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Fri Mar 21 17:14:27 2014 UTClccn-n500446560.28The life and times of Pancho Villa /0.440.97El Porfiriato y la Revolución en la historia de México : una conversación /66510036Friedrich_Katzn 5004465679816Katz, Fredericklccn-n50013996Villa, Pancho1878-1923lccn-n79095270American Council of Learned Societieslccn-n79063897Joint Committee on Latin American Studieslccn-n94033906Kaller, Martinacrenp-molden, bertholdMolden, Bertholdlccn-no2012141409Mayer, David(Historian)lccn-n50002554Díaz, Porfirio1830-1915lccn-n80053294Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (Mexico)np-villegas, palomaVillegas, Palomatrllccn-n82049479Lloyd, Jane-DaleedtKatz, FriedrichHistoryPictorial worksSourcesInterviewsFictionBiographyPortraitsMexicoVilla, Pancho,Revolution (Mexico : 1910-1920)Social movementsMexico--Chihuahua (State)AmericaAntiquitiesIndians--AntiquitiesPolitical scienceInternational relationsIndiansPeasant uprisingsRevolutionariesIndians--Social life and customsDíaz, Porfirio,AztecsSlaveryHaciendasAgricultural laborersGermanyLatin AmericaMadero, Francisco I.,RelationsInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)PeasantsCedillo, SaturninoMexico--San Luis Potosí (State)Europe--BukovinaHolocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)ExilesEconomicsAztecs--Social conditionsAztecs--Economic conditionsFerris, William RAztecs--Social life and customsBloom, Harold19272010192719401956195719601961196219641965196619671968196919701972197319741975197619791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120126872116356972.0816F1234.V63ocn462768328ocn466414583ocn651551994ocn312414962ocn314438835ocn742620882ocn866208990ocn651437635ocn651467236ocn651488459ocn470292006ocn073804841ocn469173740182716ocn037981391book19980.28Katz, FriedrichThe life and times of Pancho VillaHistoryBiographyBased on decades of research in the archives of seven countries, this definitive study of Villa aims to separate myth from history. So much attention has focused on Villa himself that the characteristics of his movement, which is unique in Latin American history and in some ways unique among twentieth-century revolutions, have been forgotten or neglected. Villa's Division del Norte was probably the largest revolutionary army that Latin America ever produced. Moreover, this was one of the few revolutionary movements with which a U.S. administration attempted, not only to come to terms, but even to forge an alliance. The first part of the book deals with Villa's early life as an outlaw and his emergence as a secondary leader of the Mexican Revolution, and also discusses the special conditions that transformed the state of Chihuahua into a leading center of revolution. In the second part, beginning in 1913, Villa emerges as a national leader. The author analyzes the nature of his revolutionary movement and the impact of Villismo as an ideology and as a social movement. The third part of the book deals with the years 1915 to 1920: Villa's guerrilla warfare, his attack on Columbus, New Mexico, and his subsequent decline. The last part describes Villa's surrender, his brief life as a hacendado, his assassination and its aftermath, and the evolution of the Villa legend. The book concludes with an assessment of Villa's personality and the character and impact of his movement+-+1195829535136718ocn000415325book19690.31Katz, FriedrichThe ancient American civilizationsHistory+-+598363032589815ocn006942429book19810.50Katz, FriedrichThe secret war in Mexico : Europe, the United States, and the Mexican Revolution5557ocn017954375book19880.63Riot, rebellion, and revolution : rural social conflict in MexicoHistory2075ocn077830657book19990.35Katz, FriedrichThe face of Pancho Villa : a history in photographs and wordsPictorial worksA collection of photographs of Pancho Villa is accompanied by text discussing the controversial Mexican revolutionary's life and career+-+335841884616013ocn004210091book19660.86Katz, FriedrichSituación social y económica de los aztecas durante los siglos xv y xviHistory+-+578514731414410ocn005132378book19640.88Katz, FriedrichDeutschland, Diaz und die mexikanische Revolution; die deutsche Politik in Mexiko 1870-192013622ocn013130181book19760.86Katz, FriedrichLa servidumbre agraria en México en la época porfirianaHistory+-+67956693141047ocn042842628book19990.37Katz, FriedrichImágenes de Pancho VillaHistoryBiographyPortraitsPictorial works+-+35096693149012ocn041241157book19980.39Katz, FriedrichPancho VillaHistoryBiography+-+36396693148312ocn248214775book19690.56Katz, FriedrichVorkolumbische Kulturen : die grossen Reiche des alten Amerika825ocn071126198book20060.79Katz, FriedrichNuevos ensayos mexicanos+-+18616693147116ocn045810243book19810.53Katz, FriedrichLa guerra secreta en México+-+4979669314688ocn017104451book19850.93Katz, FriedrichPorfirio Díaz frente al descontento popular regional, 1891-1893 : antología documentalHistorySources608ocn055635629book20030.92Katz, FriedrichDe Díaz a MaderoHistory+-+31716693144210ocn023025316book19880.63Revuelta, rebelión y revolución : la lucha rural en México del siglo XVI al siglo XXHistory395ocn034478351book19940.81Katz, FriedrichEnsayos mexicanosHistory394ocn059080991book20050.88Katz, LeoTotenjäger : RomanFiction385ocn009213920book19560.73Katz, FriedrichDie sozialökonomischen Verhältnisse bei den Azteken im 15. und 16. Jahrhundert374ocn656593565book20100.97El camino de la rebelión del general Saturnino CedilloHistory4553ocn816357987com20120.35Kaller, MartinaFriedrich Katz Essays zu Leben und Wirken eines transnationalen Historikers = Essays on the life and work of a transnational historian441ocn764662922book20110.97Katz, FriedrichEl Porfiriato y la Revolución en la historia de México : una conversaciónHistoryInterviews81ocn802660433book20120.73Friedrich Katz Essays zu Leben und Wirken eines transnationalen Historikers31ocn841603429rcrd20100.96Katz, FriedrichMéxico, su Revolución y su historiaHistoryInterviews21ocn800553527book20100.96Revolución y exilio en la historia de México : del amor de un historiador a su patria adoptiva : homenaje a Friedrich KatzHistory11ocn754864162mix0.47Stanford Channel (Television station : Stanford, Calif.)Life of the mind :These tapes from the series Life of the Mind include Harold Bloom, "The Way We Read Now, " 1996; events from "The Public Role of the Humanities, " November 1998, part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the School of Humanities and Sciences; The Life and Times of Pancho Villa with Friedrich Katz, October 1998; and "The Great Alter of Pergamin" with Dr. Bernard Andreae+-+1195829535+-+1195829535Fri Mar 21 15:19:58 EDT 2014batch19652