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Thu Oct 16 17:50:03 2014 UTClccn-n500515550.31Don't ask me how the time goes by : poems, 1964-1968 /0.730.97Dilemas de la poesía de fin de siglo : José Emilio Pacheco y Jaime Saenz /112087397José_Emilio_Pachecon 5005155586493Pacheco Berny, José EmílioPacheco Berny, José Emilio 1939-2014Pacheco, EmilioPacheco, Emilio (José Emilio)Pacheco, Jose E.Pacheco, José E. 1939-2014Pacheco, José EmilioPacheco, José Emilio 1939-パチェーコ, ホセ・エミリオlccn-n79085083Reid, Alastair1926-lccn-n87864841Esquinca, Jorgecomedtviaf-305415871Toledo, Francisco1940-illlccn-n80140395Hoeksema, Thomaslccn-n79011337Peden, Margaret Sayerstrllccn-n85290858Steele, Cynthianp-lauer, davidLauer, Davidnp-friis, ronald jFriis, Ronald J.lccn-n81105416Verani, Hugo J.lccn-n50007913McWhirter, GeorgePacheco, José EmilioFictionCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryPictorial worksPacheco, José EmilioMexican poetryMexicoSpanish poetryManners and customsAnimalsCriticism and interpretationShort stories, MexicanSpanish fictionEnglish poetryAmerican poetryAnimals in literatureHuman-animal relationships in literatureMoore, Marianne,Rulfo, JuanLiterature and societyMexican literatureSpanish literatureReader-response criticismMexican fictionElizondo, Salvador,Discourse analysisTechniqueLeyendas mexicanas, cuentos y baladas del norte de Europa (Roa Bárcena, José María)Edad del tiempo (Fuentes, Carlos)Short storiesFantasy fiction, MexicanFirst lovesTeenage boysSpanish American poetrySáenz, JaimeIntertextualitySpanish languageBecerra, José CarlosZaid, GabrielLizalde, EduardoStyle, LiteraryHope in literaturePhotography, ArtisticLihn, EnriqueCisneros, AntonioModernism (Literature)Mexico--Mexico CityLatin AmericaChapbooks, Argentine1939201419581960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014137043731241861PQ7298.26.A25ocn004537598ocn001285721ocn803069318ocn440319881ocn592907445ocn440298550ocn469288098ocn760637091ocn462067844ocn703983328ocn803400246ocn651468879ocn427549765ocn651374234ocn651475516ocn807603874ocn651295307ocn651298538ocn803262889ocn651298413ocn518021540ocn760449923ocn048296486ocn651440752ocn651444288ocn760578269ocn651562915ocn760578280ocn651441058ocn760642120ocn405545043ocn706983528ocn691965814ocn691841902ocn763018721ocn79429320265880ocn007801574book19810.47Pacheco, José EmilioLas batallas en el desiertoFictionCarlos remembers that in the 1940's everything seemed possible in Mexico. However, no experience was as intense for this boy on the verge of becoming an adolescent as the experience of falling hopelessly in love with the mother of his friend Jim. The story of this first love is also a story of the reaction of adult society during those years+-+28296693145904ocn003204604book19780.31Pacheco, José EmilioDon't ask me how the time goes by : poems, 1964-196845337ocn000359675book19670.70Pacheco, José EmilioMorirás lejos43955ocn000306741book19630.79Pacheco, José EmilioEl viento distante; y otros relatos+-+472966931443834ocn038249406book19720.74Pacheco, José EmilioEl principio del placerFiction3805ocn027069163book19930.66Pacheco, José EmilioAn ark for the next millennium : poemsPoetryJose Emilio Pacheco, the most talented poet of his generation, often writes poems in which animals act as his alter ego, conveying his perceptions - sometimes comic, often tragic - of the human condition. His Album de zoologia, of which this is the English version, gives voice to myriad creatures who inhabit land, sea, air, and even (mythically) fire. Through their perceptions, the poet challenges much of what is dark in the human psyche - cruelty toward ourselves and other life forms, destruction of the fragile world that all living creatures share+-+639012747532430523ocn001430128book19690.82Pacheco, José EmilioNo me preguntes cómo pasa el tiempo (poemas, 1964-1968)2913ocn034989964book19970.39Pacheco, José EmilioCity of memory and other poems"Includes full texts of Miro la tierra and Ciudad de la memoria, translated by Lauer and Steele, respectively. Useful translators' prefaces, introduction, biographical note on author. En face. Major themes are Mexico City and the 1985 earthquake. Effective translations; very different styles of Lauer and Steele offer an interesting tool for teaching"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 58+-+297813723525016ocn010869850book19820.86Pacheco, José EmilioLos trabajos del mar23517ocn007281670book19800.84Pacheco, José EmilioDesde entonces : poemas, 1975-197821916ocn000541775book19660.84Pacheco, José EmilioEl reposo del fuego2158ocn000270543book19650.74Pacheco, José EmilioLa poesía mexicana del siglo XIX : antología21522ocn031360632book19940.79Pacheco, José EmilioEl silencio de la luna : poemas 1985-1993+-+91186693143242119ocn000368436book19700.90Pacheco, José EmilioAntología del modernismo, 1884-192121016ocn010588904book19630.86Pacheco, José EmilioLos elementos de la noche1998ocn010923521book19830.70Rulfo, JuanInframundo, the México of Juan RulfoCriticism, interpretation, etcPictorial works19614ocn007777682book19800.84Pacheco, José EmilioTarde o temprano+-+K14901631419211ocn012199087book19840.79Pacheco, José EmilioAlta traición : antología poética1869ocn015694875book19860.84Pacheco, José EmilioMiro la tierra : poemas 1983-198615715ocn020535792book19890.88Pacheco, José EmilioCiudad de la memoria : poemas 1986-19893551ocn014818234book19870.59Pacheco, José EmilioBattles in the desert & other storiesFiction+-+55756766352764ocn046835372book20010.82Friis, Ronald JJosé Emilio Pacheco and the poets of the shadows"Jose Emilio Pacheco (1939- ) is Mexico's foremost living poet, and a major figure in contemporary Latin American poetry. Jose Emilio Pacheco and the Poets of the Shadows examines the dynamic of literary influence and the question of literary origins in Pacheco's first six books of poetry (1960s to mid-1980s). Ronald J. Friis appropriates Bloom's theory of poetic influence to investigate how Pacheco deploys literary allusions and intertextual references as a means of decentering the traditional centrality of the figure of the author. The poets of the shadows to which the title refers include Pacheco's precursors from prior generations of Mexican and Latin American literature, particularly Jorge Luis Borges, Alfonso Reyes, and Octavio Paz."--BOOK JACKET+-+47490238352411ocn014931012book19870.77Pacheco, José EmilioSelected poems+-+27756766352211ocn050560793book20030.84Malamud, RandyPoetic animals and animal soulsCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetry"This book offers a new paradigm for reading animals in literature and addresses how human culture views animals in poetry. Part one sets up a theoretical overview and posits some aesthetic and ethical ideals for transposing animals into art, while part two presents a more focused practical application of these ideals in one strain of animal poetry (as seen in the works of Marianne Moore, Jose Emilio Pacheco, Gary Snyder, Pattiann Rogers, and others)."--BOOK JACKET+-+13261485962042ocn006603451book19800.82Pacheco, José EmilioSignals from the flames : [selected poetry of] José Emilio Pacheco1984ocn006709856book19790.88Jiménez de Báez, YvetteFicción e historia : la narrativa de José Emilio PachecoCriticism, interpretation, etc1645ocn022309152book19870.90Graniela-Rodríguez, MagdaEl papel del lector en la novela mexicana contemporánea : José Emilio Pacheco y Salvador ElizondoCriticism, interpretation, etc1172ocn022981133book19900.93Torres, DanielJosé Emilio Pacheco : poética y poesía del prosaísmoCriticism, interpretation, etc1063ocn030702031book19930.92Verani, Hugo JLa hoguera y el viento : José Emilio Pacheco ante la críticaCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+9908669314963ocn014249046book19850.92Villena, Luis Antonio deJosé Emilio PachecoCriticism, interpretation, etc792ocn018909300book19870.95Verani, Hugo JJosé Emilio Pacheco ante la críticaCriticism, interpretation, etc752ocn057564813book20040.95Olea Franco, RafaelEn el reino fantástico de los aparecidos : Roa Bárcena, Fuentes y PachecoCriticism, interpretation, etc584ocn163896030book20060.86Verani, Hugo JJosé Emilio Pacheco : perspectivas críticasCriticism, interpretation, etc482ocn048522339book20010.97Monasterios Pérez, ElizabethDilemas de la poesía de fin de siglo : José Emilio Pacheco y Jaime SaenzCriticism, interpretation, etc432ocn476783141book20090.95Pacheco, José EmilioContraelegíaCriticism, interpretation, etc431ocn501105589book20090.97Carrillo Juárez, Carmen DoloresEl mar de la noche : intertextualidad y apropiación en la poesía de José Emilio PachecoCriticism, interpretation, etc332ocn276174481book20080.97Ruiz Pérez, IgnacioLecturas y diversiones : la poesía crítica de Eduardo Lizalde, Gabriel Zaid, José Carlos Becerra y José Emilio PachecoCriticism, interpretation, etc322ocn057200553book20040.97Bahía Diwan, BetinaEnsoñación cósmica : poética de El reposo de fuego de José Emilio Pacheco191ocn034803812book19950.92Ballardin, PaolaJosé Emilio Pacheco e la poesia della speranzaCriticism, interpretation, etc183ocn042001559book19920.96Fischer, María LuisaHistoria y texto poético : la poesía de Antonio Cisneros, José Emilio Pacheco y Enrique LihnCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+6390127475324+-+6390127475324Thu Oct 16 15:28:30 EDT 2014batch37654