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Fri Mar 21 17:08:42 2014 UTClccn-n500479160.13The tainted snuff box /0.500.94Lettre intéressante adressée à S.A.R. le prince régent d'Angleterre265481029George_IV_of_the_United_Kingdomn 5004791682995Galles George Augustus Frederick 1762-1830 prince deGeorg August Friedrich IV. Großbritannien, König 1762-1830Georg August Friedrich IV. Hannover, König 1762-1830Georg August Friedrich king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and king of HanoverGeorg Hannover, König 1762-1830Georg IV. England, König 1762-1830Georg Wales, Prinz 1762-1830George 04 Of The United KingdomGeorge 4sei, 1762-1830, Igirisu KokuoGeorge 4セイ, 1762-1830, イギリス コクオウGeorge Augustus Frederick king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and king of HanoveGeorge Augustus Frederick, prince de GallesGeorge Augustus Frederick, prince de Galles, 1762-1830George i V, King of Great Britain 1762-1830George IV. England, König 1762-1830George IV. Great Britain and Ireland, King 1762-1830George IV. Great Britain, King 1762-1830George IV, King of Great Britain, 1762-1830George IV, rei de la Gran Bretanya, 1762-1830George IV, roi de Grande-BretagneGeorge IV roi de Grande-Bretagne 1762-1830George, Prince of Wales, 1762-1830George Wales, Prince 1762-1830Georges IV, roi de Grande-Bretagne, 1762-1830Jordi IV, rei d'AnglaterraJordi IV, rei d'Anglaterra, 1762-1830Jordi IV, rei de Gran BretanyaJordi IV, rei de Gran Bretanya, 1762-1830Jordi IV, rei de Hannover, 1762-1830Jordi IV, rei de la Gran Bretanya i d'Irlanda, 1762-1830Jorge IV, rei de la Gran Bretanya, 1762-1830King of Great Britain George IVジョージlccn-n79061402GeorgeIIIKing of Great Britain1738-1820lccn-n80061163CarolineQueen, consort of George IV, King of Great Britain1768-1821crplccn-n87933756Fitzherbert, Maria Anne1756-1837lccn-n78095761Hibbert, Christopher1924-2008lccn-n83073811Miles, William Augustus1753?-1817lccn-n80067117Cruikshank, George1792-1878illlccn-n79034832Hone, William1780-1842bslprtlccn-n79060552Plaidy, Jean1906-1993lccn-n83122576Robinson, Mary1758-1800lccn-n79027222Richardson, JoannaGeorgeIVKing of Great Britain1762-1830HistoryTrials, litigation, etcSourcesRecords and correspondenceBiographyControversial literatureParodies, imitations, etcHumorGeorge--IV,--King of Great Britain,Great BritainKings and rulersFitzherbert, Maria Anne,RegencyPolitical scienceMarriageCaroline,--Queen, consort of George IV, King of Great Britain,Debts, PublicManners and customsRelations with womenFinance, PersonalPrincesGeorge--III,--King of Great Britain,Courts and courtiersEngland--LondonMarried womenDandiesBrummell, Beau,FranceFrederick Augustus,--Prince, Duke of York and Albany,William--IV,--King of Great Britain,ActorsMistressesAuthors, EnglishElopementRobinson, Mary,Elliott, Grace Dalrymple,CourtesansBritishRevolution (France : 1789-1799)Werbrouck, Jean E.--(Jean Etienne)Wolf, C. J. M. de,--MrNobility--Finance, PersonalSpousesTrials (Libel)Great Britain.--ParliamentHone, William,Trials (Blasphemy)EnglandTrials (Adultery)Slaves--EmancipationWest Indies--British West IndiesMarriages of royalty and nobilityCatholic emancipationCatholicsLegislative bodies--ReformFinanceBergami, Bartolomeo Bergami,--BaronBrougham and Vaux, Henry Brougham,--Baron,17621830176217631764176517661767176817691770177117721773177417751776177717781779178017811782178317841785178617871788178917901791179217931794179517961797179817991800180118021803180418051806180718081809181018111812181318141815181618171818181918201821182218231824182518261827182818291830183118321833183418351837183818391840184118421845184618501852185518561857185918601861186218631865187018711874187518761880188118821883188418851887189018921896189919001901190219051906190719081909191119121913191419201923192519261928193019311932193419351937193819391940194319461947194819491950195119521953195419561957195819601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012791892153523534941.074092HB151ocn832537367ocn837250031ocn831955142ocn693269403ocn081140366ocn254690557ocn254690484ocn836551786ocn257464050ocn254690583ocn832607236ocn832607245ocn832607345ocn834207078ocn832607333ocn832242763ocn258499370ocn247403707ocn847689526ocn693298238ocn081896195ocn215279022ocn02649254428716ocn065251859file18200.90CarolineThe Queen's letter to the KingHistoryTrials, litigation, etcRecords and correspondencePamphlet has discussion of Caroline's marriage to the Regent, her suspicions about his advisors, her separation from Princess Charlotte and demand for a fair trial. Cf. Bowden cited above2428ocn065257025file18200.88Cobbett, WilliamLetter from the queen to the king20418ocn000774599book19630.63GeorgeThe correspondence of George, Prince of Wales, 1770-1812HistorySourcesRecords and correspondence1839ocn186509738file17890.70Pitt, WilliamAuthentic copies of Mr. Pitt's letter to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, and of His Royal Highness's replyHistorySourcesRecords and correspondence1606ocn065256900file18240.86IncognitusThoughts on the abolition of slavery humbly submitted in a letter to the King1508ocn065263752file18250.88GeorgeA letter from the King to his Catholic subjectsControversial literature1476ocn065237046com18080.90Miles, William AugustusA letter to His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales with a sketch of the prospect before him, appendix, and notes1263ocn506042813com18170.92Hone, WilliamThe first trial of William Hone on an ex-officio information, at Guildhall, London, December 18, 1817, before Mr. Justice Abbott and a special jury, for publishing a parody on the late John Wilkes's catechism of a ministerial memberHumorTrials, litigation, etcParodies, imitations, etcHone was tried for profane libel for publishing a political parody of the Anglican Catechism in the Book of Common Prayer. Hone readapted John Wilkes' eighteenth century manuscript. Cf. M. Wood, Radical satire and print culture, 1790-1822, pp. 114-121, 272-2901222ocn506042824com18170.90Hone, WilliamThe first trial of William Hone on an ex-officio information, at Guildhall, London, December 17, 1817, before Mr. Justice Abbott and a special jury, for publishing the late John Wilkes's catechism of a ministerial memberTrials, litigation, etcHone was tried for profane libel for publishing a political parody of the Angican Catechism in the Book of Common Prayer. Hone readapted John Wilkes' eighteenth century manuscript. Cf. M. Wood, Radical satire and print culture, 1790-1822, pp. 114-121, 272-2901194ocn065251862com18200.90CarolineThe queen's letter to the king a corrected sketch of Lord John Russel's petition, Sir Gerard Noel's letter to the Earl of Liverpool, together with Mr. Brougham's and Mr. Denman's speeches, and Mr. Brougham's reply to the attorney-general, in the House of Lords, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the 17th, 18th, and 19th of August, 1820, on the Bill of Pains and Penalties against Her Majesty1184ocn065257052file18300.93Hunt, HenryMr. Hunt's letter to the king upon the intended civic feast1067ocn083326613com17890.76Member of ParliamentAn address to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, on the report of his intention to refuse the Regency By a member of Parliament. ... To which are added, Mr. Pitt's letter to the Prince on the restrictions, and His Royal Highness's answer1054ocn015577094book18190.94Guerry de Maubreuil, Marie-Armand deLettre intéressante adressée à S.A.R. le prince régent d'AngleterreHistory1025ocn083335031file17890.79Pitt, WilliamAn authentic copy of Mr. Pitt's letter to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, with his answer765ocn495783161com18120.93Hunt, JohnThe Prince of Wales v. the Examiner a full report of the trial of John and Leigh Hunt, proprietors of the Examiner, on an information filed ex-officio by the Attorney-General : decided by Lord Ellenborough, and a special jury, in the King's Bench, Westminster, on Wednesday, the 9th of December, 1812 : to which are added, observations on the trial, by the editor of the ExaminerTrials, litigation, etc682ocn506055257com18200.93CarolineThe trial of the Queen containing the proceedings in the House of Lords extracted from their journals on the bill of pains and penalties, for depriving Her Majesty of her rights, as Queen consort and effecting a divorce from His Majesty, George the Fourth and also the whole of the defenceTrials, litigation, etc621ocn495783427file17960.93Jefferys, NathanielA refutation of the positive falsehoods and gross misrepresentations contained in the several publications professing to be in reply to the review of the conduct of the Prince of Wales, with observationsTrials, litigation, etc611ocn506049050com18130.93CarolineThe royal, or, Delicate investigation into the conduct of Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales before Lords Erskine, Spencer, Grenville and Ellenborough, the four special commissioners of inquiry, appointed by His Majesty in the year 1806 : containing the depositions of all the evidences, copies of the various letters, statements, narratives, reports, and minutes of council, &c., &c.Trials, litigation, etc611ocn495782200com18200.93Great BritainA bill intituled an act to deprive Her Majesty Caroline Amelia Elizabeth of the title, prerogatives, rights, privileges and exemptions of Queen Consort of this realm and to dissolve the marriage between His Majesty and the said Caroline Amelia ElizabethTrials, litigation, etc6011ocn012828872book17950.81Miles, William AugustusA letter to the Prince of Wales, on a second application to Parliament, to discharge debts wantonly contracted since May 1787History144751ocn065335476com17950.81Miles, William AugustusA letter to the Prince of Wales, on a second application to Parliament, to discharge debts wantonly contracted since May 1787History10079ocn000677029book19720.31Hibbert, ChristopherGeorge IV: Prince of Wales, 1762-1811HistoryBiographyThe early years of the rakehell monarch whose dalliances and indiscretions are an effective mirror of the morality of his time8409ocn000764142book19730.31Hibbert, ChristopherGeorge IV, regent and king, 1811-1830HistoryBiographyThe personality of the eloquent and unpredictable British monarch is the central focus of a detailed and well-research biography81010ocn000409170book19350.53Fulford, RogerGeorge the Fourth7993ocn015519836book19690.14Plaidy, JeanPerdita's PrinceFictionHistorical fiction based on the romance between George IV, while Prince of Wales, and actress Mary Robinson, and the resulting political intrigues7976ocn747105682com20050.39Irvine, ValerieThe king's wife George IV and Mrs FitzherbertHistoryBiographyIn the eyes of George IV's own family, Maria was his real wife."--BOOK JACKET+-+K8990370367872ocn040193566book19990.33Smith, E. AGeorge IVHistoryBiography"This biography of George IV, king between 1820 and 1830, provides a full and objective reassessment of the monarch's character, reputation and achievement. Previous writers have tended to accept the unfavourable verdicts of the king's contemporaries that he was a dissolute, pleasure-loving dilettante and a feeble and ineffective ruler responsible for the decline of the power and reputation of the monarchy in the early nineteenth century. Now E.A. Smith offers a new view of George IV, one that does not minimise the king's faults but focuses on the positive qualities of his achievement in politics and in the patronage of the arts."--BOOK JACKET+-+67533555853246573ocn043050309book20000.14Haeger, DianeThe secret wife of King George IVHistoryFictionA fictional portrait of Maria Fitzherbert chronicles the passionate love affair and secret wedding of King George IV with a beautiful Catholic woman whose marriage was recognized by the Roman Catholic Church but not by English law+-+257997768562617ocn065335177com17870.79Tooke, John HorneA letter to a friend, on the reported marriage of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales6214ocn042622262book20010.13Stevens, RosemaryThe tainted snuff boxHistoryFiction"After receiving a series of death threats by post, the Prince of Wales feels that some time spent away from London will calm his frazzled nerves. So he escapes to Brighton where Beau Brummell joins him as a guest. With guards posted at every door, the atmosphere is tense especially under the scrutiny of Sir Simon. Hired by the Prince as his personal "food-taster," the odious baronet is a poor substitute for the polite company of London society that Beau is used to." -- Jacket+-+13942607956036ocn017326950book19700.15Plaidy, JeanSweet lass of Richmond HillHistoryFictionBased on the life of Maria Anne Fitzherbert55651ocn065250816com18200.90Hone, WilliamThe Queen's matrimonial ladder, a national toy with fourteen step scenes; and illustrations in verse, with eighteen other cutsCaricatures and cartoonsHumorPoetryAnecdotes5558ocn040052703book19980.27David, SaulPrince of pleasure : the Prince of Wales and the making of the RegencyHistoryBiographyDescribed as "a man who would prefer a girl and a bottle to politics and a sermon," George Augustus Frederick (1762-1830), the oldest son of King George III, was a pivotal and highly controversial figure in England's Regency period. Although his scandalous liaisons with prostitutes and duchesses, a "secret" marriage to his true love - the Catholic Mrs. Fitzherbert - and a publicly ridiculed (bigamous) marriage to Caroline of Brunswick threatened to eclipse his contributions to British history, Saul David's engrossing biography Prince of Pleasure shows a man of high intelligence and political ambition. His actions reflected the ambivalent relationship of the monarchy to Parliament at a time when the nation was infected by revolution fervor in America and France+-+448286623555454ocn065251076com18200.92Croker, John WilsonA letter from the king to his peopleHistoryBiographyTrials, litigation, etcWritten in the form of a letter from George IV. on the subject of his separation from Queen Caroline54616ocn065342825com17910.81Considerations on two papers published at Antwerp, respecting a loan for 3,600,000 guilders to be subscribed at the houses of Messieurs J.E. Werbrouck and C.J.M. de Wolf, of that cityHistorySourcesRelates to the notice of the loan on the account of the Prince of Wales, the Duke of York, and the Duke of Clarence, which was negotiated at the house of J.E. Werbrouck of Antwerp5365ocn048647686book20010.21Munson, JamesMaria Fitzherbert : the secret wife of George IVHistoryBiographyBiography of Maria Fitzherbert, the secret wife of George IV+-+49545213255346ocn056880286book20040.28Byrne, PaulaPerdita : the literary, theatrical, scandalous life of Mary RobinsonBiographyOne of the most flamboyant free spirits of the late eighteenth century, darling of the London stage, mistress to the most powerful men in England, feminist thinker, and bestselling author, described by Samuel Taylor Coleridge as "a woman of undoubted genius," Mary Robinson led a life that was marked by reversals of fortune. Abandoned by her merchant father, Mary was married at 15. Her husband landed the couple and their baby in debtors' prison, where she wrote her first book of poetry. On her release, she rose to become one of the London theater's most alluring actresses. The Prince of Wales fell madly in love with her, and she later used his love letters as blackmail. After being struck down by paralysis, apparently following a miscarriage, she remade herself yet again, this time as a popular writer admired by the leading intellectuals of the day+-+44252476355332ocn060419653book20050.19Manning, JoMy lady scandalous : the amazing life and outrageous times of Grace Dalrymple Elliott, royal courtesanHistoryBiographyThis richly raucous history traverses the notoriously licentious British Regency era in the company of its most celebrated courtesan. Following a simple Edinburgh girlhood, Grace Dalrymple came of age in the sin city of London. As an impressionable bride of seventeen who married a man more than twice her age, Grace's remarkable beauty soon attracted the attentions of other men, and a disastrous liaison provoked her philandering husband to pursue a divorce. She became mistress of the most infamous peer in England, Lord Cholmondeley, who commissioned her Gainsborough portrait the same year she gave birth to a daughter (who may have been the child of the Prince of Wales). She was soon to find a new protector in France's richest man, Philippe, Duc d'Orleans, but this turned perilous when Orleans fell to the guillotine, just as Grace narrowly escaped with her life. --From publisher description+-+K7171789255273ocn001144320book19660.28Richardson, JoannaGeorge the Magnificent; a portrait of King George IVHistoryBiography49812ocn000852416book18520.29Leslie, DorisThe great Corinthian; a portrait of the Prince RegentHistoryBiography+-+6753355585324Fri Mar 21 16:10:24 EDT 2014batch340951