans AElementary nuclear theory+-+63950913957857ocn000013893book19690.39Chayes, AbramABM : an evaluation of the decision to deploy an antiballistic missile system67514ocn022661282book19910.39Bethe, Hans AThe road from Los AlamosHistory+-+32523683356511ocn269489804file20010.37Acoustic interactions with submerged elastic structures. a Herbert Überall festschrift volume+-+002563763432458229ocn000232248book19470.63Bethe, Hans AElementary nuclear theory : a short course on selected topics5665ocn000418981book19660.66Marshak, Robert EPerspectives in modern physics. Essays in honor of Hans A. Bethe on the occasion of his 60th birthday, July, 19665007ocn824698585file20030.53Bethe, Hans AFormation and evolution of black holes in the galaxy selected papers with commentary+-+K50738763439318ocn006382247book19550.79Schweber, S. SMesons and fields28414ocn019885517book19890.70Bethe, Hans AFrom a life of physicsA compilation of previously unpublished lectures delivered at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics by the pioneers and creators of modern physics --Bethe, Dirac, Heisenberg, Wigner, Klein and Landau (the sixth delivered by E Lifshitz). By sharing with us their own lives of physics, these outstanding physicists convey the sense of total dedication, the pleasure and elegance of scientific creation at its peak. Readers would acquire a deeper sense of the scope and nature of physics, and the insights of its fascinating diverse disciplines as the developments of modern physics are being+-+22845062442425ocn002016285book19610.73Bethe, Hans AThe future of nuclear tests2366ocn013525640book19860.79Bethe, Hans ABasic Bethe : seminal articles on nuclear physics, 1936-19372321ocn064202249visu20060.14The best mind since EinsteinHistoryBiographyInterviewsAnecdotesExamines the life and work of Richard Feynman, Nobel prize-winning physicist, best known for his work on the atom bomb, his theory of quantum thermodynamics, and his contribution to the investigation into the Challenger space shuttle disaster22114ocn034967820book19960.79Bethe, Hans ASelected works of Hans A. Bethe : with commentary+-+212377563421814ocn002381592book19290.86Bethe, Hans ASplitting of terms in crystals. Complete English translation1589ocn001655570book19430.79Bethe, Hans AElektronentheorie der Metalle664ocn004969981book19330.84Smekal, Adolf GustavQuantentheorie558ocn003497627book19370.94Bethe, Hans ANuclear physicsEnthält: A: Stationary states of nuclei / H<ans> A. Bethe and R. F. Bacher. B: Nuclear dynamics, theoretical / H<ans> A. Bethe. C: Nuclear dynamics, experimental / M. Stanley Livingston and H<ans> A. Bethe10766ocn277199865com20060.47Hans Bethe and his physicsWhen Hans Bethe, at the age of 97, asked his long-term collaborator, Gerry Brown, to explain his scientific work to the world, the latter knew that this was a steep task. As the late John Bahcall famously remarked: "If you know his (Bethe's) work, you might be inclined to think he is really several people, all of whom are engaged in a conspiracy to sign their work with the same name". Almost eight decades of original research, hundreds of scientific papers, numerous books, countless reports spanning the key areas of 20th century physics are the impressive record of Hans Bethe's academic work. In answering Bethe's request, the editors enlisted the help of experts in the different research fields, collaborators and friends of this "last giant" of 20th century physics. "Hans Bethe and His Physics" is the result. It contains discussions of Hans Bethe's work in solid state physics, nuclear physics and astrophysics; it explains his contributions as a science advisor and his stance on energy and nuclear weapons; and it demonstrates his impact as a teacher and mentor to generations of young scientists. While the book's primary aim is to explain the science behind the man, the different articles also allow the reader to take a glimpse at the man behind the science+-+956110763410113ocn042682835book20000.32Schweber, S. SIn the shadow of the bomb : Bethe, Oppenheimer, and the moral responsibility of the scientistBiographyIn the Shadow of the Bomb narrates how two charismatic, exceptionally talented physicists-J. Robert Oppenheimer and Hans A. Bethe-came to terms with the nuclear weapons they helped to create. In 1945, the United States dropped the bomb, and physicists were forced to contemplate disquieting questions about their roles and responsibilities. When the Cold War followed, they were confronted with political demands for their loyalty and McCarthyism's threats to academic freedom. By examining how Bethe and Oppenheimer-two men with similar backgrounds but divergent aspirations and characters-struggled with these moral dilemmas, one of our foremost historians of physics tells the story of modern physics, the development of atomic weapons, and the Cold War. Narrates how two charismatic, exceptionally talented physicists, came to terms with the nuclear weapons they helped to create. "Schweber deals with the political involvements and ethical responsibilities of physicists in and after World War II in a new way and takes up themes and events that have not been dealt with in detail, or at all, in other works. The book is a study in parallel lives, and, as Schweber points out, there are just enough of both similarities and differences in the backgrounds of Oppenheimer and Bethe to make a comparison of their almost-parallel lives meaningful and rewarding. I consider the work to be important as well as very readable."--Helge Kragh, author of Quantum Generations+-+54349564158005ocn796815902file20120.39Schweber, S. SNuclear forces the making of the physicist Hans BetheBiographyMain description: What drove Nobel-winning physicist Hans Bethe, head of Theoretical Physics at Los Alamos during the Manhattan Project, to later renounce the weaponry he had worked so tirelessly to create? That is one of the questions answered by Nuclear Forces, a riveting biography of Bethe's early life and development as both a scientist and a man of principle7002ocn006487874book19800.33Bernstein, JeremyHans Bethe, prophet of energyHistoryBiography2848ocn646768242com20070.66Bethe, Hans AThe Bethe-Peierls correspondenceRecords and correspondenceThis book contains a document selection which is of great significance for our understanding of 20th century physics, in particular for the early history of quantum mechanics, information transfer between Europe and the US, and for many post-war developments in the history of physics. The documents are unique in both scope and completeness+-+70862276342325ocn013005539book19850.93International School of Physics 'Enrico Fermi'From nuclei to stars : a meeting in nuclear physics and astrophysics exploring the path opened by H.A. BetheConference proceedings503ocn072868329book20000.39Schweber, S. SIn the shadow of the bomb : Oppenheimer, Bethe, and the moral responsibility of the scientistBiography+-+4032766415501ocn007843154book19810.23Bernstein, JeremyProphet of energy, Hans BetheHistoryBiography422ocn010324221book19830.73Gaudin, MichelLa fonction d'onde de Bethe303ocn326620177book20060.86Bird, Jacqueline MScientists in conflict : Hans Bethe, Edward Teller and the shaping of United States nuclear weapons policy, 1945-1972History+-+120805584653ocn741596367book19860.59International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi"From nuclei to stars : a meeting in nuclear physics and astrophysics exploring the path opened by H.A. Bethe ; Varenna on Lake Como, Villa Monastero, 18-23 June 1984Conference proceedings32ocn867554506visu19810.92Hans Bethe prophet of energyBiographyHans Bethe: Prophet of Energy is a portrait of the eminent Nobel Prize winning physicist who greatly advanced our knowledge of the atom. Bethe discusses the milestones of his career: his student work in Germany, his flight from the Nazis, his work on the Los Alamos Atomic Bomb project under Robert Oppenheimer, and his research on the energy production in stars. In working to help solve the energy crisis of the 1970's, Bethe established himself as one of the country's leading spokesmen for a safe way to use nuclear energy. Speaking in support of a sensible use, he represents a side of this controversial issue that deserves more attention. The film provides crucial insight into this complex issue by one of the world's authorities31ocn055174979book19870.96Gaudin, MichelVolnovai︠a︡ funkt︠s︡ii︠a︡ Bete22ocn758730024com0.92Bowers, Wayne AWayne A. Bowers physics notebooksHistoryThe collection comprises four handwritten student notebooks kept by W. A. Bowers while a student at Cornell University. The courses, all taught by Hans Bethe, 1939-1940, were: Electromagnetics (#223); Nuclear Theory (#278); Hydrodynamics (#452); Advanced Quantum Mechanics (#481)21ocn021268034visu19710.47Hans Albrecht Bethe: German physicist, July 2, 1906Portraits22ocn081003917mixHarvard Project PhysicsMaterials for documentary film: The world of Enrico FermiHistoryCollection includes outtakes and trims from the production of the documentary on Fermi as well as documentary film footage and some candid footage from the 1930s. Includes the filmed interview with J. Robert Oppenheimer; as well as outtakes from interviews with other physicists who worked with Fermi in Rome, at Columbia University, the University of Chicago, and Los Alamos. These include Dr. and Mrs. Harold M. Agnew, Eduardo Amaldi, Herbert Anderson, Hans A. Bethe, John Baudino, Gina Castelnuovo, Owen Chamberlain, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Geoffrey Chew, Laura Fermi, Eugenio Fubini, Samuel A. Goudsmit, David Hawkins, Percival King, Tsung-Dao Lee, John Marshall, Leona Marshall, Dorothy McKibbin, Nicholas Metropolis, Philip Morrison, Norman Nachtrieb, Jay Orear, Isidor I. Rabi, Franco Rasetti, Arthur H. Rosenfeld, Emilio G. Segrè, Cyril S. Smith, George L. Weil, and Chen Ning Yang11ocn081895962mixNiels Bohr LibraryThe Emilio Segrè visual archives, A-DHistoryPhotographsAn extensive collection of some 25,000 historical photographs, slides, lithographs, engravings, and other visual materials relating to the history of physics and its allied sciences. The collection focuses on American physicists and astronomers of the twentieth century, but includes many scientists in Europe and elsewhere, in other fields related to physics, and in earlier times. It contains photographs of industrial laboratories, observatories, apparatus, academic physics departments, meetings of scientific societies, etc. This record contains a partial index11ocn844361819book19660.66Marshak, Robert EPerspectives in modern physics. Essays in honor of Hans A. Bethe on the occasion of his 60th birthday, July, 196612ocn155006762mixPeierls, Rudolf EConference proceedingsThe collection, which consists almost entirely of correspondence written and received, covers all aspects of Peierls's career to 1974, including scientific research, service on committees, advisory boards, etc., publications, appointment, overseas visits and the like. Peierls has attracted the attention of historians, and has given reminiscences and accounts of episodes in his life on tape, radio, television, in print and by correspondence. Several are in the collection; information on the location of others is provided. Peierls's retirement from the Wykeham Chair was marked by a Symposium held in Oxford in July 1974. Correspondence with participants, and tapes of the talks and discussion are contained in the collection, by courtesy of the organisers I. J. R. Aitchison and J. E. Paton, and include many personal and scientific recollections of Peierls and his career. There is extensive correspondence with Hans Bethe, Niels Bohr, Nevill Mott, and Wolfgang Pauli and shorter exchanges with Max Born, Ralph Howard Fowler, Werner Heisenberg, Lev Landau, George Placzek, J. Robert Oppenheimer and others11ocn078112234mix1991American Physical SocietySymposium of the history of physics the coming of age of nuclear physics - the 1930sHistoryAn American Physical Society symposium on the advent of nuclear physics in the 1930s. Speakers include: Hans Bethe, H. Richard Crane, Maurice Goldhaber, and John Archibald Wheeler+-+0025637634324+-+0025637634324Fri Mar 21 15:13:09 EDT 2014batch39571