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Bion, Wilfred R. (Wilfred Ruprecht) 1897-1979

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Most widely held works by Wilfred R Bion
Experiences in groups, and other papers by Wilfred R Bion( Book )

117 editions published between 1959 and 2014 in 4 languages and held by 2,433 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This book provdies a basis for synthesis of the approach of classical psychoanalysis based on the individual with that of group dynamics. The processes described are shown to apply to all kinds of human interaction and the book has relevance not only for psychologists but for all whose work involves association with others, whether in committees or major social institutions
Elements of psycho-analysis by Wilfred R Bion( )

57 editions published between 1963 and 2011 in 3 languages and held by 1,939 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Elements of Psycho-Analysis is a 20-chapter text that describes the phenomena whose various aspects can be seen to fall within the grid categories of psycho-analysis. The elements of psycho-analysis are ideas and feelings as represented by their setting in a single grid-category. The opening chapters deal with the psychoanalytic objects, which are associations and interpretations with extensions in the domain of sense, myth, and passion. The remaining chapters are extensive discussions of the psychoanalytic phenomena, including ideas, feelings, pain, association and interpretation, conflicting
Learning from experience by Wilfred R Bion( )

78 editions published between 1962 and 2014 in 5 languages and held by 1,938 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Second thoughts; selected papers on psychoanalysis by Wilfred R Bion( )

54 editions published between 1967 and 2018 in 3 languages and held by 1,839 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Second Thoughts is a collection of papers on Schizophrenia, Linking and Thinking, and his commentary upon them in the light of later work. Originally composed between 1950 and 1962, it derives its title from the lengthy critical commentary which Bion attached to these case histories in the year of publication, 1967, and represents the evolutionary change of position marked in his three previous books and brought to further refinement in the present work
Attention and interpretation; a scientific approach to insight in psycho-analysis and groups by Wilfred R Bion( )

62 editions published between 1970 and 2018 in 3 languages and held by 1,710 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Bion's central thesis in this volume is that for the study of people, whether individually or in groups, a cardinal requisite is accurate observation, accompanied by accurate appreciation and formulation of the observations so made. The study represents a further development of a theme introduced in the author's earlier works, particularly in Elements of Psychoanalysis (1963) and Transformations (1965). Bion's concern with the subject stems directly from his psycho-analytic experience and reflects his endeavor to overcome, in a scientific frame of reference, the immense difficulty of observing, assessing, and communicating non-sensuous experience.Here, he lays emphasis on he overriding importance of attending to the realities of mental phenomena as they manifest themselves in the individual or group under study. In influences that interpose themselves between the observer and the subject of his scrutiny giving rise to opacity, are examined, together with ways of controlling them. Problems of language are considered: In order to express and communicate, the analyst is obliged to use words and formulations deriving from a background of sensuous experience and designed for a different task. Furthermore, the author says "It is too often forgotten that the gift of speech, so centrally employed, has been elaborated s much for the purpose of concealing thought by dissimulation and lying as for the purpose of elucidating or communicating thought".The practical value of this volume for those engaged in psycho-analytic work is self-evident; furthermore, its implications extend to many other areas of study. The discussion is wide-ranging: based on Kleinian theory, it encompasses theological dogma and mathematics, and the relationships between these fields. In particular, an attempt is made to show the analogy of certain psychological concepts with mathematical formulations such as set theory.Readers already familiar with Bion's work will welcome this further statement of his views. Those encountering his writing for the first time will at once perceive the originality of his approach and the precision of his theoretical exposition."--Provided by publisher
Cogitations by Wilfred R Bion( )

24 editions published between 1991 and 2010 in 4 languages and held by 1,497 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This is a collection of occasional writings by Bion, covering a period between 1958 and 1979, which delve into a wide range of material - psychoanalysis, science, mathematics and logic, literature and semantics
Taming wild thoughts by Wilfred R Bion( )

17 editions published between 1997 and 2011 in 4 languages and held by 1,441 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Brings together previously unpublished works from two different periods of Bion's career which are linked by the concept of classifying and conceptualizing thought. The first paper 'The Grid' dates from 1963, the second part consists of transcripts of two tape-recordings made by Bion in 1977 reflecting his interest in 'stray' thoughts
Brazilian lectures 1973 São Paulo, 1974 Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo by Wilfred R Bion( )

14 editions published between 1990 and 2011 in English and Undetermined and held by 1,412 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

These lectures, delivered in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro during 1973 and 1974, reveal Bion in his most vital and challenging mode both in respect of the material he presents, and in his responses to the questions from his audience
Clinical seminars and other works by Wilfred R Bion( )

15 editions published between 1994 and 2008 in English and held by 1,391 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This selection of clinical seminars held by Wilfred Bion in Brasilia (1975) and Sao Paulo (1978) is the nearest we shall ever get to experiencing his application of his theories and views to consulting-room practice. It is also likely to be the only printed record of this area of his work. As those who underwent analysis with Bion will testify, nothing can approach the experience of the thing itself, but, failing that, these seminars may help to fill the gap now that his voice can only be heard through his published writings and lectures. Other works included are 'Four Discussions' and 'Four P
The Tavistock seminars by Wilfred R Bion( )

10 editions published between 2005 and 2018 in English and Japanese and held by 1,310 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Previously unpublished lectures from Wilfred Ruprecht Bion. The book consists of eight talks Bion gave at the Tavistock Clinic between 1976 and 1979. Topics explored include the importance of observation; dreams; art and psychoanalysis; and the significance of time in psychoanalysis. In addition, this volume includes an illuminating interview of Bion by Anthony G. Banet in 1976.'In your practice you will find yourself under pressure. You say whatever you have to say, and then there is an entirely new situation. You don't really know what is going on because it is an entirely new situation, things will not be the same. It is likely enough that the patient will say, "Why don't you say something?" Or if not the patient, the relatives - "Why don't you do something?" So you are always under pressure prematurely and precociously to produce your idea. Poor little thing! Pull it up by the roots and have a look at it - it hasn't got a chance. So you have to act as a sort of parent to the idea - protect it and give it a chance to grow in spite of these pressures; you have to be able to tolerate this state of ignorance.'- W.R. Bion"--Provided by publisher
The Italian seminars by Wilfred R Bion( )

10 editions published between 2005 and 2018 in English and held by 1,307 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Previously unpublished in English, this book comprises lectures W.R. Bion gave in Rome, in 1977. The volume consists of questions from the floor and Bion's fascinating and, at times, controversial answers. The lectures are divided in two: the first part was organized by the Italian Psychoanalytical Society and the second by the Via Pollaiolo Research Group. Bion's replies examine such diverse subjects as difficulties in the interaction between the therapist and the patient; music and psychoanalysis; non-verbal communication in the consulting room; and methodology in psychoanalysis.'What I want to draw attention to is this idea that the human animal has a mind, or a character, or a personality. It seems to be quite a useful theory, and we behave as if we thought it was more than that. When it comes to being psychoanalysts and psychiatrists, this cannot be treated as if it were simply an entertaining theory. Nor do patients come to see us because they are suffering from an entertaining theory. We could say that there is one collaborator we have in analysis on whom we can rely, because he behaves as if he really had a mind and because he thought that somebody not himself could help. In short, the most important assistance that a psychoanalyst is ever likely to get is not from his analyst, or supervisor, or teacher, or the books that he can read, but from his patient.'- W.R. Bion"--Provided by publisher
A memoir of the future by Wilfred R Bion( )

25 editions published between 1979 and 1991 in English and held by 1,196 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Transformations by Wilfred R Bion( )

33 editions published between 1965 and 2002 in 3 languages and held by 1,156 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Two papers: the grid and the caesura by Wilfred R Bion( )

17 editions published between 1977 and 2018 in English and held by 1,118 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"The Grid, an instrument devised by Bion to help the analyst record and elaborate observations arising from the analytic encounter, demonstrates how mathematics can be applied to locate the development, evolution and transformation of psychic elements and events. Caesura takes its title from Freud's observation: "There is much more continuity between intra-uterine life than the impressive caesura of the act of birth would have us believe". Here Bion speculates on the relationship between physiological and psychological birth, and the possibility that a pre-natal "primitive sensitiveness" may carry over and inform later psychological life."--Provided by publisher
Do I dare disturb the universe? : a memorial to Wilfred R. Bion by James S Grotstein( )

11 editions published between 1981 and 1993 in English and held by 1,055 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

All the contributors to this compilation knew Bion personally and were influenced by his work. They include: Herbert Rosenfeld, Frances Tustin, Andre Green, Donald Meltzer and Hanna Segal
The long week-end, 1897-1919 : part of a life by Wilfred R Bion( )

24 editions published between 1982 and 2018 in English and held by 322 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"The Long Week-End is a reminiscence of the first twenty-one years of Wilfred Bion's life: eight years of childhood in India, ten years at public school in England, and three years in the army.INDIA: 'Intense light; intense black; nothing between; no twighlight. Harsh sun and silence; black night and violent noise. Frogs croaking, birds hammering tin boxes, stroking bells, shrieking, yelling, raring, coughing, bawling, mocking.'... I loved India. The blazing, intolerable sun - how wonderful it was! The mid-day silence, the great trees with leaves hanging motionless in the breathless air...'SCHOOL: '...alone in the playground of the Preparatory School in England where I kissed my mother a dry-eyed goodbye, I could see above the hedge which separated me from her and the road, which was the boundary of the wide world itself, her hat go bobbing up and down like some curiously wrought millinery cake carried on the wave of green hedge. And then it was gone.' 'I learned to treasure that blessed hour when I could get into bed, pull the bed clothes over my head and weep. As my powers of deception grew, I learned to weep silently till at last I became more like my mother who was not laughing, and was not crying.''In those pre-Freudian days sex, nurtured and cosseted and titillated by the segregation of boys in public schools, was a problem... My increasing development ran parallel with increasing loathing and hatred of sex and religion and rules - all equally fatuous. It did not occur to me that there might be something wrong with a creator who created sex and did not allow you to exercise it till some unspecified date in the distant future, or that there was something wrong with sex and its rules.'WAR: '...I see them still in the watch fires of a thousand sleepless nights, for the soul goes marching on.' 'In the quiet a groan came from the mud in the distance, followed by a cry further off... Like marsh birds, innumerable bitterns mating... Sometimes it stopped for a minute or so and then the chorus broke out again, not so raucous or crude-gentle. Dante's Inferno - but how much better we do these things now.''The DSO, the tank itself, were very inadequate protection. Even after Cambrai... I felt (my crew) looked at me as if to say, "What, you? Recommended for a VC?"... I might with equal relevance have been recommended for a Court Martial. It depended on the direction which one took when one ran away.''Insignificance to Irrelevance in a few years. "It was the same after the Boer War. It's the same now. Ruddy heroes when you're wanted; so much muck when it's finished. It'll be the same next time as this." '"--Provided by publisher
Two Papers : 'The Grid' and 'Caesura' by Wilfred R Bion( )

2 editions published between 1989 and 2011 in English and held by 310 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"The Grid" is an instrument devised by Bion to help the analyst record and elaborate observations arising from the analytic encounter. It demonstrates how mathematics can be applied to locate the development, evolution and transformation of psychic elements and events. In Caesura, Bion speculates on the relationship between physiological and psychological birth
A Memoir of the Future : Volumes I, II & III by Wilfred R Bion( )

1 edition published in 1990 in English and held by 294 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Bion's semi-autobiographical psychoanalytic novel
Transformations: change from learning to growth by Wilfred R Bion( Book )

16 editions published between 1965 and 2013 in English and Undetermined and held by 278 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Transformations: Change from Learning to Growth is a 12-chapter text that explores the fundamentals and principles of psycho-analytic theories, transformations, and invariants. This book begins with a clinical illustration of the distinction between the patient's experience and the psycho-analyst's experience. The succeeding chapters cover the influence of verbal expression, emotional experience, state of mind, and consciousness in psycho-analysis and transformation. These topics are followed by discussion on the relationship of the "no-thing” and the thing, wherein the personality that is cap
Seven servants : four works by Wilfred R Bion( Book )

9 editions published in 1977 in English and held by 203 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

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Elements of psycho-analysis
Alternative Names
Bion, W.

Bion, W. 1897-1979

Bion, W.R.

Bion, W. R. 1897-1979

Bion, W. R. 1897-1979 (Wilfred Ruprecht)

Bion, W. R. (Wilfred Ruprecht)

Bion, W. R. (Wilfred Ruprecht), 1897-1979

Bion, W. Ruprecht

Bion, W. (Wilfred Ruprecht), 1897-1979

Bion, Wilfred

Bion, Wilfred 1897-1979

Bion Wilfred R.

Bion , Wilfred Ruprecht

Bion, Wilfred Ruprecht 1897-1979

Bion, Wilfried 1897-1979

Bion, Wilfried R. 1897-1979

Bion, Winfried R. 1897-1979

Biyon, Ṿilfred R. 1897-1979

Wilfred Bion britischer Psychoanalytiker

Wilfred Bion Brits arts (1897-1979)

Wilfred Bion psicoanalista británico

Wilfred Bion psicoanalista britannico

Wilfred Bion psychiatre et psychanalyste britannique

Вільфред Біон

Уилфред Бион

ביון, וילפרד ר 1897-1979

ביון, וילפרד ר. (וילפרד רופרכט), 1897-1979

ביון, וילפרד רוברכט, 1897-1979

וילפרד ביון

ويلفريد بيون

비온, 월프레드 1897-1979

비온, 월프레드 R. 1897-1979


ビオン, W. 1897-1979

ビオン, W. R

ビオン, ウィルフレッド・R.

ビオン, ウィルフレッド・ルプレヒト


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Elements of psycho-analysisLearning from experienceSecond thoughts; selected papers on psychoanalysisAttention and interpretation; a scientific approach to insight in psycho-analysis and groupsCogitationsTaming wild thoughtsBrazilian lectures 1973 São Paulo, 1974 Rio de Janeiro/São PauloClinical seminars and other works