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Fri Mar 21 17:10:33 2014 UTClccn-n500429280.001851-1852 /0.560.90A Shelley chronology /34480618John_Bradley_(doctor)n 5004292878098Bradley, J. L.Bradley, J. L. 1917-Bradley, J. L. (John Lewis)Bradley, John 1917-Bradley, John L.Bradley, John L. 1917-lccn-n79006950Ruskin, John1819-1900lccn-n85242277Mount-Temple, Georgina Cowper-TempleBaroness1822-1901lccn-nr00023826La Touche, Rose1848-1875lccn-nr2005011668Mount-Temple, William Francis Cowper-TempleBaron1811-1888lccn-n83123628Ruskin, John Jameslccn-n50007320Mayhew, Henry1812-1887lccn-n79029784Norton, Charles Eliot1827-1908lccn-n80026092Ousby, Ian1947-othedtlccn-n77015460Curzon, MaryLady1870-1906lccn-n50019619Curzon of Kedleston, George Nathaniel CurzonMarquess1859-1925Bradley, John LewisHistoryRecords and correspondenceCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyChronologyRuskin, John,Authors, EnglishGreat BritainLa Touche, Rose,Art criticismTravelCriticsPoorEconomic historyEngland--LondonWorking classItaly--VeniceBritishAuthors, AmericanNorton, Charles Eliot,ViceroysCurzon, Mary,--Lady,Curzon of Kedleston, George Nathaniel Curzon,--Marquess,IndiaNicholson, Renton,ArtistsAmerican prose literatureEnglish prose literatureEnglish literatureManners and customsEnglandViceroys' spousesNobilityRuskin, John JamesPoets, EnglishShelley, Percy Bysshe,Rogues and vagabondsEconomicsUnited StatesAuthorshipCollege presidents19172004195519581964196519661967196819711978198219841985198619871993199519961997200020022010201349432393828.809PR5263ocn000362097ocn000494454ocn000783650ocn001356428ocn001169658ocn461889091ocn313313447ocn019110120ocn765368699ocn586953001ocn000436369ocn185312266107311ocn050421824com19950.37Bradley, J. LJohn Ruskin the critical heritageHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcThe Critical Heritage gathers together a large body of critical sources on major figures in literrature. Each volume presents contemporary responses to a writer's work, enabling student and researcher to read the material themselves+-+19613785755988ocn000362097book19640.59Ruskin, JohnThe letters of John Ruskin to Lord and Lady Mount-TempleRecords and correspondenceThe frantic, indeed psychotic obsession of John Ruskin for a young girl named Rose La Touche constitutes probably the most terrible (and, unfortunately, protracted, and, in the end, tragic) period in the life of that Victorian genius. In recent years, the publication of previously suppressed documents relating to the affair, which ended with Rose's death in a kind of religious insanity and which contributed decisively to the madness in which Ruskin spent his last dozen or more years, has inevitably made the story one of the central points in Ruskin biography, not only because it has a quite horrid fascination of its own, but also because it throws much light on Ruskin's complex and desperately unhappy personality. These letters are documents of unusual value for the fresh light they shed on a crucial phase of Ruskin's life and for the incidental illustrations they offer of the breadth of his intellectual interests and the virtually obsessive nature of his work in many fields. Furthermore, unlike many similar collections, this one constitutes a connected drama and a coherent psychological narrative5432ocn010566489book19840.63Ruskin, the critical heritageHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc4787ocn000783650book19550.63Ruskin, JohnRuskin's letters from Venice, 1851-1852HistoryRecords and correspondence4179ocn000494454book19650.59Mayhew, HenrySelections from London labour and the London poor3629ocn013456299book19870.76Ruskin, JohnThe correspondence of John Ruskin and Charles Eliot NortonBiographyRecords and correspondence+-+26457867053243303ocn013859909book19850.37Curzon, MaryLady Curzon's India : letters of a vicereineBiographyRecords and correspondence2334ocn000135747book19710.66Bradley, John LewisAn introduction to RuskinBiography2263ocn001356428book19650.53Nicholson, RentonRogue's progress; the autobiography of "Lord Chief Baron" Nicholson22111ocn034633332book19960.86Bradley, John LewisA Ruskin chronologyBiographyChronologyThe theme and scope of the Chronology focus on the life (in bare outline) and publications (in temporal order) of John Ruskin (1819-1900). As art-critic, social commentator, architectural scholar, geologist, botanist, water-colourist, lecturer, letter-writer and prose stylist, Ruskin stands forth as perhaps the pre-eminent Victorian polymath. His advocacy of art and artists, his courage in the face of hostile, uninformed criticism and his enlightened compassionate views of the human condition reveal Ruskin as 'not of an age but for all time'. These attributes the Chronology endeavours to suggest+-+K4061676851873ocn000436369book19680.47Bradley, John LewisMasterworks of English prose : a critical reader1114ocn029358072book19930.90Bradley, John LewisA Shelley chronologyChronology+-+4522008885324753ocn000956818book19650.50Nicholson, RentonRogue's progress: an autobiography of "Lord Chief Baron" NicholsonBiography502ocn001169658book19670.76Ruskin, JohnUnto this last, and Traffic153ocn781588151book19840.35Ruskin : the critical heritageHistory82ocn460035359book19550.47Ruskin, JohnRuskin's letters from Venice, 1851-1852, by John Lewis Bradley51ocn851876247book1955Ruskin, John1851-185241ocn313313447book19640.47Ruskin, JohnThe letters of John Ruskin to Lord Mount-Temple and Lady32ocn504060744book1964Ruskin, JohnThe Letters of John Ruskin to Lord and Lady Mount-Temple. Edited and with an introduction by John Lewis Bradley22ocn753104175book1966Nicholson, Renton[The Lord Chief Baron Nicholson.] Rogue's progress. The autobiography of "Lord Chief Baron" Nicholson. Edited, and with an introduction, by John L. Bradley+-+1961378575+-+1961378575Fri Mar 21 16:09:28 EDT 2014batch13342