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Thu Oct 16 18:00:42 2014 UTClccn-n500025540.00Rapport du général Porfirio Diaz, président des États-Unis mexicains, à ses compatriotes. Traduction du "Courrier du Mexique"0.580.97Informe que da a sus compatriotas el ciudadano general Porfirio Diaz presidente de los estados unidos mexicanos acerca de los actos de su administracion en el periodo constitucional de 1 de diciembre54309362Porfirio_Díazn 50002554381987904329Díaz, José de la Cruz Porfirio 1830-1915Diaz, José de la Cruz Porfirio Mori 1830-1915Díaz Mori, Porfirio 1830-1915Díaz, Porfirio 1830-1915Díaz, Porfirio 1830-1915 Pres. MexicoDíaz, Porfirio 1830-1915 President, MexicoDíaz, Porfirio, Pres. Mexico, 1830-1915Díaz, Porfirio, President, Mexico, 1830-1915Mori, José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz 1830-1915Mori Porfirio Diaz 1830-1915lccn-n50043634Madero, Francisco I.1873-1913lccn-n87809898Turner, John Kennethlccn-n92016375Blum, Ann Shelby1950-lccn-n2012046816Bunker, Steven B.1970-lccn-n50038833Juárez, Benito1806-1872crplccn-n50018145Cosío Villegas, Daniel1898-1976lccn-nr99002208Snow, Sinclairlccn-n50005720Beals, Carleton1893-1979lccn-n79122662Ross, Stanley R.(Stanley Robert)1921-1985lccn-n50017733Hannay, David1853-1934Díaz, Porfirio1830-1915HistoryBiographySourcesManuscriptsPersonal narrativesPictorial worksRecords and correspondenceCatalogsBibliographyDíaz, Porfirio,MexicoPolitical scienceSocial historyMexico--Mexico CityEconomic historyChild welfareInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)LaborChild laborPolitical and social viewsFamiliesConsumersConsumption (Economics)CommerceMadero, Francisco I.,Revolution (Mexico : 1910-1920)Juárez, Benito,United StatesDiplomatic relationsPresidentsSocial conflictCity and town lifeZapata, Emiliano,Peasant uprisingsZapotec Indians--Government relationsMexico--IxtlánZapotec Indians--Politics and governmentRevolutionariesTexasInternational relationsJournalistsNorth America--Mexican-American Border RegionRevolutionsRevolutions--HistoriographyGarza, Catarino,Huerta, Victoriano,Barra, Francisco L. de la--(Francisco León),Presidents--ElectionDictatorshipEconomic development--Political aspectsIndustrializationManuscripts, MexicanEuropean Intervention in Mexico (1861-1867)AnniversariesGeneralsPresidents--SuccessionTravelHistory--Sources--ManuscriptsBureau of the American Republics (Washington, D.C.)1830191518601867187118761877187818801881188318841885188618871888188918901891189218931894189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192519261928192919301931193219341935193819401941194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014197497991557972.08F1234ocn081761498ocn255739613ocn252877893ocn255791314ocn215208342ocn122598604ocn085182826ocn122354970ocn122647428ocn026863523ocn048781334ocn026151004ocn026284048ocn651259895ocn651493073ocn611566724ocn081823812ocn079056108ocn078454275661ocn692198207book20100.23Tovar y de Teresa, RafaelEl último brindis de Don Porfirio : 1910 : los festejos del centenarioHistoryBibliography+-+8611566251215ocn010818126book0.96Díaz, PorfirioMemorias de Porfirio Díaz, 1830-1915HistoryBiography154ocn013875130book18960.92Díaz, PorfirioInforme del ciudadano general Porfirio Díaz, presidente de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, a sus compatriotas acerca de los actos de su administración en los periodos constitucionales comprendido entre el 1.⁰ de Diciembre 1884 y 30 de Noviembre de 1896114ocn008204225book18800.95Díaz, PorfirioInforme que en el ultimo dia de su periodo constitucional da a sus compatriotas el Presidente de los Estados-Unidos Mexicanos Porfirio Diaz acerca de los actos de su administracion92ocn759071425file19190.88García Naranjo, NemesioPorfiro Diaz, discurso en su honor83ocn004912478book19760.88Alexius, Robert MartinThe army and politics in Porfirian MexicoHistory74ocn039998088book19470.94Díaz, PorfirioArchivo del general Porfirio Díaz, memorias y documentos; prólogo y notas de Alberto María CarreñoSourcesManuscripts54ocn078192198book0.92Díaz, PorfirioMemorias 1830-1867History53ocn021635427book19220.96Díaz, PorfirioRectificaciones y aclaraciones a las Memorias del Gral. Porfirio DíazHistoryBiographyPersonal narratives51ocn251310518book19100.90Espino Barros, EugenioÁlbum gráfico de la República mexicana, 1910Pictorial works51ocn008703388book19820.93Marcovich Gitlin, AnaCatálogo de documentos-carta de la colección Porfirio Díaz, mayo-septiembre 1885HistoryCatalogsRecords and correspondence41ocn244119874serial0.97Monthly bulletins of Bureau of American Republics42ocn559698441book19650.47Cosío Villegas, DanielThe United States versus Porfirio Díaz ... Translated by Nettie Lee Benson. (Second printing.)43ocn875497250book19940.88Díaz, PorfirioMemorias de Porfirio DíazHistoryBiography41ocn017979931book18970.97Batalla de la Carbonera : obsequio del General Luis P. Figueroa al Ejercito Mexicano43ocn022780717book18880.97Díaz, PorfirioInforme que da a sus compatriotas el ciudadano general Porfirio Diaz presidente de los estados unidos mexicanos acerca de los actos de su administracion en el periodo constitucional de 1 de diciembre43ocn022479556book18920.97Díaz, PorfirioMemorias del sr. gral. d. Porfirio Diaz43ocn457820710book1889Díaz, PorfirioRapport du général Porfirio Diaz, président des États-Unis mexicains, à ses compatriotes. Traduction du "Courrier du Mexique"41ocn613926201book19940.47Díaz, PorfirioMemorias de Porfirio Díaz42ocn613922140book19940.47Díaz, PorfirioMemorias de Porfirio Díaz12424ocn593264168file20090.50Blum, Ann ShelbyDomestic economies family, work, and welfare in Mexico City, 1884-1943History+-+K40867853511715ocn822667198file20120.50Bunker, Steven BCreating Mexican consumer culture in the age of Porfirio DíazHistory"In Gabriel García Márquez's novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, a character articulates the fascination goods, technology, and modernity held for many Latin Americans in the early twentieth century when he declares that "incredible things are happening in this world." The modernity he marvels over is the new availability of cheap and useful goods. Steven Bunker's study shows how goods and consumption embodied modernity in the time of Porfirio Díaz, how they provided proof to Mexicans that "incredible things are happening in this world." In urban areas, and especially Mexico City, being a consumer increasingly defined what it meant to be Mexican. In an effort to reconstruct everyday life in Porfirian Mexico, Bunker surveys the institutions and discourses of consumption and explores how individuals and groups used the goods, practices, and spaces of urban consumer culture to construct meaning and identities in the rapidly evolving social and physical landscape of the capital city and beyond. Through case studies of tobacco marketing, department stores, advertising, shoplifting, and a famous jewelry robbery and homicide, he provides a colorful walking tour of daily life in Porfirian Mexico City. Emphasizing the widespread participation in this consumer culture, Bunker's work overturns conventional wisdom that only the middle and upper classes participated in this culture."--Provided by publisher114120ocn000031448book19110.59Turner, John KennethBarbarous MexicoHistoryAnnotation An early 20th century American journalist's articles on Mexico before the Revolution+-+628252747581812ocn000484733book19550.56Ross, Stanley RFrancisco I. Madero, apostle of Mexican democracyBiography8168ocn000693273book19320.50Beals, CarletonPorfirio Diaz, dictator of MexicoHistoryBiography7174ocn000881300book19630.56Cosío Villegas, DanielThe United States versus Porfirio DíazStudy of diplomatic relations between Mexico and the U.S. during Diaz' first term as President of Mexico, 1877-188063213ocn000117589book19160.50Hannay, DavidDiazBiographyThis biography of Porfirio Diaz, the president of Mexico from 1876-1911 and former general in the Mexican army, examines the life and events of this controversial figure in Mexican history his impoverished childhood, his rise to power, and his exile following the Mexican Revolution5521ocn003651355book19780.63Perry, Laurens BallardJuárez and Díaz : machine politics in Mexico5448ocn046462889book20010.50Garner, Paul HPorfirio DíazBiography"Porfirio Diaz, president of Mexico (1876-1880, 1884-1911), dominated his country during a crucial phase in its development as a modern nation. This profile places the regime in its appropriate nineteenth-century context, highlighting the difficulty of implementing liberal policies in societies with strong colonial traditions, and of balancing material development with order and stability."--BOOK JACKET+-+52174773054534ocn035723602book19970.66Johns, MichaelThe city of Mexico in the age of DíazHistory"Strange anti-Porfirista depiction of social conditions in the city without reference to major actors such as Weetman Pierson or to other major cities during the same era. Offers only the 'official history,' demonstrating Díaz's lack of concern for everyone except his cronies"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 58+-+33959274753244462ocn003120811book19770.63Gil, Carlos BThe Age of Porfirio Díaz : selected readings35819ocn001570919book19100.74Godoy, José FPorfirio Diaz, president of Mexico, the master builder of a great commonwealthHistoryBiography+-+42110350663243393ocn070232394book20070.77McNamara, Patrick JSons of the Sierra : Juárez, Díaz, and the people of Ixtlán, Oaxaca, 1855-1920History"The period following Mexico's war with the United States in 1847 was characterized by violent conflicts, as liberal and conservative factions battled for control of the national government. The civil strife was particularly bloody in south central Mexico, including the southern state of Oaxaca. In Sons of the Sierra, Patrick McNamara explores events in the Oaxaca district of Ixtlan, where Zapotec Indians supported the liberal cause and sought to exercise influence over statewide and national politics." "Two Mexican presidents had direct ties to Ixtlan district: Benito Juarez, who served as Mexico's liberal president from 1858 to 1872, was born in the district, and Porfirio Diaz, president from 1876 to 1911, had led a National Guard battalion made up of Zapotec soldiers throughout the years of civil war. Paying close attention to the Zapotec people as they achieved greater influence, McNamara examines the political culture of Diaz's presidency and explores how Diaz, who became increasingly dictatorial over the course of his time in office, managed to stay in power for thirty-five years. McNamara reveals the weight of memory and storytelling as Ixtlan veterans and their families reminded government officials of their ties to both Juarez and Diaz. While Juarez remained a hero in their minds, Diaz came to represent the arrogance of Mexico City and the illegitimacy of the "Porfiriato" that ended with the 1910 revolution."--BOOK JACKET+-+K3258325353174ocn054372638book20040.74Young, ElliottCatarino Garza's revolution on the Texas-Mexico borderHistoryBiographyUses the Garza rebellion on the Texas-Mexico border to analyze economic and social change in this region, internationalizing U.S. history with its examination of a transborder area within the larger histories of Mexico and the United States+-+65788877352735ocn001042436book19200.70O'Shaughnessy, EdithIntimate pages of Mexican history26511ocn001593723book19110.66Creelman, JamesDiaz, master of MexicoBiography25115ocn681959009visu19960.28Kazan, EliaViva Zapata!HistoryJuvenile worksFictionDramaThe story of Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, who led a rebellion against the corrupt, oppressive dictatorship of president Porfirio Diaz in the early 20th century2404ocn018380472book19870.30Krauze, EnriquePorfirio Díaz : místico de la autoridadBiographyPortraitsA photo-illustrated biography of Mexican President Porfirio Díaz, who was born in Oaxaca and had a long military career before serving for eight four-year terms andeventually falling from power during the Mexican+-+813771631423440ocn001931969book19080.86Madero, Francisco ILa sucesión presidencial en 1910HistoryPersonal narrativesSources1753ocn173243762book20080.90Razo, ArmandoSocial foundations of limited dictatorship : networks and private protection during Mexico's early industrialization+-+4611029535+-+8611566251+-+8611566251Thu Oct 16 15:43:18 EDT 2014batch47762