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Fri Mar 21 17:15:59 2014 UTClccn-n500331380.00Papers, 1907-19650.521.00Papers, 1918-197991562263n 5003313868479Gohdes, C.Gohdes, Clarence.Gohdes, Clarence, 1901-Gohdes, Clarence Louis FrankGohdes, Clarence Louis Frank, 1901-1997lccn-n50029216Hubbell, Jay B.(Jay Broadus)1885-1979othhnrlccn-no2013134999Modern Language Association of AmericaAmerican Literature Grouplccn-n91044580Modern Language Association of AmericaAmerican Literature Sectionlccn-n79011255Lanier, Sidney1842-1881lccn-n83055690Baum, Paull F.(Paull Franklin)1886-edtlccn-n78091982James, Henry1843-1916lccn-n79071080Henry, O.1862-1910lccn-n79093331Stowe, Harriet Beecher1811-1896lccn-n80008080Chopin, Kate1851-1904lccn-n80008798Robinson, Edwin Arlington1869-1935Gohdes, Clarence1901-1997Criticism, interpretation, etcBibliographyPeriodicalsReviewsBibliography of bibliographiesHistoryManuscriptsRecords and correspondenceAmerican literatureBooksUnited StatesLanier, Sidney,American periodicalsPoe, Edgar Allan,London, Jack,Hammett, Dashiell,Wilder, Thornton,Franklin, Benjamin,Stowe, Harriet Beecher,Henry, O.,Williams, William Carlos,Robinson, Edwin Arlington,James, Henry,Lindsay, Vachel,Irving, Washington,Chopin, Kate,Whitman, Walt,Comparative literature--American and EnglishComparative literature--English and AmericanAmerican dramaTranscendentalism (New England)--PeriodicalsFamiliesGohdes, Clarence,Great BritainEnglish periodicalsSoviet UnionCriticismPeriodicals--PublishingSouthern StatesHuntingBlake, William,Shelley, Percy Bysshe,Natural theologyViticultureWine and wine makingScuppernongNorth CarolinaBook industries and tradeAmerican literature--BibliographyTranscendentalism (New England)Quinn, Arthur Hobson,College teachersHubbell, Jay B.--(Jay Broadus),Universities and colleges--FacultyGoldberg, Maxwell Henry,Davies, Graham RRose, Alexander Grant,Dos Passos, John,19011997192819301931193219341936193719391940194419451949195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711973197419761977198119821984198819901991199619971401587345016.81Z1225ocn000222926ocn000783936ocn000393645ocn003309701ocn010694305ocn301630370ocn613012439ocn000979351ocn614433839ocn213830058ocn001358045ocn248140145ocn462400662ocn185684396ocn186305562ocn185885492296064ocn002557972book19590.56Gohdes, ClarenceBibliographical guide to the study of the literature of the U.S.A.Bibliography of bibliographiesBibliography28859ocn001480320serial0.39Modern Language AssociationAmerican literature : a journal of literary history, criticism and bibliographyCriticism, interpretation, etcPeriodicalsBibliographyReviewsPrintbegrænsninger: Der kan printes kapitelvis117510ocn000190788book19670.47Gohdes, ClarenceEssays on American literature, in honor of Jay B. HubbellCriticism, interpretation, etcA collection of critical essays examining numerous American authors and literary trends since colonial times10535ocn000269887book19450.53Lanier, SidneyThe centennial edition of the works of Sidney LanierBibliography101524ocn000269455book19440.53Gohdes, ClarenceAmerican literature in nineteenth century EnglandHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliography85318ocn000555651book19670.53Gohdes, ClarenceLiterature and theater of the States and regions of the U.S.A.; an historical bibliographyCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliography81831ocn001563124book19310.63Gohdes, ClarenceThe periodicals of American transcendentalismHistory71118ocn000222926book19490.63Whitman, WaltFaint clews & indirections; manuscripts of Walt Whitman and his familyRecords and correspondenceManuscripts5704ocn000609453book19730.59Woodress, James LeslieEssays mostly on periodical publishing in America: a collection in honor of Clarence GohdesCriticism, interpretation, etc55416ocn037946482book19320.63Emerson, Ralph WaldoUncollected lectures by Ralph Waldo Emerson : reports of lectures on American life and Natural religion, reprinted from the Commonwealth4023ocn001358045book19670.53Gohdes, ClarenceHunting in the Old South; original narratives of the hunters33816ocn003309701book19550.47Hart, James DAmerica's literature27514ocn000783936book19300.73Rossetti, William MichaelLetters of William Michael Rossetti concerning Whitman, Blake, and Shelley, to Anne Gilchrist and her son, Herbert Gilchrist; with appendices containing a letter to President Cleveland and an uncollected Whitman circular1701ocn007614914book19820.53Gohdes, ClarenceScuppernong, North Carolina's grape and its winesHistory354ocn009184963book19320.53Emerson, Ralph WaldoUncollected lectures284ocn008407792book19450.32Lanier, SidneyThe English novel ; and, Essays on literature145ocn462801383book19690.66Libman, V. ARussian studies of American literature; a bibliographyCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliography125ocn491713612book19450.35Lanier, SidneyThe Centennial Edition of the works of Sidney Lanier105ocn606610000book19320.66Emerson, Ralph WaldoUncollected lectures. Reports of lectures of American life and Natural religion93ocn064226933serial0.88Gohdes, ClarenceThe periodicals of American transcendentalismHistory11ocn042584178mix1.00Gibson, William MPapersThis collection consists of Gibson's correspondence with author John Dos Passos; an incomplete autobiography by Gibson; and papers pertaining to the American Studies Research Centre in Hyderabad, India. Additional materials relate to Gibson's memberships on the Committee on International Exchange of Persons and the Literature Screening Committee for Fulbright-Hays appointments. Several letters and clippings are concerned with the closing of American libraries abroad, especially in London. A series of letters between Gibson, Duke University Press, and Clarence Gohdes concern permission to publish an article by Gibson from the AMERICAN LITERATURE JOURNAL. Copyright infringement and press regulations are discussed in these letters. The collection also includes a small amount of correspondence between Dos Passos and Kenneth L. Brown11ocn051908102mix1.00Fisher, Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin Fisher PapersCriticism, interpretation, etcPeriodicalsRecords and correspondenceThe Printed Material Series, 1978-1982 includes a copy of the April/June 1978 issue of SERIALS REVIEW, which features a history of AMERICAN LITERATURE, a journal published at Duke. Tributes to Arlin Turner can be found in the 1981 issue of SOUTH ATLANTIC QUARTERLY and in the first of two volumes of UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI STUDIES IN ENGLISH (USME). The first volume of USME also contains Fisher's review of Turner's 1980 book NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE: A BIOGRAPHY. Volume 3 (1982) of the UMSE is entitled "Poe-purri," and includes Fisher's essay "A Ten-Year Shelf of Poe Books." This series also includes two 1982 Edgar Allan Poe Society publications written by Alexander Rose. The first volume, HISTORY OF THE EDGAR ALLAN POE SOCIETY, is largely in narrative form. It is accompanied by a second volume of minutes and annual reports from which the history was drawn11ocn462018758mix0.47Foerster, NormanNorman Foerster papersLetters and manuscript pertaining to Foerster's education, his participation in the New Humanism movement of the 1920's, his establishment of a creative arts doctoral program at the University of Iowa, the University of Iowa curriculum reform controversy (1943-1944), and his writings. Collection includes manuscript, typescript, letters, tearsheets, periodicals, photographs, and documents11ocn028410783mix1.00Mabbott, Thomas OlliveRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, subject files, research material, and articles, relating chiefly to Edgar Allan Poe. Correspondents include Walter Romeyn Benjamin, Clarence Saunders Brigham, Samuel Foster Damon, August Derleth, Joseph Milton French, Clarence Louis Frank Gohdes, Charles Frederick Heartman, Philip D. Jordan, John Ward Ostrom, Mary Elizabeth Phillips, Frank Lester Pleadwell, Arthur Hobson Quinn, George Saintsbury, Vincent Starrett, William Peterfield Trent, Robert William Glenroie Vail, and James Howard Whitty01ocn122500140mixFoerster, NormanLetters and manuscript pertaining to Foerster's education, his participation in the New Humanism movement of the 1920's, his establishment of a creative arts doctoral program at the University of Iowa, the University of Iowa curriculum reform controversy (1943-1944), and his writings. Collection includes manuscript, typescript, letters, tearsheets, periodicals, photographs, and documentsFri Mar 21 15:31:58 EDT 2014batch21086