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Fri Mar 21 17:09:43 2014 UTClccn-n500108460.10Archie meets Nero Wolfe /0.200.95A birthday tribute to Rex Stout, December 1, 196524608302Rex_Stoutn 500108464635121370732362450Staut, Reks, 1886-1975Staut, Reks, |d 1886-1975Stout, RexStout, Rex T. (Rex Todhunter), 1886-1975Stout, Rex Todhunter.Stout Rex Todhunter 1886-1975Стаут, Р., 1886-1975Стаут, Рекс, 1886-1975סטאוט, רקס, 1886-1975スタウト, Rスタウト, レックスfast-1176493Wolfe, Nero (Fictitious character)lccn-n91126933Prichard, Michael(Michael J.)prfnrtlccn-n50012152McAleer, John J.auilccn-no94002366University of VirginiaLibraryElectronic Text Centerlccn-no96018834Chaykin, Mauryprflccn-no97044319Hutton, Timothy1960-prflccn-no2003049252Jaffe/Braunstein Films Ltdlccn-nr92019436Arts and Entertainment Networkviaf-289040636Prichard, Michaelprfnrtlccn-no95055790New Video GroupStout, Rex1886-1975FictionDetective and mystery storiesBibliographyInterviewsWolfe, Nero (Fictitious character)New York (State)--New YorkPrivate investigatorsStout, Rex,Detective and mystery stories, AmericanLiteraturePrivate investigators in literatureDetective and mystery storiesNew York (State)Detective and mystery stories--AuthorshipNovelists, AmericanAbandoned childrenCriminal investigationDetectives as literary charactersKidnappingIndianaChandler, Raymond,Hammett, Dashiell,Poe, Edgar Allan,Van Dine, S. 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That's something wealthy society widow Rachel Bruner is counting on when she writes him a check for a whopping hundred grand. The oversize genius and his able assistant Archie Goodwin soon find out why the prize is so generous as they lock horns with the FBI. And these highly trained G-men have a way with threats, tails, and bugs that could give even sedentary sleuth Nero Wolfe a run for his money+-+2672878005174631ocn001364163book19550.17Stout, RexA family affair : a Nero Wolfe novelFictionWhat could make Nero Wolfe so determined to solve a crime that he would be willing to work entirely without fee or client? What would it take to put him, for the first time, at a loss for words? What would make him so angry about a case that he would refuse to speak to the police, even if he has to spend fifty-one hours in jail as a result? Never before in the Nero Wolfe books has Rex Stout shown us the extremes to which the greatest detective in the world can be pushed, but never before has a bomb blown up in the old brownstone on West 35th Street, murdering someone right under Wolfe's nose. When in October 1974 Pierre Ducos, one of Wolfe's favorite waiters at Rusterman's, Wolfe's favorite restaurant, dies just down the hall from Archie's bedroom, Wolfe is understandably eager to find the perpetrator, but when that murder somehow becomes connected with tape recorders, Washington lawyers, and maybe even a conspiracy to obstruct justice, his fury becomes so intense that even Archie is puzzled. - Jacket flap+-+7949527206164236ocn000729130book19730.17Stout, RexPlease pass the guilt; a Nero Wolfe novelFictionA bomb explodes in the desk drawer of a top TV executive. But was the death trap intended for him or for the man who opened the drawer? Each man had a host of enemies, so was it the ambitious business partner, the jealous wife, the office secretary, or the man with blood on his hands? Nero Wolfe finds himself up to his corpulent neck as he and Archie Goodwin sort their way through secrets, over-the-top ambition, and a long list of suspects to find the truth and the guilty party+-+8358128005157141ocn012137566book19360.17Stout, RexDeath of a doxy : a Nero Wolfe novelFictionDetective and mystery storiesA young woman lies dead and Nero Wolfe's sometime employee, Orrie Cather, is suspected of murder+-+7820638325324136329ocn002304765book19640.18Stout, RexA right to die; a Nero Wolfe novelFictionWhen a young, white, financially independent young woman shows up dead, all clues lead to her dapper, black fiance who comes to Nero Wolfe for help+-+0410638325324132735ocn001015193book19630.17Stout, RexThe mother hunt : a Nero Wolfe novelFictionDetective and mystery storiesA beautiful socialite widow comes to Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin to ask them to investigate why a baby has been abandoned on her doorstep, in a case that all too quickly leads to murder+-+4282978005127241ocn001392369book19560.17Stout, RexMight as well be dead; a Nero Wolfe novelFictionEleven years after his own thoughtlessness sent his only son, Paul, away from home, Nebraska businessman James Herold calls upon Nero Wolfe to track down the young man so that he can make amends+-+5520638325125423ocn000442053book19680.17Stout, RexThe father hunt : a Nero Wolfe novelFictionPretty Amy Denovo wants to find the father she has never seen, but she can't afford Nero Wolfe's outlandish fees ... or can she?+-+924712800511905ocn049293829file19970.25Stout, RexUnder the AndesFiction117939ocn008604606book19550.17Stout, RexChampagne for one : a Nero Wolfe mysteryFictionWhoever administered the deadly dose of champagne isn't talking, and neither is the victim, as Nero Wolfe searches for the antidote to the perfect crime+-+3389978005116744ocn001468849book19490.18Stout, RexThe second confessionFictionDetective and mystery storiesNero Wolfe finds himself trying to solve a murder and save his own hide from the Mob after a millionaire businessman asks him to look into the background of his daughter's boyfriend+-+0940978005115658ocn000747582book19520.18Stout, RexGambit; a Nero Wolfe novelFictionDetective and mystery storiesArchie Goodwin and the great detective tackle a tough case - the murder of an eccentric chess player+-+4620638325109140ocn001391763book19530.17Stout, RexThe golden spiders; a Nero Wolfe novelFictionDetective and mystery storiesTrying to determine why his last two clients were ruthlessly murdered, Nero Wolfe wonders if the answer is linked to a young boy who turns up at his brownstone apartment and finds clues in a gray Cadillac, a mysterious woman, and spider-shaped earrings+-+9532278005108927ocn001387038book19500.17Stout, RexIn the best familiesFictionThis is the third of three Nero Wolfe books that involve crime boss Arnold Zeck and his widespread operations. Sarah and Barry Rackham have been married less than four years. She is a wealthy heiress, while he is neither employed nor independently wealthy. Mrs. Rackham has recently cut off Mr. Rackham's allowance due to his escalating demands, and yet he continues to spend considerable sums of money. Mrs. Rackham wants to know where the money is coming from, and asks Wolfe to investigate. - Wikipedia+-+1122278005107940ocn001836728book19570.18Stout, RexIf death ever slept : a Nero Wolfe novelFictionWhen his assistant, Archie Goodwin, is implicated in a multiple murder at a millionaire's mansion, Nero Wolfe must work quickly to clear Archie's name+-+1147128005107635ocn000170384book19550.18Stout, RexBefore midnight; a Nero Wolfe novelFictionWhen a contestant is killed during the final round of the Pour Amour perfume contest, Nero Wolfe must find the person who stole the recipe to the dead contestant's perfume in order to solve the crime+-+5958128005107218ocn000029338book19660.18Stout, RexDeath of a dude : a Nero Wolfe novelFiction+-+6582978005105576ocn025178598book19340.18Stout, RexFer-de-lanceFictionA case of multiple murder sends super sleuth Nero Wolfe and his quick-witted legman Archie Goodwin on a desperate hunt for clues, but they soon discover that they may be getting too close to a killer when someone sends them a fer-de-lance, one of the world's most poisonous snakes, as a deadly "gift."+-+8463278005102837ocn033208546book19490.18Stout, RexMurder by the bookFictionIf books could kill! Nero Wolfe finds one that can. It's the manuscript of a novel and it's no safer to handle than a king cobra. Before Nero unearths this manuscript he first has to connect the strange death of the girl in the park -- she's a young editor -- with the murder of the man in the law office. Archie nearly sees the third killing. He arrives just two minutes too late. Having conquered the worlds of gastronomy and orchid raising, Nero -- with Archie -- here invades the complex realms of book publishing and the legal profession. - Jacket flap+-+4310638325101019ocn039938817book19970.13Stout, RexHer forbidden knightFictionDetective and mystery stories"When Lila Williams, an innocent telegrapher at New York's upscale Lamartine Hotel, becomes enmeshed in a counterfeiting gang, the unlikely knight who comes to her rescue is one of the forgers."--Cover+-+94180327259223ocn003305493book19770.27McAleer, John JRex Stout : a biographyBiography6858ocn000355884book19600.23Baring-Gould, William StuartNero Wolfe of West Thirty-fifth Street; the life and times of America's largest private detectiveCriticism, interpretation, etc6401ocn001098496book19740.39Ruehlmann, WilliamSaint with a gun : the unlawful American private eyeCriticism, interpretation, etcManuscripts4282ocn010458219book19840.53Anderson, David RRex StoutCriticism, interpretation, etcOm den amerikanske krimi-forfatter Rex Stout, 1886-19753433ocn009019088book19820.20Darby, KenThe brownstone house of Nero WolfeCriticism, interpretation, etc2941ocn806013778book20120.10Goldsborough, RobertArchie meets Nero WolfeFictionArchie Goodwin comes to New York City hoping for a bit of excitement. In his third week working as a night watchman, he stops two burglars in their tracks--with a pair of hot lead slugs. Dismissed from his job for being 'trigger-happy.' he parlays his newfound notoriety into a job as a detective's assistant, helping honest sleuth Del Bascom solve cases like the Morningside Piano Heist, the Rive Gauche Art Gallery Swindle, and the Sumner-Hayes Burglary. But it's the kidnapping of Tommie Williamson, the son of a New York hotel magnate, that introduces Goodwin to the man who will change his life. Young Tommie has gone missing, and only one detective is built for the job: Nero Wolfe, the heavyset genius of West Thirty-Fifth Street. Together they will form one of the most unlikely crime fighting duos in history--but first Goodwin must find Tommie Williamson, and prove to Wolfe that he deserves a place by his side2111ocn856973635book20140.10Goldsborough, RobertMurder in the ball park : a Nero Wolfe mysteryFiction"Archie Goodwin and Saul Panzer have ventured into the wilds of northern Manhattan to watch the Giants take on the Dodgers at the Polo Grounds. Panzer spies state senator Orson Milbank, a silver-haired scoundrel with enemies in every corner of upstate New York, sitting in the box seats. In the fourth inning, a monstrous line drive brings every fan in the grandstand to his feet -- every fan save for one silver-haired senator, who has been shot dead by a sniper in the upper deck. Archie's employer, Nero Wolfe, has no interest in investigating the stadium slaying, but Archie is swayed by the senator's suspiciously lovely widow. Her husband was hip-deep in corruption, and sorting out who killed him will be a task far less pleasant than an afternoon at the ball park."__p. [4] of cover1691ocn006735076book19800.76Townsend, Guy MRex Stout, an annotated primary and secondary bibliographyBibliography782ocn018907358book19910.47Van Dover, J. KennethAt Wolfe's door : the Nero Wolfe novels of Rex StoutCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+K601823645392ocn021123279book19610.21Stout, RexFive of a kind; the third Nero Wolfe omnibusFictionDetective and mystery stories261ocn003329631book19770.53Stout, RexCorsage : a bouquet of Rex Stout and Nero WolfeInterviews211ocn051524637book20020.23McAleer, John JRex Stout : a majesty's lifeBiography+-+4891823645171ocn063678447book20050.18The Archie Goodwin files+-+0939792006161ocn007686967book19650.95Barzun, JacquesA birthday tribute to Rex Stout, December 1, 1965141ocn065219384book20050.21The Nero Wolfe files+-+1949904535111ocn011051942book19830.86McAleer, John JRoyal decree : conversations with Rex StoutInterviews81ocn061932197book20030.19McBride, O. EStout fellow : a guide through Nero Wolfe's worldCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+761327040561ocn013979763rcrd0.63Stout, RexRex Stout & the detective storyInterviewsStout discusses his background, the beginning of his writing career, his interests, writing habits, and plans for future books61ocn047080195book20010.18Stout, RexSlishkom mnogo klientov : romany, povestiFiction61ocn047125229serial0.92Rex Stout journalPeriodicals+-+9418032725+-+9418032725Fri Mar 21 16:03:57 EDT 2014batch88907