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Lipids and lipidoses by Gotthard Schettler( Book )

23 editions published between 1967 and 2013 in English and German and held by 290 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Advances which have been made in the field of lipid chemistry and bio chemistry during the last ten years mainly are the results of progress in metho dology. The introduction of isotopic and chromatographic techniques has not only enriched our knowledge of normal lipid metabolism but has also greatly enhanced the understanding of the various lipidoses. This is well illustrated by a comparison of the contents of the present monograph with those of my 1955 review in Handbuch der Inneren Medizin (Springer). In addition to better information about the classic lipid thesaurismoses Nie mann-Pick
Principles and treatment of lipoprotein disorders by Gotthard Schettler( Book )

9 editions published between 1993 and 1994 in 3 languages and held by 232 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Major advances have been made in the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of atherosclerosis, the disease that still affects more than 50 percent of the population in the highly industrialized countries. This volume covers the most recent advances in the treatment of hyperlipidemia. It represents a necessary update because molecular mechanisms of atherogenesis have been discovered in the past few years and their molecular mechanisms of action identified. Extensively treated are the molecular mechanisms of disease etiology of arteriosclerosis in relation to the major risk factor "hyperlipidemia", rationale for more effective treatment of this disease by dietary means, the treatment of associated or causing diseases, and the treatment using hypolipidemic drugs
Atherosclerosis : is it reversible? by Gotthard Schettler( Book )

11 editions published in 1978 in English and Undetermined and held by 204 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Even though numerous questions with regard to the pathogenesis of athero sclerosis have not yet been answered, the accumulated evidence indicates significant regression of lesions in experimental animals. This is discussed extensively in this monograph, as are the mechanisms involved in regression of lesions. Whether human atherosclerosis has the potential for regression appears to be the most important, but at the same time the most difficult question to answer. Contrary to experimental atherosclerosis in animals, which can be produced and which can regress within a few months, human lesions in general develop slowly over many years. Therefore, measures aimed at modifying this process may also require many years to be successful. In addition, repeated direct examination of lesions in the human is usually not possible. Nevertheless, recent reports in patients with hyperlipoproteinemias indicate that pronounced and maintained control of hyperlipidemias may lead, even within months, to regression as evidenced by angiography or sophisticated measurements of peripheral circulation. The monograph is divided into two sections. The first will deal with of lipid deposition in the arterial wall, whether "atherogenesis": mechanisms or not there is evidence of monoclonal origin of human atherosclerosis plaques, cell culture and factors that stimulate smooth muscle proliferation, and animal models of atherogenesis. This section is concluded with a discussion of dietary factors other than lipids in atherogenesis
Atherosclerosis III; proceedings of the third international symposium by Gotthard Schettler( Book )

23 editions published between 1974 and 2013 in 3 languages and held by 188 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

European food composition tables in translation by L Arab-Kohlmeier( Book )

10 editions published in 1987 in English and German and held by 179 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The limited resources available for chemical analyses of components of interest in food has forced scientists to borrrow data from published food composition works of other countries. Due to language barriers, this is often undertaken without due knowledge of the background and instructions for use. This book contains English-language translations of the introductory material and guidelines for use included in the most recent editions of 21 published food composition tables of 14 European countries. It has been compiled with the assistance and cooperation of many collaborators throughout the world. This information is meant to help scientists referring to foreign food tables have a better understanding of the information they are using and to help prevent misuse and undue comparison
Molecular biology of the arterial wall by Gotthard Schettler( Book )

12 editions published in 1987 in English and German and held by 174 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The outstanding contributions to this volume are designed to shed light on some fields of cell biology and cellular pathology, including newly observed phenomena of cell-cell interactions, which might be applicable in studying the pathological process of atherosclerosis. The topics included cover: lipoproteins and lipoprotein receptors; growth factors; endocytosis and exocytosis; ONC Genes and proliferative disease; white blood cells; prostaglandins and leukotrienes; and the biology of smooth muscle and endothelium. The volume provides a complete summary of the most important developments in the field with great impact for arteriosclerosis research
Molecular mechanisms of aging by K Beyreuther( Book )

11 editions published in 1990 in English and held by 172 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Reperfusion and revascularization in acute myocardial infarction by Gotthard Schettler( Book )

15 editions published in 1988 in English and German and held by 168 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Numerous new and important findings relating to the reconstruction of disturbed circulatory conditions in the coronary area are reported in this book. Fundamental aspects of therapeutic and prophylactic possibilities are covered in detail. Recommendations are then made to practitioners and clinicians for their everyday work. Critical standards for the indications and risks of the recommended procedures are given. Particular emphasis is laid on the possibilities for revascularization by means of dissolution of blood thrombi. The book aims to present top-level guidance to the pros and cons of reconstructive measures in coronary disorders
Atherosclerosis : pathology, physiology, aetiology, diagnosis and clinical management by Gotthard Schettler( Book )

12 editions published in 1969 in English and Undetermined and held by 167 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Atherosclerosis IV : proceedings of the fourth international symposium by Gotthard Schettler( Book )

16 editions published between 1976 and 2013 in English and German and held by 165 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The presence of monotypism in thick atherosclerotic lesions of black females with G-6-PD mosaicism first reported by the Benditts (1973) has been confirmed in two other laboratories. However, we believe that it is premature to conclude that the finding of monotypism necessarily indicates monoclonal origin of athero sclerotic lesions. We have suggested two alternative explanations for the obser vation of monotypism which we believe must be shown to be invalid before accept ing monoclonal origin as the only plausible way to account for the observed G-6-PD monotypism. One of these two alternatives relates to clonal heterogeneity of cell growth potential, i. e., during the course of progressive growth of a le sion, progeny of one cell may overgrow all others in a portion of the lesion. The other alternative is that one of the G-6-PD alleles may be linked to genes that afford a preferential survival characteristic in the abnormal environment present in atheroscerotic lesions. Thus, cells with one allele may be able to grow better than cells with the other allele, and this characteristic may be unrelated to "A-ness" or "B-ness". We have studied initiation of lesions in He diet-fed swine and demonstrated that all active lesions that were studied were of multiple cell origin (not monoclo nal). We have studied cell growth patterns in developing atherosclerotic lesions in He diet-fed swine and found evidence consistent with clonal heterogeneity in growth potential of lesion cells
Cellular metabolism of the arterial wall and central nervous system : selected aspects by Gotthard Schettler( Book )

13 editions published in 1993 in English and German and held by 158 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

International experts review the molecular biology of ion channels, diseases of the central nervous system including Alzheimer's disease, the molecular biology of atherogenesis, plasma lipproteins, lipid transport, long chain fatty acid transport and metabolism, and lipoprotein receptors. Future directions and perspectives and common features in these important areas are discussed
Recent results of research on arteriosclerosis( Book )

6 editions published in 1988 in English and held by 151 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Initiated in 1975, the Eberbach/Wiesloch Study is a prospective preventive study modeled after the Cardiovascular Comprehensive Community Central Programme of the WHO, with the aim of lowering the incidence of cardiac infarctions in a population representative of that of the Federal Republic of Germany. Part of the study is devoted to a description of smoking habits, and in particular, of the effect of cigarette smoking on plasma lipid and lipoprotein levels. Important components of this investigation were the inclusion of plasma levels of cotinine (a stable metabolite of nicotine and the only precise parameter of cigarette consumption), as well as the correlation of cotinine with other plasma parameters. Not only are these studies unique in the Federal Republic of Germany, but they also provide significant insight into the development of arteriosclerosis in connection with the established risk factors of smoking and hyperlipidemia. The data collected point to a considerable influence of smoking behavior on plasma lipid protein parameters
Taschenbuch der praktischen Medizin by Johannes Kottmaier( Book )

20 editions published between 1961 and 1987 in German and Undetermined and held by 147 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Endemic diseases and risk factors for atherosclerosis in the Far East by Gotthard Schettler( Book )

8 editions published in 1988 in English and held by 145 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Das Spektrum der in den westlichen Industrienationen filhren den Krankheiten und der darauf basierenden Thdesursachen hat sich in den letzten J ahrzehnten gewandelt. Wahrend frliher die Infektionskrankheiten und speziell die Thberkulose den hochsten Todeszoll forderten, sind in den Jahrzehnten nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg mit steigendem Wohlstand die Herz und GefaBkrankheiten an die erste Stelle gerlickt. Trotz gewis ser Erfolge in der Pravention in einigen Uindern wie z. B. in den USA, Kanada, Australien; aber auch in einigen Gebieten West europas, in denen die Zahl der tOdlichen Hirnschlage und Herzinfarkte inzwischen wieder rlicklaufig ist, wird die Spit zenposition in der Todesursachenstatistik hier auch weiterhin von diesen Krankheiten eingenommen. In anderen Uindern wie z. B. in Osteuropanehmen die Erkrankungsraten weiter zu. Wenn man sich fragt, was getan werden kann, urn weitere Er fqlge auf diesem Gebiet zu erzielen, dann ist ein Blick in die Lander des Fernen Ostens hilfreich. In der Volksrepublik Chi na undin J apanliegt die Sterblichkeit an koronarer Herzkrank heit bzw. an Herzinfarkten flinf- bis zehnmal niedriger als in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Arteriosklerotische Durch blutungsstorungen der unteren Extremitaten, auch diabeti sche GefaBerkrankungen kommen dort kaum vor. Vergleicht man die Lebensweise der Bevolkerung in diesen Uindern mit den Verhaltnissen in den westlichen Industriena tionen, so fallenerhebliche Unterschiedeinder Ernahrungauf. Wahrend in China Fleisch und Molkereiprodukte in deutlich geringeren Mengen als bei uns verzehrt werden, besteht der Hauptanteil der Ernahrung aus einer an pflanzlichem EiweiB und Schlackenstoffen reichen Kost
Fluid dynamics as a localizing factor for atherosclerosis : the proceedings of a symposium held at Heidelberg, FRG, June 18-20, 1982 by Gotthard Schettler( Book )

11 editions published in 1983 in English and German and held by 140 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

La préface indique : "Proceedings of a satellite meeting of the VIth International symposium on atherosclerosis."
Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft, Öffentlichkeit : Gemeinsames und Trennendes, Brücken und Hürden in der Forschung( Book )

13 editions published in 1992 in German and English and held by 137 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Risk assessment in chemical carcinogenesis by Gotthard Schettler( Book )

13 editions published in 1991 in English and Undetermined and held by 133 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The essays in this book discuss the role that chemical agents in the environment play in the development of cancer. Thus, it gives information toimprove our understanding of carcinogenesis and how to prevent it. The essays were originally presented at an international symposium
Cardiovascular drug therapy in the elderly by Adam Schneeweiss( Book )

10 editions published between 1987 and 2013 in English and held by 130 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Cardiovascular drug therapy has markedly progressed in the recent decades. Not only have new drugs been introduced to clinical practice, but new classes of drugs have been developed. While in 1960 the practicing cardiolo gist had a selection of about only ten drugs, in 1987 about 150 drugs are routinely used in cardiovascular diseases. Elderly patients, however, usually do not enjoy the full benefit of this progress. This might be due to lack of knowledge, a conservative approach, or the worldwide tendency not to try new drugs in the elderly. It is now clear that the majority of patients that will be treated in car diovascular clinics will be, in the near future, elderly patients. Even now, elderly patients form about one-third of the patients with cardiovascular diseases. These patients are approached, however, according to criteria devel oped for younger populations. This is despite the fact that elderly patients differ from younger ones in most aspects, including pathology, epidemiol ogy, pathophysiology, diagnostic approach, management, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, rehabilitation, and supportive treatment. It is the purpose of this book to present to the clinician all drugs with which there is clinical experience in the elderly or which might be potentially useful for the elderly with cardiovascular diseases. The data are presented without the authors taking a position. This should allow the clinicians to make their own selection and individualize treatment, vii viii Preface based on a wide data base. Comparative data are presented only when specific comparative studies were performed
Atherosclerosis VI : proceedings of the sixth international symposium by Gotthard Schettler( Book )

14 editions published between 1977 and 2013 in English and German and held by 116 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In 1982 Berlin was host for the second time to the International Symposium on Atherosclerosis. In 1973 the third symposium was held there, following the first in Athens -opened by the unforgettable Paul D. White -and the second in Chicago, where the great gentlemen of atherosclerosis research - Louis Katz and Irving Page - left their special imprint on the meeting. Since the third symposium in Berlin impressive advances have been made in the field of atherosclerosis. The symposia in Tokyo in 1976 and in Houston in 1979 introduced important new knowledge from current research, stimulating worldwide interest; Berlin highlighted the latest developments. The International Atherosclerosis Society (lAS) provides an international forum for the entire field of atherosclerosis research. Its main purpose is to apply the results of basic research to clinical medicine, and thereby to benefit the practitioner. Prevention and rehabilitation are of special importance. Intensified international cooperation is urgently needed at all levels. A declared goal of the lAS is contact between young investigators and between international research and work groups. Participating in the Berlin meeting were 1400 researchers from 42 nations. This illustrates the growing interest in atherosclerosis as the leading cause of death in "developed" societies. However, the incidence of atherosclerosis is increasing worldwide, although there are national differences in the pattern and appearance of the disease; this was documented at the Berlin Symposium
Wachstumsfaktoren und Onkogenprodukte bei Entstehung und Regression der Arteriosklerose by Gesellschaft für Strahlen- und Umweltforschung( Book )

10 editions published in 1988 in German and English and held by 108 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Die Pathogenese der Arteriosklerose ist immer noch weitgehend ungeklärt. In jüngster Zeit zeichnet sich jedoch ein wesentlicher Fortschritt im Verständnis der zugrundeliegenden kausalen Ereignisse ab. Das Entstehen arteriosklerotischer Läsionen beruht mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit auf einer Fehlsteuerung der interzellulären Kommunikation, die zum Verlust der Gefäßwandhomöostase führt. In einem komplexen Wechselspiel sind hieran hauptsächlich Wachstums- und Differenzierungsfaktoren beteiligt, deren biologische Funktion derzeit intensiv erforscht wird. Dieses Buch enthält eine Bestandsaufnahme über die zentrale Rolle dieser Wachstums- und Differenzierungsfaktoren beim Entstehen der Arteriosklerose. Es vermittelt Anstöße für grundlegende Forschungen auf diesem Gebiet, um zu neuen Therapiekonzepten im Kampf gegen die Arteriosklerose zu gelangen
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Cardiovascular drug therapy in the elderly
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Gotthard Schettler deutscher Mediziner

Gotthard Schettler Duits arts (1917-1996)

Gotthard Schettler German physician

Gotthard Schettler médico alemán

Gotthard Schettler tysk professor

Schettler, F. G.

Schettler, F. G. 1917-1996

Schettler, F. G. (Friedrich Gotthard)

Schettler, F. Gotthard

Schettler, Friedrich G. 1917-1996

Schettler, Friedrich Gotthard.

Schettler, Friedrich Gotthard 1917-1996

Schettler, Friedrich Gotthart 1917-1996

Schettler, G.

Schettler, G. 1917-1996

Schettler, G. (Gotthard)

Schettler, Gotthard

Schettler, Gotthard Friedrich

Schettler, Gotthart 1917-1996


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