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Thu Oct 16 17:59:55 2014 UTClccn-n500568700.21Royal web /0.560.96Tagebücher 1866-1888 /5007Frederick_III,_German_Emperorn 5005687091534Bedřich 1831-1888 německý císař a pruský králBedřich III., německý císař a pruský král, 1831-1888Federico 1831-1888 German Emperor IIIFederico Guglielmo 1831-1888 Prussia, Principe RealeFederico Guglielmo Prussia, Principe Reale 1831-1888Federico III, German Emperor, 1831-1888Frédéric 1831-1888) (empereur d’Allemagne ; IIIFrédéric III (empereur d’Allemagne ; 1831-1888).Frederick 1831-1888 German Emperor IIIFrederick 1831-1888 keizer van Duitsland IIIFrederick 1831-1888 the NobleFrederick III German EmperorFrederick III, German Emperor, 1831-1888.Frederick III, keizer van Duitsland, 1831-1888Frederick III, King of Prussia and Emperor of GermanyFrederick, the Noble, 1831-1888Frederick William 1831-1888 Crown Prince of PrussiaFrederick William 1831-1888 German EmperorFrederick William, Crown Prince of Prussia, 1831-1888Frederick William, German Emperor, 1831-1888Frederik 1831-1888 keizer van Duitsland IIIFrederik III, keizer van Duitsland, 1831-1888Frederik Willem Nicolaas Karel 1831-1888 van PruisenFrederik Willem Nicolaas Karel, van Pruisen, 1831-1888Fredrick William 1831-1888 Crown Prince of PrussiaFredrick William, Crown Prince of Prussia, 1831-1888Fridericus Guilelmus 1831-1888 Prussia, PrincepsFridericus Guilelmus Prussia, Princeps 1831-1888Fridrich 1831-1888 německý císař a pruský králFridrich III., německý císař a pruský král, 1831-1888Friedrich 1831-1888 der EdleFriedrich 1831-1888) (deutscher Kaiser ; IIIFriedrich 1831-1888 Deutsches Reich, KaiserFriedrich 1831-1888 Deutschland, KönigFriedrich 1831-1888 empereur d'Allemagne IIIFriedrich 1831-1888 German Emperor IIIFriedrich 1831-1888 kejsare av Tyskland IIIFriedrich 1831-1888 Preußen, KönigFriedrich 1831-1888 von HohenzollernFriedrich der DritteFriedrich, der Edle, 1831-1888Friedrich empereur d'Allemagne IIIFriedrich III (deutscher Kaiser ; 1831-1888).Friedrich III. Deutsches Reich, Kaiser 1831-1888Friedrich III. Deutschland, König 1831-1888Friedrich III, empereur d'AllemagneFriedrich III empereur d'Allemagne 1831-1888Friedrich III, German EmperorFriedrich III, German Emperor, 1831-1888Friedrich III, kejsare av Tyskland, 1831-1888Friedrich III. Preußen, König 1831-1888Friedrich III, roi de PrusseFriedrich KaiserFriedrich roi de Prusse IIIFriedrich von HohenzollernFriedrich von Hohenzollern 1831-1888Friedrich, Wilhelm (1831-1888)Friedrich Wilhelm 1831-1888 Crown Prince of PrussiaFriedrich Wilhelm 1831-1888 German EmperorFriedrich Wilhelm 1831-1888 Preußen, KronprinzFriedrich Wilhelm, Crown Prince of PrussiaFriedrich Wilhelm, Crown Prince of Prussia, 1831-1888Friedrich Wilhelm, German Emperor, 1831-1888Friedrich Wilhelm KronprinzFriedrich Wilhelm Nicolaus Karl von Hohenzollern 1831-1888 KronprinzFriedrich Wilhelm Nicolaus Karl von Hohenzollern, Kronprinz, 1831-1888Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl 1831-1888 Deutsches Reich, KaiserFriedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl 1831-1888 Preußen, KönigFriedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl 1831-1888 von PreußenFriedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl Deutsches Reich, Kaiser 1831-1888Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl empereur d'AllemagneFriedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl III. Preußen, König 1831-1888Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl, von Preußen, 1831-1888Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl von Preußen 1831-1888 KronprinzFriedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl von Preußen, Kronprinz, 1831-1888Friedrich Wilhelm Preußen, Kronprinz 1831-1888Friedricus Guilelmus Prussia PrincepsFritz 1831-1888 Preußen, KronprinzFritz Preußen, Kronprinz 1831-1888Fryderyk III HohenzollernHohenzollern Friedrich vonHohenzollern, Friedrich Wilhelm Nicolaus Karl von 1831-1888 KronprinzHohenzollern, Friedrich Wilhelm Nicolaus Karl von, Kronprinz, 1831-1888lccn-n81043124VictoriaEmpress, consort of Frederick III, German Emperor1840-1901hnrlccn-n2001033001Müller, Frank Lorenz1970-lccn-n80149385WilliamIGerman Emperor1797-1888hnrviaf-108434584Sinclair, Andrew1935-lccn-n50018122WilliamIIGerman Emperor1859-1941hnrlccn-n50009175Farago, Ladislaslccn-n50001566Aronson, Theolccn-n84804794Mackenzie, Morell1837-1892lccn-n79018384Bismarck, OttoFürst von1815-1898viaf-52057606Poschinger, Margarete LandauEdle von1862-edtFrederickIIIGerman Emperor1831-1888HistoryDiariesPersonal narratives‡vGermanSourcesBiographyFrederick--III,--German Emperor,GermanyKings and rulersPolitical scienceGermany--PrussiaEmperorsPrincesMemorializationPolitical culturePublic opinionVictoria,--Empress, consort of Frederick III, German Emperor,Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871)William--II,--German Emperor,William--I,--German Emperor,Great BritainBismarck, Otto,--Fürst von,ConservatismLiberalismInternational relationsMackenzie, Morell,PhysiciansRelations with GermansVictoria,--Queen of Great Britain,Hohenzollern, House ofHealthTravelFriedrich Wilhelms NordbahnRailroadsEuropeAustro-Prussian War (1866)Middle EastSpainAsia--OrientEmpressesAsiaFrederick--II,--King of Prussia,Friedrich Karl,--Prince of Prussia,Germany--BrandenburgEnglandFrederickFriedrich Wilhelm,--Elector of Brandenburg,Laryngologists18311888183718401844184818491850185218551856185718581859186018661868186918701871187218761883188418851886188718881889189018911892189318941896189718981899190019011902190419051906190719081909191219131914191619171919192619271928192919301931193219331934193519381946194719531954195819591961196219661968197019711972197419811982198319851986198719881989199119921993199419951997200020012002200320052006200720092011201220138152378640943.082DC285ocn312979379ocn311930827ocn247627472ocn699154178ocn257345426ocn832647742ocn257206630ocn247382637ocn80074692121810ocn001116725book19260.66FrederickThe war diary of the Emperor Frederick III, 1870-1871DiariesPersonal narratives German1325ocn065275070file18440.90Prussia (Kingdom)Statut der Gesellschaft für die Friedrich Wilhelms Nordbahn1073ocn000946136book19010.90Kohl, Horst Ernst ArminiusAnhang zu den Gedanken und Erinnerungen von Otto Fürst von BismarckHistory7911ocn216056845book19190.74FrederickKaiser Friedrichs Tagebuch689ocn002159987book19260.94FrederickDas Kriegstagebuch von 1870/71596ocn002014780book19020.74FrederickDiaries of the Emperor Frederick during the campaigns of 1866 and 1870-71, as well as his journeys to the East and to Spain561ocn004224327book19290.77FrederickTagebücher von 1848-1866History424ocn002022659book18690.88FrederickTagebuch meiner Reise nach dem Morgenlande 1869 : Bericht des preussischen Kronprinzen Friedrich Wilhelm über seine Reise zur Einweihung des Suez-KanalsDiaries402ocn013139925book0.86Friedrich WilhelmUrkunden und Actenstücke zur Geschichte des Kurfürsten Friedrich Wilhelm von BrandenburgHistorySources193ocn053564396book18880.79FrederickExtracts from the diary of the late German Emperor with reply by Prince BismarckHistory173ocn010650824book19010.77FrederickKaiser Friedrichs tagebücher : über die kriege 1866 und 1870-1871, sowie über seine reisen nach dem Morgenlande und nach Spanien172ocn018401106book19020.47FrederickTagebuch von seiner Reise nach dem Morgenlande 1869163ocn065900034book18880.28FrederickUit het dagboek van keizer Frederik, 1870-1871 : de oorlog tusschen Frankrijk en Duitschland161ocn772956214book20120.30FriedrichKaiser Friedrich III. Tagebücher 1866-1888153ocn031414341book19290.47FrederickJournal de guerre, 1870-1871Sources142ocn245695113book18860.50FriedrichDas Tagebuch des Kronprinzen : Aussprüche, Briefe und andere Kundgebungen 1831-1886144ocn008936671book19020.84FrederickKaiser Friedrich III, Tagebuch von seiner Reise nach dem Morgenlande 1869144ocn023929870book18880.92FrederickThe emperor's diary of the Austro-German War, 1866 and the Franco-German War, 1870-71 : to which is added Prince Bismarck's rejoinderBiographyPersonal narratives German132ocn844980644book20120.96FrederickTagebücher 1866-1888Diaries131ocn312999261book19010.21FrederickKaiser Friedrichs Tagebücher : über die Kriege 1866 u. 1870-71 sowie über seine Reisen nach d. Morgenland u. nach Spanien11954ocn768761691file20110.47Müller, Frank LorenzOur Fritz Emperor Frederick III and the political culture of imperial GermanyHistoryBiographyMain description: On June 15, 1888, a mere ninety-nine days after ascending the throne to become king of Prussia and German emperor, Frederick III succumbed to throat cancer. Europeans were spellbound by the cruel fate nobly borne by the voiceless Fritz, who for more than two decades had been celebrated as a military hero and loved as a kindly gentleman. A number of grief-stricken individuals reportedly offered to sacrifice their own healthy larynxes to save the ailing emperor. Frank Lorenz Müller, in the first comprehensive life of Frederick III ever written, reconstructs how the hugely popular persona of 0Our Fritz0 was created and used for various political purposes before and after the emperor's tragic death. Sandwiched between the reign of his ninety-year-old father and the calamitous rule of his own son, the future emperor William II, Frederick III served as a canvas onto which different political forces projected their hopes and fears for Germany's future. The book moves beyond the myth that Frederick's humane liberalism would have built a lasting Anglo-German partnership, perhaps even preventing World War I, and beyond the castigations and exaggerations of parties with a different agenda. Surrounded by an unforgettable cast of characters that includes the emperor's widely hated English wife, Vicky-daughter of Queen Victoria-and the scheming Otto von Bismarck, Frederick III offers in death as well as in life a revealing, poignant glimpse of Prussia, Germany, and the European world that his son would help to shatter+-+03839592157404ocn007555753book19810.21Farago, LadislasRoyal webBiographyThe story of Princess Victoria and Frederick of Prussia7346ocn000139687book19710.26Aronson, TheoThe kaisersIn studying the lives of the three Kaisers, the author illuminates the family feud that shaped the course of nineteenth-century European affairs3193ocn031515854book19950.74Kollander, PatriciaFrederick III : Germany's liberal emperorHistoryBiography+-+483947868532427915ocn000392378book19010.63Poschinger, Margaretha vonLife of the Emperor FrederickBiography2413ocn000154961book19270.66FrederickThe war diary of the Emperor Frederick III, 1870-1871DiariesPersonal narratives German2121ocn008845833book19810.37Sinclair, AndrewThe other Victoria : the Princess Royal and the great game of Europe2001ocn010605825book19810.74Van der Kiste, JohnFrederick III : German Emperor 1888Biography1825ocn002018502book18880.77Mackenzie, MorellThe fatal illness of Frederick the NobleBiographyFriedrich der Grosse / Pathographie1757ocn002429022book19460.84Stevenson, R. 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Published for the entertainment and improvement of our British youth, and proper to be read at this juncture by all lovers of liberty and their country. To which is added an appendix, containing a succinct account of the person, the way of living, and the Court of the King of Prussia.--Translated from a curious manuscript in French, found in the cabinet of the Late Field Marshal Keith. By W. Salmon, gentBiography942ocn006722943book19660.86Freund, MichaelDas Drama der 99 Tage. Krankheit und Tod Friedrichs III756ocn003444219book18930.90Haweis, H. RSir Morell Mackenzie, physician and operator:Biography708ocn014139799book19000.70Philippson, MartinDas Leben Kaiser Friedrichs IIIBiography563ocn056913192book20020.90Victoria Kaiserin Friedrich : Mission und Schicksal einer englischen Prinzessin in DeutschlandBiography+-+3259388408324+-+4839478685324Thu Oct 16 15:12:52 EDT 2014batch33605