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Fri Mar 21 17:09:37 2014 UTClccn-n500299390.12Madame Bovary0.500.98Tussy : oder, Siebenundzwanzig Briefe über das sehr bewegte Leben von Eleanor Marx-Aveling : geschrieben im Januar des Jahres 1973 sowie 1975 im Monat März an verschiedenen Orten des Geschehens, in Brighton, Stratford, Derby und Manchester, auf Ufenau im Zürcher See, in Berlin, Leipzig, Halle, Karlovy Vary, doch meistenteils am Strand der Themse : gerichtet an eine Frau unserer Tage /252974120Eleanor_Marxn 5002993965311Aveling, EleanorAveling, Eleanor 1855-1898Aveling, Eleanor M. 1855-1898Aveling, Eleanor Marx.Aveling, Eleanor Marx- 1855-1898Aveling, Eleanore Marx, 1855-1898Eveling, Eleanora Marks, 1855-1898Eveling, Eleonora Marks, 1855-1898Marks, Eleanora, 1855-1898Marks, Eleonora, 1855-1898Marx-Aveling, EleanorMarx-Aveling, Eleanor, 1855-1898Marx, Eleanor.Marx, Eleanor, 1855-1898Marx, Eleanor 1855-1898 Frueherer NameMarx, Eleonora 1855-1898Marx, Tussy, 1855-1898Маркс, Элеонора, 1855-1898אולינג, אליאונורה מרקס-, 1855-1898マルクス, エリナマルクス, エリノアlccn-n79059896Flaubert, Gustave1821-1880lccn-n79006935Marx, Karl1818-1883crelccn-n79070050Ibsen, Henrik1828-1906lccn-n50028895Aveling, Edward B.1849-1898edtlccn-n50067193Kapp, Yvonne1903-1999lccn-n81107132Lafargue, Laura Marxtrllccn-n81107131Longuet, Jenny Marx1844-1883lccn-n79054451Sharp, R. Farquharson(Robert Farquharson)1864-1945trllccn-n80059687Meier, Olgatrledtlccn-n82106677Tsuzuki, ChūshichiAveling, Eleanor Marx1855-1898FictionHistoryDomestic fictionBiographyRecords and correspondenceDramaDictionariesCriticism, interpretation, etcGlossaries, vocabularies, etcTrials, litigation, etcFranceAdulteryMiddle classPhysicians' spousesSuicide victimsMarried womenManners and customsSuicideIntellectual lifePhysiciansAveling, Eleanor Marx,SocialismHusband and wifeGreat BritainBovary, Charles (Fictitious character)Working classFrench fictionEconomicsUnited StatesSocialistsGermanyBovary, Emma (Fictitious character)Domestic fictionCommune (Paris : 1871)France--ParisLabor unionsWomen socialistsCommunistsTrials (Obscenity)Eastern question (Balkan)Crimean War (1853-1856)Madame Bovary (Flaubert, Gustave)AnarchismWagesValueMarried peopleNorwegian dramaIbsen, Henrik,AustriaSpousesProfitEnglandShelley, Percy Bysshe,Political and social viewsInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Women graduate studentsWomen political scientistsCaliforniaFlaubert, Gustave,Labor movement18551898185718811885188618871888189018911892189318951896189718981899190019011902190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619171918191919201922192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919811982198319841985198619871988199019911992199319941995199720002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201413771154776843.8PQ2246ocn000373105ocn000007098ocn000053531ocn003270759ocn001870493ocn001996471ocn003004132ocn001952742ocn000427021ocn232981550ocn000292660ocn000368470ocn001332595ocn000109602ocn016772788ocn002490797ocn001893369ocn007134774ocn010164303ocn015613000ocn721457631ocn721457639ocn459359724ocn459359732ocn705924657ocn4627801673151104ocn605881685book18570.27Flaubert, GustaveMadame BovaryHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcTrials, litigation, etcGlossaries, vocabularies, etcFictionDictionariesDramaDomestic fictionThe publication in 1857 of Madame Bovary , with its vivid depictions of sex and adultery, incited a backlash of immorality charges. The novel tells the story of Emma Bovary, a doctor's wife bored and unfulfilled by marriage and motherhood. She embarks upon a series of affairs in search of passion and excitement, but is unable to achieve the splendid life for which she yearns. Instead, she finds herself trapped in a downward spiral that inexorably leads to ruin and self-destruction. Along with Tolstoy's Anna Karenina , Flaubert 's tragic novel stands as a brilliant portrayal of infidelity, an incisive psychological portrait of a woman torn between duty and desire. Written with acute attention to telling detail, Madame Bovary not only exposes the emptiness of one woman's bourgeois existence and failure to fill that void with fantasies, sex, and material objects. Emma's thirst for life mirrors the universal human impulse for idealized fulfillment. Chris Kraus is the author of the novels I Love Dick, Aliens & Anorexia, and Torpor, and a collection of essays, Video Green: Los Angeles Art and the Triumph of Nothingness. She is co-editor, with Sylvere Lotringer and Hedi El Kholti, of the independent press Semiotext(e). She teaches in the graduate program of the San Francisco Art Institute+-+784669022632481131ocn000083394book18880.70Aveling, Edward BThe working-class movement in AmericaHistory"The Working-Class Movement in America (1888), is a classic study of American labor in the 1880s and was a bestseller among labor circles of the time. This text provides a snapshot of the U.S. labor movement and working class at a time when the United States was becoming the world's leading manufacturing nation. Blending firsthand observations and interviews with a wealth of appropriate statistics and reports from the Burean of Labor Statistics in various states, Marx and Aveling describe conditions in numerous workplaces and sectors of the labor force; there is even a Marxist analysis of the American cowboy!"--BOOK JACKET+-+917174820663435ocn000373105book18860.70LissagarayHistory of the Commune of 1871HistoryIn 1871, the working class of Paris, incensed by their lack of political power and tired of being exploited, seized control of the capital. This book is the outstanding history of the Commune, the heroic battles fought in its defence, and the bloody massacre that ended the uprising. Its author, Lissagaray, was a young journalist who not only saw the events recounted here first-hand, but fought for the Commune on the barricades. He spent the next twenty-five years researching and writing this history, which refutes the slanders levelled at the Communards by the ruling classes and is a vivid and valuable study in urban political revolution, one that retains its power to inspire to this day. -- Back cover+-+61222199365879ocn007836038book19820.37Longuet, Jenny MarxThe daughters of Karl Marx : family correspondence, 1866-1898Records and correspondence53046ocn070720852book18980.73Marx, KarlValue, price, and profit addressed to working menMarx's first account of surplus value+-+515627893647637ocn008873021book18980.76Marx, KarlValue, price and profitBibliography46152ocn002971396book18910.73Engels, FriedrichRevolution and counter-revolution; or, Germany in 1848History40211ocn013909237book19100.25Ibsen, HenrikA doll's house. The wild duck. The lady from the sea+-+684723519540227ocn002690536book19090.50Ibsen, HenrikA doll's house : and two other plays+-+465771940626716ocn812164895book18950.81Plekhanov, Georgiĭ ValentinovichAnarchism and socialism+-+449567569624511ocn000292660book18910.50Engels, FriedrichRevolution and counter-revolutionHistory2147ocn232981550file20080.12Flaubert, GustaveMadame BovaryHistoryFictionDomestic fictionHistorical fictionBored with her passionless husband and her humbled life, young Emma Bovary partakes in a series of lusty affairs. However, her careless flings and extravagant spending sprees threaten to destroy her health and reputation+-+57990788963241603ocn001870493book18880.79Ibsen, HenrikThe pillars of society, and other plays15220ocn002023266book18970.70Marx, KarlThe Eastern question; a reprint of letters written 1853-1856 dealing with the events of the Crimean War12410ocn006096010book19750.81Aveling, Edward BShelley's socialismHistory11911ocn001841412book18900.84Ibsen, HenrikIbsen's prose dramas10713ocn009268703book18900.76Ibsen, HenrikThe lady from the seaDramaDavid Eldridge's new version of Ibsen's classic play, published to coincide with the production at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. When the lighthouse keeper's daughter Ellida meets the widower Dr Wangel, she tries to put her long-lost first love far behind her and begin a new life as a wife and stepmother. But the tide is turning, an English ship is coming down the fjord, and the undercurrents threaten to drag a whole family beneath the surface in this passionate and sweeping drama. Ellida must choose between the values of the land: solidity and reliability against those of the sea: m10412ocn004470358book18880.94Aveling, Edward BShelley's socialism, two lectures1044ocn014719711book19870.86Aveling, Eleanor MarxThoughts on women and societyHistory874ocn830946871file18960.86Aveling, Eleanor MarxThe working-class movement in England a brief historical sketchHistory99415ocn003168314book19720.47Kapp, YvonneEleanor MarxBiographyVolume I: oorspronkelijke titel: Family life, 1855-1883 Volume II: oorspronkelijke titel: The crowded years, 1884-1889+-+50609340366423ocn001273564book19750.37Florence, RonaldMarx's daughters : Eleanor Marx, Rosa Luxemburg, Angelica Balabanoff6242ocn000266122book19670.59Tsuzuki, ChūshichiThe life of Eleanor Marx, 1855-1898: a socialist tragedy2544ocn000151652book19700.39Hastings, MichaelTussy is me: a novel of factFictionFictional life of Eleanor Marx Aveling2031ocn044727686book20010.23Coll, : a love storyFiction"Ella Kennedy may not be perfect, but she's smart, she's dedicated, and she's finally managed to find a fascinating thesis subject in the morass of Marxist political theory : Eleanor Marx, the youngest daughter of Karl and a bright light in the Marxist movement, who famously declined after a disastrous love affair." --Jacket+-+48555789251962ocn004490395book19790.27Chernaik, JudithThe daughter : a novel based on the life of Eleanor MarxFiction1623ocn044132990book20000.88Eleanor Marx (1855-1898) : life, work, contactsBiography+-+28665190251452ocn009991309book19830.63Feuer, Lewis SThe case of the revolutionist's daughter : Sherlock Holmes meets Karl MarxFiction+-+8097024235324992ocn050550222book20020.92Baraitser, MarionThe New End Theatre with Brian Daniels presents the world premiere of The crystal denDrama+-+4067755936611ocn059992640book19720.20Kapp, YvonneEleanor MarxBiography502ocn050738749book20020.92Weissweiler, EvaTussy Marx : das Drama der Vatertochter : eine BiographieBiography487ocn023275669book19610.95Vorobʹeva, O. BDocheri MarksaBiography261ocn016405222book19840.70Zimmermann, RuthJenny Marx und ihre Töchter : Frauen im Schatten des RevolutionärsBiography221ocn008211344book19810.56Tsuzuki, ChūshichiEleanor Marx : Geschichte ihres Lebens, 1855-1898182ocn003886808book19730.95Petrović, Nenad VMarksova kći ; istorijsko-kritički ogled o Eleonori Marks-Ejvling i začecima socijalizma u Engleskoj162ocn702117160com19840.47Tsuzuki, ChūshichiErinoa Marukusu 1855-1898 aru shakai shugisha no higekiBiography154ocn000917186book18860.95Corbin, Caroline FairfieldOne woman's experience of emancipationInterviewsReport of an interview with Edward Aveling and Eleanor Marx on the teachings of socialism in regard to marriage132ocn060808628book20050.92Silveira, Maria JoséEleanor Marx, hija de KarlBiographyFiction113ocn219875784book19760.19Kapp, YvonneEleanor MarxBiography112ocn002975638book19740.98Wessel, HaraldTussy : oder, Siebenundzwanzig Briefe über das sehr bewegte Leben von Eleanor Marx-Aveling : geschrieben im Januar des Jahres 1973 sowie 1975 im Monat März an verschiedenen Orten des Geschehens, in Brighton, Stratford, Derby und Manchester, auf Ufenau im Zürcher See, in Berlin, Leipzig, Halle, Karlovy Vary, doch meistenteils am Strand der Themse : gerichtet an eine Frau unserer Tage+-+7846690226324+-+7846690226324Fri Mar 21 16:13:09 EDT 2014batch36354